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MONDAY, 5th March,  Episode 230
Pictures by atina

Continues with Jo and Reva in temple. Jo says she is in love with Karthik and cannot think of another life without him.  Reva says all this is wrong.  Jo knows the entire situation and how can she still be like this? Futher Reva is heartbroken as Jo never told anything to her about this before and she is even mad at Karthik as he once said Jo is like sister nu
(Shocked did karthik say that .. Ouch) Jo ask Reva not to be mad at him as she was the one who ask him not to tell Reva. But Reva refuse to listen and says they have hide the truth from her all this while. Jo continues to beg Reva saying she cannot imagine another person thali on her neck and cries to Reva to get her marriage happen with Karthik.  Pannalai naan enna pannuvei ask Reva .. settaraven answers Jo Ouch enna marethereiyaa .. ask Reva .. illa ennodhu mudivu sonnen answers Jo.  Kalyanam nadandha mama savar .. gives back Reva .. Nee irundha appadi agadhu Reva.. pls Reva nee taan engalai sertha vaikanum begs crying Jo.

Jo goes near Reva and ask if she wants to see Jo dying? Jo wants to live her life with full of happiness only with Karthik. Reva somehow calm down and finally agrees ShockedShocked but ask her not to tell anyone about her helping out Jo Karthik marriage. Jo agrees.

Both Sanggy and Aruna at motta madi. Sanggy ask Aruna who is gets the highest salary in his company and who gets the second highest. Aruna ask what is this survey for and Saggy says summa taan. Aruna then ask if she became nallavae as now days she does not pull fight with anyone at home or complain about anyone. Sanggy gets annoyed and ask appo ivalava naal naan kettavala irundhena...?? Aruna says not like that. 
Sanggy then tells Aruna that her 6th sense is telling her something wrong going to happen. Aruna says eppadi  6thy sense? Miragam ku 5 sense mattum tannae irakum ROFLROFL Sanggy gets annoyed. Aruna says summa kalaichifying her nu. But he ask her what wrong is going to happen? Saggy slowly says she feels Jo is not interested in this marriage and she somehow feels something going to happen during the marriage. Aruna gets angry and ask her to stop talking rubbish and not to tell this to anyone at home. Sanggy goes in saying nalladhu sonne enniki ketukaranga nu.

Reva comes to Abi and ask ennanga attai. Abi ask her to sit and hesitate lot before start talking. She tells Reva that she is not sure if Reva is aware of this or not but Karthik loves Jo. Reva confused and shock. Abi says she and uncle came to know about this and despite trying to talk Karthik out of this, they failed. Reva ask when did Abi knew about this. Abi says long ago. Abi now wants Reva to make the main decision now about Karthik Jo. Karthik loves Jo so much that he cant live without her. Abi varatama tells Jo that after their parents die, she is like amma to him and his happiness means so much to her. She really wants Karthik to live happily and he would only if he gets Jo. Only Reva can help her on this.

(Now all pressure on Reva...) Abi further reminds Reva the main reason she got married to this family was for Jo. Reva looks at abi says yes that was then but now  if the marriage happens they will loose her mama. Abi knows very well her mama and this marriage will not happen nu then how can she ask for Reva's opinion? Reva cries to Abi that in this family she got everything yet she misses dearly for her attai mama love. 2 years she been married to this family and not once her attai mama had a meal in this house because that much Shanmugam hates this family.
Abi  says she understand but only Reva can make this right. Shanmugam loves Reva so much and he would definitely listen to her.  Only Reva could talk and get Shanmugam agree for this marriage. Abi begs Reva to talk to Shanmugam ShockedShocked Reva thinks for a long time and finally agrees to talk to Shanmugam but ask abi not to put high hope. Abi smiles and says she is confident this marriage will happen and that Reva would be able to get Shanmugam permission D'oh

Jo is on her way back home when Arvind comes in his bike and offers to drop her back. Jo gets annoyed and tells him no thanks but Arvind keeps on forcing her. He keeps asking why is she sad and he as a friend DeadDead will make her happy. Jo tries her level best to control her anger but loses it when Arvind says he is their friend and he will make Jo Karhik marriage happen.
Jo shouts at him and ask him to stop all his drama's. She knows everything about him as she found the cell in his room. She shouts at him for betraying their friendship and the trust they had on him. Jo gives left and right and leaves him. All this time ARvind has smile stick on his face Dead

Jo returns back home. Father wants to talk to her. He tells her to give resignation letter tomorrow Shocked Jo is shock. Shanmugam says she don't have to work after marriage. But even if she wants, its for arvind to decide whether to allow her to work Ouch Jo tries to refuse but Shanmugam says she can look for job in Madurai since she will be moving there after marriage. Jo is speechless. Phone rings and Dhanam picks up. Its Arvind's mother and Jo is shock ...

