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Monday  5th March 2012   Episode - 

paadaadha paattellaam paadavaiththai
indha paadavadhiyai  paarkkavaiththaai
Mondays update-um kodukkavaiththaai
iRaivaa nee en villain aanaai!!

NRL brings the inspector to the house and calls for Amudha.  Amudha comes out of the bedroom and is shocked to see the inspector.  NRL's mind voice wants Amudha to adangufy to the oor if not for the house.  Let the inspector laadam kattufy you .  Inspector calls Amudha to enquire.  NRL was on her way to the market, takes the permission from the Inspector and leaves.  She keeps cursing Amudha on her way out - stays at home also problem, goes out also brings problems, first head sink her.  Amudha gets down the stairs thoughtfully, as slow as one could.  

Welcomes the inspector .  Why welcoming now but asks who is Raghunath (naanum adhaan kEkkarEn - who is Raghunath?) over the phone.  (Oh ok this Inspector is Raghunath) Asks if only Maniarasu is her husband or has anymore?  Amudha asks him to speak softly. The money would reach him soon.   He keeps on harping that on the phone Amudha claimed she did not know him and also stresses on Maniarasu, her husband.  Amudha does not want him to talk of her personal matters.  Yes, Yes - he saw the love her MIL has on her.  Amudha's bulb glows - maybe Kavitha spoke on the phone.  Tells the inspector she could not recognise his voice and also her MIL was with her.  Sorry sir.  Keep the sorry in your basket .  Time is up, if money does not reach, then the mobile will turn as a proof.  AC SR is suspicious about Amudha, has asked him to watch her.  So he will pOttukuduthufy Amudha.  He leaves with the warning that sagavaasam with his kind of policemen will not do good to her kind of middle income families.  Give the money and live in peace.  (indha serialkku oru thaazh pOttaa naangaLum will live in peace-la)

Seththappu flowerOda sitting and waiting for his wife.  Dhanam comes in with paal sombu, both joLLu vitting.  orE romantic look and dialogue vitting sagikkala.  First Dhanam wants his aasirwadham.  Falls on his feet to look at a man lying under the bed drinking - (avaruthaan avanga maamaavO)  she is shocked.  The drunkard waves to Dhanam.  Seththappu gives his aasirwadham but the shocked Dhanam has not got up still.  Seththaps calls for her, she manages to get up.  Chithappu in a super romantic mood, Dhanam is fed an apple, which she hides when chithappu turns away.  The drunkard's bottle rolls under the bed.  Dhanam gives a funny laughter.  Chithappu compares it to the bottle rolling on the floor (idhu enna ROFLkku pOttiyaa)  Dhanam asks him to turn off the light.  Chithappu joLLu vittundu goes to turn off the light (thought electrocute aagidumnu avvaLavu joLLu) comes back to  Dhanam.  Finds Dhanam with a meesai (athaikku meesai molachchaa chithappa - chithikku meesai moLaichchaa??) he turns on the light to see Drunkard on the bed with Dhanam.  Dhanam gets off the bed and Chithappu wants to know who that man is and what he is doing on the bed?   Drunkard wants Chithappu to get out of the room for he is also in a very good mood.  Takes out a knife.  Dhanam asks her drunkard mama not to commit murder.  Chithappa is stunned that Dhanam knows the thiruttupayal.  Drunkard is angry that he is being called a thief - he has committed 4 murders, visited almost all the prisons in the State. 

Chithappu begs that fellow to get out of the room.  They got married that morning and he is drooling for his first night.  The drunkard says he has been waiting for so long after tying thaali for her.  Chithappu looks at Dhanam for confirmation.  First she denies, then when the drunkard shows the knife she accepts that he tied the thaali when she was 8.  Chithappu scolds Dhanam for not telling him earlier.  The drunkard says he too was 10.  Once the wedding was over he got into a fight with someone, hit that man with a stone.  The man died and drunkard was sent to juvenile prison.  Came out after 7 years, saw Dhanam talking to the neighbour fellow drooling, killed the neighbour boy and went to prison for another 7 years.  Drunkard asks Chithappa to get out while chithappa wants drunkard to get out.  Dhanam shuts them up and throws both of them out of the room.  

Thavasi looking at the newspapers - to decide which one to browse.  Gets a call from someone saying maaps is coming over to their house.  He runs to inform SS who is combing her hair.  Beats around the bush to tell of Beach's arrival.  Thavasi tells her that both of them know that the wedding is to revenge that family not to live happily ever after as husband and wife.  This should remain with them and her acts should not divulge the truth.  So act accordingly.  Beach comes and calls for SS.  The father-daughter duo go to vazhinjufy there .  

