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Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 41)

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Originally posted by cooljaya11

Absolutely fantastic update !!! It's sad but finally arjun realised that he is in love but shocking was arohi remember kiss but cuz of arjun behaviour she forcing herself to back step :( so poor n tht mr. Singh jerk kamina !!!!
Ana plz one request if u read my comment plz update next ASAP not make us waiting so long plzzz
It's heartly request :)

thanku so much jaya...
arjun still needs to know much more...n def how can arohi forget that breath-taking kiss so easilyWinkLOLLOL
mr. singh in now in jail with his jerky son...
i m so sorry for taking so much time jaya...but i do make up with the OS and new ss intro, haven't ITongue
luv you jaya

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Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

aww thnks..iknow it has been is just too busy right now so can only quickly come online to read updates n stuf.

interesting...i have a feeling that arjun wil say he will marry her b4 aros mums death (if she dies)...

aro n her mum hav been through so much..its so sad...bless em

no wonder her mum is so protective n sory but a lil wierd..but i gues its understandable..

hope she gets beter

loved how arjun n aro both realised their love..but Q is whether they will admit it ;-)

thnks 4 update n pm..cont soon pls x

and how cum u cant go?? u must b wel gutted..bless..insh'Allah next time :) x

oh...hope u will get free soon n we get to see u more on forumEmbarrassed
hehe...i let her live...many were in favor of her life so i don't wanna disappoint thoseLOLLOL
they will admit it after coming few updates...but before that many things has to happen...Wink
yeah, next time for sureBig smile
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Originally posted by cherry227

great update ana... definitely a sad one :( i hope arohis mom makes it!

poor arohi... her future is getting ruled by a past which she was not even a part of Disapprove i believe now atleast she wont have to marry samar (thank god for that!) but shes homeless Unhappy n she'll be devastated if her mom doesnt make it... wonder how'll arjun help her out???

loved the way arohi showed arjun the mirror when he was giving her a lecture on destroying ones future for their past... only she cud do it AND hit the target Thumbs Up 

the kiss... aahh... its still fresh on my mind! it was very sensual and emotional too! i wish they can be together now somehow although the situation doesnt look favourable Cry 

arohi is just a few steps away from breaking the oath of mr hot Wink this is a sad one so you shud be giving us a double update on completing 7 years... the next one can have some awesome arjuhi moments Day Dreaming wat say??????? LOL

see..again mother's life i let her ive here..hehehe
homeless...or coming to her home..heheWink arjun def gonna help her just in his way
yeah...i really wanna wrote those lines...letting arjun once again realize that how couldn't he see hs world before she came...Smile
a few steps or a number of those few steps...just wait...Tongue
ooo...i m also on mission to get them togetherWink
and you will see a few of arjuhi moments in the next chapWink

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Originally posted by kkian

so mny things hapnd in this updt...
poor arjuhi Cry bth think that the  other1 is nt effected by the KISS
samar n his familyAngry
hope they realise thier true feelings 4 each other n confess to eachotherEmbarrassed
thnx 4 the pmBig smile

yeah...a lot happened and a lot to come...
arjun failed to show his emotions perfectlyLOLLOL
they will dear...dont worry...Wink
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Part 11

(OK here i was planning to kill Smriti but i let her live...just on public enjoyLOLLOL)

