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||One Shot|| Left Alone||

Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 12:16am | IP Logged

Hello all. I am Bushra (Call me anything u wish to Embarrassed) I have been a stalker of this forum for quite a while now, but i thought its high time i should stop stalking...LOL I am not that a good writer but still, i think if i keep writing i might improve. Embarrassed 

This one shot is about a father-daughter relation. It is very close to me as it is an inspiration from my own life. The daughter's emotions are actually mine... Hope you people like it... Embarrassed


"In this world, you come alone, and you go alone"'She woke up startled with the noise of the alarm..she sat looking at the photograph on the side table smiling faintly''she felt like being alone, standing at the window gazing in the air she placed her hands across her chest the phone's loud ring brought her back from her trance. She stared at the phone, it rang once, twice, thrice, and stopped, she turned away the phone rang again. This time she picked it up, but didn't say anything'"Hey, Jane here, the client wants to meet you. So are you coming?" the voice waited for the answer. She disconnected the phone and threw it lazily on the bed.

She was looking at school kids take baby steps holding their fathers hands'their fathers carefully walking them to school...she had an unintentional faint smile'and her gaze quickly shifted towards the photograph lying on the table'she dressed in her uniform, with the school bag resting on her back..Holding her father's index finger with her little hand crying not to go to school' while her father was pouting at her'

"No Daddy, I am not going to school, school is bad " she hugged her father tightly as though she will lose him, he lowered himself to his daughter's height'"School isn't bad. It teaches you good things, it teaches you to read, write, draw, and paint and lot more stuff'" he said animatedly'"But daddy, why do I need to learn these stuff?" she aped her father's animated style'"You need to learn how to read 'coz you can read me bedtime stories when I grow old. You need to learn how to write, coz you need to write letter to me when you go to your husband's place .You need to learn how to paint so that you can draw a master piece, you need to learn  all these things to live'" he smiled'"I don't need to go to school to learn all these stuff, I can learn this from you. You are my school Daddy" she said innocently. He sighed'"Remember one thing doll, nothing in this world is immortal and we should not be dependant completely on someone..be it your daddy. In This world, You come alone, you go alone, your daddy is not going to be with you always. You have to learn to live'" he patted her cheeks'.she didn't knew what her daddy was saying she was too innocent to understand those words, she gave a puzzled look and held her daddy's hand'

She closed her eyes letting the tears roll down her cheeks, she quickly got dressed in her casuals and drove off to the office. She was an interior decorator the most dedicated and professional designer. She was a no non-sense girl,she lived alone and was used to it..

 She got out of the car and threw the keys at the security guard signaling him to park it. She walked in with a straight face...not looking at anyone,she straight away headed to her cabin..a lavishly designed room for herself. She called for Jane'"Hey, are you alright Alisha? I mean, you weren't speaking a word in the morning'is everything fine?" she asked with a concern'"Call the person who wants to meet me'" she said ignoring Jane's questions, she nodded and left the room. Alisha leaned back moving her hand through her hair. She sat straight after hearing the knock'"Yeah!" she allowed the person in, a man of around 45 years entered the room, she signaled him to take a seat 'He obliged'"Hello.." he greeted her with a smile.."Yes sir, what can I do for you?" she rested her hands on the table leaning forward, the man cleared his throat'"I...I want you to design the flat I just bought'"'"I should see my schedule to see if I have any dates, Sir!" she interrupted him'"It's a little urgent. I request you to take up this project please!" he started requesting'"Ermm, How urgent?" she was straight in her talk'."Uh..umm,3 days" he stammered'"I am sorry sir, that is not possible" she shook her head'"Please,give it a try, I didn't buy this flat for myself it's a gift I want to gift it to my daughter on her wedding and I want it to be designed by one of the best interior designers and I can't think of anyone else but you Please.." he begged'"Sir, you are not understanding it is not possible for me'" she looked at the man's face...stopped for a second and released a sigh.."Alright, I'll try'" she gave up'"Thank you so much I am really thankful to you Your father will be really proud of you'.God bless you child" he blessed her and walked away She looked at him go the guy's last words echoed in her mind..

She woke up from a nightmare...shouting for her daddy'."Daddy? Daddy?" looking around for her father he came running to his daughter and hugged her'"What is it doll?" he asked in a worried voice'"Daddy, I am scared" she hugged him back..."Ah, it was a nightmare doll don't worry your daddy is here'" he slept by her side and started humming a lullaby'.she fell fast asleep he placed a soft kiss on her forehead'

She shook her head and looked around'.took a deep breath and decided to go see the flat and start her work'.she started giving the directions to her staff and asked them to start working on it she wanted it to be done in 3 days just as the man wanted this was the first time she put all her previous assignments on hold and gave priority to this one...she knew why she got inclined towards this project because it was a gift from a father..to a daughter on her wedding' she felt a lump in her throat when the man said this she couldn't say a no...And now she is determined to finish the work in the given time'

