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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin General Discussion
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin General Discussion


pj04 Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 11:36pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by jprasad


I see what you are saying and I agree that our opinions and outlooks are very individual, but first off, I don't think indian directors are obsessed with the idea of first and true love and in fact I have found JJKN to be a breath of fresh air...one girl doesn't fall in love 10 different times and marry 10 different times.  Jassi was willing to marry Purab even though she didn't love him, it was Purab who took off and why, because he knew she loved Armaan and it would have ruined both of their lives.  So even Purab takes into consideration that love is quite an integral part of a relationship.

If you take a look at the Ekta serials...people marry 10 different times and most times one doesn't love the other and look how miserable they are.  They are always crying...how much happier are they?

I do think that directors are obsessed with the idea of love, cuz love stories sell.  "My Best Friend's Wedding" was such a flop of a movie, why because, the heroine doesn't get her hero in the end...I didn't go to see the movie so that the heroine doesn't get her hero at the end of the movie.  I see this everyday in real life, so why would I want to go see a movie about it.  Aside from 'My Best Friends Wedding,' directors don't really want to tread this water and I find this idea so 1950s.  Yes, of course this is my individual thinking.

I don't see if Armaan has broken his relationship with Mallika, why he still has to be committed to her?  Why is there even the question about importance being placed on committment and duties??  For what end?  Armaan's character has grown and changed on the show, thus it is not really anymore about love is everything so this means Jassi and Armaan have to be together.  I think they are the ones who deserve it though, they are the central characters afterall and this the whole point of the show.  In my individual opinion this is why I watch the show.

I like love...there is no feeling like love...it makes one beautiful and it makes us better people.  I think love should be an integral part of a relationship and I don't think love destroys lives.  I am a classic example, I fell in love with my husband and he is the most wonderful person, we didn't ruin other people's lives when we got married, if fact we created new bonds.  My inlaws love me and my parents dote on my husband.  Love stories make the world go round and stir emotions in people.  This view on love and how destructive it can be is really sad.

Finally, I agree that Nandu has a good character on the show...Nandu is funny, caring, smart, supportive...he has different shades and he has grown as a character.  But Purab...he has no character...literally, he is portrayed as what???  I mean I really don't know.  He has not grown as a character on the show...he was brought back by popular demand, but he doesn't offer anything substantial to the show and he never has.  He is a good guy and that is it...that is the extent of his character.

To answer, Nashuu's question, the biggest thief is Mallika, cuz she stole Gulmohour's money and stole the integrity of the Walia family.  Her actions are not justifiable as she could have dealt with the situation in a more adult fashion.

phew....jprasad you might be right but why compare everything to ekta shows and point out the many marraige thing in her shows(incidentally i don't think you have ever seen any ekta show for long otherwise you would have realised that multiple marraiges are the result of following your heart in love most of the times , hence very wrong example to make your point)

         nobody is denying that love is important and necessary in life , i only have a problem with people running beserk after this dream trampling over everyone else in thier path. mine was an arranged marraige(i met him for mere 15 min before i got married to him), if i ever fall in love, should i just ditch everybody and run behind my dreams ??....it is quite a conundrum . circumstances and your personality determines your course of action.

        as for my best friends wedding ...you made the point i was trying to convey.(I didn't go to see the movie so that the heroine doesn't get her hero at the end of the movie.  I see this everyday in real life, so why would I want to go see a movie about it.)...truth does not sell, dream does. also we see movies to live a dream not experience the truth. but truth is what was the end of that movie

                        as for armaan -mallika - jassi triangle, i guess we will always be on different apexes.as for love being destructive, i think love is a very strong force and can be very constructive until you control it, once it controls you ....you are on path to destruction. let us just say it has a way of overwhelming people and taking over thier lives.i can quote examples from ancient history to modern times when love has been at its destructive best. it has been downfall of many great civilizations and kingdoms. however you will be hard pressed to find some similar examples of its constructive powers.


Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 3:13am | IP Logged

 Wow !!! Great points jprasad and Puja !!!!!

    I agree,both of you are justified in your own way.

    As I see it, Jassi was not the cause behind Armaan and Mallika's break up.She was a mere excuse for the break up.

   The truth is, Armaan and Mallika never ever jelled together. It was the difference in their perspective about a relationship that broke them apart.Mallika's overpossesiveness and Armaan's need to keep hanging on to her for the sake of Gulmohar - for a very well founded fear that Aryan would sell his shares and split GM into two- was the main reason they both got together in the first place. There was hardly any commitment or duty involved in either case,unless if you count Armaan's commitment towards GM and Mallika's commitment to keep him tied to her in this. Love never even featured. Mallika dangled her vote and support in return of marriage and Armaan kept her happy ,first to keep his chair,then to keep GM in one piece.


    Here, Jassi does not even come into the picture. Mallika never truly had Armaan. Even if Jassi was not around, this is one pair who would not have survived their honeymoon,making both and everyone else's lives around them miserable, that is,if they ever got to the mandap at all.

    Mallika should be thankful to Jassi that Armman changed.

