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2/3 Episode Discussion

AngeloScuro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 7:37am | IP Logged

Storm Ahead

It is laughable that you can emulate the ways of a Block Development Officer by just watching films that depicts Government officers. But Bihari is of that notion. I think Pinky should change her career and become an actress if it is so.

We find that within 10 days Pinky will have to take oath for office to become BDO.

With one phone call to Vidhyapathi by Bihari to taunt them that within 3 days they will have a Pinto Prishna wedding. Krishna is reminded of Pinto and his helplessness in his decision to marry Pinky in a flashback of what he said in the restaurant. She is reminded that he cannot back out of the promise he made to his father. Therefore her feelings for him has started acting up.

Has Krishna reached Patna with her dad and made the complaint at the DC office in Patna?

Not yet they will have to travel and make the complaint in the morning when the office opens.

At last Ganga speaks when she finds out what is going inside Pinto's head. Babloo arrives just in time to say she is the mother she should know what is wrong with her sons before anybody else finds out. TTS overhears and accuses Babloo of trying to break their happy family. Pinto could still not voice his concern to his dad and walks away.

Ganga's statement that Pinto is afraid of his dad TTS is not a good sign and I don't think Pinto can shake off from his father's shadow that easily.

This scene was the most poignant scene for me 4 people looking at different angles.

Four view points crashing into each other.

Babloo is ready to defend his mother . Pinto feels bad this happened because he voiced his thoughts. Ganga is left helpless again. TTS is like a dictator and has no remorse.

Krishna has finally arrived at her destination and seems more worried about losing Pinto, because she is sure of the result of her written letter for revalidation.

Pinto is kind of losing his mind in one corner of his room and TTS comes and does a fake emotional act. If he really wants what is good for Pinto he should listen to his son. In the end with all his fake crying and all the act Pinto is ashamed of himself for voicing his concerns and relents to marry Pinky.

Things that stood out for me in this episode.

Why was Krishna looking at her father Vidhyapathi's phone?  Is she thinking of calling Pinto after voice over flashback she had of Pinto Pinky marriage.

Why did Pinto have to agree to marry Pinky again after all this? He got the result of what was in his heart and now he makes it futile for himself.

Pinky accuses her parents that they are always talking nonsense.

Precap. Babloo is surely going to investigate now that he has found someone has called his father TTS from DC office.

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AngeloScuro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 7:58am | IP Logged

Please don't quote the whole thing because I might edit it .. and I've edited a bit about the TTS family drama.LOL

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged

I found the episode amazing today . I wanted 2 see Ganga atleast raising her voice for his Son n she did today FINALLY . But Alas it was not enough . But Atleast She did . Uff FInally babloo realized tht he hav one young bro also who is getting sacrficed . OMGG TTS Is such a Disgusting n such a Cheater . Today The way He started crying infront of Pintu after d huge Confrontation b/w TTS and Babloo-Ganga-Pintu , I felt for a sec bad for him but OMG it was all his plan  He played reverse psychology on Pintu , Pintu was all in ready 2 Refuse for marrige but TTS starts crying infront of him n starts telling tht This MArrge will not happen ,Let the people abuse me But nothng is more imp then my Family's hapiness . OMG Pintu Seriously I feel so bad for him tht How can his own father take advantage of his love , AFter hesaring so much frm a Father No son will refuse for marrige n so as Pintu  . Pintu tells tht Whtever happens He will marry . I can't tell u all ,Even I hated TTS once again 2dy in last scene for using Pintu like dis but The most n best part highlight was d Frrst hug of Pintu-TTS ,OMGG it was such a good hug I mean so beautifully directed Hug . It was saying tht Pintu surrendered himsekf 2 his Father n his father's smirk showed tht once again he won his trophy

Today's epi was Amazing . Wht a perfect Episode . Kudos 2 Kinshuk,Shebaaz khan and Ganga .These three were stars of 2dy's epi.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Great opening post Angel! And I loved your title. Very apt for what is going on.

To say that I loved today's episode would be a gross understatement! It was such a full-fledged package deal of emotion, drama and the subtlety that we have all come to love about this show and the characters. For the first time in a while, Bihari and Dehati lived up to the comic side of their roles in the scene with the DVDs. I was seriously laughing out loud when Dehati was praising her husband's amazing brain! Yes, clearly Pinky should learn how to be an officer from glamorous actresses pretending to be officers. Makes total sense...ROFL

Anyway so Pinky does something remotely smart and finds out when she has to report for duty and her parents rise to the occasion and fix her marriage date.

Ok now to the core of the episode: the Singh family implosion! I loved when Pintoo was talking to Hanuman and saying it would be better to be a bramhachari than to have to go through with a marriage that his heart is not set on, which in fact disgusts him. Finally being at a point when his father's actions are not tolerable to him anymore he confides in his mother. I had a feeling his family was ready to support him if ever he voiced his unhappiness but TTS rules by dividing his family and having each one of them so scared of him that the others assume they cannot revolt because they will be alone. Babloo is the only one who goes against this rule.

