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Vote-I-F Lyricist Contest - Final Call

~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 October 2004
Posts: 11305

Posted: 14 May 2006 at 8:15pm | IP Logged

Hello everyone

First of all I want to thank all the participants. The entries were wonderful!

Please do read all the entries carefully and then vote. All the members have taken out their precious time to participate... So please read and vote accordingly.

This Contest, as you know, is to get the anthem for IF. So please go through the contents and the lyrics carefully. Vote for the best lyrics, which suits to be the best entry for an Anthem of IF.

Please vote for one single entry. More than one will not be considered. So be careful. Make your vote count by choosing only one. All votes will be posted in this thread. Do not PM it to anyone.

And…See whether the lyrics of the entry you have chosen are apt for singing.

**Participants May Not advertise their entries within out outside of IF in anyway. If multiple accounts are created to vote or if an entry in advertised, that entry will be disqualified!**

We have extended the time for Voting to June 5th 2006

And now…what all of you have been waiting for…the Entries for the IF lyricist #1 contest……

-IF Development Team


I-Fian Lyricist # 1

IF hi to hai dosra ghar humara,

jisko humnay milkay sanwara.

Contestz,b'days aur parties tammam,

IF main hain sab hi intezaam.

Members hain IF kay beshumaar,

India Forums say hai hum sab ko pyaar.

IF to hai sab ki ankhoon ka tara,

bina iss kay kahan apna guzara.

Nay nay dramoon ka karo deedar,

rooz ki gupshup say barhta hai pyaar.

Sitaroon ki duniya main rakho kadam,

pardey kay pechay ka dekho bharam.

Sab dramoon kay alag hain section,

na koi jhagra na koi tension.

Nai Nai khabroon pay hoti hai baat,

chahai ho din ya to ho raat.

Dost banao jhomo aur gao,

inheen kay sang tum khusian manao.

India Forums,humari choti si duniya,

charoon tarf jiss main khusian hi khushian.


I-Fian Lyricist #2

The Doors of Happiness are open

Which We Call It as "India-Forums"

Life here is so beautiful and effective

You will feel that you are addictive

Meaning of relations can be understood here

Friends will make you come out of every fear

A day cannot be passed without a visit

Your heart will never allow you to quit

Arguments here are very rare

True Friends here are every where

Every new day will be full of surprises

Winning contests here will fetch you prizes

Flourishing love in every ones heart is the main aim

This is the place where you get every kind of fame

Every moment spend here will pass in happiness & sorrow

Join today and be happy don't think about tomorrow…

I-Fian Lyricist #3

Home Away from home

A place you can call your own

It's a place where everyone cares

There you can also share

So come and join us at India Forums

There are lots of sections

You can hardly get bored

You can also start your own discussion

Lots of fun things

And lots of contests

Once you login

You would never want to leave

So come and join us right now

Where everyone is waiting

And we will see you there

I-Fian Lyricist #4


Indian Forums…the place to be…..

 When I needed a friend…………. to share my joy

When my fav serial hero was saved.. And didn't die

I came online……  and started to chat

And then it never….. stopped at that…

Chorus:India forums… the place to be

To share our thoughts…….

You and me……..

I made more friends...... And the circle grew…..

And we talked of soaps…Old and new………

Time flew by….  And dunno why…….

It became …  such a big part of me….

India forums…the place to be

To make new friends…

And never be lonely…..

It's always lively…its always fun

But sometimes things do take a turn

For the worse and then we can see

The arguments …when we disagree

India forums… the place to be…

Hot debates and duels…

Just make it more spicy……

The mods are just like dads and mom

Who indulge us mostly…but are stern

If we cross the line too frequently….

They discipline us … the way it should be

India forums…the place to be…

We love the mods…..

Just like family……..

You could be anyone  from anywhere…

From far away or just  very near…

On a beach or on the mountains so cold

You can all join in young or old…

For India forums is the place to be….

It's a no holds barrel where…..

You  can join in for free!

