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AshNi SS: BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 89 (Page 9)

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritu3kumar

hi i never thought that i would love this story specially with builder and secretary
after so many day i just open this ashni SS  AND LET ME TELL you that i really loved itTongue

thanku so much ritu
i m glad that you liked itEmbarrassed
i sometimes do like to write the fics with the characters having the same theme as going on in the show but it always feels great to take a new plot and seeing people liking itBig smile

luv ya

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by karajekar

hi i like your all ff if you dont mind can you add me to your pm please


hey sonali...welcome to my post dearTongue
i am so glad you liked the story till now...
and you are surly added to my pm listEmbarrassedBig smile

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Part Three

It wasn't a good start. Nidhi thought as she comes out from Ashutosh's room later with the files. He gave her two files of some projects who got completed in previous months but still the files were need to be updated on the computer to keep a record. Its then come to her knowledge that He wasn't having any secretary from the last 20 days and Aditi was handling this duty along with her's own and so she wasn't in-charge of updating the files. Sighing, she started typing on the computer.

It was 1:30. Ashutosh just left the office when her phone ring. "Hello" She kept the phone between her ear and shoulder and keep typing. She was almost done with the first file. "Hey Nidhi, Aditi here. What are you doing?" Nidhi took a sigh of relief. Finally she got someone to talk to. "I was just updating some project files" She said. "Ok, leave it for now. Its lunch time...Come up to have lunch with us" It was the time Nidhi realized that she had just had apple in the morning. Her stomach started to making noises. "Hmmm...Where is the cafeteria?" She asked. "Just wrap up the work, i am coming down to take you" Nidhi agreed and saving the file on the computer, she gather her things. In 5 minutes, Aditi was at the door that lead to the corridor. Nidhi followed her. She took the left and Nidhi spot a lift. Getting in, Aditi pressed 2nd floor button. "Lunch time started from 1:30 and lasts at 2:30...in this time, we aren't allowed to work ok..." She smiled loud as Nidhi to smile. Aditi lead her to the cafeteria and Nidhi spotted Nitin sitting with two other persons on the table as Nidhi and Aditi approched them. "Hey Savior" Nitin said with a smile as he put his coffee mug down. "Hi" Nidhi repled. "So you have already neet Nitin" As Nidhi nod, Additi started. |So here is Aryan and She is Shaina, our project managers and finance managers" Nidhi shake hands with them and take the seat beside aditi. After placing order, Nidhi turned to the Nitin who just called her. "Has Ashutosh left?" On Nidhi nod, He took out his mobile and started looking through his phonebook. "I need to call him. He has an doctor's appointment for Ananya" He stand up to go to a corner leaving a confused Nidhi behind. "Ananya?" She almost said in a whisper "Yes, his daughter" Aditi replied. "Its almost a month i saw her" Shaina said with a smile. "Yeah, poor baby, suffering from such high fever" Aryan said. Looking at Nidhi's confused face Aditi laugh. "We are his college friends Nidhi...We all use to study together. Nitin, Ashutosh, Aryan and Shaina were classmates right from the 11th grade. I was 3 years junior to them" Aditi began. "Whoa!! what a time that was...Haan" Aryan said as he remembered there past looking at Shaina. "Yes, indeed that was the superb phase of our lives...careless, carefree...thats we were then" Shaina laughed and aryan joined him. Right then Nitin was back "Whats the topic?" He asked taking his place. "Nothing, just remembering our college days" Aryan said smiling. "Nitn, remember that Misha?" Shaina said raising her brow as a cheeky smile took place on her lips. "Ahh!! don't make me remember her...She was such a chipku" Aryan, Shaina and Aditi laughed seeing Nitin's face expression as Nidhi left smiled. "If it wasn't for Ashutosh, she would have never left me without getting me married tp her" Nitin sigh and then look at Aditi. "I am so glad she left me babe, otherwise i would never have got you" He said kissing her hand slightly. "How sweet" Aditi smiled at this as Aryan and Shaina coughed falsely. "Guys! we do have a company here" Aditi and Nitin left blushed at this.

The time went good with the group. Just 15 minutes were left and now Aryan was trying calling Ashutosh as Nitin couldn't get a hold of him before. "Why don't you wait till boss come back?" Nidhi said to Shaina and Aditi. "We can't. Because its a strict rule here, No personal talks allow. We can't discuss our family, home, friends in the office hours. We are just given this one hour Lunch Break to let ourselves free from any kind of restriction" Shaina explained. "And any rule, any restriction that has been put on us, Ashutosh made sure he follow it himself first" As aditi said, Nidhi couldn't help herself admired her boss that she thought was a Sariyal and Akroo? kind of man before. He was TOTALLY professional. and that's what she herself was.