Thavasi enquires about the Delhi trip. All successful.  Has seen a new apartment near the office.  Thavasi is elated, says soon milk boiling and shifting to the new house.  Beach just smiles.  SS sits next to him , if they get married soon, they can shift to the new house too, soon.  Thavasi claps his hands and says SS's ideas are phenomenal.  Beach shuts him up saying SS is talking rubbish and Thavasi is supporting her.  He is moving to the new house with Pearl and kutty paappa Ratna.  Okay but their wedding should be before he moves into the new house.  SS would stay in the same house.  Thavasi again chayyang chaks.  Beach says nothing doing.  Cannot rush into decisions like these.  Most importantly Thavasi cannot decide for Beach.  Father & daughter look at each other as if something from the extra terrestrial hit them.  SS asks her father about the info that he passed on  that Beach had fixed even the wedding hall for their marriage.  Now it looks that Beach would not marry her.

Thavasi feels his maaps is playing with him (nee enna ratna paapaavaa unkooda veLayaada) Tells about Rs. 1 lakh - the cook, mandapam fellow etc.  Beach says it was for his friend's daughter.  Beach did think that Thavasi misunderstood - but never did Thavasi give a chance for Beach to talk.  SS stops Thavasi from replying, wants Beach to give her angeegaram as his wife.  His family and others think that they have come to revenge Beach's family.  When Thavasi tries to intervene, Beach stops him .  He might say something in anger which would be detrimental (to whom??) Tells SS that none of his family members would think so.  Will he ask whoever the member of the family is?  Yes comes the reply.  Then go and ask CM why she came to kill me, recommends SS.  Beach looks on.



Updates by Shree


Sneha tells beach to go and ask his sister CM...edhukku ennai kolai panna partha??...Beach shcoked and says CM edhukku appadi seiyanum?...Sneha says she wants to me leave u and this house...adhukku dhaan...Sneha and thavasi nalla acting and blackmails beach to go and ask CM...Beach leaves saying he will immeiately go and ask CM abt this...

Sneha says first we will enjoy the fight b/w CM and beach...then i will talk abt my marraige with him to him...

New maappu...sethappu nondhu poi sitting outside...Dhanam's  relative (yaaruppa adhu...appava annana mamava?...sorry enakku theriyala)...that man comesoit with the baby and asks sethaps...what maappu ...thaniya sitting outside...Sethappu kovama turns towards hima nd asks ...who is this kudikaran?...dhanam's 8 aavadhu vayasu husband?...That man says adhu summa lolayee kalyanam...u dont worry abt that...(ennangada nadakudhu inga??)...

Sethaps rombha feel panni says yesternight was my first night (grrr)...This man spoiled everything...Kudimagan wakes up and starts fighting with sethaps...yei how are u marry my wife...Kudimagan keeps the aruva on sethaps neck and sethaps runs way from the place...

Kudi comes in and tells sethappu...i'll give u two options...first one...u have to give money whenever i ask...2nd one is dhanam should come here and tell that she wants to live with u...Sethaps is super happy and says i'll go and call dhanam now...she will say that...relative says u give him some money...then 1 week la singapore kku odipoidu...(singapore makkal kku jolly dhaan...newly wedded couple anga varaagalam makka...nalla gavanichu ...anupidadheenga...angayae vachukanga...)...

beach comes to CM's house...he is angry...He asks abt CM's fight with sneha...CM says iam not ready to beleive that sneha...she is involved in baby kanama pona matter...beach says sneha idhula ivolve aayirundha i'll kill her...ihu namma amma mela promise...beach says iam angry becoz neenga yaarumae enkitta baby matter aa sollala...adhaan iam angry...

Beach says dont beleive that kaamini...she is lying...sheis lying cosshe she wants to pazhi vaangufy sneha...AV interferes and says idhellam true...vadai also said this...

Bella and Amudha scene...Amudha comes to meet Bell...Palce...Nadutheru...Amudha brings all her jewels and gives it to bell...Bell says no need...veetla therinja problem aagum...Amudha says i've already kept duplicate jewels ther..(indha amudha super  criminal aa irukkumpola)...

Amudha says that raghu came to my its not good for us to wait pls use this jewels...bell feel pannings...Amudha convinces him and sends him...