PRECAP : 1. Karthik asking Jo why she lost temper on arvind .. 2. Arvind telling his friend he regrets his misbehaving and sad Jo is thinking bad about him ... 3. Reva asking Arvind why he agreed to help Jo Karthik at first and then send such sms to Jo Shocked (how did she know...)

continue ... Shocked

Tuesday, March 6th, Episode 231  
Sorry for the delay 
As Danam is having a phone conversation with Arvind's mom...Jothi is worried and confused sitting at the edje of the sofa. Danam hands over the phone to SR..conversation goes on ( muted dialogue) ...finally SR announces to Danam and Jo that the trip to Kuladeivam Temple is cancelled and they will have this trip just before a day of the marriage. Jo is releived hearing this. Sr asks her to go to her room and take enough rest.
She goes to her room and then calls Karthik..who tells," I am just roaming around the roads as I do not know what else to do" Hothi tells him about her meeting Arvind ..Karthik replies," avasarapattuttiyeh...ok...what he say?...what? he did not tell anything?" Jo tells," yes...I was going on screaming at him and he never uttered a word at all...
Karthi is surprised to hear this and tells," that means he m ust be planning for something else...better be careful and be prepared to fave the worst situations...but be strong" Jo is worried and she says bye and cuts the call
Arvind is sitting outside his house...waiting for his friend. Here his friend comes and Arvind oreh polambalo polambal...about his stupidity of sending SMS etc and about Jothi meeting him and screaming at him. He also tells that..I want Jothi to be happy...but I am not able to thorw her away from my I fell in love with her head over heals on the very first meeting itself. His friend makes fun of him and asks him to make up his this matter..he tells him to get off with jothi's thoughts and go on in life forward...
Prabu comes home after work and says hi to mom...Abi asks Valli to give coffee to Prabu. She asks Prabu," Do you find alright..going to the office everyday like this ?" Prabu replies that he is fine with that. Abi asks him why cannt he go out taking Revathy somewhere...
Prabu ," in fact I came early today just to do that only..I just want to take Revathy and go to a cinemaa" Abi smiles and asks," I guess you wantesd to surpise revathy right? but she is not at home...she has gone to the temple is should take a day off and take revathy  out...and do not worry about the office work..I will take care of that" Prabu smiles and agrees.
Abi talks about Karthik" Karthik tells that your dad is always screams at him and you are completing all his what is going on paa...?" Prabu tells," I am trying to help him only since he is so busy with his personal worjk...why cannt he understand this?" Abi asks him to understand KArthik as he does not mean anything...Prabu tells," amma...who ever does the work...the work is completede right? that what matters right? I dont undersatnd why appa takes this seriously.."
Abi answers," we understand that...but your appa...does not...he is like Thanga pathakkam Sivaji Ganesan...very strict...avanga avanga velai must be done by them only bu...what to do paa" Prabu makes fuin of her and then tells," amma...I really like talking to you like this jolly yaa" Abi agrees to that and tells," yes paa all these I missed this!..I never esperienced this as you grew up...but that is ok paa...please give me a son of yours...I will happily fulfill all I missed with you paa" Prabu smiles and tells," You tell this to your marumagal..ok maa..let me go and freshen up"
Jothi is waiting in the temple...Here comes Revathi to meet her. Jothi tells Revathy about her meeting with Arvind and about Arvind's cheap game of sending those SMS etc. She also tells that Karthik asked her not to tell Arvind that she knows about him...but she happened to shout it out to him as she could not control her anger. Revathy consoles her," ok...why are you so worried...he can not do anything at all..."
Reva asks," what kind a person is he? did he threaten you that he will tell about you and Karthuik to eveyone or he will stop your wedding with karthik?" Jo tells," he never told such things at all...but the way he was keeping quiet as I was scolding so scary...koodaveh irunthu kuzhi thondeettaan Rascal..."
Jo pleads Reva to do something and save her and Karthik. Reva agrees to do that and tells," saree...saatchi karan kaalil vizharathai vida...sandai kaaran kaalil vizhuvatheh mael...I will meet Arvind and talk...and  with the money and strength ( panathaaleh or balathaaleh )   I will calm him down..I will see that you will mary Karthik...nee dairiyamaa iru"
Reva is meeting Arvind...Reva murachufies at Arvind and Arvind feels guilkty...finally after sometime Reva starts," what are you thinking in your mind,...? after your engagement you went and told Jothi and Karthik that you will them in their marriage..? what is all this? are you taking revenge on Jothi?"
Arvind replies," no..I am not like that...I thought of sacrificing just for Jothi's happiness...but I can not...I am not God after all...When I made up my mind that I do n ot neede her in life...they approached me for help and they kept me hear them always...that disturbede me so much..seeing Jothi..I  can not hide my love at all...and I could not tell her that directly...that is why I sent all those her..."
" tell me what is wrong with me ngaa...Karthik may be so richer than me...but he is just another selfish man...when I asked Jothi to return the engegement you what KArthik told...? it is ok for Jothi to wear that as the family members may ask what kind of a man is he..? he is so selfish and he is using me..and  I have so much dreams that how to take care of Jothi and what should I do to keep her I am not sure whether I will marry her or not...but..."
Reva stops him and asks," appo Jothi yai kala=yaanam pannikareengalaa?"
1. Reva promises KJothi that marriage will take place with Larthik and Arvind will not do anything.
2. Reva promises KArthik that he will defenitely marry Jothi...
3. Some comedy scene with some new characters..