"Arohi, Get ready...pack aunty's both are coming with me" Arjun said quickly after getting into Smriti's private room and handing over the discharge papers to Aditi who was there to support Arohi. Arohi shocked look up at him while getting up from the chair. She was shocked to reply for a second but later, gathering up all her courage and voice said "No Sir" in a strong voice. Arjun in disbelief look at her and then at Smriti and Aditi who were witnessing this scene. "Ah ha...what and...why?" He was shocked to see her rejecting the offer as she didn't have any place to go and in last three days of Smriti's stay in hospital, he has pretty much got that idea that non of there relatives exist to help them else than her best friend, Muskaan but she too live in a small house with her family. "Sir" Arohi look around at her mother's face and then back at him. "Can we please talk in a bit private?" Arohi's eyes were pleading and he instantly nodded, getting out from the room. Arohi followed him outside. "Now tell me, why can't you and aunty stay with me in my home?" He asked not giving her any spare second. "Sir, You have been humble enough to pay the dues of the hospital though i will pay you back that in the first instant, but that's it...My friend Muskaan searched for a small rental apartment, we will go there...In no case, I will let myself getting influenced under any kind of favors" She said in a hard tone. The whole lot, she went through in the past few days, really turned her bitter and right now, nothing matter to her other than her self-respect. She was always told that she had to marry Samar just cause his father financially support her. Her mother trusted that monster of a man over her and above that, those sympathizing gazes she felt on herself, added more cruelty to the developed bitterness to over shadow her sweet nature. "Favors?" Arjun asked in a hurt tone. "I thought we are friends now" But in reality he was more hurt than a friend could ever be. Her thinking made him feel so low of himself. "Yes Sir, A favor...Till now, I have been living my life under the roof of favors. Now i just wanna take hold of my life and mold it in a way I want it to be" There was courage truly visible on her face and as much as Arjun admired that, He hated the Favored Fact still. "Look Arohi, For me, I amn't doing a favor...I just..." Arjun sigh and took hold of his forehead with one hand trying to interpreted his worry in words, but later, rejecting that thought of saying that its all cause of the friendship, he said the truth. Holding her shoulders he made her look at himself and said. "I just wanna pull off this burden from my chest Arohi. From the time, I saw your mother in this condition...I just can't take a breath easily...I didn't knew that my cursed self will also effect you..." Arjun said as tears formed in his eyes. Mr.Singh was working in my restaurant and its me who file case against him and Samar..." Arohi eyes widened hearing that. "Cause of me you lost your house..and your mother got heart-attack..." He ended softly as tears rolled down his cheek. Arohi look at his guilty face and her heart took a turn. "Sir" this time, she too started softly. "You dont have to feel sorry for anything...Whatever you did was your right...Samar's father was wrong and you did justice to him" *pause* "But still i don't think that me and my mother liling in your house is a good idea" she turned around. "Ofcourse its a good idea Arohi" Arjun came infront of her and started. "See you have to join back the office so who will take care of her in your absence" Arjun tried to bring up the logical point besides the emotional ones. "I can get a nurse for her" Arohi replied. "But can you trust a stranger with your mother...In my house, there is Bi who can look after her and can talk to her and plus Ananya would be good enough to divert her attention...dont you think" And yes, those were great points. True when her own father's friend is a deceiver, a stranger nurse is out of the list and yeah, Her mother will get bored in the house all alone. "But Sir...Only on one condition I will shift" Arjun was half happy with the thought that atleast she agreed at some point but was a little suspicious as what point that could be. Narrowing his eyes, he asked, "Which condition??" Arohi took a deep breath and said. "You have to take rent from me...I willn't stay without paying and as soon as my mother will get fine, we will shift to some other place...OK" Arjun knew that she is a self-respected girl. Most probably, all will take that as her ego now but he knew her real self to an extent. "Deal" Arjun agreed at once and Arohi got no point to argue.

Its been a week now since Arohi and her mother shifted to his place and Arjun and BI made sure, they are comfortable. Arohi and her mother were given 2 separate rooms side by side, But in night, Arohi will prefer to sleep by her mother side just for precautionary measures. Bi as usual shared the room with Ananya as she usually get nightmares which left her crying hysterically. Arjun was just content with the progress in Smriti's health. He was already in talk with his lawyer so that they can get Arohi's house out from the list of auction as he wanna give her the real right, she deserve. In the mean time, Bi and Smriti also developed a good bond. They will talk about there lives and whenever they were about to feel sad, Ananya's cute antics will bring them back to life. She was surly the jaan of the house.

