Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 60)

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Part 15

Arjun caressed her skin softly. Arohi shuddered under  his touch. he smile but kept on going with his sweet torture and when  she was full red on her cheeks with blush, he stopped and holding both  of her hands, make her stand up as he stood up himself. Looking down at  there entwined hands, he saw the magic of how her soft fingers fits  perfectly between his hard one's. He looked up at her down cast lashes  and said soft. "You are ok" In reply Arohi just nod her head as she  was unable to say anything with this proximity. His single touch can  burn a fire inside her. "Arohi..." He took her name with such a sigh  that ensures her that he feel something for her, so  beautiful...

"I am sorry If you think I crossed my limits...But  its just that, I couldn't stop myself" Arjun said giving name to his  feelings. Arohi just look up at him and keep looking at him for few  seconds before saying... "After last night, do I still need to assure  you about my feelings?" Her question make him look into her eyes and he  gave a soft smile. "No...I know about that...But I don't want us to feel  awkward...I don't want anything to go wrong between us Arohi" He  needs to assure himself that this relation that he wanna make is going  to stay forever. "Will you promise me something?" As Arohi nod, he  pulled her a little close to himself still looking deep into her eyes.  "Whenever, you feel that something that I did or said to you was will tell me straightly...anything Arohi...having  misunderstandings is the worse part of a relationship" He said softly.  Fear was truly evident on his face. Arohi just moved her hand up and  cupped his face. She need to assure him that this thing, this relation  that they are gonna share will stay forever so she moved up on her toes  and gave him a lingering kiss on his cheek...

Arjun just smiled  as she moved back with flushed face. Her boldness was something new for  herself too. "Ok, I am feeling too much hungry now...Can we eat  something?" Arjun said trying to make her comfortable and still holding  her one hand, lead her to the table placed in a corner. He took off the  lids from the food, he ordered from a nearby restaurant by his peon and  it smelled yummylicious. Arohi served him as per routine and they  enjoyed there first office secret lunch date. The time they finished, it  was just 15 minutes left for the lunch break to over. Arjun want to  spend sometime more with her, in order to know her. The lunch was a  silent affair but the silence was peaceful. But he have to go to the  canteen to enjoy the party given by two of his best friends who have  always supported him through thick and thin of his life and now, when  they are going to step in a new relationship, he have to support them.  He was truly happy for them so he and Arohi went out to attend the  party after trashing the boxes into the dustbin.

It was indeed  fun. Aditi and Nitin brought a cake for Shaina and Aryan as a gift but  that was more smeared on there faces rather than eat and above that,  Nitin and Aditi didn't miss the chance to took there pictures in that  conditions. Aryan was sulking while Shaina gave a kiss to her sulking  man on his cream filled cheek and Nitin took the picture right at that  moment. Everyone was back to work after that and the day passed on just  like a routine.

On the end, Arjun sms Arohi to wait for him  outside the office as they will go home together. Arohi felt  butterflies in her stomach with the thought of going home all alone with  him. She smiled and biting her lower lip, collect all her things.  Putting the bag on the shoulder, she gave a last look to her cabin and  taking the other door that opened outside in the corridor, went down.  Arjun was soon out with his car and stopped beside her. Getting out, he  gave her one of his trade mark smiles and came around to open the  passenger side door for her like a true gentleman. Arohi just smiled  and sit in and he closed the door for her. Getting back into his seat,  he look at her and started off the car, to go towards the house.

Arohi  was playing with her fingers as the silence went on. It surly was  bothering her so she turn to look at him who was concentrating on the  road infront but feeling her gaze turn to look at her. Arohi pointed  towards the music player with her index fingers and ask question through  her eyes as if saying CAN-I-PUT-IT-ON and Arjun said "Yeah  sure"..Arohi put on the radio and a song romantic tone filled the car  which was later replaced by the melodious voice of Udit Narayan

"Jadu Bhari Ankhon Wali Suno
Tum Aise Mujhe Dekha Na Karo"

"This  song is one of my favorite" Arohi said as she started humming the  song along with it. Arjun's fingers automatically started tapping on  the steering as he smiled. "I was listening to this song from the last try to get a hold on myself and to stop myself to express what  i feel for you" Arohi heard him and was confused when the voice  again boomed