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WEDNESDAY UPDATE 7th March Episode 232
Pictures by atina

epsiode starts with reva talking to aravind that can you marry jo ,i feel that she can be happy with you !! after marriage ,and eppo ava happiness is not important ,she has to be happy after her marriage too so i this you will keep her happy ,he asks whether all this will happen (dnt have such idea )Angrythen reva continues to tell that  i will take care of all this and you just be patient Shocked (reva double game ??)
then reva and jo reva teling that i have told araving all and he will not disturb you any more and he is still willing to help for you both Shocked(appadiya avana???Angry) and jo tell that you dnt believe him he is like  Chameleons,he change  seeing people and reva tell that i could tell  abt a people by seeing them ,and aravind will not disturb anymore and reva tell that you dnt worry i will take care and she asks you believe me right ???(which side u r reva ??)
 shifts to karthi talking in phone reva comes in car and he says that jo told me all and she says that i told all to aravinf he will not disturb you any more ,he to says that he is like  Chameleons she says you both are talking abt him in anger and i know he will not disturb ,karthi says i
will not believe him ,she says you will believe me naa ??? .
he says  yes and then tell till these days we dnt have some one to help us bt now you are there na thats enough. he says that i was abt to tell our love matter to you first itself bt jo stopped me since she was sacred.
she says till you are marriage happens you both dnt met out sides ,talking in phone is enough !!
he says how comes i will be with out seeing her she says that afte mariage she wil be with for all time na so now you both dnt ! and tell we even planned for register marriage bt that dnt happen ,she even that is good only ,from now asks me and do all !
and then she tell its ok and goes in  with a terror face ...
karthi comes to reva room and he waits for her ,she comes and then he tell that jo has called me and told abt that kappu matter ,that they are going to tie kappu for her naa? she says with in that she told you va ,i asked her not ,tell you these simple mater and make  you get tenssion and then he says enna soluriga this is small matter ra ??
kaapu katurthu is similar to tieing thalli i can see that aravind thali katruthu for jo ,she says i promise you that we both only will get married dnt worry he says if some thing happend na then i will comes there and tell SR abt me and jo and reva get angry and tell that.
 appo if my mama is dead is also no problem for you right na? look if you take deision like this then at last you and jo will be alone you can see us and you both have to face all,ans tell that i will not let any thing go wrong ,you both only will get married ,believe and he is confused and reva goes 
shifts to SR house there all are there for that kappu function and jo's thai maman is shouting that they are not respecpting him and all making fun of him and then sangee asks his wife that why is always shaking his shoulder nu she says nevers problem nu he shouts like do i have the problem  ,its all for style
and then shifts to jo crying in her room ,reva comes and takes her out for kappu function and she is fully feeling and then all are happiley praying
and then they asks that thai maman to tie that kappu in jo's hand ,he ties it and that iyear tell that kappu ties is done nicely and right from now till marriges happens ponnu should not go out of home nu jo is shocked
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Thursday, March8th, E0pisode 233                 
update & pictures by atina
Panthal Kaal nadara ceremony is over and the gurukkals announces that the brided should never leave the house from that momemnt until  the marriage is over. Jothi is shocked to hear this...
Arvind and family reaches Jo's house...everyone gathers in the hall...The thai maaman of Jo makes big "bandaa". After the formal introduction this man with so much alattal asks Arvind what job he does and  Arvind replies and asks him what does he do...This man quickly tells..."naanga sambalahtukku ellam velai paarpoathu pudikkaathooo...naan naattaamai...mmkum...ok  unga sambalan yenna?'
Arvind gets so irritated and asks the same question to him...
There is one more alattal pervazhi in Arvind'sd family too...his thai maaman...He asks" if you are a naataamai...where is the sombooo?"both these jokers decides whose share is bottle and whose is Murukku...
Arvind and Revathy are in the terrace.
What arvind? happy thaaneh...even kaapu katara ceremony is over...and in another week the marriage will take place are happy to marry Jothi thaneh?" ( what a  a   a   a   a   question maa?? engeh antha suvar...naan avasaramma muttikanum paa)
illenga...I am happy that I am marrying Jothi but I am not able to enjoy this momemnt..I am so confused
Are you worried how you are going to make her happy if she keeps thinking about KArthik all thru her life
That worry is there but I am confident that I can change her with all my love and care for her. But my biggest confussion is about you only...!!
what...about me?? ammanga...You and Jothi have been together since your childhood and you both love each other so much...but then..instead getting her married to Karthik whom she loves so are helping me in this case? why is that so?
