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5/3 Analysis Unit, ArYa: Let's get this over with.

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Sorry if the title is lame. It was inspired by their expressions in the precap.

Res. for the most un-awaited sagai of the year. LOL


I am not going to bother being diplomatic about this. Other than a few choice pieces of information and a few scenes, today's episode felt pretty redundant to me. More crying, more brooding, more teasing the audience about the divorce issue and more Aarti than Yash. It's ok I am not really upset or anything. I realise that some episodes have to be fillers and this was one of them. I just said all this to come to the point that I am just going to list the few scenes and pieces of information that I liked receiving today.

1. Aarti knows about Yash's kids! I can't tell how you much of a relief it was to finally be sure that she knows this. Phew.

2. Mansi-Aarti interactions. Mansi is an incredibly interesting character and continues to fascinate me and justify the 10:30 time slot. Wink But what was different today was that she was dead serious. It is interesting as we have this highly romanticised notion of marriage, when actually, not just in India but all over the world, most marriages are based on "tan" and "dan" and not "mann". She tells it like it is and even elaborates on the physical needs that men do have. I mean she is not off base here. That is why that Raghudayal wanted to marry Aarti. But what Mansi doesn't know is that Yash is not every guy and he will be Aarti's exception.

But it is clear that Mansi's words did stir Aarti up a little bit. I guess it is good for her to have a dose of such unabashed pragmatism, given how she has been living in her own bubble of eternal love for Prashant and somehow thinking it was very noble all along. Mansi may be a little OTT with the lust thing but it is what Aarti needs.

I hope Mansi's husband comes back eventually and her relationship with him also grows parallel to ArYa's. Aarti could learn a little bit more about lust (I will question her sanity if she doesn't with a shirtless husband like that! Blushing) and Mansi can learn a little more about love.

But until then, let the girl talk ensue! Big smile

3. Paridi is going to work after marriage. Confused Errr...how is this going to work? Even her listeners seem skeptical and unlike us, they don't even know who she is marrying! Prateek seems pretty confident that it will work out though. Hey, he does have some pretty powerful persuasion abilities, convincing his dad about Paridi, convincing his mother about Aarti, I guess he is confident. But no doubt there is going to be some friction.

4. Yash's mom's absent-mindedness? Confused What is going on there? Did she really forget the payal and the ring or is she up to something sketchy? In the precap the sagai seems to be going fine, so what is the deal? And Vidhi was talking about Arpita so casually but then I guess she has been able to move on, unlike Yash. His expression there was great, btw, and then the way he just softened to avoid confrontation. Why is Gayatri so antsy and what is she up to?

I'm scared.

5. They do get to talk one on one! But it looks like neither of them will be talking much anyway. I hope they do sort out their intentions for this marriage and come to an understanding. I love how both of them looked like grumpy kids who were "katti" with one another. LOL Cho chweet!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 9:50am | IP Logged

Even though the episode was slow in progress but I really liked few of the dialogues and scenes that showed the perfect emotions ,feelings and tensions that one goes through during remarriage ClapClapClap

