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Archives for CM

CM restless, calls Vasu.  Vasu in the middle of the road with another man in blue uniform, saying it is a call from CM what would they answer now?  Vasu does not take the call, but turns off his phone.  The other man in uniform wants Vasu to tell CM the truth - what that Rs. 5 hundred thousand is lost?


Updates will be completed tomorrow morning - very sorry for the delay..

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Thursday Updates

Updates not available online..

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Wednesday March 14,2012
Scene opens with AC SR orders the inspector to rushup the investigation regarding manager's murder. Inspector thinks abt something and leaves.
Vasu talking with someone regarding selling his village house to get 5 lakhs for repaying the lost money to the company.  Amutha who is hearing the convo asks apology to vasu for hiding the jewels matter. Vasu asks her to leave that and tells he is going to sell his village house and he asks her not to tell this to Visa as she will jump up and down if she knows. He then sarcastically tells that he is telling all these things to her as she should know what he is doing and leaves. Amutha as usual with her crying face.
MA feeding food to ratna who is crying. MA scolds Ratna to eat and CM who also feeds Bharathi asks MA not to get angry on baby.She asks MA to give Ratna to her so that she will feed her also but MA denies and tells she will take care of Ratna and asks CM to take care of her baby. CM then goes inside. Avudai comes and asks about lost 5 lakhs money by vasu. CM tells she knows everything. Avudai asks her to file complaint on vasu. CM denies that vasu is pure gold and she cant give complaint on him. Avudai tells CM is running this company by getting loans and how she going to manage as they are not multi millionaires now. And he tells vasu can ask Amutha jewels to repay that. CM tells the flashback of jewels being used for Vadai's operation. She continues Vasu is having rights to ask CM that Amutha used her jewels for CM's husband but he didn't ask her like that. Avudai again and again tells vasu has lost the money and he should be punished. CM comes with a valid point that Vadai has lost her another baby and what she should do for that. She asks him to leave that.
Inspector and mani in some construction site. He scolds mani and amutha for not taking the murder issue seriously. He tells the police is nearing amutha as they have got clues regarding that. First one is that manager met Amutha before he die as per jayanthi's saying and secondly he was having an eye on Amutha when she worked with him. And he continues that AC SR is also doubting Amutha...
Screen Freezes with Mani's shocked face...

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sorry for the delay...
15 hrs powercut...Cry

Vasu asks amudha abt the jewels...He says ur family members cheated me...amudha tells him not to kurai sollufy her family members...Amudha starts crying...But vasu again and again asks her abtthe jewels...amudha says i took all my jewels to give money for my anna's operation...vasu says fine...but why this uplicate jewels??...Amudha says that is my soozhnilai...I wantto know that soolnilai...Amudha says iam scared of athai...adhaan indha duplicate jewels senjen...vasu says if u have any problem pls tell me now itself...Audha silent...Vasu leaves angrily...amudha sad...

Inspector and raghu comes to jeyanthi's house..Jeyanthi says enakkum indha murder kkum no sammandam...Ins says becoz of amudha unakkum manager kkum u killed him...jeyanthi says no...thats wrong news...Raghu says u ,amudha and manger are so close to each other nnu office la sonnanga...Jeya says yes...that true...but i didnt kill him...and also i dont abt amudha resignation...Ins tells raghu to take her to the police station...Jeyanthi is scared and starts telling the story...

Manager kku amudha melaoru kannu...i helped him to get close to amudha...That nightmanage rtold me that he is going to meet amuhda ...Annaikkudhaan murder nadandhudhu...Raghu thiru thiru...i dont whta happenend in amudha's ouse..i asked amudha ...she said manager varavae illai...Amudha kolai ellam seiyya matta sir...Ins  and raghu leaves...

Ins says amudha veetukku enquiry kkku poganum...Raghu says he will go...Ins gives him permission..>Raghu goes to meet amuhda...

CM tension aa waiting...Phone rings...Bank la irundhu phone;;..deposit order cancel...CM shocked...Shegoes and calls some rmau and asks abt vasu...Ramu says vasu mela sandegama irukkum mam...CM says ont doubt vasu...Vasu is a uthaman...vasu comes and starts crying...Comes and CM kalla vizhunhings...says i lost the money...CM super shocked...

Ramu scolds vasu...vasu crying again...goes to CM's room and says hewill arrange money very soon...CM says money gone...order also gone...ellam pochu...Vasu tells her abt amudha's dubakoor jewel matter...says amudha annan operation kku money kuduthutta...CM says nambara maadhiri illaiyae...something wrong in this vasu...ok..leave this matter now and go and lodge a complaint ...vasu leaves...