One day, Arjun and Arohi were as usual off to office. Bi along with Ananya came to Smriti's room announcing "Soup time" in the same tone. Smriti smiled hearing that and sit properly in her bed. Taking a seat beside the bed, Bi handover the soup bowl to Smriti letting Ananya sit in her lap. "I think, having this soup constantly regularly, one day i will hate this too much" Bi smiled at Smriti's rolled nose. "But its good for your health na..." "Yeah" Smriti sigh and took a sip making face but she liked the taste. "Samiya...Do you mind if i ask something?" Bi noticed the seriousness of her tone and nodded to continue. "What is in Arjun's past?" Smriti was curious to know as when she asked Arohi this question a few days back, she keep mum. From the time she came here, she didn't get to hear about Arjun's wife or parents. Bi looked down. This was a common question which you can expect from anyone who came to stay at your house and dont know about the past and Bi knows, he had to answer that. "Ananya baby, why don't you go to play with your dolls" And Ananya was more than glad to get extra time to play so she rushed off and Bi started telling about Arjun's past to the extent she knows. She too herself was not fully aware of somethings as she came to live with Arjun after Riya's death but Arjun never treated her as less than a mother. Smriti felt too sad for this Arjun. Though for a second, she didn't like the way Arjun's mother left him but then she remember what she did to her own daughter and couldn't left comparing herself with Arjun's mother. If Arjun's mother blamed Arjun for everything and didn't trust him, she herself has done the same with Arohi trusting Samar above her and that really depressed her. "Smriti, Now if you don't mind, can i suggest something?" Bi broke her chain of thoughts with a stammering voice. Smriti at once looked at her. "Yes, Samiya...anything". "Actually...ummm...from so many days...actually right from the first day Arohi visited our home to get her bag, I have this feeling and a certain hope in my heart" Bi was finding it difficult to express her thoughts in words. Smriti knew its something serious so straghten up she put the bowl on the side table and hold Samiya's hand in hers. "Just say it..." Samiya look at her and started. "Smriti...I have seen Arjun facing and bearing too much in these two years that I now just wish for happiness in his coming life. I can assure you, he is a nice man with a heart of gold. But the main thing i wanna say is that...and i thought that...Arjun and Arohi look good together" Bi looked up with hopeful eyes, hoping that Smriti get her point and she did. "Samiya" Smriti left surprised with the mention but Bi keep looking at her with a solemn face. Smriti sighed once again and said. "I don't know what to say on this...its just that me and Arohi's father had took a decision about her life that turned out completely wrong. In my foolishness, i was throwing my daughter away in trash and blamed her whenever she tried to show me the real side of the story...I just don't wanna loose her trust anymore Samiya" Her eyes were filled with tears as she ended. Samiya rubbed her hands trying to calm her down. "I am not forcing you Smriti but its just that the first day Arohi came in this house, she had this very natural way of interacting with Ananya though she rarely get frank with someone new and later, i heard Arjun telling her about Riya with so much ease, she never shared Riya memories with me..." Samiya said looking into the air, rewinding those moments in her eyes once again. "Anywaz" shooing her head she continued. "You take your time in analyzing them...and moreover that, like you don't want to enforce anything on Arohi this time, I myself can't force Arjun for anything" Bi ended the topic hearing the breaking voice of a pot "Ananya..." She get up to see what that little angel was upto. She was Ananya standing near a broken vase covering her mouth with her hands, looking scared. "I am sorry Amma" She said with tearful eyes that melt Bi at once and taking her up in her arms, she called the maid to clean the mess.

