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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virat manvi SS LOVE ILLUSION OR REALITY last part (Page 16)

snehaluvmaaneet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
part 12

Vacations are such an awsme thing in student life, joining colleage is defiantely tough but meeting friends after vacations is the best feeling. All students were overjoyed to see eachother and meet after long time. Everyone was excited to meet and tell what they have done in vacations. Some were running and hugging each other while others were grabbing assgnments those they have to submit today. Well couples were happy to see eachother after sometime they again got time to spend with eachother. All were having new thing to show they brought in vacations. Everyone was enjoying the first day after vacation.

 Well there are somepeoples who are not excited to enter class, not able to recognize this new happiness. They were lost in their own worldbecause of their own reasons.

 Manvi and jeevika was about to enter class when manvi clenched jeevika's hand, jeevika hold her hand in assurance and both entered class, everyone was shouting and telling stories of their vacations.

 Manvi's eyes searched everycorner of room for his one glance although she is hurt but she was dying to have a look of his face. She was disturbed by jeevika, mannu aab tu mere saath baithegi. Manvi nodded and took seat besides jeevika.

Priya, "jeevika manvi  hieee'''''.missed you so much"

Both said her hiee and hugged as all used to after getting in class after vactions.

Sam, "another classmate, jeevika u ko professor Mr.khanna ne bulaya hai." {well she was poor at English and always use hindi plus English}

Jeevika left sayng mannu she'll come soon.

Sam, "manviii u ne btya nae vactions kaisi thi"

Priya, "bta na humne suna hai tu ne bde maje kiye"

Manvi, "achi thi"

Sam, "whattt yar how come this??? Only achi thi'not fair, tell me tell me kya kya kiya humne suna hai lover boy hostel mein tha aur u ne uska home sweet home v visit kiya?? Hmmm'''. Shaing her with shoulder"

That made manvi to freshen those moments she spent with virat at hostel, the way he came''''.and the moment he broke her heart"

MAnvi, " nothing yar, actually'.."

Sam. "common manvi u and he'all alone vacationsss kuch to interesting hoga na tell na tell na" ek baat bolun u and virat heer and ranjha, laila majnu, romeo juilet se v bad ke ho yar kya Jodi hai raab ne bna di joddi'.she said dramatically loosing herself in dream world kash I also got my perfect''''''..

Priya and others also start teasing her. She felt she'll die any moment, their tease seems to be taunt to her, slap to her, she was feeling low infront of all, how'll she tell the person she loved from heart betrayed her. What should she say to sam that virat got new heer,'''''..a trail of fresh tears ran from her face, she stood up to ran out of class'''''''..

 Virat stood infront of the classroom door, he was nervous to enter class he is not having courage to face manvi , he closed his eyes, gathered himself and entered'''''

Next was the moment manvi and virat stumbled into eachother,

 manvi lost control''.was about to fall when she felt she is in strong muscular arms, she could sense him even without looking, her heart knew its him, her virat, she felt safe''for a second she forgot all''.a smile crept her lips, she opened her eyes to look at his deep hypnotizing eyes who were satrring at her, manvi returned to reality soon she got virat and maya in room in front of her face'.she was jolted back to reality, her lips lost that smile, her face went pale, she managed herself from himself, and made away from him, he felt knife piercing his heart when she freed herself from him like someone drained all blood from his body , he reminded the days where manvi wants to e in his arms and now all changed he reminded himself its all bcz of you'''''..he looked at her, his twinkling eyes were now downcasting looking down, her signature smile on her face was no where to be found, her charming face was gloomed now. His heart cried seeing his bublly charming manvi bandriya in this dredfull situation. Manvi was not able to understand his emotionless face.

Then only jeevika entered class along with  mr.khanna, she was shocked to see both at entrance and almost whole class staring them, jeevika gave a glowering look to virat and made manvi move along with her to took seat. Virat took the usual seat where they used to sit befor but today ahe was not there. The class went well, but virat and manvi were lost in eachother. Manvi was trying to gasp his emotionless face. And he was blaming himself to be cause of her mercy. Whole day both avoided eachother. Jeevika didn't get time alone to meet virat and viren have to late because of some problem at home.

Virat was getting suffocated seeing her lifeless staute, she was not speaking she manvi was not speaking chatter box was silent, it was hurting him, her lost face was haunting him, he was feeling like he is dying millions of deaths seeing her like this. He always wanted her happiness, he wanted her to always smile and he remembered he had promised her he'll never let anyone take her smile away from her lips and today he is the one who took her smile'he is the one who made her cry, he is the one who made her this, he is the one took manvi away from manvi, he feels like he killed her''''''''''


he was no longer able to control his guilt, he moved from class and rushed to gym, there he start punching punch bag with all his force, he was punishing himself.

Khoya hai paake jisne pyaar main hoon na

Bechain main hoon, beqaraar main hoon na

Koyi toh ho aisa, jisko apna keh sakoon

Koyi toh ho aisa, jiske dil mein reh sakoon ho'

Koyi toh kehta ek baar main hoon na

Khoya hai paake jisne pyaar main hoon na

Bechain main hoon, beqaraar main hoon na


On the other hand manvi was not able to take it anymore and rushed back to hostel, she cried in her room her heart out loud''''''..she took the teddy given by virat hugged and cried, complaining to teddy, speaking her heart out''''.virat was now sitting n the garden of college rembering his old days with manvi the way he used to tease her, irritate her, love her the way she used to smile dance'...lost in beautiful past.

Here jeevika came searching for virat and pulled him from collar, he simply lowered his gaze he know he is at fault, he was dying inside and jeevika spoke her, why he did this??? She said I warned you not to play with her emotions not to hurt her she'll not be able to stand agin???

