Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 50)

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Part 13
(My public demand enjoy public...and now i need the public comments be quick and make them long plz..Day Dreaming)

PM's later on

Arohi get up but was unable to move her foot without  feeling that gush of pain. She tried to take a step, then another almost  dragging her sprained foot forward but couldn't do that. Looks like the  stones in the lake gave her a little trouble. She tried to take another  step when she found herself being lifted up from the floor as a pair of  strong arms were holding her up. Automatically, her hands moved to take  there place around his rigid neck but just feeling his cold skin under  her finger tips, made her realize her position. "Sir..." Arohi  wiggled in his arms in order to protest while his grip got more tighter  on her back and thigh. "Put me down" she said only to receive a glare  from Arjun. "Stop wiggling or i will throw you down on your butt" And  the look in his eyes with a straight face do said that he can do that  pretty well. That's when Arohi stopped but couldn't help grazing at  his crafted face. She was drooling. Bad manners, she told herself, but  how can you help, now can you. Her heart was jumping with the closeness  and as he bend down to carefully make her settle down on the sheet, she  couldn't help but to nestled in his neck and take a deep breath, as if  engulfing his intoxicated smell unaware of the fact that today, Arjun  himself was much observant of her and his own selves action to miss any  of those close encounters. Bi had surly filled his mind with those  desires, which he thought has left his world just with the exit of  Sneha. The feeling of love, being loved, care, emotional attachment and  most of all, this physical attraction. He would be a fool to say that he  wasn't moved by her little actions now, or there momentarily closeness  before. He was happy seeing how she just trembled under his touch or  feel conscious of herself, under his gaze but most importantly, he was  surprised after analysis his own reactions. Why the heck he pulled her  in the water at the first place. He wasn't that Arjun, he is now. He  was actually behaving like that Arjun he used to be as a teenager.  Carefree, fun loving, full of life. Life has changed him. Last 7 years  have changed a lot of him and taught him a lesson as well.

Arjun  back off after making sure that Arohi is comfortable only to hear a  whinning Ananya who was walking quietly beside her father before  wondering why her Daddy was carrying her Aunty. "Daddy, I am hungry" She  said holding her belly with a cute pout on her lips. Arjun smiled  seeing this image of his baby girl and took a sigh of pleasure. This  image will stay in his mind forever as one of her cutest faces and then  he regret to think how many such moments he had already missed. "Daddy"  Ananya shook him with her tiny little hands but due to his non-attentive  self, that minor force was enough to make him loose his balance while  sitting on his knees and he fell down. Ananya and Arohi laughed at  that scene but stop hearing the growling sound of Ananya's tummy. "I  think we should arrange something for that first" Ananya laughed at the  thoughtful look of her father and a moment later she was laughing out  loud as Arjun picked her up and catch her in the air while getting back  to his car to take out food.

It was a fun experience for Arjun.  Making Ananya eat was a handful but he enjoyed that to the extent he  could. It seems like Riya's memories were fading away a little to make  space in his mind to remember Ananya one's. Arjun also got his extra  fresh t-shirt and made Arohi wear that. "Thank you..." Arohi  replied but was unable to look into his eyes. Arjun did notice her  averted gaze but decided to make her feel comfortable so indulged her in  a small talk along with helping Ananya. Arjun and Ananya spend a lil  more in lake till Ananya was too tired to eventually fall on his  shoulder after coming back. Arjun caressed her tiny back and to make  her sleep comfortably, he switched on the AC of the car after making her  lay on the backseat. Covering her with the extra sheet, he returned to  see Arohi sitting, holding her knees, looking out dreamily. A sweet  smile was plastered on her face and if Arjun got it right, there was a  lil blush too appearing on her cheek. "What she must be thinking about"  He wondered sitting beside her. Arohi was too absorbed in her  thoughts to notice him. Arjun looked at the view infront and leaning  back on his arms, he took a deep breath. "Its beautiful, isn't it?" He  asked breaking her trance while looking at her once again. Shocked, she  look at him with a bewildered face. "Huh??" She could only make that  sound. Somehow she was confused as what he is referring as BEAUTIFUL.  "OMG!! Can he read my mind...and if thats somehow possible, then i want  the earth to open up right now and hide me inside.." she wished running  her mind a hundred miles a second. Arjun confusingly looked at her  watching the run-down of emotions depicted by her face. "Are you  alright?" he asked getting concern. "Your foot is not hurting you much  right...or if it is, then we can leave to see a doctor right now?" He  asked straightening up as if waiting for just a yes from her and he is  ready to leave but she nodded in NO. "I am fine..." She said with a soft  smile, while inside her heart was jumping, seeing the worry in his  eyes. He cares for her. That's the only feeling she experienced whole on  this trip and that's the only feeling, she could live her whole life  with happily. How many people care for you now a days. Many times, even  your own family take you for granted. But he, who was a total stranger  just about 2 months ago, has showed his care in different ways. "Its so  much peaceful in here" Arohi sigh as Arjun again got back to his  position, stretching his legs forward and leaning back on his arms.  "Yeah...I used to come here alot and would spend day, just laying here,  appreciating the nature and its Creator...this place do act as a  stress-buster for helps me think quietly and get all the answers  of my questions " Arjun shared and Arohi acknowledged that far away  look in his eyes. "So...this time, you again have your list of  questions?" Arjun gave a small smile still looking ahead "I had..." he  started and looked at her intently, "And as always, got my answers"  There was something sparkling and a bemused emotion that was reflecting  by his eyes and his smile respectively as if he had found his  inner-peace. Happy for him, Arohi smiled back at him and turned to  look away while Arjun smiled tongue-in-cheek. This place indeed did  wonders for him.