( Reva oreh thioru thiru muzhi...and comes up with some stupid reasoning...yennapppa...director rasool kooda namma kaadula poo sutha aarambithu vittaar...???)
Reva keeps her mouth zipped...again Arvind asks...
Sollunga Revathy...? are you cheating Jothi and conducting this marriage? after all...if Jo is marrying Karthik she will be in the same house as you that you can take good care of her...and there are so many other positive pouints about this...but you are tryijng to get her married to me...why are you doing all this? want Jothi to be happy...I am doing all this for a reason..
what is the reason please tell me...saree sollaren...This reason may seem to you a very small matter...but this is the you know there is so much difference between Jo and my colour...and because of that Jothi had to face so much in the past...even Danam athai  started hgating me for this reason...that everyone comparing Jothi's colour with mine and they avamaanapadutharanga both felt so bad for this...ippo...if she comes to the same house then we both have to undergo the same torture again for our entire lives...which will make our lives it is better for her marry ypou to be happy...
I dont find this as  a problem at all...
Yes for others it will be like that but for noth us this the biggest problem in our lives...and I made her understand the facts and she has accdepted to marry you with her whole heart...
If this true then I am free of worries...and I am happy to know that Jothy has agreed to marry me...
vanga it is time for nalungu...let us go down... 
Nalungu ceremony starts...Jo is thinking of Karthik's the ceremony goes on she looks so worried...
It is morning...Jo calls KArthik...who screams at top of his voice for not picking up phone as he was trying her number more than 10 times...Jo also gets angry and shouts at him..."why you were worried...did you think that I must have died?..dei..I really felt like dying daa...last night...but then thinking of you I consoled myself daa.."
She tells that she could not sleep at all...after the nalungu they made Arvind sit next to her etc..Karthik feels bad for her and tries to calm her down..," is like a drama nu think all...ok get ready and come to see me.." But Jo tells that she can not leave the house...Karthik insists that she should meet him.
Karthik is so upset and tells," Jothi ypou have changed...I dont think our marriage will take place at all.." Jo replies," but I am confident that our marriage will take place...Revathy has promissed me and it will happen...sariyaa...dei KArthik look here..."
"how to see you...ok tell me...whatever you feel lijke..please tell me.." Jothi tells,I love you...I love reply?? dei...after our marriage mugathoda mugam vachu...looking into your eyes..I will keep on telling these same again until I die "
Karthik asks," is there  a bigger wrod than " I love you? you know I have so much love dee in my heart  ...for you..there are no words to express that" Jothi replies," there is one thing much bigger than all these words theriyumaa...oru latcham sollatha unarvugalai oru mutham sollum...yei yei stop there...I will give all that only after my marriage...ok let me go take bath and then call you okay vaa?" KArthik teases her asking what soap she uses ...
After she takes bath she looks dfor her cell phone ..but could not find it in the place where she left...finally she finds it on the floor in water...she picks up and tries to fix it...but it refuses to work...she hgets so upset...
She goes inside to use the landline to call KArthik...but danam tells that the phone is not working...Jothi pleads her mom to give her phone to appa to a swervice centre...
Karthik is so restless sitting in his seat in the office...keeps trying Jo's number and her land line too. He is upset and goes to the terrace to come Prabu to ask him about a project file. When Prabu asks about that file Karthik gets so annoyed and treples that it is not yet complete and when it is doen he will forward that to Prabu's dad.
Prabu tells," look here...I undersatnd that you have to attend to other stuff in yoru luife...that is why I want to help you and  am trying to complete your unfinished wiork here in the office...and you took this wrong and complained to is ok...daa..Please forward that file to me I will complete it and give it to appa so that appa wont tell anything"
KArthimk shouts at top of his voice," dei did I ask you for help...more over if I do not get  good name from your appa it is ok with me...I can send that file to you...I will finish whenever I get time...po...nee poui unnoda appakitteh solliko..."
Prabu is cool and tells," look here...please do not mix up the personal problem with profession...and why are you so angry with me daa...I just want to complete that work daa that is all...and if you can not let me complete that work...please call appa and trell that daa"
Karthik screams," I can not talk to him noew...whenever I feel like I will tell him...did ask you for help? no right? you better mind your business and go..." Prabu leaves from there feeling upset and sad...
1. Jo and KArthi are talking about he phoen porblems...KArthi tells," what...all this look like it is planned and done this way nu"
2. Abi tells Reva that...only she help in this marriage matter...
3. SR screaming at Arunchalam to get ready to go to the kula deivam temple...with others...
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Friday  Updates, 9th March, Episode 234
Pictures by atina

