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KYPH - Update for 19th April, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 10:29am | IP Logged


Kya Maara Re….bechara Angad toh gaya kaam se! Wow, what an episode, what a slap! And did Angad deserve it, oh boy! I am so rattled till now, can barely type this update! Angad rocked today, he just rocked! He looks awesome when he is angry, just mindblowing expressions and the boy knows to act, no doubt about that! Also our guess about Angad and Prithvi knowing each other is bang on target, infact they are childhood friends…..do I see parallels to Raj Kapoor's Sangam here!!! Amazing episode, the best till date, without doubt and it gives an indication of how good the serial is going to be!


The episode begins with Kripa going La…La…La (KYPH's signature tune), and her shocked face as she stares at Angad who is giving her the look of the year!!! Staring at her with a strange mix of expressions, Kripa just keeps staring back at him, and the Camera focuses on both their faces one by one! Kripa has a slightly petrified, drawn-back expression and Angad has a partly curious, partly amazed look. Everyone around, mainly Mannan, the Choreographer and the Chorus group is looking at Angad and Kripa, staring at each other without even blinking their eyes. Then in the most adorable way, Angad breaks into an endearing grin and claps his hand, as a stunned Kripa looks on, everyone else too joins Angad, as he tells her that you sang wonderfully, then he looks at Mannan and the Choreographer and says that, ''Kya gaati hai yaar ye ladki, I am impressed.'' Kripa just looks at Angad and does not say anything, then in the most unexpected twist, a girl who was standing behind Kripa, drops her bottle of water on the floor, Kripa turns back and bends to pick it up, and then, in what I thought was an extremely well-conceived scene, Angad who is still raving about Kripa turns back to her and, hold your breath, ''PATS HER BUMS'' in a very casual manner. Can you believe it, I was like, Whoa, I never thought of this! Kripa who is still bent is shown to be stupidified and she stands up straight and just stares hard at Angad and then, ''SLAPS HIM REAL HARD ON HIS CHEEKS.'' Everyone around is just rooted in their spots, as the Camera focuses on just Kripa's outraged expression and Angad's stunned face, he is just too shocked to react, then Kripa screams on him and tells him, ''Don't you dare touch me again.'' Angad's expression changes from a shocked one to that of complete anger and outrage and his eyes burn with intensity as he just keep staring hard at Kripa, who also doesn't flinch. Angad then raises his hands and Kripa is shown to be scared out of her wits, everyone around is just dead quiet, Angad then brings his hands down, as Kripa is shown to catch hold of her breath, but she does not flinch from her spot, nor does she lower or avert her eyes from him. Angad still has a livid expression on her face, and then suddenly he moves towards her, Kripa who looks as if she is going to die any minute, moves back, Angad keeps moving towards her and she keeps moving back, and both of them do not take their eyes of each other (boy, it was so romantic, so passionate, so exciting) and then Kripa's back hits the wall and Angad comes very, very close to her (I thought that he will kiss her at this moment, how disappointing!) and as Kripa (who seems to be so scared that she is not even breathing) looks on, Mannan calls Angad's name from behind very slowly as if to stop him, Angad who still does not take his eyes of Kripa (Man, is he intense or what) stops Mannan by just raising his hands and Mannan is quiet. Angad then brings his hands up in the same position and raises to slap Kripa, and in a stunningly brilliant scene, brings his hands very close to her face and smashes it on the Wall (Gals, I was this close to having a heart-attack in this scene!) and then brings himself even closer to Kripa and says in a cold, icy tone, laid with incense and fuming with anger, ''Get Out'' ''Right now, abhi isi waqt yahan se dafa ho jao.'' Then screams at the top of his voice, ''I said just Get Out'' Kripa is completely rattled and her eyes well up with tears and she just walks out (I liked the fact that she walks out and does not run outside, good for her!). Angad is then shown to be livid with rage and is barely able to control his trembling, he is still staring at the door through which Kripa has just exited and then he gives a cold stare at Mannan and tells him that he does not want to see her face ever again and she has to be thrown out right now and then. Mannan is just too shaken to react and just nods his head.