   Besides,what should Jassi be blamed for?

a) She never invited Armaan to fall for her. He was her fantasy and she never had any notions about realising her dreams.

b) She did not,even once, ask him to break up with Mallika. Even when he was wooing her and she was unaware that it was fake, she asked him to go to Mallika.In fact that too was one of the reasons she agreed to marry Purab.

c) When she did ask him to break up,it was because she was sure he was faking it and she wanted him to be in a tight spot and reveal his duality. She was convinced he would never do it. She had no idea how close Armaan actualy came to doing it. She never came to know.

d) She had made the fake balance sheets and then decided to resign and go away so that Armaan could marry Mallika. Next day she overheard pieces of conversation between Raj and Armaan in which Raj asked him not to break up with Mallika becuz Aryan would sell GM and instead send Jassi away,that she decided to expose them. Even after all that she was leaving GM quietly. It was Mallika's meanness who, defying all the ettiquets that goes in not peeping into other people's belongings, demanded to see Jassi's trash bag. What she got out of them was what she deserved.

   Not once did Mallika,as a woman, feel for another woman who was cheated in such a fashion. She blamed Jassi but not once she did she question Armaan how could he do this to another woman? Jassi had bared her soul to Mallika when she was leaving. Told her it was all a fake and Armaan was hers. Yet Mallika's insane obsession with Armaan meant she had to take it out on the girl who was the victim. I don't think I can empathise with a character who tramples the less fortunate and flaunts it as a trophy !! 

      Would you support Armaan or Purab if they destroyed other people deliberately in order to get Jassi and say they are justified? I would not. No,not even Armaan. Would you support Armaan if he tried to destroy Purab in case thhe latter gets married to Jassi because he wants to get her back? Would you be able to supposrt Purab if he tried to wreck his vengience on Armaan to keep him away from Jassi? So in such a scenario, if you justify Mallika's action,you have to justify Armaan and Purab as well.Now,do you think, any man or woman,who tries to get back his/her love and get her revenge by deliberately ruining perfectly innocent people's life deserves sympathy? If that is so,every evil in the world is justified,no matter how macabre.

    Mallika is not a thief, she is a decoit,who wants her own happiness,no matter what the cost is. So if she cannot get it in a right manner,she will employ every crooked trick in the world to get it. So she steals from her own company and makes it worse, almost kills an elderly already miserable woman with her evilness and almost makes an old family homeless. All because she wants to marry a man she fancies !!!!

   What can be more disgusting than this?

bluelotus Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 3:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by smita24

Mallika stayed with him for 10 years. It was only after reading Jassi's letters that she decided to back out . Jassi is responsible for Mallika & Armaan break up. Angry Angry Angry

Jassi is not responsible for mallika and Arman's break up. Jassi loved Arman from the moment she set eyes on him. But she never tried to jeopardise the relationship between Arman and Mallika. Love is something you cannot control............It happens....... but the outcomes of it you can control... Jassi was behaving like a nice girl all along and even decided to Marry Purab....infact I think she decided on it because of Arman mallika relationship. She started showing her love only when Arman started telling her he loves her.

In fact Jassi has done a favour to Arman and Mallika. Mallika is a girl who doesn't know the meaning of the word relationship or love or marriage. Your love is not a possession to be exhibited. I very much doubt she really loved Arman. Imagin a marriage between Arman and Mallika. How long the charms will survive. Arman will become worse than he ever was because he never loved Mallika. And Mallika will never be happy. In fact Jassi was an eye opener to both of them. Sooner or later Arman would have found his love....If not Jassi then some one else. Definitely not Mallika.

bas02 Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 6:47am | IP Logged
woh!Wackomera dimaak kharab hogaye hai after reading all your posts!! All of you have made some really interesting points and have kept a healthy debate going on. I feel like i am learning so much from you guys...you are all so intellectual and have great debating skills! All i can say is wow and keep up the great posts friends!Clap
peaches Goldie

Joined: 24 March 2005
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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 6:59am | IP Logged


That was an awsome posting!!!!  3 Cheers!!Clap

Actually I want to extent this to everyone's posting....great topic!



Jyoti_2006 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 November 2004
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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 11:40am | IP Logged

WOw!! Minnie that was awesome.. JP and Puja.. too good..

Enjoyed reading all your posts...Clap

sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Clap Clap guys great discussion! was fun reading all ur posts... JP, PJ, Minnie... really great points .. they are different but depends what way you look at it and it also reflects what each individual 've seen in their life. PJ i really liked the following you said: "as for love being destructive, i think love is a very strong force and can be very constructive until you control it, once it controls you ....you are on path to destruction." ...really healthy discussion! Clap
cutie4life Groupbie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 12:34pm | IP Logged

Minnie great thinking. ClapClap i completely agree with you


Depending on each person's perspective, it could be jassi's fault or it could be underlying causes that just build up. and anyways, armaan never loved malika. He just proposed to Malika to secure her vote for him to becom chairman.

And also love just happens. Love doesn't see if the person is married, engaged, ugly and what not. Love needs a moment to arise in your heart.

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