Getting back on the duty, Nidhi did what she learned today. Be totally professional. She gave 100% to her work and completed updating the files till 4:30. Ashutosh was back till 2:30 himself. Not a bit late. And was constant busy in his work and meetings. At the end of the first day, Nidhi just was so proud of her decision to join this company as she really enjoyed her work. She get accustomed with all the important stuff and she was ready to face tomorrow.

Ashutosh get back home, exhausted. But he can't rest. Loosing his tie, he went straight to Ananya's room. His princess was suffering and he can't bear seeing her like that. He entered to find her Nanny, Samiya, covering her with quilt. She was a muslim woman, in her mid fifties, divorced, didn't have any child and was working for Ashutosh in taking care of Ananya from the last two years. Since the birth, Ananya was brought up in the lap of Samiya to whom she refer as Amma. Wearing her pale blue shalwar kameez, dupatta covering her hair, a small taweez pinned in a black thread around her neck, she was the soul of the house. Ashutosh couldn't do anything without her nor Ananya. On seeing Ashutosh, she came to him "She just sleep after having her medicines..." she turned to look at the cot once again and said. "Come outside, i am serving dinner for you" She left as Ashutosh nodded. Getting closer to the crib, Ashutosh looked inside at her daughter. Tears stains were still fresh on her face. Ashutosh felt a ping as he move his hand forward to caress her soft cheek. It was burning. The doctor today assured him that the fever will be gone by night. Feeling the moment, Ananya woke up and looked at Ashutosh from her sleepy eyes. "Daddy" she said in her soft voice. Ashutosh felt his heart go for her at the very moment once again. "Yes, Daddy's princess" he said as picking up ananya in his arms and she cuddled against him. "My throat is burning" she said trying to hold a cry. "Shhh..." Ashutosh pat her little back as her hands hold around his neck got tighter. "Don't worry honey, it will be ok...i am here for you" Ashutosh keep pacing in the room holding her little sobbing princess, till she went to sleep. Later Samiya entered to found Ashutosh sitting on an rocking chair, sleeping soundly holding ananya. She smiled. Atleast something good come out from this bad health of ananya. Ashutosh hold her almost after 7 months which seems like an eternity to her.

Next day, Nidhi was ready. She has already printed out the Ashutosh's schedule for the day. The files were updated. The meeting for today have been re-confirmed. But Ashutosh was not there. Nidhi wondered where he must be as from yesterday, she learned that he was very punctual. Even after lunch time, he was back right on time, not missing a minute. Just then she received a call. "Hello, Mathur Builders, How may i help you?" She asked. "Hello there, I am Ajay from Depaksh Builders, Mr.Ashutosh Mathur told us that he would send us Nitin Oberoi's Working Certificates but we still hadn't received them yet? Can you please ask him to send us that as soon as possible as we are being enforced for filling the position of our Head of IT Department" Nidhi left shocked but she still got voice to ask. "I am sorry for the inconvenience, Mr.Mathur is not here now. But as son as he came, i will inform him" "Thank you" Ajay said and cut the call leaving a confused Nidhi behind. Depaksh Builders was 2nd top Builder company of india right now while Mathur Builders was on 3rd position. Nidhi had did a research on Mathur Builders before getting in this job. "But Nitin is head of Department here, why Boss is recommending him to some other company?" Nidhi asked herself

Around 8:15, Ashutosh entered the cabin and call her. "Ms. Nidhi, can you please bring me the files, Aditi must have dropped in the morning." He was tired, Nidhi can feel it from his voice, just replying with a simple "Yes Sir" she cut the call, and entered with the files to see Ashutosh gulping down two aspirin and a hot cup of tea resting beside him. He was having a great headache. He couldn't sleep well at night. Not cause of the sitting posture, but he keep looking at her sleepy daughter after waking up in the middle of the night, keep on caressing her tiny cute face and kissing her small hands. "Sir, Files" Nidhi said placing them on the table. "Yes, thank you...do one thing, Just call Aryan and Shaina from the managing staff and ask them to? come in my cabin with the latest update on the projects going on" "Yes Sir" Nidhi said and then again said. "Sir, Mr Ajay from Depaksh Builders called this Morning" Ashutosh hold his head in one hand "Oh how could i forget, Ms. Nidhi...just send a recommendation letter and also the work experience forum of Nitin to the Company" Ashutosh said holding the cup and taking a sip "But Sir, Mr.Nitin is the IT head of our Company...Why are you recommending him to some other?" Ashutosh look up at her and simply said "because they are giving him a much better package...Depaksh Builders are flourishing rapidly. Its offices are almost present in every city and Nitin has a huge chance to show his abilities there...Nitin has a huge opportunity to show his abilities there and I don't want my employees to be stuck with me if they could do much better" Ashutosh said rapidly typing something on the keyboard. "I will do that sir" and Nidhi left. She just can't help but admired and adored her Boss. He was such a great man. He cared so much for his employees that he don't even have that arrogant factor in himself to keep the best people to himself. Aryan and Shaina had a meeting with him and Nidhi, as asked send the papers to the company.

