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Armaan-Riddhima: Life as we know it. part16,pg 46

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                                                         CHARACTER SKETCH 

Armaan Mallik :A complete package. Good looks, brains, extremely kind and generous. He is totally an extrovert. Has a lot of friends. Loves to party, clubbing and everything a guy of his age would do. Has no sibling, so totally pampered by his parents. Armaan belongs to a very rich and influential family, has lived through all the luxuries of life. He is working in a top mnc of Mumbai,recently transferred to delhi..  Has a freshness to his character..He is so much into harmless flirting..Loves to play basket ball..basically is a sports freak. Respect his parents a lot.


Riddhima Gupta:An extreme personality.Loves and hates people to the extreme.She cant stand diplomacy.she speaks her heart out.She is currently working in a fashion magazine as a chief editor.She loves her job and is totally carrier oriented..She is this modern girl with traditional values.Is a familygirl..Loves to have fun. Doesn't make friends easily.Loves her sister ANJALI and constantly look for her advise in the little things of life. Misses her a lot as she has been married to her child hood lover Atul.She loves her nephew Krish,Anjali's son.Riddhima is a very simple girl with simple dreams.




After a very hectic day at work, Riddhima logged into her facebook. It was her regular routine. Come back home, have her dinner, spend quality time with parents, just browse through face book for a regular update on everybody.


The friend request (1) icon excited her. She quickly clicked on it and saw a request by him,Armaan Mallik.She immediately recognized that name and the blue eyes. How could anyone forget that charming young guy who definitely has turned more handsome with time. Ghosh! It has been five years. Five years since she met him at her sister Anjali's wedding. He was her jeeju's cousin brother. Riddhima and Armaan were constanly at logger heads with each other.She never really understood him. Was this guy even for real. He loved irritating her with his sad jokes.He could flirt with all the women ,be the eight year old mini or the sixty year old naani.


She quickly clicked on the accept button and stalked through the entire profile.  She saw pictures with friends, with girl friends, with her sister and jeeju,with family. Wow! This guy surely loves capturing the moments on the camera. Completley unlike her,Riddhima was a diary updating,cards collecting,post its kind of girl. She knew the camera hated her. Highly non-photogenic face. Not what everybody else thought. But if she's made up her mind,no body could change it. A little time more on the social networking site ,she called it a day and went back to sleep.

                                                          *    *    *    *    *    *    *

It has been three days since armaan landed in Delhi.His company transferred him here. After two days of unpacking and feeling home sick. He decied to explore the city all by himself. Now that he has settled in his high rise aptment and started with his new job. Life seems to be back to normal. He suddenly realise what his maasi(atul's mother) has told him(Anjali bhabhi's parents and sister lived in delhi and he had to go visit them and give them this packet) .He called his maasi and told her that he'll go in next week since there is a lot to do. 

He facebooked her profile and added her. Riddhima Gupta,the gussa on the naak,hair always out of the place.He remembered how she cried soo miserably on her sisters bidaai.She was a contradiction herself. One moment so poised and calm,the next moment all hyper and clumsy. She danced soo beautifully. How she was always irritated with his jokes.He loved to irritate her. They have never met after that wedding. Maybe now since we are in the same city,we could catch up was the very first thought that came to his mind. He did love her company five years back.Occupied by all these thoughts he slept a peaceful sleep.


It has been three days since Riddhima Added Armaan. She herself couldnt get the time to log in on facebook again. She had to meet the deadline for the new edition.Loads of work and stress.She wrote the days update in her diary.Finally after so many days she could sleep peacefully. 

The next day was a sunday,she woke up late. Had her breakfast and spent the day watching movies. She was a complete movie buff.Sunday was the day when the three of them,Shashank,Padma and Riddhima went for a dinner. This sunday they decided to skip it since Riddhima was very tired.Riddhima Chatted with her sister ,jeeju and Krissh for a long hour. That is when she got to know about armaan being transferred to Delhi. Things started to make sense. Her di told her to meet him and show him around the place as he's all alone. Riddhima although said a yes but Anjali knew. Riddhima wouldn't just go out with somebody she doesn't know even if its just a matter of few hours.

The moment she put the phone down,the door bell rang. Frustated that she had to get up and open the door,Riddhima dragged her self towards the door. She opened the door and was shocked to see their uninvited guest. There stood Armaan Mallik with this huge packet and flowers. 

Armaan: Yo! Basket. You're still the same. Ab kiss bat ka gussa?

(Assuming the flowers are for herself,she extended the hand.)

Armaan : Flowers are for Padma Aunty :P

 All Riddhima could do was make faces and curse him under her breath.

Riddhima: Riddhima,my name is riddhima . This is the last time m telling you. And me gussa nahi hun. M just shocked to find an uninvited guest .And yeah,about the flowers i was just helping you. Waise bhi i dont like orchids.