Few really important and good scenes for today ...
1)Mansi and Aarti scene in restaurent StarStarStarStar...Both friends seem to have a different POV regarding life after marriage ...It seems Mansi is somewhere devoid of love and happiness that she was expecting from her husband post marriage and all she got was just physical satisfaction Ouch ..So she is sort of further making Aarti negative in this case by giving the impression that post her remarriage ,even Yash might just keep the physical relation with her like a typical man with no love or feelings attached Ouch...Already Aarti had one bad marriage and so it seems her worries hv further increased thanks to Mansi's lust jaap LOLLOL ;Mayb Aarti was expecting some mutual understanding and respect in this remarriage rather than physical relation or even love Ermm..but it seems Mansi has put few negative worries in her mind now Ouch...but I feel all her doubts will b put to rest after marriage because Yash will give her something which she must hv never got from Prashant or mayb even Mansi has not got it from her own husband ...and that is "Respect" Embarrassed...Till now Aarti only got rejections in life and she was used in a way by Prashant in the name of love but this punarvivaah will give her the much needed respect that she deserves Embarrassed...This is where Aarti will prove her friend Mansi wrong later Big smile
2)Shobha's piece of advice to Aarti regarding Punarvivaah StarStarStarStar...The dialogues given to Shobha in this scene were perfect ClapClap..Its true that second marriage does not give the excitement or thrills to any girl as its more of a burden and tension for her Ouch ..In this case Aarti has many doubts in her mind regarding whether Ansh will get the acceptance and love from Yash ,whether Yash will simply fulfill his physical needs from her and willl give her similar humiliations and rejections later like Prashant  Ouch, or whether Shobha's trust in Yash will come true ?? Embarrassed..With so many doubts in mind, its obvious that Aarti is not able to enjoy this whole wedding and its understandable Cry...
3)Shobha giving ring to Aarti and Yash's mother giving ring to Yash at the same time but both had similar expressions and emotions while holding the ring StarStarStar...So somewhere both r hving one common connection at least WinkLOLEmbarrassed..Both r not at all excited with the ring and its just an extra burden for them Ouch...Common connection is the fear of giving a second chance to life ..will it b a success ?? this fear in both will bring them close in future EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
4)Shobha's fears regarding the lie still continues and its understandable again as Aarti too has been kept in the dark regarding this Ouch..But one thing is clear Aarti knows it all about Yash ..even the fact that he has two kids and she does care about it WinkEmbarrassed..So in this case Aarti will never want to keep him in dark and this is the worry which is haunting Shobha because she knows that if Aarti comes to know about this lie later ,she will never forgive them and she will hv to face all the humiliations in Yash's family later CryOuch...I m still hoping that once Aarti finds out the truth ,she wastes no time in telling it to Yash directly Smile
5)Yash's mother too is keeping Yash in the dark I feel regarding Arpita's payal which she is planning to give away to Aarti without Yash knowing about it and so very cleverly she twists those words in front of Yash by making an excuse of lost engagement ring Wink...I feel Yash will hv an outburst regarding the payal later and mayb this will make Aarti realise how Yash is different from Prashant after seeing his unconditional love for his dead wife EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
6)Precap is quite interesting StarStarStarStar...so finally both Yash and Aarti meets ...it will b interesting to see the first exchange of word between both EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Among the turn offs ,I hv two issues ,...One is I hope CVs maintain a more smooth flow rather than jumping from one scene to another and second is they can pick up the pace a bit more ..but I guess the pace will go up once both meet tomorrow Embarrassed
Overall I feel the episode was a good build-up for the upcoming episodes this week Embarrassed

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shubhika124 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Maansi babe Embarrassed You are a rockstar Hug Love ur vivaciousness Clap
The girlie talks looked so real LOL The anxiety & edginess of Aarti Unhappy was genuine Ouch
She really is in a tough & burdensome situation Cry & conveyed those emotions well Clap
Bravo KS Clap Keep it up Thumbs Up

And yippeee PartyDancing
They didn't meet today! All serials follow that process for 1st meeting...Wanted smthn diff for PV Day Dreaming Something Utopian Day Dreaming

And Gayatri Ji ! Confused What is concocting in ur sharp brain Shocked Why that uncanny-vicious look Shocked
Stop shouting at poor Vidhi unnecessarily Angry That was ur mistake u self called sanctimonious! 
Btw I find her character very perplexing Geek
Sometimes she is honey coated & other moment she is a bitter gourd & unpleasant Ermm

What were CV's trying to do with us Shocked
GC in black Blushing
He looks drop-dead handsome is BLACK...Blushing
The color should be banned on him now LOL (do u know it was banned on dev anand)
BUT why V-shaped neckline OuchAngry

Overall a nice epi Clap

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Maansi u are a Rockstar  ROFL

Tan aur  Dhan ka hi sambandh rakhna hai...Mann ko uda do Tongue...Girl knows what she wants Wink

Kahin woh waala darr to nahii... Gosh I love their girls talk ...very true to life Embarrassed

Men marry to just satisfy their basic urges Confused...Gosh Maansi why are u so cynical ...bechari already confused Aarthi ko dara diya Ouch

I love how the creatives brought  physical intimacy in arranged marriages  into light. 

U can be physically  intimate ..but mental bonding takes time to build ... But what does Maansi knowAngry...Yash is a Gentleman..He will take his own time to make a move .Embarrassed

The mystery of the sagaai anghooti... Does Mommy Scindia have early Alzheimer's onset or did she really hide it  so she can delay the roka on pretext of apshagun ? Shocked Not clear 

Paridi will work after marriage and Prateik is giving her support Clap... So will the new Bahu be a pain in the ass for her sasuma ???Evil Smile  Should be interesting to see how the two generations bridge their differences in thinking ..Big smile

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laxmi2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Maansi, enough is enough!  We know you don't believe in love, and think that lust is all there is, but be a little sensitive to your friend.  Would you be saying the same thing to Aarti if Yash was a fat, bald, fifty year old?  No, you wouldn't, but you have to understand that to Aarti Yash may as well be all those things.  I know that what she said and how she said it is pretty much consistent with her character, but I wish the CV's had come up with some other way for Maansi to bring up the physical relationship thing.  I think they could have shown her to be a bit more sensitive, perhaps reassuring Aarti that her suhaag raat with Yash would be just wonderful as her own was, instead of freaking Aarti out by making her thing that Yash was going to jump on her the first chance he got.

