Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 16)

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Originally posted by pinky.padda

he has an ex wife very interesting cant wait for next part

thanku so much PinkyHug

Originally posted by -vrshn-

You gave me an heart attack there, Ana!! You neeed to update this quick!! i HVE to know this story!!

Oh wasn't an was an cliff-hangerLOL
u r gonna get the storyEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

how did i miss this update ana
tooo good ana - all your stories are tooo goood - iam hoooked to it ana -
Ex-wife - so that kid is truly arjun's - ok - reallly need to know their story - pls continue soon

thanku so much priya...
glad to know that it could hook you upBig smile
yes, its arjun's daughter...story coming up

Originally posted by Jerryberry

Wat a lovely story ? u r really a brilliant writer.. thnx 4 d pm.. read al d parts in a go.. jst lovd it.. plz do pm me d nxt update..

thanku so much jerry for the compliment dearEmbarrassed
so glad you liked it yaraSmile
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Originally posted by mysticlover

at first i thought his wife was dead but i guess i was wrong.. 

so ex-wife? huh? interesting..

but i really loved this update and the shock at the end.. too amazing..

waiting for more.. 

yes...First wife is alive archanaLOL
next part coming up

Originally posted by sreeja_rox

I want the next part soon now!!!Arjun's ex is back????is she good or bad?????wat happened between them?????omg i need to know it fast!!!!

I love the friendship of Arjun and the others!!!!!Embarrassed Ans I loved the sentence which was written in Arohi's t-shirt!!!!ROFLROFL And the bet part was also too hilariousLOLROFL

thanku so much Sree...
yopu know its interesting to give a look of a person...i throughout enjoy that part the most while writingBig smile arjun have super friends and yesh, i thought to have that shirt something a lil funnyLOL
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Originally posted by moonkmh

Wao! Superb update. Arjun is behavng wid his secretary,hmm. I love his charactr so far. Gud fathr,frn n a boss. Bt his ex-wife. Its going interestng.

thanku so much moonHug
Arjun being quite a turn on...
just gonna tell you about his ex-wife and his storyBig smile
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Originally posted by thithutop14

i thought arjun's wife was death.. but i guess i was wrong !!
a nice update but the last bit made me more curious... pls update soon and thanks a lot for the pm!


yup...she is very much aliveBig smile
thanku so much komal for liking the updateEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by cherry227

so not the place to stop ana!!! arjuns ex-wife in london??? n shes beautiful and hot Confused ok now i need some history please...

i loved the cafeteria scene... people are laughing and crying about the bet ROFL 

n arohi is attracted to arjun??? well the first step to love is attraction LOL i wonder if arjun has noticed her too? i hope this london trip changes a lot in their loves Wink 

update soon Hug

i know sheetal...
the next chap is a history container chap...
hehehe...yeah, i thought to wrote it as it was high time to have some funLOL
yeph, attraction starts...and now lets wait for the LOVE to enterEmbarrassed London trip just gonna give them some hints...the rest is up on themLOLWink
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(Hey guys, i am so sorry for being late...i had a minor surgery to go through yesterday and now only got time to wrote while having a lil bed rest...)

Part 5

Arjun looked out from the window sipping vodka from his glass. A stern expression on his face. Cold breeze hit his face, trying to sooth his burning heart but what he felt all in the end was more agitated and angry. He don't know why and what he is feeling by seeing her, Sneha, his ex-wife and his almost first love, after two years. "Ex-Wife" He murmured in a sarcastic tone. There he thought, he would spend a happy life with her, not gonna give her any chance of disappointment with this marriage even after knowing that he wasn't her first love. "I am sorry Arjun, but may be i couldn't love you the way you deserve and want too...I was already in love with someone else and i couldn't love anyone else" He still remember her words clearly from there wedding night even after 7 years now. "Then why did you accept this proposal Sneha?" Arjun asked her, in anger, throwing away the garland he just put off, onto the floor. "My parents forced me" She said between tears. "I would have waited for him another year as he went to US to complete his studies but my parents couldn't wait...and i didn't have any option other than accepting this proposal." Arjun felt betrayed by his parents and her parents. How could they do this to him and her. He hold his head in anger and then give her a glimpse. She was sobbing, covering her face with her henna filled hands. Sighing, he went to the bathroom to change and calm himself down. It was the worst day of his life which was supposed to be the best one.