Arjun and Arohi had a very exhausting day in the office. The four day off, they took from office due to Smriti's cndition get them too much overload with work that even after the constant work throughout the week,they were unable to end that. Thankfully today, Aditi and Shaina after getting a break from there project help Arohi in updating all the files and putting them in order to the files storage room while Arjun was off with the meetings of few construction contracts. Arjun get out from the lift of his office and reached the main door to found Arohi standing on the other side of main Road, waiting for a Taxi. Though Arjun offered her many times to get in his car as they both have same destination but she always rejected telling him how much help he already was, but she can't afford to take anymore help and Arjun always left with a sigh. Her stubbornness was another thing that do attract him along with her strength. But today, he knew that a strike going on in the city and there is not a chance right now that she will get a convenience. Getting into his car after putting his coat on the back of the seat, he drive to take a U-turn and stopped right infront of her, rolling down her side of window. "Get inside Arohi" She was looking around making herself not to look at him. "You can go Sir...I will get something" She replied curtly. Can this girl ever agree to his words easily, Now-a-days it was his main line whenever he would think about her. In office, she behave normally, following her each order but after that, its just she, and her attitude."For once God sake, agree with me easily...Its a strike today" Arjun almost shouted as she glared back at him. "I will take a lift from someone" she replied. "Then think I am just giving you a lift...Now get inside" Arohi surly didn't like the finality tone in his voice like he himself took a decision for her without her agreement. "Now even if i had to go by walk, i will prefer that...Thank you so much Sir" and Arohi started walking in the opposite direction. Arjun sigh. This girl, he could never understand. Like is she the same girl who break-down infront of him, taking him as a support, the girl who was so vulnerable, so soft to not let her mother get hurt by her words. She was behaving fine till before few days then why she is so hard-nutted. He gritted his teeth as he moved forward his car to leave perfectly knowing now that going back to ask her will get him nothing. He was though afraid to leave her alone but he had this feeling too, that she is alright.

Arohi wiped her tears as she turn to look at his disappearing car while walking on the footpath. There was a whirlpool or emotions running in herself that was breaking her apart at every step. She was getting hurt day by day, even worst then she even imagined. The day she realized her feelings developed for him, this man whom life has given nothing but pain, she didn't dare show it to him thinking that living with a feeling to love someone is enough to get her through her life even if she get married to Samar, life would not be so bad. The kiss they shared was enough for her to cherish all her life cause it was a pure and body-jolting experience for her but now, when she don't have to marry that hideous man, she is afraid to get too involved with Arjun. They way he showed how much he regretted that Kiss that turned her world upside down, she is afraid what if her feelings get more stronger for him and then, afraid to bare much more worst than before, what if he rejects her. The way he took care of her and her mother in hospital unknowingly to him, has started attracting her once again to him and thats why she refused to stay at his place the first time. But he convinced him with his looks and she didn't have the heart to refuse anymore. Living in his house and staying away from him or his sight was another challenge that she was performing. She was trying to interact as less to him as possible but somehow or another, destiny will bring them together. And now she was affirm, as soon her mother get well enough to handle herself at her own, they are gonna shift. She wiped her cheeks as she was Nitin's car approaching her. She smiled as she found Aditi sitting on the front seat with him. "Hop in" Aditi said at once. "No guys carry on with your ride" Arohi said behaving normal, in a teasing tone. "We are going on a long may be you can help us make it a lil more long" Nitin said with a smirk making Aditi blush. Arohi smile and again getting a request from Aditi, she get in.

Smriti and Samiya were having a tea in the lounge while Ananya was busy coloring in her drawing book when Arjun entered the hall "Good Evening" Arjun wished loosing his tie and the ladies wished back. He settled himself with Ananya looking at her deeply engrossed in her coloring. Few mins later, Arohi followed him and wished the ladies who replied her too. "I didn't know that my office is at a walk distance from the house" Arjun said with a smirk that left Arohi with a frown but ignoring him she said. "Mom, I am too tired...will see you at dinner" And giving Arjun a last look, she went straight to her room. After a while, helping Ananya with colors, Arjun to went to his room to freshen up. Smriti observed the two and getting near Bi, she whispered. "samiya, I think you were right...they do look good together" Bi smiled hearing that and put her half tea filled cup on the table infront. "Dont they" Bi agreed in an excited tone. "So what should we do?" Bi continued. "Samiya, As i told you, I don't wanna force anything on Arohi anymore..."Smriti's tone was remorseful. "But we can try to bring them closer and else is depend on God's will" she continued that make Bi grin. "So lets start from today?? what say?" Bi asked and Smriti agreed.