As it was about to sun set, Arjun get up and  started collecting the things. Arohi tried to get back to the car but  his foot was totally swollen by the time and was giving her pangs of  pain. Arjun hold her hand, supporting her with her steps but hearing  the hiss from her mouth, got his attention. The sprain was too bad. Not  bothering to ask her, he made her hand tuck around his neck and hold her  up in his arms without a warning. "Sir...what are you doing?" She asked  with wide eyes while Arjun didn't think to answer her. Isn't it  obvious, what, why and for whom is he doing all that? It was the second  time in a row and that too in a single day, that he hold her up, sending  the vibes of excitement and intensity down her body. She keep looking  away from him while his eyes were just fixed on her. On reaching the  car, Arjun commanded "Open the door" and as she did, he carefully made  her sit in the car. Moving ahead, just with the excuse of putting her  seat belt on, he intentionally rubbed his fingers on her arm that was  holding the seat near the clip. This whole day, he got it simply that he  loves to see her flinch even with a slightest touch of his and thats  what she did. Smiling, he took his time in putting the seat belt and  moved away inhaling her scent. He closed the door and went to collect  all the things and after putting them back into the trunk, they come  back home.

It was a week since the trip but the trip was still  capturing there minds. Arohi still can't forget the looks her mother  and Bi gave to her seeing her wearing Arjun's T-Shirt and being helpd  up in his hands. Obviously, he had to carry her down to her room and  that made Arohi blushed to the extent she can't remembered she ever  blushed. Bi massaged her feet and after two hours, feeling a bit ok, she  took the shower but couldn't help wearing Arjun shirt once again on  her drenched body as it smells like him. She decided to sleep in her own  room for the night but sleep was quite far away from her eyes as she  keep rolling a strand of her hairs on her fingers and keep remembering  the events from the day. His closeness, the sparkle in his eyes, the  shivers from his touch, the proximity they shared in the lake...She  memorized each thing and recalled them in her mind with perfect clarity  that it was almost 3 in the night, she went to sleep. Arohi  remembered how after getting back to the office next day, Arjun made  sure that she don't have to move much on her feet. Her lunch was  surprisingly also arranged into her cabin where Shaina Aditi Aryan and  Nitin joined her and also dragged Arjun with themselves. It was fun.  Everyone was talking a mile per minute and even Arjun was  participating, laughing and eating. It was a refreshing start.

