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FF : I Can't Let Her Go! Part 30 UPDATED (Page 61)

Desi- Goldie

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Part 13 - The Seventh Challenge

Khushi quickly jumped up off his lap in retreat...


Arnav stood up slowly looking her up and down..."backing away isn't going to change the fact that i'm going to kiss you..."


"You already kissed me..." her voice was shaky


"No no, YOU kissed it's my turn..."


"Arnavji, please..."


"hmmm, call me Mr. Raizada when you want to prove a point, but call me Arnavji when you want to weaken my always works..."


Khushi took a sharp intake of breath as her back hit the wall...


"but won't work today..."


Arnav was now standing right in front of her..."I'm taking control of this one...close your eyes..."


Khushi's thoughts were muddled...she couldn't she just complied and closed her eyes...


He lifted his hands to her face...

His hands caressing her cheeks...

His left hand travelled down her neck, around the curve of her breast, down her ribcage and encircled her waist...

His right hand was tracing gentle lines around her lips and his thumb ran along her bottom lip gently pulling it so her lips parted partially...

Khushi's breathing was erratic...her lips quivered in anticipation of his touch...

Arnav ardently leaned in and let his lips softly touch hers...

Her lips were divine...he had never, in all his life, felt such a rush of intense desire...

He slowly applied more pressure and let his lips move intently over and across hers...

Arnav was enraptured...he let his lips glide over the plump softness of her mouth...



Khushi was willing herself not to give in...not to let his kisses affect her...not to let her senses run wild...and she was succeeding...until...


Arnav was indulging in her dewy parted lips...but his tongue was desperate to taste her...he let his tongue flick her lips softly finally pushing past her lips and tasting her ever so carefully...the kiss was still very light and soft...he darted his tongue inside her mouth, groaning at the sweet taste. He angled her head, nibbling, licking, coaxing soon as his tongue connected with hers he felt her entire body shiver, which made his craving for her shoot through the roof...


At the speed of light, he moved his hand that was gently holding her face, to the back of her head...gripping her firmly...his arm tightened around her waist pulling her to him like a magnet...and he  crushed his mouth onto hers... with brutal, passionate intensity that stole her sanity...


No more gentle exploratory kisses...

Arnav thrust his tongue in and devoured her.




He took her to a whole new level of need with his hunger.

Arnav held nothing back, He kept kissing her harder, urging her mouth open wider, feeding her long, deep, wet kisses, tugging her hair when she attempted to move away, stoking the fire higher and higher until he felt her full surrender...her desire had taken over...he kept ravaging her mouth in a brutal show of possession...


Khushi couldn't control herself anymore...her mind was in a frenzy...her thoughts in complete disarray...her body was now compulsively responding to his every action... As his mouth practically started inhaling her...she met his demands with equal unrestrained passion...her hands trailed up his chest and around his neck and she interwove her fingers through his damp hair...clinging to him desperately, she sank into the kiss...


Arnav's hands were in her hair, running the soft strands between his fingers, and on her back letting his fingers press firmly into her delicate flesh...his mouth was hot and demanding on hers. He backed her fully up against the wall...pressing his body into hers...and he heard her moan against his lips...she was devastating his senses with her drugging moans and whimpers...


Arnav had to tone this down before he lost control and made passionate love to her against the wall...he softened the kiss... Soft, lazy, and thorough.

He explored every inch of her mouth with his tongue...then teased her with fleeting, listless kisses...


When he eventually pulled his mouth from hers he was though he needed to be touching her in order to feel anything...he looked down at her...her beautiful luscious lips were swollen and thoroughly kissed...her eyes were still closed...her breathing rapid...her chest heaving against his...


"Khushi..." he whispered...


When she finally opened her eyes, Arnav saw tears start to fall...each one felt like lava, burning his heart...


Khushi opened her eyes and saw her husband...she loved him...she knew she did..."but how was this going to work...the damage has been done...would all this really fix anything...was all this worth it after the trauma she went through..." she thought...


"Khushi...? Khushi... i'm sorry...I'm so so sorry...i just..."


"Don't...Don't say anymore..."


"Khushi...please...please talk to me..." he pleaded gripping her fiercely again...


"I don't know...i don't know's not worth it..."


"We are worth fighting for!" he shook her gently...


Her tears were flowing down her cheeks now...


"Khushi...I love you. I love you so damn much. Don't give up. Please."


She tried to move away... But Arnav held her in place... "Say something, dammit. My heart can't take your tears! Your pain! I can't...i just love you so much...i always have...from the beginning..."


Khushi pushed against his chest and almost got away but he caught her fast..."You loved me? From the beginning!? Then you should have thought about THAT when you were hurting me! I can't keep...I can't..." Khushi felt her head start to spin...she had been fainting a lot from stress recently...and could feel her blood pressure dropping...


Arnav saw her eyes blinking slowly and knew something was wrong..."Khushi?...Khushi? Sweetheart what's wrong..."


"Don't call me th..that..." Her fingers tried to hold on to Arnav's arms desperately..."Arnavji...i'm...i'm feeling dizzy..."


He wasted no time...he lifted her and lay her gently on the bed...

"I'll call for the doctor and..."




"Khushi! i'm going to..."


"Please Arnavji..."


He looked at her and quickly laid his head on her stomach and held her..."I'm sorry..."


"I know..."


"Are you okay?"


"'s just caused from stress...and not eating..."


"Khushi...please eat something...for me...please?"


"there's nothing in here..."


"Will you wait won't leave the room?"


"i'll wait, if i got up right now i'd probably faint..."


Arnav leaned over and kissed her lips softly and said, "don't move...i'm coming back..."


She watched him quietly go out the poolside door...and within 2 minutes he was back...with a huge plate of jalebi...


He saw her smile when she spotted her favourite food...


He helped her sit up and handed her the plate and she slowly started to eat...

"Khushi...Why haven't you been eating...?"


"I just haven't wanted to..."


"and you want to now?"


"i kind of do..."


"Next challenge at least 10 then at least i know you've eaten enough to keep your energy up..."


Khushi smiled softly...


Arnav had never been more in love with her...only a few more challenges and then the final decision would be in her hands...


He'd never been more nervous in his life...


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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 5:20am | IP Logged you sooo much for the update/pm...ClapClap
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Reply to Part 12

OMG!!! Is  it hot in here??? Wow!! That was extremely sensuous!!! Dude I was like blushing!!!! Me!!! And I don't usually (don't ever) blush so yeah lol! I loved how you were able to trap all of the emotions they must've been feeling so perfectly. The way you showed Khushi's nervousness and Arnav's anxiousness with your way of words was really commendable!!!! Need I say it?? I LOVEDDD IT!!!!!!

~With Love,
     Crazy, Obsessive, Stalker <3

* Edit for part 13  Later *

Sorry didn't respond earlier, I was half asleep in the morning and had to run! lol!! Loved it!! The description of their feelings was AMAZING!!!! I could like feel my heart go Dhak-Dhak reading this!!! =)

~With love,
Crazy, Obsessive, Stalker <3

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what a great update i love it thank youu continue soon 
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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged

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u update sooo DAMN fast!!! u really r a treat for d readers!! Clap
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Wow that was hot n awesome
loved itBlushing
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part 13. wow! very emotional, but i want the divorce so arnav can propose properly, yay!

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