"Phir Main Koi Umeed Karon
Phir Mujhe Koi Arman Ho
Tum Shayad Meri Ban Jao
Phir Dil Ko Aisa Guman Ho
Par Aisa Na Ho Tau Acha Hai
Iss Ka Anjaam Jo Hota Hai
Wo Dard He Deta Hai Dil ko

Jadu Bhari Ankhoon Wali Suno
Tum Aise Mujhe Dekha Na Karo"

Arohi  suddenly get quiet as she realized what this song meant and why he was  listening to it. She knew it that he was scared to attach himself to  someone but in reality, he don't wanna face that heart-ache he already  went through. A lot of thoughts run in Arohi's mind just with this  idea. "What if i failed him?" "What if he will loose his trust over me?"  "What if any of my mistake will hurt him?" And she got worried. He was  the most beautiful dream she ever saw, and she don't wanna loose him at  any cost.

Reaching home, Arohi get out quitely and wishing  evening to Bi and her mother went straight to her room. Arjun was a  little taken back by her sudden change of mood but he can't go behind  her now. He know that something is disturbing her. She was OK, till she  was sitting in the car but later, she was all but attentive to him. "Is  she having 2nd thoughts about 'US'?"  A fear creep over him as he enter  his room and loosen his tie. He sit on the bed half-heartedly and look  up into space. "Do she have any doubts? Or like others, she is also  disappointed in me?" His heart bleed with these thoughts and he hold his  head in his hands. Life is surly not a easy ride for him.

On  dining table, Arjun who was called twice by Bi, joined finally with a  sulking face. Arohi was not yet present on there. Bi saw his eyes  searching for her so she asked Smriti as she knew, Arjun would never  raise this question. "Smriti, Where is Arohi?" Arjun ears were fixed  on the discussion while his eyes and hands were fixed to serve himself.  "Samiya...she wasn't feeling she just took medicine and is  now laying in her bed" Smriti replied. Bi got worried. "Something  serious??" She asked again. "No just a minor headache" Smriti cleared.  Arjun's heart fell down with the thought that she is ignoring him thats  why avoid this dinner. He wasn't in mood to eat anything, but for the  sake of bi so that she will not arise a question out from it, he ate a  little. His heart was beating fast and was irritated. He need to ask  her, hear her. It seems like just last night, he again need to confront  her.

After having dinner, he cleared his mouth with the napkin  and left. He paced in the room with restlessness, went to the window of  his inhale the freshness of the air when he felt a shadow in  the corner moving. His eyes were fixed on that for a moment and then he  saw Arohi coming into view and taking turn, went back into darkness.  "I need to talk to her" He said to himself. Just a day to there  confession, and he was already feeling like loosing her. No matter they  spend just a day of there togetherness, but just the thought of her  leaving him was hard to digest for him. he felt a pain in his chest with  these aweful aweful thoughts. He turn and without making anyone see  him, make his way to the backyard of his house.

Arohi was  worried. Too much worried. No at any cost she wanna give him any ache.  But she is a human-being. She will make mistake. What if any of her  mistake will cause him distrust her. What if she would become a reason  for his tears. She herself would never be ale to bear that than how will  he take that. He was already been through so much. She tried to give  100% to her relationship she had with Samar, but when he changed and  just thought of her as a person of body and bone, not a person of heart  and soul, she lost trust in him. But this man, in whom she found her  true love, love her for what she is...and is closed to his heart that it  feared her. Tracing her trembling lips, she was so engrossed in her  thoughts to feel Arjun coming close to her. Right when she was about to  turn, Arjun hold her from her arms and startled her. Her body jerked  as she felt the hold, but seeing Arjun she took a breath of relief.