In the next scene, Angad is boxing at his home (looking va..va…vroom!) and has the same intense, angry look on his face and keeps remembering Kripa's resounding slap to him and boxes even harder. Mannan comes from behind and asks him if he is Ok. Angad who is still punching hard, does not stop and tells Mannan that how dare that girl slap him and that too in front of his own troupe and juniors. Mannan tells him to just cool down and says that he should not have thrown her out in this manner. Angad stops punching and gives a furious look at Mannan and tells him that, the girl slapped him, slapped Angad, he will never forget this insult and she will have to be taught a lesson. Mannan does not reply back, then Angad thinks something to himself and then replies in a terse voice that he wants that girl back for the rehersals. Mannan is like, but why, she slapped you infront of the whole world and then you threw her out in such a bad manner, now you want her back. Angad pours himself a drink (and does he look Dishy when he does that!) and after taking a sip, tells Mannan, that no one till date has had the guts to even raise his voice against Angad, and that wisp of a girl actually slapped him. Angad says that by throwing her out of the house and out of the Studio, it will be letting her go very easily, he will even out with her in a manner that she will never forget it for her whole life. Mannan is not very pleased, but is also not in a mood to counter Angad and tells him that she will never come to the rehearsals. Angad gives a devil-may-care smile (that's his signature smile btw, which has Nitica & Me particularly go weak in the knees!) and says that she will come back, she will surely come back, when Angad goes to her and gets her for the rehearsals. Mannan just keeps quiet and offers no opinon.


The next scene shows Kripa alone in the Outhouse in her room, crying and thinking about what happened, when someone knocks the door. As Kripa opens it, she is stunned to see Angad standing  there, with one of his hands resting on the door and he gives a hostile stare at Kripa. She just gives one look, makes a face and goes inside. Angad follows her inside and both of them have an awesome confrontation. I could not follow this scene too well, as my cell phone rang at the wrong time! But I remember one brilliant line that Angad says to Kripa, ''You have slapped Angad the Man, not Angad the Star.'' (Brings out the guys smoldering strength so well) As Kripa listens to Angad with loathing and disgust, Angad tells her that he did not mean to touch her in any such way that she is imagining and that he has no dearth of girls. Angad says that he has such power and influence that he can get any girl that he wants, any time of the day, then in a powerful sequence, he stands straight infront of Kripa and says, ''Tum Bhi, Kripa, tum Bhi.'' Kripa is just too disgusted to say anything and just gives a ''Oh lay off you creepo'' type of look! Angad says that he is not letting go off her that easily and that he will make her pay for her insult to him today. Angad then tells her to join rehearsals from tomorrow morning, Kripa is shocked and tells him pretty harshly that she won't come and why should she come, especially after he has thrown her out of the Studio infront of everyone and told her not to show her face again. Angad gives her a, who cares to explain to you, type of look and then says that is she afraid of him, that is why she is refusing to join him. Then Angad lets out a small smile and says that, is she too like one of his innumerable fans, and this was just one of her ploys to attract him (boy, is he cocky) and that she does not want to join him for the rehersals because she is afraid that she will be madly attracted to him and probably fall in love with him. Kripa just gives a dirty look at Angad and tells him to stop day-dreaming and says that she does not care two hoots for him and he can just get lost. Angad then provokes her and tells her that if she has any guts in her, then he wants to see her tomorrow morning at the rehearsals. In a powerful sequence, Kripa gives a hard, cold stare at Angad and tells him that, ''I accept your challenge.'' Angad too keeps staring at her and tells her that, no, not like that, you have to sign a contract, which will bind you to complete this assignment. Kripa does not think or even bother to read the papers and just snatches from him and signs them and pushes them in Angad's hands. Angad gives her a ''just wait and watch baby, just wait and watch what I do with you'', look and walks out of the room, as Kripa is left emotionally shattered!