Armaan: yeah right! I am not uninvited, I told  massi to tell Padma Aunty. I even inboxed you on facebook.

Riddhima was shocked beyond death. This guy is a serious trouble. Before she could retort.Padma and Shashank came towards them.

Shashank: Beta what is this chaos?

Padma: Who is it ?

Armaan: Namstey Uncle! Hey sweetheart(referring to Padma). Flowers for you.

Shashank grinned and wished him back.

Padma (blushing): Arrey ! Armaan beta. I just forgot. Smita ji(atul's mother) ka fone to aya tha kuch din pehle. How are you? why are you standing here,come inside.

Armaan: M fine aunty! This packet is for you. Massi has sent it. (quickly giving a side glance to Riddhima he entered the house.)Wow ! uncle-aunty this place is soo nicely done. Good interiors.Very beautiful.

Shashank: Riddhima's work. She is a creative genius.

Armaan could help but admire her skills. Nice job done Riddhima.

Riddhima: Thanks. (with a sense of pride)

Padma: Riddhima go and bring water and some refreshments for Armaan.

Riddhima: Gaya mera Sunday.

(Riddhima hated to do any household chore,was a lazy bum when it came to doing household chores.)

Since she didnt want Armaan to make fun of her once again,she immediately turned towards the kitchen.Cursing him.

Armaan didnt miss the irritated look on her face. He totally loved her nose that turned red everytime she fumed.

Meanwhile,Shashank and Armaan discussed everything about Armaan's company and shashank's work and experience. Armaan was take aback by the kind of knowledge Shashank had about everything. And Shashank surely was impressed with Armaan's work.They seemed to share a great rapport with each other.Padma admired the way her husband gelled with this young man. Riddhima came back with juices and cookies. She was surprise to see how her parents were all over this guy,but slowly even she seemed to enjoy the conversation. Armaan was surely an interesting guy. She couldn't believe he had tried it all,bunjee jumping, para sailing,para gliding. All the adventure sports she stayed away from during her college camps. She was terrified of even trying them and here this guy was talking about all these things.

Shashank couldn't help but mention how he also wanted his daughter to try all these and she was always terrified.Riddhima instantly shot back,papa i dont understand the point of doing all this crap and wasting so much money. Armaan was amused by her reply.

Armaan:Riddhima this is not a waste of money. Its a life time opportunity. And its not crap, Just because you are afraid to be adventurous, don't condemn the idea of adventure .

Riddhima: I am not terrified,i just dont like to risk my life that way.(Truth was something else,Riddhima was always fascinated by these sports but was dead terrified of even trying them)

Armaan saw how uncomfortable she was,dropped the topic off.

They had their dinner and the conversations continued. Armaan has always been that open and extrovert. He could talk about anything and everything with everyone. He felt at home with Riddhima's parents. He seriously enjoyed their company. Somebody who's seen him partying can never imagine this guy talking to oldies that way. But this was Armaan for you. He gelled well with every body. Riddhima appreciated him for this. She loved the way he respected her parents.But hated his guts of continuously taking a dig at her for everything.But this is how he has been with her. In the back of her heart,she enjoyed it.Soon Armaan realised it was late,he called it  a day and left.

After Armaan left,Riddhima helped padma clean the kitchen. Kissing her parents good night,grabbing a dairy milk. She left for her room. Changed into her night clothes. Prepared everything for the next day. Logged on to facebook. Saw an inbox,armaan's : *hey! Riddhima. How have you been. Its been soo long! How are uncle and aunty? I just shifted to delhi. What are you doing these days. Hows life? Listen !! Tell aunty I'll be visiting you guys this Sunday. Massi wanted me to deliver a packet to your mom. Bye ! take care. Give me your cell number.* Riddhima instantly replied : * So you did inform me. It was nice meeting you Armaan.My number is 99********. Now that you're in delhi,keep in touch. *

As she was about to log off,her chat popped up!

Armaan: Hey ! Still thinking about me ;)

Riddhima smiled and replied: Wishful thinking!!

Armaan: Hahah !!  Well,check your fone. I just gave you a missed call. Save my digits.

Riddhima: Done. So how are you finding delhi?

Armaan: Delhi is okay!

Riddhima: What do you mean by okay. Delhi is fantastic!

Armaan: Not better than Mumbai!

Riddhima: Trust me delhi will grow on you,a months time. Acha ! Armaan I need to go sleep. A hard day at work tomorrow.

Armaan: like I have grown on you :P Byye riddhima !

Riddhima: Good night armaan. Keep youre sad jokes to yourself.

Armaan: haha ! Good night.


After riddhima left,armaan chatted with his buddies in Mumbai. Talked to his parents and thinking*delhi will grow on me* went off to sleep.