Saapadu pandhi going on in CM 's house...Beach's phone rings and he talks abt some new house...Cm and AV asks abt that and beach says house vaanga poren...Tommorrow registration...After paal kachings i'll go there with my wife pearl...And also iam planning to adopting ratna...

CM says thats not a good idea...Baby's parents vandhu ketta problem dhaan...Beach says if her parents cpme and asks their baby...i'll not give...kaluyila kaala vizhundhu naanae vachukaren nnu solluven...CM happy...


Sorry for the mistakes... 


Updates by Selva

Wednesday march 7,2012
The scene starts with Beach and CM talking abt grahapravesam of Beach and Pearl home. Beach want to adapt Ratna legally.  CM suggests to do that in the grahapravesam function itself. Pearl heard all this and asks them why they should adapt their own baby. CM tells something and samalichufy her. CM asks will beach call Solai to this function. Beach scolds solai and he tells CM that he wont call him. CM consoles him that they are all siblings and they should vittukoduthufy for them and asks him to forget the past. Beach then agrees to call solai. CM so happy and her face glows in happiness. Avudai also happy.
Mani comes to jewelry shop to pawn  jewels for getting money for that inspector. Kavi brother watches this. Pawn broker tells the jewels are worth for 3 lakhs only
and gives the 3 lakhs. Mani tells him that he will give the amount next week and take the jewels back and leaves. Kavi's brother hides and watches this.
In Danam's home Danam's mama gets chicken for chittappa. He tells Chittappa that danam cook well. Chittappa tells he will have atleast chicken from danam's hand and asks her to cook well. Lunch ready. Chittippa is served with chicken and egg in banana leaf. Danam tells she will cook leg piece and she asks chittappa to wait for that. Then they romance for sometime. When chittappa is about to eat he notices the banana leaf missing. There he notices the new chittappa is eating his food. Chittappa scolds him that he will complain to police about new chittappa's activities. New chittappa blackmails him that he will tell all this to Vadai. Chittappa gets shocked.
Sorry i couldn watch third part as there is no current... Can anyone please update the third part...


Updates by Nithya

Thursday Mar 8th Updates


Kavitha taunts Bell about pawning the gold .. Bell acts as if he does not know anything.. Kavi summons her brother who saw bell at the shop.. Brother says Yes I saw you there.. Why lying.. Bell says I asked Kavi for house papers . she refused to give.. I had to pay off the debt.. hence I sold.. (As far as I remember, in earlier episodes Kavi said that she was on rent in this home.. When did she buy it?) Kavi demands to know which lady gave him so much gold.. Bell says friendship. Brother asks Kavi not to get hyper.. Kavi updates her brother about Bell and Amudha's relationship taking a new turn.. Brother is upset that Bell still has links with Amudha and questions Bell about the same.. Bells yells at Brother and asks him to walk out.. Brother walks out and Kavi continues her tantrums.. Bells does not care.. 


Black negotiating for a one lakh loan and the lender wonders how black will repay the loan with the coconut contract that gives him meager profit only to run his household expenses. Black pleads but lender refuses to give loan.. Namba kudimagan.. adhanaga chithappas sakklathan???  Pari is excited to meet his friend Black.. Black says I have reformed, stopped stealing, in dire need of 1 lakh.. Pari decides to help him and takes him home..


At some construction site, Garden is being scolded by some engineer for not following his instructions.. Beach, CM, Bell arrive.. Beach sympathizes and asks him to come back to him.. Garden refuses and pin-points how Beach insulted him by supporting Sneha.. Bell tries to pacify.. Garden sees the house warming invitation and assumes it is wedding invitation of Beach and Sneha .. He scolds CM also for supporting this cheap act.. CM scolds garden for misunderstanding Beach .. Beach says my mistake, I should have set things right the moment problem arised.. Garden yells some more.. CM makes him understand that Thavasi has cleverly played the double game and split the brothers..Garden is mum.. CM asks beach to give the house warming invitation.. Beach apologizes.. Garden refuses to accept.. CM tells Garden that Beach has reformed and apologized.. he has no intentions of marrying Sneha.. learn to forget and forgive.. In that house warming function Beach and MA are going to formally adopt that baby..  If you love us, attend the function.. Garden is silent.. the trio leave and garden looks on..


Chithappa is counting his lakhs of money.. Wifey comes in with soup.. He quickly hides the bag under the cot and puts some money in a drawer and she notices it.. the couple cootchi coo by feeding the soup to one another.. Pari walks in with Black.. Chithappa peeps through the door and is dead shocked to see Black ..