Thank goodness for Shobha, who is able to bring a kind of saneness back into the situation.  She reminds Aarti that the remarriage is for her happiness, and not for physical gratification as Maansi suggested.  I really like this Shobha the more I see her, minus caving on the divorce truth thing.  I really hope that the CV's don't sideline her character too much after the marriage.  She is even better than most of the mothers shown in other shows, let alone MILs.

I'm going to talk about the end of the hit/miss here, because I want to relate it to the engagement ring scenes also.  I think it's very interesting that Aarti didn't look back when Yash freed her dupatta, nor did she really look at the ring for Yash (at least in the clips shown she did not seem to look at the ring).  In contrast, Yash does look at her retreating back in a slightly quizzical manner, as well as glance at Aarti's ring when his mother insists he do so.  To me, this indicates that Yash will notice things about Aarti before Aarti notices things about him.  Actually, it's not just in this episode, but every episode where they are near each other, Yash is always shown to be more aware of Aarti than she is of him.  I think it will be very interesting to see if Yash perceives the fact that Aarti is afraid he may expect a physical relationship between them, or if he just states his own platonic intentions to her first, without knowing how she feels.  I'm betting on the former.  I think, or at least I hope, that he will be astute enough to interpret her behavior.

I will say this for Maansi, it is a good thing that she showed up right then.  Aarti is still in denial mode, and if it had been left up to her, she would have met the Scindias in that plain getup she had on.  At least due to Maansi we get to see Aarti all decked up.

I suppose the meeting alone idea came from Yash.  Good for him if it did.  Both he and Aarti need to discuss the boundaries of their relationship, otherwise there is going to be too much unnecessary tension between them.  Let's see if the meeting actually takes place or not.

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skanda12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged
I thought I would write a big ramkatha here today, but the epsiode was so much in the same vein as the previous episodes (i.e. slow moving) that I am not feeling too inspired.
This Aarti is crying for everything ... seriously, every 30 seconds in the episode she is crying for one reason or another. That glum face is getting on my nerves.
Another scene that just bugged me ... the angooti-staring scene ... we saw full 6 minutes of first her hand with angooti, then his hand with angooti, then her hand with angooti, then his hand with angooti ...bah!
Waise, it looks like the Scindia household ladies are planning to give Arpita's payals to Aarti, after forgetting to buy new ones! That Scindia saas and elder bahu seem to be not only scheming but also scatterbrained!
The central theme of today's episode continues to be the BIG LIE ... the Dubeys are worried about Aarti blurting out the truth in the engagement.
I am worried that if they have told Ansh anything about his dad, the kid may open its mouth at a completely inappropriate time and give out a small clue which may have big consequences. Hope they have not told him anything. 
In fact, I wonder what they have told him about his father. He clearly thinks his Dad is not dead, that's why he is writing nightly letters.

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-Kash- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged
As expected there's a hit n' miss, but that's ok, saw that coming!Embarrassed
Maansi and Aarti's scene was very realistic, loved it, although Maansi is a bit besharam types, I like the uniqueness of her character, that's her "thing!"
So she manages to put in a lot of crap into Aarti's brain, and thus Aarti gets even more nervous!
I feel today Aarti's character was in sync because obviously after her conversation with Maansi, she did become a little scared, completely justiffied!Clap
Dubeys aren't completely wrong in hiding Aarti's status either, but this might create a whole set of problems in the future, which I don't mind cuz it creates drama!Wink
Yash and his wedding planning scene was nice, was too mesmerized by his beautiful fingers and eyes and everythinggg!Embarrassed
Gayatri Scindia is a fishy character and a forgetful one too, that is an interesting combo, looking forward to more of her too, Vidhi is just adorable!Embarrassed
Paridi is a little OTT for me, but it would be interesting to see how she gels in the strict Scindia family!
Pratik is always a cutieBig smile
Overall a good episode and buildup, looking forward to AarYa sagaai tomorrow!Smile

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
waiting waiting for them to meet meet Big smile

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