"Why  are you ignoring me?" The question came straight without any delay from  him. "Are you having 2nd thoughts Arohi? a man having a bad history  and with an extra baggage of a baby, is this what now making you back  off?" Arjun asked in an aggressive tone. He was on the edge to have a  heart failure if he just don't get some answers right now. Arohi  looked at him with a confused and stunned face. "How can you even think  that i must be having second thoughts about you..." She asked with a  disbelief expression. "Then why are you running away fro  me...Did i do something that embarrassed you...or you felt wrong  about...You promised me just today that you will tell me straightly"  He demanded. Arohi sigh and hold his hands in hers. "there is nothing  like this...You haven't done anything that i felt wrong  about...its just that..." she stopped. She was finding it hard to  explain. "its what?" he asked. Arohi turn around and lead him to a  bench in the far dark corner of the backyard. The freshness of the air  from the plants was soothing and the moon was shinning above, providing a  soft glow. "I am afraid of myself..." She said a moment later  looking ahead while his gaze was fixed on her face. "What if i failed  you? What if any of my mistake will hurt you badly...What if  you loose trust over me?" She turned her face to look at him, just to  see his reaction but he was plain. No expression was readable out there  just a little frown over his forehead could indicate that he was  processing some thoughts. When he didn't answer for sometime Arohi  shook his hand. Arjun looked at her worried face. She moved closer to  him and cupped his face in her hands. "You have been already through so have been sentenced to bear all that pain, you didn't  deserve a loose the people you love the most...But I  can promise you, you will never loose me..." She said with pain  evident in her voice and a tear escaped her eye. "I can't think of my  life without you anymore...but i m just scared, what if i will not be  up to your expectations? What if..." Before she could say anything  more, Arjun covered her lips with his index finger, silencing her.  "SSShhh" he said with a smile playing on his lips and his finger  moved away from her lips to her cheek to clean the tear. "How can you  speak so much? and thought so unimportant things" He said with a chirpy  voice as Arohi looked at him with a wide eyes. This side of him, she  was seeing for the first time. He definitely has stunned her and to make  it even more, he pulled her closer from her waist and now they both  were sitting side-by-side, eyes fixed on eachother faces. While  Arohi's one hand was now placed on his chest where his heart was  beating, her other hand was holding the bench underneath. "You are a  fool to think like that Arohi...If i let you enter in my  life, its that because after being hurt, after going through so much, I  found someone in you, i can depend on...You can never disappoint  me...or better if i can say, I can never be disappointed by you  cause the love, the light you brought in my dark life will always keep  me in debt of you...You own me...completely" He said with  truthfulness in her tone that make Arohi heart filled with love for  this amazing man to the brim. She moved forward and placed a kiss on his  cheek "I love you Arjun" she said in a deep tone, totally overwhelmed  with the love he showered on her...Arjun gave his full enchanting  smile. "I love the way you take my name..." He said and pulled her into  a side hug as she smile and they both look up into the sky. "I need to  say something else too" she said sometime later. He looked down at her  as she moved a lil back. "Ananya is not a burden on me Arjun...I  loved her from the start and now, I love her even more as she is a part  of please don't ever think that she is just something i have  to bear...she is an angel and i will be blessed to be a part of  her life" Arjun's heart felt peace hearing her as she say those words  "But I want more..." he said with a serious face. "What more??"  She asked with a perplexed expression. "Kids..." and that brought a red  crimson blush on her face as she hide her face in his chest as he  chuckled and caress her soft silky hairs.

Arjun and Arohi's  lunch dates became a routine now. Every day they both will make an  excuse and have there sweet lunch in the silence of his cabin. There  friends start to wonder as what's going on. "Guys, what's up with Arjun  now-a-days...he is giving to much work to Arohi...Poor girl  can't even have her lunch properly" Aryan said. "Yeah, I have barely saw  her twice this week...what's wrong with Arjun" Shaina too  said. "I wonder why is he pressurizing her so much" Aditi added.  "Friends, I think its time to talk to Arjun..." Nitin said as all  agreed and get up leaving there unfinished lunch plates on the table not  knowing how surprise they were going to be to see them sharing the food  being alone in his room.


Part Sixteen----------page 64


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wohooo update Party 

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yahooo - ana what a superb update
luved their confession - aru's insecurities and arjun's misintepretation - everything was super cute and lively - luved the way aru opened her heart out to arjun and cleared arjun's doubts
arjun's friends are going to be wonderstruck by what they are going to see in arjun's cabin during the lunch break - haha will wait for it
lovely update ana - thx for the same

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feeling so good after reading this... 
arohi is scared that arjun will be disappointed in her... 
she really loves him!!! 
waiting for their friends' reaction on seeing their lunch date!! 

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me sooo late :(

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Originally posted by -vrshn-

me sooo late :(
better late than never dear - read it fast - its super awesomeLOL

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