SI Sivaranjani dose vitting to ins and raghu...tells them to investigate amudha...raghu says amudha is innocent mam...SR says my guess is amudha dhaan kolaikari...Raghu shcoked...


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Monday  19th March 2012  Episode -

Updates very brief - sorry - am in a hurry..  going to see friends at the zoo..

SS wants Beach to tie the thaali right then (what visheshams going on??)  Beach says all that later.  Wants to get up but the Iyer stops him from getting up.  Garden and Bell do a sky earth jump wanting SS to clear the seat next to Beach (savaal kursi kaa)   AV tells Beach not to tie the thaali.  Thavasi teases AV.  CM intervenes (adhaanE - avanga show - how can anyone else hog the limelight) She says this function they are all happy to conduct and the siblings have forgotten their unhappinesses to partake in this function (enna function nE enakku innum theriyala)  CM does not deny that Beach has lived with SS, some decision would be taken soon but on another day.  SS refuses to listen to CM.  CM does the famous thing - slaps SS.

SS at the hospital with the smallest band-aid on her forehead.  The doctor injects tells Thavasi it is because of falling down, should be alright in a couple of hours.  Thavasi dotingly looks on his daughter who is fast asleep.  Thinks back on SS getting thrown out of the house.  SS's phone rings, Thavasi answers asking the caller to call the next day for SS is sick.  While putting the phone on the desk he recalls the recording of Beach's vaakkumoolam - to kill Vadai.  He decides on something and goes out.  

Black arrives.  Beach and Garden welcome him, Vadai refused to come says Black.  It will take time for him to understand replies Beach .  The grihapravesam over, adoption ceremony to begin.  The Iyer calls for the baby, Poetry is asked to bring the baby with CM.  Black asks Garden from whom they are adopting the baby.  Garden elaborates on how the baby was found in Beach's car one day and how Pearl is doting on the baby.  They have named this baby too as Rathna.  AV, CM and Bharathi, Kannamma in the room.  Poetry goes to the room and says both kids look like CM (aahaa... 4 roles in one aa.. thaangadhunga pls) Carries Rathna to the Iyer asking CM to compare both kids' photo.  Iyer wants the party who is giving in adoption to have the baby.  Beach calls for CM.  In the mean time CM sees the phone of Beach which Rathna was playing with(??) and sees the recorded version of Beach's vaakkumoolam, Comes to the hall and asks Beach what is it, playing the vaakkumoolam.


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Wednesday March 21,2012
The scene opens with CM with Bharatahi in Sea shore with sad BGM.
Then Vadai and Thavasi come to meet AC SR to file complaint against Beach. Vadai tells he is scaring that Beach will try to kill him again and shows the video evidence. AC SR orders one inspector to investigate Beach about this. They leaves.
In hospital Sneha opens her eyes and finds that she is in hospital and recalling the incident happened in Beach house like Solai hitting and CM slapping her. She gets furious and shouts that she is going to start her revenge mission from CM and leaves from the hospital like a Puyal.
In Beach's home inspector comes and asks about Beach. Solai asks about their sudden arrival. Valli tells Beach has gone to meet CM. Inspector then leaves to CM home. Solai taunts Valli for revealing Beach's whereabout to Inspector. MA's mom tells CM might have complained as she is angry with Beach.Solai and Mani consoles them and start to meet lawyer for getting bail.
In CM's home Beach and MA waiting for CM. CM comes and turns her face against Beach. Beach asks apology and tells he said that when he was angry at that time and asks her to forget the past.CM goes inside her house. Beach also ready to go but CM stops him and says if he has VMR(vekkam,maanam,rosham) he shouldnot enter into her house. MA asks Beach to leave from there as CM is very much angry on him. Beach tells 'Paasam' is greater than VMR and enters the house. CM confronts Beach that she is struggling for MA to join with Beach but Beach doesn't bother about her life and thought of killing Vadai. Beach asks her what he should do now so that CM will console. He says he is ready to fall in Vadai's feet to ask apology and he is ready to die also now for CM. He continues that he did many illegal things in the past but he has reformed from the day the siblings gave thavasam to their mother. He says he didn't hear anyone's advice but he thirunthified after CM adviced him. Thats why he invited Solai and Vadai also for house warming ceremony. CM gets shocked and asks whether he invited Vadai also. Beach nods and tells its CM who said relations are more important than anything and we should forget and forgive when coming to relationship. CM taunts why Beach has gone to Vadai's house. MA comes in support of Beach and confronts CM that why CM is changing her words. She asks CM to forgive Beach as he has reformed now. CM shuts her up.
CM tells she cant bear Beach's words against Vadai and says she feels like she wants to die now. There comes Sneha "Sethu po". She asks CM to die and then only she can lead a peaceful life. Beach goes and tells that he cant marry her. Sneha shouts that he is not a manmadhan to marry and says she never thinks of marrying him anytime. But she thought of marrying him now to destroy his whole family by being the member in the family as per her father Thavasi's wishes. She thought of destroying AV family as per her father's wish but couldn't do because of CM. CM,MA and Beach stunned on hearing this. Sneha continues that she can fulfill her father's wish only when CM dies and points the gun on CM.