"How could you do this to me Ashutosh?" Nitin shouted at him. "If you are so fed up from me then tell me, i would leave this company...But how the hell you thought i would prefer to go to another company leaving my baby, my company.." He said referring to Mathur Builders. Nitin already received the call from Depaksh Builders offering him a job. He hold his anger till the lunch time and as it struck 1:30, he was in his cabin, boiling. "Nitin, don't be aggressive man, i know how much capable you are...and there you will get a big scope in your career" Ashutosh said trying to pacify him as he took hold of one of his shoulder. Nitin shrugged his shoulder and removed his hand from it. "Don't you dare Ashutosh...If you have any problem with my dressing, then you know the reason why i do that...if you have a problem with me than tell me to get lost with my bloody face, but i am not gonna accept this kind of damn favor from you" He was boiling with anger now. Ashutosh knew whatever he was saying, he has a right to say. It was his friends, just these five friends, Nitin, Shaina, Aryan, Aditi and Rounak who believe him when he even didn't believe himself. They helped him be the man, his father hoped he will be and it was just there support that his company was standing where it is now. But he don't want his friends to just stay in the back while all the lime light was on him. He feared. He was already accused of this thing by his best friend, Ron (Rounaq). He can still remembered his words clearly "Ashutosh, you know what, you just think we are dumboos. We are just your slaves who will work on your command. That we don't have a right or feelings. That we do zilch work to make your company, where it stands now, Don't you?" He could still feel his curt tone and taunting eyes on himself.

Seeing him standing motionless, Nitin get himself cooled down as he also realized what he must be thinking. Getting near him with weak steps, he put his hands on his shoulders, jerking him out of his thoughts. Ashutosh look at him. Hurt clearly visible in his eyes. Nitin's heart go for him as he said in a soft tone. "We are not like him Ashutosh, We are not like Ron" As he said, Ashutosh just moved forward and hugged him tightly. Nitin himself couldn't stop those tears which were just swimming in his eyes before because of anger. Now they were following for the pain of his friends. "I am sorry yaar for shouting on you but...you know...i can't live without my friends. You, aryan, shy, aditi...You guys are my world" Nitin rub his back as Ashutosh break the hug and wipe Nitin tears as Nitin did the same to him. "I am sorry for hurting you" Ashutosh began. "I know you guys love me so much...just do cranky and stupid kind of stuff so that i could get my anger on you guys and don't keep it to myself, whether its you wearing that Ridiculous all too bright shirt or Aryan, Shaina taking all too much time to help me find my new secretary or Aditi, spilling the coffee on my new shirt" Nitin laughed with him, still in tears. "But, i am so afraid to loose you guys now. I don't know, i have already lost too much...I really don't know, how i will bear if anyone of you will hate me in future" Ashutosh said, expressing himself. His fears. His nightmares. Nitin trully understands him and his position. He just move forward and hug him once again. "I promise, we will never do that. How can we hate our amazing friend cause of whom we are what who we are" Nitin said and pulled apart only to say. "Yeah, me and aditi can stop our Ridiculous acts but Shy? and Aryan will never forgive you or precisely, gonna kill you if you just scared this new secretary of yours...it took them a huge time as along with there own projects, they also have to take time out for the interviews" Ashutosh lips broke into a smile. His dimple, ever so sweet and charming. His eyes shinning seems like after ages. "I willn't scare her" Ashutosh said as Nitin chuckled at his statement.

(A small part here guys but the light conditions are getting worse in pak...so right now, could only manage this much)

Next: Ashutosh-Nidhi, off to another country for a business project. Some-one from the past gonna come infront of Ashutosh.


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well done ana... loved itClap

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:17am | IP Logged
Partyawww...gr8 FF...
was desperately waitng fo yor FF..
thnkss cool_sk Tongue

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Awesome update, Nidhi had started admiring ashu. Good going, looking forward for there bussiness trip and suspence. Eagerly waiting for the next update continue soon.

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oh...ashu had a  bitter pastUnhappy.
very heart touching update esp convo b/w nitin and ashu is awesomeClap

have to say...precap is very tempting...LOL
pls update soon

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beautiful update Embarrassed so many good friends but still lonely. may be coming parts will disclose his personal life tragedy sadness... and about his daughter
waiting for next updateClap

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