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-inteha- maaneet SS LAST PART - 153pg mar15 (Page 153)

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Waiting Muskan.

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she shouldn't have !! but she couldn't have stayed away from him either.. she was waiting all her life for this hospital project to complete so that she could come here. Her heart was not ready to believe .. no she cried.. cried.. more than she ever did... all this years of her wait.. her effort to be able to live here.. to make him believe she could not live any where else other than being his!!!... seemed never ending now..

will her being here disturb his married life!!! no.. knowing Maan he won't betray any relation. He would never do anything that would hurt anyone. She took a deep breath.. she was here to be near him, to be part of his journey. She will do every thing to take care of the hospital & serve the village people just like Maan would does as hukum. Atleast she could breath in the same air as him she consoled her heart trying to sleep.

While Maan in hawali got a call from Dev & Nt. They were all confused & worried for Geet didi. They always knew she had plans of joining some hospital in India but never knew it was in Shahgrah. Maan didn't say much but understood wat Geet has gone through in past 10yrs. Why she looked the way she did.. how much she still loved him.. may be more than he could.. he didn't even bother completing the call & rushed outside the Hawali.
Daadi smiled & added ' humen aapni bahu rani ka intezar rahega
Maan just nodded.. rushing out
Daadi was delighted to see Maan behaving like a teenager. Especially the way he used to get restless when Geet was staying in the hawali then. How he used to run to her every aahat.
It was night still Daadi woke up every one to decorate the hawali to welcome their rani sa.

The geets room was dark after the usual power cut, the only light coming from the moon shining through the window from the opened curtains, which she was holding opened with her hand. She let the curtain drop from her grasp when she heard a knock at the door at that hr. Then assumed it could be some one from the hospital. She stood numb seeing Maan.. her heart suddenly seemed to beat more faster than ever. They stared at each other for ever.
It took a lot for her to look down away from those eyes .. that said again & again that they only love her, they only belonged to her, even now, may be more now. She didn't want to believe it... against all wills she still couldn't convince her heart wat she was seeing not true.
Her lashes fluttered as she looked down.. aapko ko yanha iss waqat
before she could complete he was on his knees holding his ears exactly the way he always did...
tears just poured out of her eyes, she turned her back hiding it from him. Her heart crying to believe.. then Karan.. or her presence indeed bothering his relationship with his family. Did she ??
if she.. then she could never forgive herself.. he was hukum to this villagers.. wat would they think.. she became really scared.. she knotted her saree
aapko yeh soba nahi deta ma.. she corrected.. hukum
he came around.. & placed his on her lips.
Her eyes widen in sock.. more with the magical effect he could still cast on her with his simple gesture. Her heart was pounding so hard that she was certain he could hear it. She tried to inch back ward.. he moved closer with his finger still near her lips. She was trembling under his touch again like a 14yrs old girl.. & he looked as charming & determined as ever.
I am sorry jaan.. he said looking down.. pulling back his hand. I was wrong..
she immediately covered his month & then reluctantly pulled it back.
He cupped her face with both his hands & plunged his lips onto her lips harder. She closed her eyes instantly feeling every touch of his awakening her senses. I am sorry.. I am sorry..
I am so sorry
he cried.. kissing her dearly until they were breathless.
She wanted to stop it all before they went too far with all this. She felt her inner ripped apart when she pulled out of his arms composing herself. Yeh sab teehk nahi hain hukum
she managed to say firmly this time.
Meri baat tho suno Geet
main humesha se aapki baat sunthi aayen hoon
it was more of a reminder of those 10yrs they lay between them. He was guilty.. it took him a lot today to walk upto her & ask for forgiveness. She not willing to listen to him.. just broke him.
He knew he had to clear all the misconception first. He took a deep breath & painfully walked out. He went to the open dessert & sat there.. under the moon light. Every passing min seemed like an eternity. He regretted every decision of his.. how could he just leave her.. ek bar tho ussen pucha hota.. he always did wat he thought was right for her!!! never realized wat she would be going through.. even now.. he failed to understand the pain in her heart seeing him with karan.. her wait to be his would have seemed never ending.
Daadi sa anxiously awaited their arrival. She in the hall waiting.. when Maan walked in alone in the morning
Daadi became really worried
Maan sighed ' she thinks I am married
Daadi ' lekin
Maan ' kal karan ne hume papa hukum kaha tha na
Daadi shook her head ' pagli hain, hum ussen baat karenge
bahut intezar kiya hain usse bichari ne
Maan nodded sadly & went to his room.