Life as we know it is a journey worthwhile.


Guys this was the intro and part one. Do comment and tell me how was it!


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Waiting 4 d part.
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kay update soon
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PART 2-The Following Days.

Armaan woke up late, freshened up and simply wore his office attire.  He didn't bother to go for a bath, rather just sprayed oodles of deodorant on himself and left for the office. It was his third week in Delhi. He had made quite of friends in these days. He went clubbing the other night. The Delhi night life is seriously happening, he thought. Driving his car, he reached the office a little late. He coolly walked off to his cabin and started working on the project he had to submit by the day. Even though he was tired that morning, he didn't fail to meet the deadline and complete the project in time. He was best at his work; his colleagues by now just knew it. He went to the near coffee shop with his friends in the office. It was a perfect October evening.


                                                           *   *   *   *  *

Riddhima on the other hand was as busy as a bee. She had the new product launch, the upcoming charity event. All to be planned and executed by her own self. Damn! Why did Muskaan have to get married and go to her honeymoon this month only? She cursed.

 Muskaan was Riddhima's Best friend. They did their college together and fortunately both landed up in the same magazine. They were partners in everything. Shopping trips, movies, office chores. Muskaan and Riddhima were totally alike; Muskaan was the louder and more extrovert version of riddhima. She just got married to Rahul. They have been very much in love since the past three years. Muskan and riddhima worked in Rahul's magazine. That is how they met and became friends. RM obviously fell in love and married a month ago and still hasn't returned from their honey moon. Riddhima decided to call Muskaan .


They had a long chat. Muskaan telling her every detail about her trip. Apparently muskaan and Rahul had returned from the trip. They were to join the next day. Rahul asked Riddhima about the new launch. Riddhima briefed him about all the lil bits. Rahul was always impressed by Riddhima's hardwork. Ever since he and muskaan got together. He got close to riddhima as well. He sometimes felt riddhima needed a break. She works like a mad man. She has noo social life. A bunch of few friends that she hanged out with, that too from office. He had very often confinded this with muskaan. Muskaan's answer would always be she 'll get out of this phase. She is a successful woman living her dreams. Let her !! Brushing these thoughts aside he gave the phone to muskaan and watched his wife talk endlessly.

                                                                    *   *   *   *  *

Armaan on his way home from the coffee shop, came across a florist.  He saw the orchids and was immediately reminded of a certain somebody who hated Orchids. Making a mental note of calling her and catching up with her. He drove back to home. While climbing his apartment he saw a very similar face, before he could point out who the other person was, the other man came running and crushed armaan in a dearly hug.Armaan recognized him, Armaan: Raoool !! Whats up man? How are you!? What are you doing here. Rahul: I am good,everythings fine. I live here. Just come up with me to my apartment. My wife would love to meet you.

Armaan: Wife, Saale!! You got married ? when?

Rahul : Upar chal sab batata hun!

ON the way to rahuls apt, they shared all about each other's life. They had missed each other. They were dear friends in college. Armaan was working in an mnc even after his dad telling him to take over mallik empire, whereas Rahul started his magazine-Divine. Armaan and Rahul both were very happy. Having found an old friend is one of the best moments of life. Truly!!

Rahul entered his apt and told muskaan about armaan. Muskaan knew about him as Rahul had once discussed about his college life with her. She was glad. They had their dinner together. And Armaan was appalled by muskaan's chirpy self. He found yet another reason to like Delhi. Delhi surely was growing on him.They talked to each other endlessly. Rahul and Muskaan shared their love story! Rahul told what a flirt armaan was. Armaan corrected saying I still am :D .They sat in the living area and continued with their reunion.

Armaan saw a picture on their table, it shocked him beyond death. Riddhima, he shouted.

Muskaan and Rahul told him who riddhima was,and how is she in their picture. Armaan then told him about his acquaintance with her. It seriously was a small world. Armaan requested Muskaan not to share this piece of information with her as he wanted to surprise her. Muskaan happily nodded. She knew riddhima hated surprises. This was the perfect way to get back at her for teasing her all the month. 

                                                                          *   *   *   *  *

Riddhima had just came back from work. Had her dinner and sat down to update the diary. She was soo happy today for her best friend. Muskaan totally deserve some body like Rahul . She thought. She soo wished for somebody like rahul in her life. Somebody she could rely on,somebody who would care for her. Somebody who would make her smile. Even though nothing was missing in her life. This additional somebody was all she needed. She plugged in her ipod and listened to her favourite songs. The october breeze gushing in through the windows. She loved this month. Magical !!


 Life as we know it is a happy place after all :)

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great partSmile...waiting for next update:-):-)

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nice ff plsss pm me wid ur upd8s

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Awsm parts.
Both d part was superb.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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