Jo sitting and thinkin. Revathi comes and ask what happen. Jo tells her about the mobile and she does not know how to contact Karthik. Reva says small problem and offers her mobile. Jo calls and tells Karthik about her mobile and house line. Karthik offers to buy new mobile for her but she refuse as everyone at home will question about it.  She says her mobile will be repaired and brought back evening. Karthik ask her to keep Reva mobile with her cause when he miss her he would call.
Jo ask Reva but Reva takes the phone and tells Karthik she will be here till noon and he can call anytime and speak to Jo. Once she comes back home, Jo can call Reva from Shanmugam phone and she can give to Karthik to talk. Reva gives the mobile back to Jo. Karthik tells Jo Unna naan rombha miss pannuren daa Embarrassed Jo says she too. Both tikkufy their feelings and words Confused (silents and face expression between both of them excellent Star) Karthik says he feels like seeing Jo now and ask her to come to mottai madhi and he will stand opposite her house and they can see each other.

Jo says she miss him badly too but too afraid that someone at home will see. Karthik ask to give mobile to Reva. He tells Reva he is around the corner and wants to see Jo. Can she send Jo up and make sure her mother does not see him nu. Reva gets angry and ask Karthik why behaving like a kid Ermm They both have to learn how to control their feelings right now. Things are not so good at them moment and she needs to figure out how this wedding is going to happen.
She ask Karthik to go back home immediately and never to come here without her permission. Karthik says ok and ask for Jo again but Reva refuse to give the phone. She says enough for now as talking to each other will make them miss more and cuts the line. Karthik is unable to do anything. Reva tells the same to Jo.
Abi ask Reva if she has spoken to Shamugam yet. Reva tells abi she is confuse on how to start the matter. Everyone at  home only talks about Jo Arvind marriage and she don't know where to start this topic. Abi ask how can Reva say like this. She is only hoping on Reva for now. If Reva fails, abi don't know what will happen. As it is he already tried to commite suicide once and he will not hesitate to do again. Abi then suggest Reva to bring Jo mother to temple and Abi will try to speak to her. Reva says its not possible either. She knows well about her attai who would only listen to her husband and besides she is very woried about Shanmugam health.
Abi says Shanmugam is angry with her so she would go and see Shanmugam personally and say sorry to him. If Shanmugam thinks Jo should not live in the same house as Abi, she is willing to even get tannikudhutanam for Karthik and Jo. Reva says right now not only this issue, but there is another family is involved  in this. Arvind family and definitely will be such big issue for stopping the wedding at such short notice. Abi tells Reva to somehow find away for this. Reva is thinking.