We hope to see our family grow

For there will be always place for more…

To build new bonds…to laugh and to cry

To share our sorrows and our joy

Yes India forums…is the place to be…

A true friend for life……

Just like u and me…..


I-Fian Lyricist #5


Our devoted love goes to India Forums,
Our country's best place to chat
It's like our home away from home
We speak two words INDIA FORUMS
The words echo as we utter them

Whether one is from Europe, America,Asia,
We are united in the forum,we stand tall and heads held high
The name is heard wherever you are,
Our hearts are filled with love for one another
Together we rise and become one


I-Fian Lyricist #6


Woh Jo Ho Tum Kabhi Tanha, Zindagi Me

To Mayoos Na Ho Ke Koi Bhi Saath Nahi

"Vijay" Ne Dikhaya Hai Raasta Tumhe Muskurane Ka

Ek Chota Sa Khwab Jo Usne Dekha "INDIA-FORUMS" Ka

Kamiyaabi Unhe Na Milsakti Agar Hota Na Saath "Mods" Ka…

Zindagi Me Tum Kabhi Itne Dost Na Bana Sakte

Jahan Tumhe Apna Dost, Saare Bana Lenge

Yaha Par To Log Aakar, Gham Me Bhi Muskura Lenge

Jo Tum Apni Takleef Zubaan Se Bhi Bayaan Na Karoge

YahaTumhari Khamoshi Ko Dekh Kar Tumhe Manalenge…

Zindagi Ke Kuch Aise Pal Bitaoge,Jo Tum Kabhi Bhool Na Paoge

Jab Aap Kabhi Kamiyaabi Ke Unchaiye Pe Pahunch Jayenge

To Saare "IF" Ke Log Apke Sang Muskurainge

Juda Na Tum Kabhi Hum Se Hona, Ek Wada Karlo

Kabhi Jo Tumhe Pareshaani Ayi To Ek "PM"(private message) To Karlo…

Vidaah Lete Huwe Ek Baat Hum Aap Se Yeh Kehte Hai

Har koi kisi na kisi "Member" Ke Dil Me Yahaan Rehte Hai

Yahaan Jo Tum Ek Baar Aaoge,Daaman Phir Choda Na Paoge

Kabhi Na Sooncho Tum, Hone Ka Humse Juda

Kyunki, Koi Na Koi Hojayega Aapke "Posts" Pe Fidaaaaa


I-Fian Lyricist #7


Waqt Huwa Hai Ab Khatam, Tumhare Intezaar Ka

Aya Hai Khushi Ka Paigam, India-Forums Ka

Rishta Jo Tumhara Hum Se Jurdh Jayega

Phir Yeh Bandhan Ko Koi Bhi Na Tordh Payega….

Is Bheed Me Bhi Har Koi Tumhe Apna Sa Lage

Waqt Jaldi Ayega Jab Iske Siwa Dil Aur Kahi Na Lage

Kuch Keh Bagair Tum Yahaan Reh Na Sakoge

Ladte Ladte, Dosti Hone Ko Tum Rok Na Sakoge….

Aapki Muskurahat Me Hamari Khushi Hai

Jo Kabhi Aap IF Mein Na Ho, Lagta Hai Zindagi Adhuri Hai

Jaane Kaise Waqt Yuhi Haste Haste Yahaan Kat Jayega

Lekin, Guzra Huwa Har Ek Pal Phir Yaad Ayega….

Yahaan, Khushi Se Manaya Jaata Hai Har Ek Tehvaar

Aisa Lagta Hai Jaise Hum Sub Yahaan Hai Ek Parivaar

Agar Kabhi Tum Tanha Ho Zindagi Ki Raaho Mein

Hum Aapko Milenge Yahi India-Forums Ki Baaho Mein….

Jaate Jaate Hum Ek Raaz Ki Baat Tum Se Yeh Kehte Hai

Bina Tumhe Kuch Kahe Log Tumhare Dil Ko Chute Hai……


I-Fian Lyricist #8

There is a great forum in cyberspace

That is loved more than just about anyplace

Missed your favorite TV show dont be perplexed

The coolbies are ready with their wonderful updates

Wanna see the program live

Videobies are here, so get ready for the jive

The coolest reviews of daily soaps

The tension of the reality shows

The hottest rumors of bollywood-hollywod

Too tiring a day need some music to soothe

Want new frineds or are you in a debate mood

Wht are u waiting for, log into IF dude!