Virat u know usne us din se kuch nahi khaya piya manvi jinda lassh ban gayi hai only because of you viren overlistend all confrontation gave virat a disgusting look and hold jeevika from shoulder took her with hum consoling her. Virat was left all alone again

Jo bandhan toote,
 jo apne roothhe
Paas aa jaayein phirse dooriyaanYe kyun hota hai,
 ke dil rota haiBebas ho jaati hai, ye zabaan
Apne toh saare is kinaare reh gaye -2 ho
..Tanha chala jo us paar main hoon na
Khoya hai paake jisne pyaar main hoon na
Bechain main hoon, beqaraar main hoon na


he didn't said a single word to jeevika, virat was stnding at the same place GOD knows how much time''''''''''both were crying, both were lifeless creatures, viren observes virat sad, lost and lonely, sorrowfull, he could sense his loneliness. He tried to ask from him but virat left. Days were passing like the same nothing changed virat and manvi lost, virat was punishing himself to be cause of her remorse, manvi was dying being apart from him, she was hurt but she loves him, she can't live without him, she can't blame him, her heart is not ready to blame him. Jeevika and viren were sad seeing their best frnds in such a mercy. Althougth viren jeevika knew the truth about virat maya relationship, how all happened, they also made virat at fault recognizing situation but viren could sense emptiness in virat's heart as jeevika for manvi.

Virat and manvi didn't talked in class also or anywhere. They avoid eachother and if met by chance got changed directions.

Jahaan bhi main jaaun, jahaan bhi main dekhoonSaare chehre begaane se hain 

He reminded the days in caffetaria they used to fight for coffee, for lunch, how she splashed coke over his shirt once and then said sorry by holding her ears looking the cutest on earth

 Kabhi koyi tha, jo mera hi thaYe qisse ab afsaane se hain

Then the moment of maya flashed his mind, how manvi came to know that and she ran back

Kal zindagi ne khel khele the gayeKuch log jeete, 
jeet ke sab le gaye ho.
.Hisse mein aaya jiske haar main hoon na
Khoya hai paake jisne pyaar main hoon na
Bechain main hoon, beqaraar main hoon na 

Virat was roaming in campus and everywhere all lost.

 At night virat came to room late night as usual his routine after vacations he used to come after viren fell sleep to avois him, but today viren was sure to talk to virat,
Viren, "virat aa agye ..kahan thy
"Virat, "kuch nahi bas aise h bahar tha"
Viren, "virat dekh tu mere dost se jayda bhai jiasa hai.. main tujhe aise dukhi nahi dekh sakta tu mujhe nahi batyega huya kya hai"
Virat, "viren u know phir v"
Viren, "main tujhse sunana chahta hun tumhare aur manvi k beech'''''.u both are not happy"
Virat, "meri engagement maya se ho chuki hai and main khush hun aur manvi I don't care he said avoiding his gaze he knew only how his heart ached saying this"
Viren, "acha u don't care>'''''.look at me and say u don't care
"Virat, "viren plzz so jayo maujhe v sone do" he was at merge of loosing himself as since the day no one talked to him.
Viren, "virat aaj mujhe nahi sona mujhe apne dost ko aise halat mein dekh k neend nahi aati mainnahi dekh sakta who pal pal mar raha hai"
Virat now loosing himself hugged viren tightly and strat crying, the day all this happened he never unfold his heart to anyone, infact no one was there to whom he could.Virat, "I love her I love manvi only manvi'''..i don't know how all this happpend, why this happened to us??? He told viren all again that night he drunk more and he don't rember how and what happened, he just rembered the morning and manvi coming to room and after that parents forcing him to engage maya as her father was going to file case against them and it w'll deteriorate their rapport.
Virat, "viren I accepted my fault and I am ready to face my punishment, after that I did with maya I can't let her suffer because of me. I can't live with that guilt spoiling someone's life but at the same time I can't live with guilt of destroying manvi, I can't see her dying each second, she loved me trurly, I love her, then why this destiny is cruel to us. Why this happened to us???I can't see manvi's painful eyes searching answeres why I did this, why I broke her heart???Viren, u know manvi loves me aaj v after all that. U know she can't bear my silence, she still cares me, she wants me to be happy, she thinks if maya is my happiness then let it be?????? I can't see her loosing her life like this she deserves happiness, I want her to be happy. Virat was saying only. Virat, "bhai, sapna is also not talking to me she thinks I did all this intensionally. Kash maine us raat drink na ki hoti to aaj yeh sab nahi hota.Viren was silent listener, almost after a month virat cried that night and explored himself infront of viren, he felt little low and slept peacefully first time after that.

        feel free to criticise and comment 

with love sneha

                                                                                                                                http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2888541 starting new ff  virman divorce before marriage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Coolioqueen IF-Dazzler

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I'm loving it!
Let me finish d both parts well!
Thanks 4 d pm dear!

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VarunKiBiwi IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it! Thanks for the pm and please pm me when you update.

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Wow... Loved it... Sneha...

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khusam Senior Member

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Oye hoye meri snehu...,CHAK DITTA TUSSI TO... Shocked
love d whole updt my love Embarrassed vry vry touchmg...
Both r cryng hmmm Cry

N i m happy to hav 2 prt in a day.. Big smile

love u my swetheart n dere is a big huge fr u Sleepy Sleepy
muah muah muah... Hopng to read more part soon..
Pm me wen u do nxt. Thanx fr d pm. Star

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liked it very much n like ur fast updates

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loved it sneha.. loved both the part... now waiting for the truth to come out.. i cant wait for them to be back together...  
virmanforever Goldie

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So interesting please PM me when you update

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