Jo tries to call Karthik but gets upset as the line is not working still. Shanmugam comes and Jo ask for his mobile to call Reva. She calls Reva and ask for Karthik. Reva goes out and sees Karthik, but stops .. thinks and goes back to her room and tells Jo that Karthik is not back home yet Shocked Jo cries and says just tell Karthik she called and cuts the line.
 Reva goes out and Karthik ask if Jo called, Reva said no Shocked. Karthik ask Reva to call Jo .. Reva takes her mobile and calls 1234 Shocked and pretends like talking to mama and cuts the line. She tells Karthik that mama is not at home now vaam. Karthik is heartbroken. Reva ask him to have dinner but Karthik refuse. Reva says good night and goes back to her room Ermm

Whole family is sitting .. at Shamugam house. Jo comes out and returns the mobile back to her appa. Shanmugam then tells everyone that day after tomolo everyone is going to kula deivam temple for prayers. Aruna says he cant come as he got some urgent work to do.
Shanmugam gets annoyed and ask him to go office tomorrow and just get the permission and come nu. Sanggy buts in and says that Aruna cannot take any leave any more as he taken many before and they will cut his salary.  Shanmugam shouts for who did he take the leave before .. to urr suttran right? Everyone is shock with Shanmugam sudden anger. Shanmugam tells Aruna to listen and get the leave as everyone will be going to the temple. All shock and leaves to go back to room. Jo mother ask why this sudden anger. Shanmugam says everyone must go to temple as  on that day Jo Arvind marriage is going to take place. Wife shock.

PRECAP : REva tells Jo not to simply think unnecessary .. karthik drinks and come back .. abi questions him and Karthik ask why she bother.. she never bothered about his life and his marriage  and now he does not know what is happening to his life.. Abi is worried

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Promo is soo very shockingShockedShocked plus confusing. I wonder why Shanmugam made such arrangements? Could it be Arvind told him everything? Or the gold shop guy told Shanmugam about the trio and how they exchange places upon seeing him?? Confused

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Originally posted by Rohini6581

I'm feelin tensed pa wt will happen nex.anywayz my finger crossed.

Welcome to the PS forum...have fun!!
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Sooo confusing OuchOuchOuch If Shanmugam had told Reva about the marriage in temple.. then how can  Reva agree with Jo and Abi?? Ermm Enna twist is stored in here?

Everyone is ready to blame either Jo or Karthik but it was Reva the one who instigated the feelings in Karthik when he first had the sms and phone calls Confused but now its like they are to be fully blamed. Reva has agreed to help but i guess at the temple Shanmugam is going to tell that Reva knew about this much ealier and this is going to create something between JO and REva Ermm?

I think Sanggy anniki sonna madhiri its gona be her who is goin to help in Jo marriage .. mayb sanggy would call Karthik to come to the temple pola Ouch

yabbaa me essu till friday .. all the best to atina and sneha ROFL

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Thanks Ratna. So it is now all in Reva's head? yellarum begging her???

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Thanks for the wonderful update ratna akka.

Hope revathy solves everything smoothly.

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thanks ratna for the hot hot updates!!
Reva agrees to Jo that she would help in KArthik's matter
but when Abi requests the ame to reva...why this much fuss???
thalai suthurathu...paa!!

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Originally posted by atina

thanks ratna for the hot hot updates!!
Reva agrees to Jo that she would help in KArthik's matter
but when Abi requests the ame to reva...why this much fuss???
thalai suthurathu...paa!!

atina.. make you head sutturan even more with this :-

Shamugam definitely would have told reva about Jo sudden marriage... so how come she agreed still? ShockedOuch more kulapams Confused

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