The man was very happy to see her take up this project he started bonding with her well he tried bonding with her but she always kept herself aloof from everyone she didn't make any attachments she only used to talk about work and nothing else she didn't had any social circle. Her only friend was Jane,assistant interior decorator who looked after her schedules,she didn't had any boyfriend, she didn't get attracted to anyone, she never had feelings for anyone. She was used to being alone..and she made it feel like she loved being alone. She was kind hearted though, she put herself as a hard nut, but she wasn't 'coz if she was then she wouldn't have taken up this project'

"I can't believe you have sidelined all your other assignments just for THIS particular project what's so important about this project?" Jane asked in a bewildered tone'."You want some coffee?" she asked ignoring Jane's question as always Jane sighed and stood up demanding an answer..."Look Jane, you know how I am whatever comes in my mind I do it..and it was same this time as well I felt like doing this project that is it now stop eating up my head and get yourself a coffee you need it'" she beckoned her Jane just shook her head...

It's been 3 days and the flat was designed just the way the man wanted'.he was very happy after seeing the results'"thank you so much child this is just beautiful'" he thanked with all his heart bearing a wide grin'"My pleasure sir now I'll take a leave give my wishes to your daughter" she left with a smile he stood there smiling as well'

Few days passed she was leaving the cafeteria after enjoying a cold cup of coffee, suddenly she froze after seeing a man get run over by a speeding car right in front of her eyes she stood still for few moments soon the crowd formed and its only after their noises she came out of her trance she came forward to have a look at the person she could feel the earth shake beneath her legs it was the same person who was very happy to gift a flat to her daughter few days back the same guy for whom she sidelined all her other projects the same guy who didn't get tired to thank her for designing the flat she quickly acted took him to the hospital. He was serious..The docs were trying their best she was pacing up and down the corridor.

She was standing there looking for her dad to come and pick her up'.she waved her little hands after seeing her father at the other side of the street'"Daddy, c'mon am hungry walk fast" she was jumping and squealing her father was walking straight looking at nothing but his daughter, she started running looking at her father coming she stopped in her steps all of a sudden the crowd gathered she was still standing there...scared terrified she couldn't believe her father was run over by a car, she sat beside her father started nudging him asking him to speak'"Daddy? Daddy wake up I want to go home am hungry daddy...wake up.." something told her that her daddy is not going wake up but still she kept nudging him'

"I am sorry, we couldn't save him"'the doctor spoke with his head lowered bringing her back from her thoughts she was shocked'"What?"'she could say nothing the doc shook his head and patted her shoulder she went in to see the guy a tear rolled down her cheek. Leaving the hospital she called Jane asking her to inform the guy's family...

"In this world'.you come alone'.you go alone'" she walked down the lane with her hands resting in her pockets and with these words of her father echoing'.

She stood at the park side'"No dad, in this world, you indeed come alone but you make relations, you make acquaintances'.and all of a sudden you leave them ALONE" she cried silently whilst saying these words to her father...looking up at the sky'!



Hope you guys like it...

Eagerly waiting for the response...Embarrassed




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Yuvika_15 Moderator

The Chappal Free Head
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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 3:42am | IP Logged
beautiful and very emotional bushy... hw cum ur writing such emotional/sad OSs today...
nice story...indeed it is write, u do come in2 the world alone, and leave alone 2, but wen u cum u bring happiness 2 ur loved ones bt wen u leave u, u bring tears/sadness and heartache 4 ur loved ones... a truly emotional OS, i guess evry1 can sumhw relate 2 it as we hav all lossed a loved 1,...be it an immediate relative or far... dey all mean so much 2 us in their own individual ways

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Hello Bushra..
Thats a very beautiful OS you've written.
Very Good

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chithoo IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 March 2011
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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 5:20am | IP Logged


I just want to hold you tightCryCryCry that was simply beautifulClapClapClap u know why i still have a lump in my throat and I know u had one when you wrote this. It was so simple yet thought provoking and u gave a new meaning to the popular saying "U come alone in this world and go alone".
You are absolutely right, u are left alone by the people you love when they are gone. Pearls of wisdom.Star
Great job BushThumbs Up
Love ya girlHug 
do write moreEmbarrassed and haan pm me as usualLOL

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 February 2011
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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Oh my word Bushy! you have left me with tears...being a daddy's girl myself gosh this just struck my heart! What a wonderfully written piece...masterpiece! and I agree with you & viji  about the you come alone and leave alone ! no but ur actually left alone...brilliant...absolutely loved it...great work...missed you and your writing...hope you are well...take care ...lots of love and hugs..see ya 

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 January 2011
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Posted: 07 March 2012 at 7:01am | IP Logged

please do pm me whenever you write anything on IF!

you are a truly amazing writer!

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NinaArief Senior Member

Joined: 10 January 2012
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Posted: 11 March 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
wow bushra
i must say that was beautiful.. i myself cherish my relationship with my dad above everyhting else and can completely understand the emotions youve penned down.. losing my dad would mean losing myself for me.. pls pm me whenever u write again, id love to read it.. btw im new to this forum so u mitve never seen me before..

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OceanRhymeBlue. Groupbie

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 3:48am | IP Logged
Nice , loved it 

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