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-inteha- maaneet SS LAST PART - 153pg mar15 (Page 74)

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Well the romance was in full swing.. he wouldn't leave a chance to indulge into her.. though she didn't know much ..but would simply gave into him. Every morning she won't even know.. where her shorts & tank top went.. when he managed to get pass them.. & snuggle into her. His world was just her & her.. like nothing else never mattered..
she couldn't have helped herself falling in love with him.
In last 2 yrs only time they were not together was when Maan had to visit his parents & Geet visiting hers. It was like a dream world she literally living. Maan took over her life totally. He decided her course & subjects. He decided her days.. travels plans, everything. He even gave her space to be with her frds & cousins..
every one always advised her to start helping him but he would never let her do anything. He so much wanted her to be his princess. He was more than happy that she obliged to be his. He didn't want anything more..
Geet ' u don't let me do anything she cutely pouted
he would just smile
Geet ' at least let me do something for u
he tug her in a close tight hug.. tum yun hi muskarathi raho mera liyen..
she was almost 17 now... & she didn't have to know anything abt anything.. even her interest in studies was not that she didn't want to study.. but she couldn't stop herself from drooling over her love most of the time. She didn't know if he was really that lucky as he claimed having her or is it just a dream!! why would anyone just want to do everything for u.. she wondered
She so much wanted to do something for him.. there would nothing she could do... even her attempts to do would create more problem for Maan in the end of it.. typically the other day she tried to put the cloths in laundry ..don't know wat she did or pressed the..whole place was filled with soap water.

She was so shit scared ..she didn't know wat to do... she thought he may just get really pissed off... & he was supposed to have a long day too,..dam.. she so much tried to mop it before he came. By the time he came back she was all soaked in soap water herself .. Maan shook his head .. folded his sleeves.. & mopped the whole place..
she began to cry making him go through all this.
He sighed.. leaving the mop  aside ' why r u crying now misti
I was only trying to help
aap ko yeh sab
she spoke between the sobs
he smiled sweetly ' sorry.. r u nuts
actually I should thank u
its been over due cleaning this whole place like this
main hi.. lazy ho raha tha
thanks atleast u did u much.. aab tho sirf issen dry karna hain.. I can easily do it with the vacuum cleaner.
She looked at him in disbelieve.. he never got angry at her.. actually never.. not even raise his voice.
She has know him for 3yrs.. 1yr dating.. & 2yrs of staying under the same roof. At times she wants to just fight with him for the sake of it.. even that was never possible with him. He would immediately say sorry.. even for no mistake of his.. he would go down on his knees & hold his ears.. cutely.. how can she even say anything after that..all that for no mistake of his!!! uff ho..
aap tho teek se jagda bhi nahi karthen
he simply take those complaining lips into a passionate kiss

it was another vacation planned this time Maan insisted he wanted to take Geet with him. She was not sure especially knowing how conservative his family is.
Geet ' wo teehk ho ga kya?
Maan ' umm

next she knew was she was in a plane with him to India. She could never argue with him. he always seemed so right & incharge.
This was her first trip to india she was little nervous & very scared how his family would react. She knew every thing abt them.. his little brother chotu... his baby sis anni, his dad.. papa hukum.. his Daadi sa.. & the most impt person.. his mom rani sa she has even spoken to them in phone.
She was shocked with the welcome she got at the palace. The look of the palace itself was too much for her. She knew he belonged to some royal family.. but this was way beyond her imagination. She felt so odd dressed in her dress..  that was falling just below her knees. She always dressed in western outfits. Maan never said anything to her. Actually he only took her to buy her dresses. It would be a special day.. for them..  she would take her own sweet time selecting each one of them.. & then trying them on.. he would patiently wait with her..not failing to admire her in each outfit.. he wondered how everything looked so amazingly beautiful on her.
She wondered why Maan never told her to wear something indian may be traditional especially here.
There were line of ladies waiting with flowers, aarthi taali & garlands to welcome them. The ladies did their small welcome thing.. she didn't know wat they thought abt them together...
latter she learned that was only a rajputana style of welcoming
she sighed in relief.
Maan fell at Daadi's feet ..she just followed.  Daadi smiled & hugged her. Little baby anni was in rani sa's hand ..she was just 4 then. Geet got so excited & lifted her after taking blessing from rani sa..
Maan immediately hugged his mom..
rani sa looked so gorgeous & topped with that her beautiful heavy colorful royal type saree, heavy jewelry.. the pallu on her head.. she looked like a real rani.
She broke out of the hug & went into the room.
Geet was taken a back..
she whispered to Maan ' she didn't like me
Daadi smiled at her innocence ' nahi beta.. we rajputs don't shed tears infront of anyone.. not even loved ones. 
Geet was trying to understand..the whole thing.. it all seemed so different to be human.
a smart looking boy came wearing a smart outfit.. & greeted them.
Maan hugged him..
she knew that was chotu