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Song duplication will be done at the time of aappu..

Monday  26th March 2012

Chellammah - nalla kadhai irukkum endru
update thodanginOm
pazhi endrum kolai endrum
kadhaiyai kondraai - idhu
pOdhaadhendru engaL life-um
update-il thongudhE... ammammaa...

Beach with all the machines connected lying on a bed.  MA with her mother as the attender (idhu not attender but thunder)  in another room, eyes closed.  She recalls SS shooting practice session.  Almost jumps out of the bed shouting "ennanga".  Mummy asks her what happened.  Pearl frantic, asks for her hubby and child.  All of them are home, replies mummy.  She shot, I want to see them right now Pearl gets more frantic.  Mummy tries to pacify her, will go and see them in the morning, it is night now.  But she shot repeats an almost hysterical Pearl.  Mummy finally pacifies saying Pearl dreamt.  (next day won't Pearl get to know that Beach was shot?  nambaramaadhiri poi sollaNum, illaatti andha veLayaattukkE pOgakudhaadhunu indhammavukku theriyaadhaa)  Again Pearl jumps out asking for her kid and hubby, she did see her shooting.  Mummy calls for the nurse , the doctor and nurse come in to help mummy.  Pearl is injected a sedative and she doses off.  The nurse gets chided for having forgotten to medicate the patient (Ariya hospitalO soodaana hospitalO - me never going there)

Beach's machines beep.  The nurse comes, looks and runs out to call the doctor.  (No intercom in the ICU - man this hospital is giving me the creeps)  Garden is measuring the corridor.  Mrs. Garden occupying one  chair and Pearl's daddy another.  The doctor rushes into the ICU.  The nurse is asked how Beach is by Garden.  Treatment going on, no use pestering us, please be patient replies the nurse.  Mrs. Garden in thoughts (ivanga enna problem creationO)

Mrs. Garden comes to Pearl's hospital room and requests mummy to come out for a minute.  The nurse is asked to take care of the sleeping Pearl.  Mummy asks why both daddy and Garden look worried.  Garden replies that  Beach's pulse rate falling (last scenela monitor jammunu 90 kaamichchudhE)  so kneading.  Visalam confirms with her hubby and begins her ayyao...ayyaiyo... naan enna paNNuvEn(naan mattum enna paNNuvEn) What will she answer Pearl, who will create another scene once she is out of her slumber.  

AV and CM reach home, with Bharathy and KaNNamma.  They recall the shooting incident.   Full reel Otting because I do not watch it on any other day other than Monday.  CM looks at the blood on the driveway, recalls Beach begging SS not to shoot and saying sorry.  AV asks her not to cry, but joins her. Both mouth senti dialogues.  It is not just blood but her brother's sacrifice. CM decides no more bloodshed  (thanks Rads if this is true for this serial) 

SS is given a food packet in the lockup.  She turns her face, the police constable just leaves it there and locks the prison doors and gets out.  At home Thavasi opens his food packet remembering his daughter SS.  CM sleeping with the babies. AV mosquito bitten coughs , gets up to drink water.  Finds the babies on the bed but CM missing.

AV wonders where CM could have gone leaving the kids alone.  Finds her sitting in a corner of the living room crying.  AV tells not to worry - nothing would happen to Beach.  He has to light AV's funeral pyre (when is that??)  CM feels if she has done a mistake, earlier she used to be very confident, of late she is not sure if what she does is right.  When she saw the MMS she became emotional.  AV gives her a pep talk saying she is bravery personified.  CM regains her confidence  and sings I have confidence in confidence a la Maria of Sound of Music.  She would punish Thavasi & SS through the law (ippO pOi law padikka pOraangaLaa)


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