It was the dinner time and as usual, Smriti and Arohi joinned Bi, Arjun and Ananya. Bi tried to get up from her seat to serve but make a pain sound and sit back on her chair. "What happened Bi?" Arjun asked with concern while Arohi and smriti too look up at once. "again my hideous knee pain" Bi said rubbing her left knee showing hurtful expressions on her face. "Why you haven't told me earlier about this Bi?? we could have go to see a doctor" Arjun complained. "It was a lil pain in the evening and i also applied a balm but right now, it suddenly seems so worse" Bi keep rubbing her knee as off showing to calm down hr nerves. "But i have to serve" Bi again tried to get up but sit back with a thump. "Don't stress yourself samiya..." Smriti look at samiya with a concern look but when no one noticed them, Bi winked. "Arohi can serve us...Right beta" Smriti turn to look at a baffled Arohi. Here she is trying hard to ignore this man, and there, her luck is pushing her back on him. Arohi nodded with a weak smile while getting up and taking the hold of the bowl, she started putting Daal in smriti's plate when she stopped her. "no beta, first serve Arjun...he must be very hungry" Arohi felt like screaming at her mother's word but holding her anger, she moved towards Arjun who was sitting on the other side of the table. She bend a lil and pour daal in a bowl for him adding the achar and roti in his plate as per Bi's instructions. Arjun was lost somewhere else inhaling her fresh fragrance and the feel of her smooth skin when her hand touched his once as he put on her hand to stop her. Arohi quickly pulled her hand back and move to serve Bi and Smriti who were not immune to witness this small scene and pat themselves inwardly. They both will surly make a great couple. And smiling, they all started there food. Ananya has the habit to eat from Bi's hand but today seeing Bi's worried face, Arjun voluntered to feed Ananya. "Come baby, Daddy will feed you today" Arjun made a small bite of roti and daal and tried to feed Ananya but naughty baby was not in mood to eat anything from her father's hand. she keep on moving her face around, not taking a single bite and ignored Arjun's pleas. It was definately a sight to watch and the ladies of the house, were not left beside giggling. "Arohi, Help him beta" Arohi's next bite stopped in the mid way before reaching her mouth as well as her giggles. But she did stand up just praying that Bi get well soon and pulled Ananya's feeding chair beside herself. "So Ananya is not hungry" Arohi asked as Ananya nodded in yes. "Then why aren't you eating?" "Actually beta, I always tell her a story while feeding her" Bi spoke up and Arohi looked at an exited Ananya's face hearing the story name. "Bi, you are spoiling her" Arjun complained between his food. "Someone has to spoiled her a little" Bi replied him and he didn't spoke any further. Arohi noticed Arjun's fellen face but divert her attention back to Ananya who was waiting for a story. "ok lets start with the princess and the seven dwarfs one...| And Arohi made small bites while telling hr the sweet princess story and Ananya eat quietly. Not only Ananya, even Bi and smriti were too engrossed in the story to notice Arjun leaving the table till the time the story ended and Ananya and Arohi, both were end with their dinner. "Lets wash your hands" Arohi announced, helping Ananya getting out from her feeding chair and picked her up in her arms, moving towards the kitchen. "I think our idea worked in the right direction" Samiya said rubbing her hand in excitement. This secret mission of them really bring out a child out of her. "Yeah...and i totally forget about Ananya before...but i think, this lil angel will help us alot in our mission" Smriti replied back as they both look at the happy faces for Ananya and Arohi emerging from the kitchen.

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I loved d updt..
Loved arjun's decision to bring aru nher mom to hs hm..
Loved ananya's bond wth aru,
Loved convo btwn bi n smirti..

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wow super awesome update ana
luved the mission of smriti and bi - all the best to them - iam sure ananya will be of great help to them
luved it ana - sorrry to pester u but pls post the next part sooon

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