Prithvi and Mishti are sitting together and Prithvi looks lost in his thoughts. Mishti starts pulling his legs (thankfully she calls him by his name and not address him as Bhaiyaa!) over Kripa. Prithvi blushes like mad and tells her to shut-up. All the while Kripa (wearing a very pretty lilac salwar kameez) is sitting on a table just behind them, but she looks very lost and sad as usual, Misthi has noticed her, but Prithvi has not. Mishti deliberately asks Prithvi questions on Kripa and whether he likes her or not, Prithvi just brushes her off. Then Mishti calls Kripa to join them, and then leave both Prithvi and Kripa behind, and whispers best of luck to him! Prithvi tries to make small talk with Kripa, but she is very disturbed and then Prithvi asks her very sweetly that is she upset over something, Kripa just smiles and avoids answering him. Prithvi then in a bid to cheer her up tells her to join Mishti and him for a Party tonight, Kripa very politely refuses, but then Mishti comes and insists her on joining them.


Kripa, Prithvi and Mishti enter the discoteque, Mishti vanishes with her friends and Prithvi and Kripa are left by themselves! Kripa looks very lost and upset, and her eyes seem to search for Harshini, she asks Prithvi if he has seen her around, Prithvi is least bothered and in his very cute, innocent way, tells Kripa that she is looking very beautiful tonight. Kripa just smiles and says thanks (she did not blush, just smiled!) and then Angad enters the Disc, looking incredibly handsome in a white Tee and Blue denims (One this chap is blessed with such looks, on top of that he dresses to kill) and everyone in the disc gather around him for his autographs. Angad just gives a bored smile and obliges everyone, Prithvi's face has a sweet smile as he looks at Angad (indicating that they know each other very well) but Kripa refuses to turn and look at him, and her face goes all sour and upset once again! As Angad is busy signing autographs, his eyes fall on Kripa's back, and he recognizes her, he stops signing and just keeps staring at her, at the same moment, Kripa too looks back and both of them give each other a hostile, hard look. Kripa just walks out from there, making Prithvi wonder what's up with her. Angad is still mingling with his fans and friends, while his eyes don't leave Kripa (boy, is he romantic or what!) who goes to a corner and stands there looking miserable and lonely. Two drunkards who are standing nearby start acting fresh with Kripa, (Prithvi is nowhere to be seen, btw!) and Kripa tells one of them to stay away from her, and that he stinks of Alcohol, but both the guys act very cheaply with her and they kind of over-power her. Just then, in what I felt was such an Angad-Kripa seen, Angad who is looking at the whole proceedings, gets an irate look on his face and he walks towards Kripa and holds one of the guy's arms very tightly and tells him to just lay off. Both the creeps who obviously know Angad and are apparently scared of him, back off immediately. Kripa who looks ready to cry, heaves a sigh of relief but then realizes who her savior is!!! Angad brushes off those guys very coolly and then just gives that look of his to Kripa, who is now quite embarrassed and not able to look at Angad directly. Prithvi comes over and asks if everything is alright, Kripa assures him that's its ok. Prithvi and Angad then smile at each other and then as a stunned Kripa looks on, hug each other pretty affectionately, while Prithvi tells Kripa that Angad is one of his oldest and best friends and their families know each other very intimately. Kripa does not offer any reaction, while Angad keeps looking at her (he will just melt her one day like butter, if he keeps giving those looks of his!) Prithvi then very jovially asks Angad how are the rehearsals coming along and how is her friend progressing! Angad smiles sarcastically, which Prithvi does not seem to catch and then in his inimitable style tells Prithvi, that he should drop over to the Studio one day and see how his ''Friend'' is progressing. Kripa immediately senses the sarcasm in his voice and just looks at Angad with no expression, she still looks embarrassed. As Angad leaves to join his friends at the Dance Floor, Kripa says softly, ''Angad, thank you.'' Angad does not even bother to turn his head and just makes a, who cares expression and in a very snooty, arrogant manner walks off, leaving Kripa all the more miserable. Prithvi who's is not noticing this sequence!