In this club, members enter free

Each day brings new-bees to join the family tree

New-bees join hands and form little Groupies

From Groupies to Goldies and Goldies to Dazzlers

Yes, we are the conquerers of the webworld, we are the IF rockers

Youngsters, teenagers, and moms, dads too

IF is here to warmly welcome you

So with hands on each others shoulders

Lets sing the anthem in chorus

Sa Re jahan se Accha

Hain India-forums hamara!

Hum members hain iske

Yeah family hain hamara, hamara!

I-Fian Lyricist #9


India Forums:

My Second Home..

Is Displayed as India Forums.

A place we can enjoy Our life..

It makes us Laugh and Smile.

Feel ur self in this home..

No problems ur not Alone..

My Second Home

Is India Forums..

It's a Place where u can live ur Life.

No need to Sacrifice.

It's a place to stay Happy.

It's a Place to Enjoy.

It's a Place to be friends with a Girl or a Boy..

India Forums.

U enjoy ur stay.

India Forums.

Where u play.

India Forums

Everyones home thats be's here


To the tune of "Yeh Raatein Yeh Mausam"

I-Fian Lyricist #10


 We IF-ians are here and we're here to stay,

Say what you'll say…

Whether you log-in during the night or

During the day,

Do what you may.

We IF-ians are here and we're here to stay…(2)

Aaa aaa aa aa aa…

What is so unique about India Forums you ask?

It is a mingling of different people, no masks,

This camaderie,

This interaction here,

Lo! Now you have place to share life, without tears!

We IF-ians are here and we're here to stay…(2)

Whether it be serials or bollywood gossip,

Whether it be frustration or you need some tip,

There are threads all around,

The high moral ground,

They take you to another level, you'll see!

We friends are here and we're here to stay,

Say what you'll say.

Whether you log-in during the night or

During the day,

Do what you may.

Lyrics for IF – "Hameshaan"

I-Fian Lyricist #11

 Aao chalein hum ek nayee duniyan mein,

Jahaan aate-jaate log mil gayein aise kuchh,

Ki jeenke bin mushkil hai in galiyon se guzarna!

Ek baar chalo is duniya mein aaj,

Ke kaheen mauka na chhoot jaaye jeevan ka,

Jeena hai pal do pal ka,

Lekin yaadein peeche reh jaati hai

Pal do pal nahin…hameshaan!

Aadat se ho ke majboor,

Bhool jaayein khana-peena,

Neend bhi gaayab ho jayein raaton ki,

Sookh jaayenge tere naina!

Bas ek baar id banalo,

Phir khulein hain saare darwaaze

Tumhare liye… hameshaan!

Sab priya cheezon par vijay paakar,

Bolkar sree ramji ki jay, aish ne lakshmi ko

Bholi bhale dil se sangeet mein khoya,

Baney membraan kayi, ki aadat hai

Chocolate si, sab kanchi aur kanchaa

Khayein par kabhi kam na ho

India Forums par iDes ki yaadein

Dil mein rehti hai…hameshaan!

koi reh-reh ke mujhko yad karta hai

I-Fian Lyricist #12

  koi reh-reh ke mujh ko,

  yad karata hai

  be-wazah pareshan,

  mujhako karata hai

  koi reh-reh ke--------------------------

  me uska, nahin hoon,

  ye maloom, use bhee

  phir kuon, din rat,

  mera intzar, karata hai

  koi reh-reh ke-----------

  kab se akela hoon,

  is soone se ghar me

  koi hamsafar naheen,

  is soonee dagar me

  kahin door, aasmano mein,

  koi mujhse, bat karata hai

  koi reh-reh ke------------

  na manzil hai koi,

  na koi, thikana hai

  kuchh vade kiye hain,

  bas unko nibhana hai

  ye janakar bhee dil,

  kuon, bekrar rehata hai

  koi reh-reh ke ------------

Ab Saump Dia Hai

I-Fian Lyricist #13


Ab saump, dia hai, jeevan ko

tere, hawale, ae manjhi,

ab chahe, naav dubo dena,

ab chahe, par laga dena.