Updates by Swash

Friday updt

Chithaps is konjing his newfound wife and she brings him soup. Right then, the first rowdy husband brings Wood/Black to this house. Chithaps gets a shock and stays inside the room. The rowdy calls Dhanam and asks her abt her new husband as he needs money. He goes towards the bedroom and Chithaps hides in the bathroom. The rowdy stands near and says I will not go away until I get money from you and Chithaps yells back saying he can't come out now and he will not give any money. The rowdy spots some money hurriedly stuffed in the drawer and goes and opens the partially closed drawer and spots wads of cash. He takes his loot while Dhanam watches and goes and gives it to Kattadurai who hesitates saying, this might cause trouble in this house with the new maapLai but rowdy insists and says he will handle all and he owes Wood a lot. So, Wood leaves with the money.

Chithaps comes outside and resumes souping, while Dhanam comes in and chithaps says why should I give him money? I will not and Dhanam says, why should you since he already took all the cash you had stashed in that drawer. Chithaps runs and looks and bemoans that the rowdy took all 1.5 Lakhs and that he needed that money to give as advance for their house but consoles himself. Dhanam says you should have given that money to me for safekeeping.

Chellams is in her office and talks to someone and calls Vasu and gives him 5 lakhs to deliver to some Lakshmi Enterprises (I think that was the name) for some materials and that needs to be given asap in their office at Valasaravakkam. She tells him to take the company car and she has already arranged it. She also tells him to drop off an important envelope midway at their other office. Vasu goes outside and the receptionist tells him that madam only told now and their car is out somewehere and will come in 30 minutes. Vasu says, never mind, that will delay me and so I will go in my bike. He calls another employee to accompany him and gives him the bag with the cash. The other employee is on a break and wants tea but Vasu tells him he can drink it on the way.

Vasu stops at the Lakshmi enterprises office to delivery the letter and asks the other guy to wait. This guy spies a teashop and goes with the bag of cash and sets it near him on the bench. While Vasu goes upstairs, he tells this guy to be careful with the bag as it contains a lot of cash (loud voice, romba thEvai) and a guy watches this. Result - this guy in the pretext of enquiring abt renting a bike in the next shop, loots the bag. Vasu comes and they realize that the money is gone. The bikeshop owner says there was this suspicious guy sometime back. Vasu and the other guy run around looking for the thief while Madam tries to reach him in order to hurry him as this cash delivery was vital for their business expansion. Vasu sees her number on his mobile and wonders what to answer her.


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Thanks Eclat for the lovely update. Eppo ithu mudiyumo?

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swash2 Goldie

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@eclat, awesome updt and loLLu comments. i just loved it. thanks.

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Wonderful update for a rubbish serial...Madam Radhika need to take tuition on story writing...seriously d story is sickening...I'm glad n appreciate the job done by our updaters...Hats off to u guys Clap

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eclat IF-Rockerz

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Welcome smuharram to IF and Chellameh thread.

Thanks for posting your comments and please continue to do so.  It is nice to know people read and enjoy the updates here.  There are times when we wonder for whom are we updating, with no clue or trace of people having visited the thread.

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Originally posted by eclat

Welcome smuharram to IF and Chellameh thread.

Thanks for posting your comments and please continue to do so.  It is nice to know people read and enjoy the updates here.  There are times when we wonder for whom are we updating, with no clue or trace of people having visited the thread.
Aiyoh ... Elcat, should not think that way.  I am one of the few who always come to Chellame thread after reading Thendral. Tongue
Not that i don't appreciate your updates, it is just that if I am very busy I do not find time to post.  So I just click LIKE button.
From now on, I will try to make an effort.
Sorry if you feel that people like me do not appreciate your updates.  I do appreciate your updates and comments although I find difficult in reading your Tanglish.  So I usually skip that.
Thanks for the updates Elcat.  Big smile

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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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Sonna varthai kapathumum
Thanks for the updates Shreenti. Big smile

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Thanks Caryn for following the updates and posting comments too :)

The lamenting maybe because of the storyline  Caryn.  I first do the Thangam update and then come to CM.  This one just drains me out, don't know why.  This week I had taken break 6 times and realised only 2 minutes had elapsed of the part 1 of  the episode.  LOL

I understand that it would be difficult to read Tanglish if one is not used to it.  Will try to use more English henceforth, but the only problem is when I sometimes comment on the side, it sounds better in Tamil. :D

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