The day was a usual busy day for hukum. For Geet it was getting to know her hospital & people around.
It had already the talk of the town why bahu rani was not staying in the Hawali. It was easy for them to understand that she was not here all this years because she was studying to become a doctor. But now since she is here .. they all wanted to see their hukum & bahu rani together.
One elderly lady clustered the guts to even ask Geet when she visited her in the hospital
bahu rani sa.. choti mo.. aur badi baat
Geet was already very concious at them addressing her as bahu rani sa
aapka hukum se kuch jagda huwa hain kya?
Geet continued to check her pulse..losing track of her own, wondering why r they all still connecting her with hukum when he is having a family.
The lady got bit concerned with her silence
aapne aur hukum ne itna kuch kiya humren liyen, issen liyen hum sab aapki khushi chaten hain bus.
Geet smiled weakly & gave her a medicine.
The whole day she remained confused wat the lady said & wat Maan was trying to tell her.

Just then Maan rushed in dripping in karan's blood carrying the little one in his arms. He screamed her name ' she was terrified hearing him sound so worried.. she checked karan & dressed his wounds.
Geet ' kya huwa issen?
Maan ' he was trying to jump from the tree.
Geet ' ghabrane ki koi baat nahi hain, choti sa cut hain
main stitch laga dethi hoon. He will be all fine
. She tried to reassure him.
Maan looked so worried her words didn't seem to make sense.. he was looking blankly at the little one.
Geet did the needful & left them alone. She could clearly see the relation between the two.
She had no more confusion with all that stupid thoughts wondering in her mind.. but then.. where is karan's mom she wondered.
It was around 10pm.. Maan was still sitting beside karan. She had so many questions.. lingering in her mind now.. did something happen to her!!! she couldn't even think in those lines..
she went in with the medicine & looked at Maan
he could clearly read those questions in her eyes.. when suddenly a couple came in worriedly crying karans name
karan replied in attitude ' mom ' dad .. I am fine.
The lady hugged him & cried
the man thanked Maan & then asked Geet if his son karan was in danger.
Geet looked at Maan in shock.. blankly & he eyed her to reply him.. she fluttered her lashes & looked down.. karan is absolutely fine.
She looked back up.. at the side.. Maan was not there. She ran out looking for him.. her heart was jumping in joy.. like she got everything she every wanted.. she couldn't believe it.. still.. the moment she saw him.. she held her ears & went to kneel down.. he held her by shoulder & took her into his embrace.
Tears didn't seem to stop from either of their eyes.
Daadi came from behind ' aisen nahi challen ge.. mujhe teehk na mahine main ek papa hukum kahene walla chahiyen humari hawali ke angan main
Geet blushed furiously hiding her face.

Days followed where filled with happiness. The next good day as per their horoscope .. Daadi arranged a royal wedding.
Geets parents came with Nt. Daadi also arranged the engagement of Nt with Dev & as Daadi sa wanted.. they did have a little baby boy the next very year.


Maan & Geet could never get enough of each other. Especially with his commitment to his people.. but now.. she was there with him.. with his every step.
Please leave me lots of comments & likes..
me craving

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YAY…ME FIRST!!!!!Dancing

that was such a sweet update….Clap

Finally all confusions Cleared…..Embarrassed

Stupid Geet she couldn't even guess it when people were calling her Rani sa????D'oh

Awww they have a royal wedding…Day Dreaming

And within a year …a son too???Shocked

Loved this Inteha….Heart

Thank you Muski di for giving us this wonderful SS….Hug

Love you...Embarrassed

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papa hulkum aur bahu rani ek hogayi...:)

simply superb dear.. as usual...

Loved it from start ...

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awesome...loved it...

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wonderful ending !

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ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapawesome superb mind blowing amazing thank you muskaan for this ff want long epilogue please Clap

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