ab saump dia hai-------

Ik chhote se, is jeevan mein

toophan, samander jaise hain

bharne ka, nam nahin lete

ye ghaav, mile kuchh aise hain

ho sake to dil ke jakhmon par

kuchh marham tum laga dena

ab saump diya hai------------

Ye mausam, aate, jate hain

har wakat, badalta rehta hai

phir yahin, kyoun patjhar, rehati hai

na sawan, yahan, barasata hai

is dil ke, chhote se gulshan mein

ho sake, to phool khila dena

ab saump dia hai------------


I-Fian Lyricist #14

Dreams are laid by our eyes closed,
Unknown lands and preety red rose.
Soft music and ones we love,
Freinds around,with peace messenger doves.
Where there are no fights,neither are hatred,
Where both freinds and foes come to be updated.
Where life is what it is wanted,
Where our freinds have to be rated.
Where there is no boundary of fun,
Where there is no fright of none.
But why close our eyes for such a dream,
Join INDIA FORUMS,in just one scene.

I-Fian Lyricist #15

Har cheez adhuri hai, IF bina

Ye zindagi adhuri hai, IF bina

Phoolon mein khushbu, Diyon mein roshni

Sawan ki barish adhuri IF bina

shingar bin dulhan, Choli bina sari

shyam bin radha, Ghungru bina payal

Piya bin sajni,chudhi bin kalayi

maathe ki bindiya adhuri hai, IF bina

Sur bin awaaz, chanda bin chandni,

Veena bin taar,Diya bin bati

Dor bin patang, saanson ki sargam,

Dil ki har dadhkan adhuri hai IF bina

Har cheez adhuri hai, IF bina

Ye zindagi adhuri hai, IF bina

Phoolon mein khushbu, Diyon mein roshni

Sawan ki barish adhuri IF bina

I-Fian Lyricist #16

Sab tarah ke log hein yahan

Sab taraf se hein log yahan

Yahan hoti hein dil ki baatein…

Aur ban jaati hein itni sari yaadein

Alag hokar bhi anokh hein hum

Dikhate hein apne parivar ka dum!

Member's lounge mein hota hein total timepass

Sab prashno ka uttar milta hein superfast

Avi aur siggy section mein hein talent ka showcase

Aur sab tarah ke contest banvate hein humme race

Alag hokar bhi anokh hein hum

Dikhate hein apne parivar ka dum!

Harry Potter, utne peeche nahi,

Humaare serials to rahenge wahi…

Aur hamesha rahenge masti ke jagah

Masti, idhar, udhar, aur sabhi tarah

Alag hokar bhi anokh hein hum

Dikhate hein apne parivar ka dum!

I-Fian Lyricist #17

India forums mantra

ek thi ladki, ek tha ladka

their boring life seriously needed some tadka

pure din ladai jhagda

na koi romance, only and only lafda

their old ghisa pita record needed to change its track

india-forums ka member banene ke baad their was no looking back.

all day long surf the site

their life changed drastically as no time to fight

pura din bas saas bahu ke charche

ya to wondering how did mihir come back even after mar ke??

posting comments, downloadin stuff

even 24 hours for them wasn't enough

the site had casted its jadoo

aur unka khud par nahi raha koi kabu

they met new people, made some friends

they finally got in line with the changing trends

disussion forums aur star interviews ka kya kehna

ab to india forums ko tha sada unke dil mein rehna

dono ho gaye deewane se

din mein dus bar log on karte bahane se

no more ladai, no more jhagda

india forums ka magic jo tha chal pada

i-f ban gaya hai part of everyones life

get all the info u need with full masala n spice !!