Arjun get out from his thoughts as he heard a knock on the door. He wasn't in mood to have any company. "Who is it? Just leave me alone" He shouted still standing into the window with his empty glass. "Sir, Mr.Mehra's presentation...?" Arohi just started reluctantly when the door open with a thump. Arohi knew she was in lion's den and she was scared. Arjun's tempered face was the last thing he wanna see in this trip. But his straight face was not conveying any emotions and without giving her a glance, he crossed her to go towards the living room to get done with his work. He was again too professional and didn't pull out his personal anger on her. It was way too personal for him to show someone that how much he got hurt with his failed marriage. Being called as a failed son, a failed husband, A failed father. Arohi followed him after a moment into the living room to find him in deep conversation with Shaina, Nitin and Akshay. They discussed all the plans as Nitin was busy noting it down into his laptop and making a presentation accordingly. Arohi served them coffee after a while and leave for her room. This day was an adventure. After changing into her comfy trouser and shirt, as she laid into her bed, her mind drifted back and revised the events of the day. Today, she saw so many emotional phases of her boss, the hard-hearten Arjun Singhania. But he is not that hard and stoned. He is a nice guy. She can confidently say that by witnessing the affection and care he express towards his friends. With the way, his friends admire and adore him. She saw his funny, teasy, caring side as well as the sexy, hot and desired avatar. Her cheeks still get burned with the image that her mind replayed. But the last look, all too stern and straight, hiding his emotions behind them, really sacred her and make her wondered. "What must have happened that his wife left him?" She questioned herself as she kept thinking about it till she drift to sleep.

But sleep was quiet away from Arjun. "Are you OK?" Shaina asked as they just finished with the discussion. It struck 3 am and they all stand up to leave. Shaina hold his hand to make him stay back. Arjun just pat her hand a little while replying. "I am fine Shy...I willn't break this time" His strong voice gave her assurance as he turn on his heals to get back to his room. Once back, he couldn't stop but think about his life and the moments with his ex-wife. He make a strong glass of vodka for himself, trying to calm his burned throat and his fast-beated heart, but the vodka was adding more fire to all that. Gulping down, he sit striaght on the bed, looking at the empty space infront of him. His life was just as empty. Empty with emotions and love or he had made it that way. He remembered that it took them, him and Sneha a year to get comfortable with eachother. She was 23, beautiful and all too career oriented at the time they get married. But slowly, she like to do the house chores, for herself, for her in-laws and for her husband. She changed hersellf. No matter how hard there relationship was going on, she never let it come on her face infront of her in-laws. And a year later, when they finally shared what a husband and wife share in there relationship, Arjun felt nothing more than revealed and happy with his life. Later, the news of gonna be a father really made them attached on an emotional level. He would come home early, take good care of her, bear her mood swings and adjust with them, showered love in all the way possible. Riya, there sweet baby girl, arrival was the best thing that ever happened in there life. He was over the moon. He was a father. "Riya..." Her name escaped softly from his lips as his eyes welled up with tears. He again took a sip from his glass as his mind replayed that tragic day in his mind.

In just few more days, another baby was going to be a part of there family. There happy family. He, Sneha and Riya. He was so excited to welcome this new member in his life. Riya was 3 now and it was a week that she joined her pre-school. Arjun would make sure that he would drop her off and pick her up from his school. "Arjun, i have prepared your favourite dishes today..." He heard Sneha's voice through the ear-piece. "seems like my lucky day..." He said with a grin. "Come home soon for the lunch...I am waiting" He heard her and parked the car on the side of the road. "I am coming" He said cutting the call and get out. He saw Riya's excited face looking at him "Riya, stay there" He shouted as he saw her approaching the road. The heavy traffic was moving in full speed. Riya stopped there on the other side, looking up for her father when a jeep full of drunk teenager boys, take over a slow speed truck and in the moment, they got off the road and hit Riya. "Riya" Arjun shouted once again, shocked to see his daughter being pulled off into the air and then again hit the road. He was still. Everything froze for him. He jerked out when he was hit by a man who also stopped his car and was rushed to see the baby. Arjun crossed them, making his way in between and get on his knees beside his Riya. He was too afraid to touch her. She was covered with blood. Her little bag, still on her shoulders. Her half faced, bruised due to hitting the road. "Riya...Open your eyes baby" He said in shock, putting her tiny head in his lap, caressing her face, brushing her curly hairs back. He don't know when someone called the ambulance. They tried hard to seperate her from him but he wasn't letting her go. In defeat, they also got him into the ambulance while he keep talking to her like nothing happened. Unaware of the fact that nothing could happen now. His baby was gone. Doctors confirmed it but he was too much in shock to realise anything. The moments from a while back were still moving in his head that potray his angelic daughter's excited face seeing him. Somehow, his friends got a hold of him and took him back home. He still remember Sneha's happy face as he entered the house all alone. "You are late...i was waiting from such a long..." She stopped right there as the plates from her hands get crushed after hitting the floor. His shock face and blood stained shirt was saying a story. She rushed to him without caring about her condition and hold him from his collar. "What happened Arjun? This blood..." She said pointed to her shirt. Her face was full of fear. Her heart was beating faster just with the thought that something bad happened. He wasn't in any condition to reply but she got her answers as Shaina, Nitin, Aryan enter with the wardboys, and a lifeless Riya laying on the stretcher. She looked up at him and he could still feel those eyes on himself. Those eyes saying and expressing that he broke her trust. That he betrayed her and couldn't keep them safe.