when they went in to the main hall.. papa hukum was sitting in the middle surrounded with men..all bowing their head. Maan immediately bowed his head.. & took his blessing.. Geet was so excited to see the elderly man looking just like Maan.. but dressed in the royal attire ..
papa hukum.. she smiled & took his blessing.
Aap ka palace kitna bada hain
how do u manage to walk from here to here.. OMG.. this place is freaking huge
Maans dad smiled & eyed Daadi sa to take her in.

Daadi & rani sa were so curious to know all abt her. They spend the whole day in a different part of the palace that was secluded for the ladies of the palace. There were no males seen in this part. Only lady maids. Later in the evening rani sa came to her room. She immediately got up
rani sa ' aap humseha aisen kapden pehenthen ho
Geet felt embarrassed
rani sa ' hum aapke liyen yeh layen hain, aap phenogen?
Geets looked at the fleet of ladies who stood behind rani sa..each holding a plate ..with colorful cloths & heavy jewelry in awe.
Rani sa was so happy at her sweet acceptance.
The maids took Geet to the open chamber.. with huge vessels of water with rose patels & some with milk.. probably.. one of the maid reached to change her.. Geet jumped back in shock.. & ran for her life..screaming for Maan.
She didn't know if she could even search him in this huge place.. she didn't have to really go far.. he was right there..
kya huwa sweety
wo.. wo..
she hid her face .. in his embrace...
the maids came behind her.. & stood bowing their head
its ok.. its ok.. sweety
she cutely denied.. with big big tears in her eyes
rani sa.. & Daadi sa came worriedly
they convinced Maan she is ok.. only he knew how terrified she was '
rani sa ' its ok beta
Geet very reluctantly let go his collar
while escorting back to the huge wash room Daadi warned her .. she was not supposed to go to the mens side of the palace like this. Daadi tried her level best not to sound mean or rude.
The maids let her change herself & then they helped her with the royal bath. After that they got her dressed in heavy royal dress & jewelry. When Daadi sa & rani saw her after dressing up.. they just hugged her .. rani sa kept a kala teeka behind her ears.


Rani sa ' hum puren jahan main doonthe tho bhi itni pyari bahu rani nahi milthi.
Geet shied .. this was the first time they were addressed like a couple here.
daadi sa.. put the pallu on her head.. & kissed her forehead.
For Geet she felt was like dressed for a wedding or something.. well that was just the casual dress she was supposed to wear on a daily basis.
Finally it was time for them to head towards the dinner area. Geet followed rani sa balancing her pallu on the head.
When he saw her.. his eyes refused to look anywhere else. Her cheeks flared with his unheard compliment.
Their little moment was disturbed with papa hukum's voice.
Both of them straighten themselves.
Papa hukum ' Geet aap abhi kya pad rahi ho
Maan ' she is just given her 12 dad
papa hukum ' so wat r u planning to do after that
Maan ' she is planning to do fashion designing
Papa hukum ' I think u should do medicine
waisen bhi hum yanha hospital open karna chaten hain
Maan ' but dad she likes fashion designing & moreover her grades r ok
papa hukums tone became little strict ' thats because u distract her
Maan was not expecting that. He immediately dipped his head.
The ladies only stood while the males of the family had their meal.. Geet promptly went to sit.. rani sa held her back. She bit her lips ..& stepped back.. her halat was bad seeing all that yummy yummy dishes.. & she was so famished after that awesome shower of hers. All she could do was gape at Maan as he ate. He felt so sorry for his princess.. especially since he was so used to feeding her before he ate.
Please leave me lots of comments & likes..
me craving

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luved ittt
n wowww karan just repeated d lines like geet
luved ittt
n poor princesss she is still smalll
y r thy so strict with our pyaariii siii babyy
n me 1stttPartyDancing

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Yippee me second.
Awesome update.
Loved2 c maaneet together. They r so cute especially maan.Blushing
Continue soon.

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it is so sweet part

aap tho teek se jagda bhi nahi karthen  Tongue

Karan is geet's son he said exactly same what geet said 

papa hukum

Aap ka palace kitna bada hain
how do u manage to walk from here to here.. OMG.. this place is freaking huge

she is looking gorgeous in Rajasthani dress Star

papa hukums tone became little strict – thats because u distract her

i second Papa Hukum Clap

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nice part muskaan
maans family members welcomed her fulheartedly
phir kya hua
geet herself kept a step back or some other matter'


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