I-Fian Lyricist #18


Ye humaari i-f family

jabse mili duniya khili

ye humaari i-f family

kehne ko hain hum sab ajnabi

aur ye duniya kehte hain matlabi

socha na tha kabhi

rahenge aise sabhi

ek duje ko sabne khushi di khushi li

aur zyada badti rahi chaahat mili

ye humaari i-f family

mumkin hai ye bas yahin

hoga na aisa aur kahin

meethi hai gur se bhi

chaahat sabki yahaan abhi

hai zeher se bhi zehrili

hansi banke sab mein ghuli

ye humaari i-f family

I-Fian Lyricist #19


To find info on your favorite shows

Go to the one site where everyone goes

Info on all channels- Sony, Star Plus and many more

And also many funny members that will get you laughing on the floor

Lets not forget the avatar and signature shops

This is where the creativity never stops

Jem, Sunny, and Khushi - the development team there

Always have some help and advice to share

To keep the order and help the newbies

We have many great Mods and awesome viewbies

Making new contests to make the forum now fun

And also the kind members that increase the fun by a ton

All the members are as kind as can be

Being with them will always keep you happy

Once you come here wont will not want to leave

Some member here have even forgotten to eat and sleep

The site that is doing this is too good to believe

Just come join and see

The best site that is just great and awesome

None other than

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Eijoo''s_Angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
wow!too gud!!i esp. luvd #1 and #4
but if i hav 2 vote goes to #1
~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 October 2004
Posts: 11305

Posted: 14 May 2006 at 8:31pm | IP Logged

Entries for the contest (eijoo's Angel...i wasnt done yet..if u want u can revote after reading these as well)

I-Fian Lyricist #20


India-Forums ka bhai log kiya kehna.....!!!!

Kya mast iski attraction haiii.....

Ciggie se bhi buri addiction hai....

Iska world over lakhon logon se connection haii.....

Aur apun ka isse unbreakable relation haiiii......

Roz multiply hoti yahan member's population hai......

Na koi Boss na koi Don na koi action hai.......

Yahan chalti Sree aur Vijay ki administration hai.....

Under dis apni Dev.Team karti I-F(India-Forums) ka ek dum solid protection hai.......

Maa kasam bole toe har forum irresistable temptation haii......

Har koi yahan  ek duje ko deeta love and affection haiii......

Sab ke beech hoti yahan balance friendship ki equation haiii.....

Hum sabki determination aur dedication ka result

I-F(India-Forums) uncomparable, unbeatable aur no.1 Indian Tv Discussion Forum haii.........

I-Fian Lyricist #21



Angad aur Kripa se Kavya aur Anjali,

Pyar ki baton se nafrat ki rahon tak,

Paglon si chahat hai Kahish ho yah Sujal,

Hritik bhi hai is mein Srk aur Kajol.

Koshishon se pohnchey hain is bulandi par,

I-F hi to hai sab ke pagalpan ki wajah,

Din ho yah raat rehtey hain sab yahin,

Sochein bhi mat ke jana hai aur kahin.

Is parivaar mein muqabla bhi hota hai,

Choti choti baat pe jhagarna bhi hota hai,

Phir ati hai bari ek doosrey ko mananey ki,

Izat aur mohabbat hain in sab mein phir bhi.

Bollywood ki batein ho yah roz bhar ke serial ki,

Koi saas bahu ka jhagra ya kisi khoon ki kahani,

Sab batoon mein hai sabsey agey is jagah ke log,

India Forums se jaisey laga hai prem rog.

Ghum ko bhulana yah pyar inko karna,

ek baar miltey hai do log bana lete hain rishtey,

Altey hain jab yahan to idhar ke hi ho jatey hain,

India Forums inka ghar aur ismein hi hum rehtey hain.

I-Fian Lyricist #22


Bollywood talks or Tv discussion

This has become our only passion

Spreading love is what we do here

They meet each other and start to care.

Fun and enjoyment is everywhere

When someone new comes they always are there

All are respected in everyway

If they come here once they are forced to stay.