It  was the night time when Arohi was laying in her bed, playing with  her fingers. Her face was completely showing the restlessness she was  going through. The clock was striking 11 but she can't go out and take a  look at him as per her usual routine. He was still up, in ananya's  room, tucking her sweetly in her bed along with reading a story for her.  Arohi could hear his voice and Ananya's giggle. From the last month,  it was her routine to check on him every night. His calm soothing face  was enough to make her nights good. It was usual for him to sleep by  this time and she would go with the excuse to put a water jug inside his  room and after seeing his face for a few moments, she would come out.  She didn't even stopped this act when she was suffering from that  sprain. In pain, she would drag her feet ahead and opening the door  slightly, will peak inside. His face was working as a calming agent and  his even breaths would sound like a beautiful lullaby. Arohi hear the  first click off the door and after hearing the voice of few foot steps,  another click of the door. "It means that after closing Ananya's room  door, now he is back in his room" Arohi thought straightening  herself. She need to have a look of him or she knows, she can't sleep.  After an hour, when nothing could be hear other than silence, Arohi  stand up from the bed and move towards his room. She was sure enough  that he was asleep by now. She get hold of the knob and open it slightly  only to be get pulled inside, and in the next moment, she was pinned  with the wall in the dark room. She tried to scream when she was stopped  by the hand covering her mouth. She was looking wide-eyed at him as the  only light from the single side table lamp was enough for her to know,  how close he was standing. When he was sure that she wouldn't scream  anymore, he removed his hand from her lips. They both were looking  intently at eachother when Arjun break the trance. "What were you  trying to do haan...peaking like this in my room?" His voice was teasing  her as his breath was striking on his cheek. Arohi was spell bound.  She don't know what to reply and there closeness was even making it more  hard for her. "" she started stammering averting  her gaze to look away when Arjun turned her face back at him with his  hand. "You what???" Arohi tried to get away when Arjun blocked her  way with his hands. Arjun put his index finger under her chin, raising  her face so she could look straight into his eyes "Answer me..." he  asked softly in a husky tone. Arohi was lost, in the depth of his  eyes and the tone of his voice was even making him more irresistible.  Arjun's eyes run on her face, memorizing her each curve of her face.  Her almond shaped eyes filled with love, her cheeks turning red, her  lips trembling. Unknowingly, his index finger travel the distance from  her chin to her lips and outlined them only to hear her moan. Not able  to control anymore, he lowered his head. the proximity was killing him  now. He was just an inch away from her lips when she said. "Don't..." He  look quizzically in her eyes as she stopped him. His face holding the  question. "Don't do this as you will regret it once again" She said  breathlessly and Arjun know what she was talking about. A feeling dawn  upon him as he remembered there last kiss...and OH GOD! How sweet that  was. How warm that was?? and wait a minute. Who is regretting. As far as  he remembered, she wasn't in senses at that time and didn't remembering  anything as she told him the next day. "So that means she hasn't forget  and she thinks that he regrets that" His voice screamed inside as a  soft smile play on his lips. Her distraught eyes were gazing at his  amused ones when he again lowered his mouth still looking in her eyes.  "I haven't regret it then..." He replied just a bit away from her lips  hoping that his eyes can show the truthfulness of his words "And I  willn't regret it now" saying this he crossed the tiny distance between  there lips. Her eyes closed feeling his warm lips against hers as one of  his hand was cupping her face while other came to hold her waist,  pulling her more closer. She was shock for a moment but after that, she  was too into that kiss, matching his passion. Her hands slowly moved up  tracing his abdomen to his chest, running on his wide shoulders to his  hairs finally. "OMG...HE DIDN'T REGRET THAT AND HE IS KISSING ME ONCE  AGAIN" Thats all she could think as he propped her lips and entered her  mouth, making her forget all about her surroundings.  

Part Fourteen--------page 54

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Me 1st for the 1st time!! WOOOPWOOP

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Awsome update ana. Aww,arjun is so caring. Love him. N finaly d misundrstng abt last kiss cleard.

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ana u updated
me third - lemme read

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congo on the half century - the second kiss was a real treat for us ana - superb update - thx a lot

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first why u End this moment :@
mere comment toh yahi se start hote hai
hehehe :P
caring arjun holding up Embarrassed do baar Big smile
awe yeh Ana kitni cute hai muahh
now arohi knows bout the kiss that he did nt regretd
wat will happen next Shocked

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haye i just read the last part and i am blushingBlushing

oops just saw it now that i had not commented in the previous update,sorry yaar!!!!!!!! But i swear i had read it...Arjun realising that Smriti and Bi were trying to bring them closer,Arjun asking bi about it and bi telling him to think about them seriously...

the picnic haye...if ananya had not called her that moment!!Day Dreamingi noe now i commented on the previous update but will comment on this too jaldi seBig smile

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An updt yihhaa

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