Angad, looking his usual dapper self, in the same Sandoz (the red and white one, that he wore in the outhouse scene!) and Kripa, dressed in a lovely White Salwar Kameez are getting instructions from the Choreographer on the dance step. The song is ''Sholo si, Sholo si, teri aankhon ki yeh roshni, kiske liye hai…'' from the movie Shabd (Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai danced on this, lovely, racy number) and then Angad and Kripa began dancing, they are doing the Waltz, where the guy pulls the girl's arms towards him and she will twist and swirl to fall on his arms (the signature Angad-Kripa scene). Kripa is doing well, and Angad seems to be least affected by her, but the moment, she comes and falls on his arms, and he touches her cheeks with his fingers (as part of the choreography), Kripa is completely disgusted and stops dancing. Angad is very irritated as the choreographer asks Kripa what has gone wrong with her, she was doing fine till now. Kripa is embarrassed, and does not reply back, Angad is still staring at her coldly.


As the Music starts again, Kripa and Angad once more start dancing on the same steps and then suddenly as Kripa is shown to follow the steps perfectly fine, Angad's expression's undergo a dramatic change, and his face turns from a perfectly indifferent one to one filled with revenge and passion. He remembers Kripa's resounding slap to her and then her word, ''Don't you dare touch me again'' and then a madness comes in his eyes and he brings Kripa close to him with such ferocity and heatedness, it was just too powerful a scene. Angad keeps getting repeated flashes of Kripa slapping him and he keeps making Kripa dance forcibly with him, very roughly, he twists and twirls her and keeps banging her against him, as Kripa's words keep echoing in his thoughts. Everyone else is stunned and all of them stop where they are, but no one has the guts to stop Angad, Mannan looks petrified and so does the choreographer. Kripa is shown to be too dazed, and then after doing this to Kripa a number of time, never once leaving his eyes from her, he leaves her arms with full force and she falls real hard on the floor, as Angad gives her his trademark, angry stare, and Kripa winces in extreme pain, her eyes well up with tears as she looks towards Angad, who has a look of, ''The Battle-lines are drawn lady.''


Brilliant Episode. I have no word to describe the rush of Adrenaline I felt while watching it! Angad rocked like no one else in this episode, be it his powerful expressions, his anger, his smile, his dialogue delivery, the passion and intensity with which he looks at Kripa while dancing, he was just too good!!! Kudos! Kripa, in herself is adorable and acts very well, but does not seem to shine all that much in the dramatic sequences, especially in front of Angad, who seems to physically and otherwise overpower everyone around him. But I still stand by the fact that Neha does a very good job of Kripa and she is going to get better and better. Regarding Prithvi, well, he is really cute, and acts pretty decently, but then again his character and for that matter everyone else's is overshawdowed badly by Angad's! I guess that was the reason why Ekta was delaying his entry, she had to give other's some chance, before her Hero made an entry and swept everyone off their feets!

Otherwise a great episode and I for one felt that Kripa slapping Angad was JUSTIFIED. And I loved the way Angad reacts to it……it was an incredibly passionate and romantic scene! Amazing episode guys, just amazing!!! Hope all of you catch it!


urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Thanks for an awesome update
chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for an amazing update....Wonderful job. Thanks a lotttttttttttttt for the patience u put up with Embarrassed
Jots Goldie

Joined: 11 April 2005
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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 10:50am | IP Logged

yay, im so happy chillyflakes has put the update up, i havnt read it but still ur updates are gr8.

thanks, i best read it now LOL

Aanandaa IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 April 2005
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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Hi Chilly,

Wonderful update...Thanks for putting in your heart in doing such a great job...it felt like I was actually seeing the episode!

Did you ever update for Tumhari Disha in TD forum?

SANDY Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 11:21am | IP Logged

thanks for a wonderful update.

pallavilumba Newbie

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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 11:31am | IP Logged

ahhhh this cant be happenning to me !!!aaj tomain will be awake till2:30 by hook or by crook. to hell with getting up at 7:30 am and going to work!!!

someone upload the videos plsssssssssss


pallavilumba Newbie

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Posted: 19 April 2005 at 11:32am | IP Logged
thanks for the update btw chilly..pata nahin mera kya hota agar tum na hote!

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