We celebrate here everykind of occasion

Also there are talks of the actors and the fashion

Everday serials to reality shows

Each time this place has only rose

Wether its about actors or their affairs

Some talks are deep like the ocean layers

Trust is between us the most important thing

We got treated the same so each here is a King.

They tell their thoughts to friends when they're sad

Happiness is shared people say we are mad

"I love India Forums and I am so proud"

These are the feelings we all wanna shout out LOUD!


I-Fian Lyricist #23



India-Forums k sang ..

Aao Jhumein .. gaein aur bharein rang !

Yahan log hain itne pyaare..

Jo dete hain mushkilon mey sahare..

Kabhi na socha tha humney k hum yahan pahunch jaeinge..

Yun kareinge discussions aur gossips aur sitaron k itne qareeb pahunch jaeinge..

India-Forums k sang..

Aao Jhumein.. gaein aur bharein rang !

Yeh humare jeene ka ek maqsad hai..

Yeh humare dukh bantne ki ek jaga hai ..

Yeh humey kabi bore nahi hone deta hai,

Aur full tym mast rehne ko bolta hai..

Ek ek se milne ki murad hai ..

Kiunke yahan dost kuch khaas hai ..

India-Forums k sang..

Ao jhumein .. gaein aur bharein rang !


I-Fian Lyricist #24:


India Forums, the Magic of our Life

The Second Home and the Heart of our Life

How Special was the day, when we became Part of this Life

Happy Moments were they, when we found Friends for Life!!!

Friends to laugh with, Friends to cry over

Friends to fight with, Friends who win over

This is a place where high drama unfolds

In the form of arguments and discussions to uphold!!!

Friendship is in the air, We spread only Love

Appreciation and Applause are only part of this Love

Correcting and Warning are only ways to strengthen this Love

However we are, our IF-Family has its roots in love!!!

We are here to enjoy a Brighter Day

Once a part of this Family, we have no other way

So Addictive is this place, that members will never turn away

This is our India-Forums that puts Life into our Day!!!


My little world

I-Fian Lyricist #25


Soft taps break through the silence

My hand hovers over the mouse

Contemplating hesitantly

That click into the unknown


Thoughts appear in rough word-rectangles

Inviting debate, curious for response

They come in slow, trickling droplets at first

Each reply glowing with friendly warmth

Night fades in this wide-webbed-world

And brightness erupts; chaotic

With coloured font, sparkling sigs

And animated emoticons

Heated debates, leg-pulling,

TV show updates, a lounge of laughter,

Star interviews, podcasts and challenges

Will still fail to encompass


This little world of my own

My home away from home

Entry # 2

I-Fian Lyricist #26


Here...we came through Google

To read updates

On our favourite TV shows

Here…we argue over characters,

Actors, world politics,

And a range of other topics

Here…we meet TV stars

And people from

Trivandrum to Timbuktu

Here…we make friends,

Siblings, aunts and uncles

An extended, unending family

Here…we engage in contests

Listen to podcasts

And find winners in all shapes and sizes

Here…we find excuses to log on

Rain or shine

During exams, work or holidays

Here…is where we find India-Forums

Here…is where home is


I-Fian Lyricist #27


Come one! Come All!!

India-Forums has got it all.

Forums, Radio at its best,

IF's better than all the rest.

You'll get addicted as soon as you come,

Won't get up, won't want to miss the fun.

Sharing views was never so much fun,

Keep on posting you are in the run.

You'll keep visiting all the time,

Whether feeling sick or feeling fine.

Win, share, and make friends,

Change, follow or make trends.

Check it out; it's just so super,

So addictive, so many new features.

Forums, Radio at its best,

IF's better than all the rest.

Come one! Come All!!

India-Forums has got it all


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yourmombiatch IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 8:35pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
radha_8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
# 24 Clap
Kruts IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
awesome entries...all of them!!

Edited by Kruts - 15 May 2006 at 1:03am
vijay Admin Group

Site Admin
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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Wow Excellent!!!

Vandu4ever IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
# 21 Tongue Tongue Tongue

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vijay 195 22127 30 December 2005 at 6:52am by :.Roshni.:

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