Arjun closed his eyes as tears trace his face. That day was the end of his happy life. sneha couldn't bear the pain and in the process so over-stressed herself that they have to rushed to the hospital. Doctors told him that her condition is really bad and they have to operate her to save the child and her. He was numb and not in any condition to take any decisions. Right then, Snehs's parents reach the hospital and signed the papers that allowed the doctors to go through the operation. He couldn't do anything other than sitting on the bench, covering his face with his hands. His life ended. He was dieing piece by piece, inch by inch. He lost his Riya and he is about to lost his wife and other child too. He cried then as that feeling sunk in. He cried so badly that every peson who saw him, couldn't left without tears. Shaina and Aryan supported him as Nitin and Aditi were back his home, preparing for Riya's last rituals.

Ananya came in his life, Sneha went into coma due to internal bleeding and Riya left the world. He couldn't bare see Ananya's face for entire two weeks. If it hadn't been for his friends, he knew he must have died too. They make him realize that now, he have to live for Ananya. He have a reason and a responsibility. Sneha's parents were disappointed with him as his own were's. They plainly ask him to divorce Sneha as soon as she get out from her coma and that they don't want to have any relation with him and Ananya anymore. Arjun's father couldn't bear the pain of this situation and a sudden heart attack cause him his life after 3 months of Riya's incident. His mother left him to go back and stay with her family back in the village. He was all alone, shattered, in pain with his baby daughter. Right then Samiya entered his life and handled Ananya while he indulged himself in his work to the extend, that he couldn't think about anything but his work. But still, the memories haunt him like anything and left his soul, torn.

Wiping away a tear, he hold took out his mobile and dialed a number. "Hello" he heard Samiya's voice. "Bi" that's what he call him. "How is ananya?" He asked in heavy voice. "Arjun, he is doing good beta...You were crying again" She always treat him like a son. "No...tell me something new she learned" He still remember the day Bi told him that Ananya learned Daddy. He stand behind the curtain when Bi again tried and made Ananya say Daddy. It was the best day of his life after that horrible incident. He may not try to interact or show love to him, but he do love her alot. "Arjun, You wont believe but she just today did a shakira must have seen her..." Arjun chuckled between his tears imagining his cutiepie in that avatar. "Really" He asked amused. "yes, shaking her little hips, moving her frock up as she danced with her pouting lips with that naughty grin...She is a honey child" Bi's voice was full of admiration. How Arjun wanted his own mother to be there and see her grand-daughter like that. Witnessing her each act, supporting him. But as like others, he was blamed by his own mother for being the reason of the death of his father. "Bi, take care of her..." He said even after knowing that Bi is as possessive and in love with Ananya as he is. "I will take care beta" Bi said as he cut the call.

He had spill many of his tears. He was blamed for Riya's death, for not being able to catch her before that dreadful accident. he was blamed for Sneha's condition by her parents. He was blamed for his father death by his own mother. And that's why he took the decision of not being so close to Ananya as he would die if something happen to her cause of him. He was ill-fated and he don't want any part of that fate to ever effect Ananya's future. Ever.?

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OH!!! YaY!!

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