I was thinking, maybe Pintoo didn't want the marriage to be cancelled but he just wanted to talk to someone about his unhappiness so he chose Ganga because he had confidence that she wouldn't say anything. Unfortunately or rather fortunately, Babloo heard and took control of the situation. My crush on him only intensified today when I realised he wasn't oblivious but was also waiting for Pintoo to say something. It was a vicious cycle as nobody could help Pintoo until he spoke and he wouldn't speak until he felt he had support (which Ganga showed him verbally for the first time today). Babloo is slowly uniting the family, all of whom are strongly rooted in good principles to do what is right without fear of TTS. And he is getting there. Today he managed to show Ganga the light. Pintoo can't be far behind. Also, I like how he took his mother away, I guess hoping that Pintoo would take a stand and say something. But Pintoo is just not there yet though he does shock TTS by simply walking out. I liked Babloo's line about how Ganga's silence has taught Pintoo how to be silent as well and listen without question to TTS' demands.

Shocked HOW did they not telecast this scene in the previous episode? You know the one I am talking about! The wonderful confiding conversation between Pintoo and Krishna. Before he told anyone else about his discomfort with the marriage, he told her. This is exactly what I wanted to see in their relationship and I am so glad we got it in flashback form at least. But that also complicates what we have been interpreting as Krishna's feelings. But then she was equally disturbed before the cheka and she didn't know this then. So her feelings are very much there, only now they are mingled with sympathy and maybe respect for his commitment to his dad. Krishna is the kind to respect that commitment even when the object is false.

Kinshuk was absolutely fabulous during the tortured contemplation scene on the balcony. This is the first decision he has ever had to make and I think he is overwhelmed by its magnitude and probable results either way. He is in a vulnerable state where he doesn't know what to do and OF course TTS takes full advantage of that. Yesterday, Sandia said she saw a man looking back at TTS rather than a boy and today we saw that boy creep back in and consume the man who had just started to emerge. Ouch He was pretty resistant to the blackmail until it got to the question of his father's honour and then he was back to his old self. Clearly this honour and the larger than life image of TTS matters a lot to him and he is still a child, not ready to give up on his dad. Also we know that he hates confrontation and he must have felt like caused this one so his instinct to make it better kicked in. However the foundation for growth has been laid and it won't take much for him to get disenchanted now. I was so mad when TTS' music played in the end. Angry

Finally, Krishna looking down at her father's phone. I assume she was thinking of calling Pintoo, the way he called her (as they showed Pintoo immediately afterward). She is the only person who knows his pain but is not involved in it so she holds a unique position. Also it is possible that their connection, plus the news she just got, alerted her to the fact that he might need a friend, a confidant who would just listen and not try to take over the situation (as Babloo did). I hope she does call him and I want to hear that conversation!

The precap: Even though there was an article that said Krishna would face some troubles, I can see the story is moving in a positive direction as Babloo is also getting to the bottom of his father's connections at the DC's office. I am SO loving this!

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Woww sam Ur analysis is mindblowing . Even I felt so mad in last when TTS music gets played . Angry , How can a Father who claims tht His son is his laadla can cheat his same son 2 upto dis extent . Kinshuk wht 2 say abt dis guy yaar , jitna kaho kam hai , He was always superb n fantastic n today he just stole d whole episode with his different expressions , OMGG He showed all his emotions so beautifully  , how he manages 2 do tht I still didn't got it even after 5 yrs .Clap aww me2 lovedd his cutee convo with his hanumaanji , I mean tht was really very very cuteee .Simply lovedd it . 

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Juneli IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
gripping epi...yes slow and steadily a huge storm is approaching to create a total wreckage and turning everyones lives upside my thoughts in pointers:
1. BDP family...the less said the better...atleast it'll prevent me from getting a migrane attackLOL
2. the singh family stealerClap...thanks heavens...ganga maiya atleast opened her blessed mouth and confronted TTS..that too in a strong mannerThumbs Up...babloo...i've always admired him for being so defiant against TTS...and today loved his dialogue to ganga...something like i could see in his eyes from day 1...and you being a could you not...i guess that could have irked ganga to confront TTS...also loved how he again defended ganga and took her away for pintu...understandable that his idol person is his father and he has immnese love for him but c'mon how can you remain totally mutable when your mom and brother are fighting for youUnhappy...does he seriously not have guts to voice his opinionOuch...sorry guys it got me a bit pissed...esp. when TTS threatened ganga...i kinda expected even pinto to speak up...but alasUnhappy...neways the last part was very very sad...seeing how pintu got into TTS emtional mayajaalAngry...the hug sure was heartwrenchingCry...but i tell you the day pintu comes to know TTS reality...he will be the most shattered personBroken Heart
3. the FB was a surprise packageShocked...glad that pintu confided in krishna what his feelings are towards his marriage to pinky...infact it gave me a vibe that he may also be indireclty hinting that he belongs to her and not wonder could see the bechaini in krishna..which resulted in she looking at her dad's phone...hope to see prishna's phone convo on monday...naino ki bhasha bahut hogayee...need some sweet talky talky nowDay Dreaming
4. lastly don't know if i'm being over analytical...but i felt that krishna's rush to start her mission asap and not wasting time could also be  because of pintu...gosh this prishna is making my gray matter churn out all kind of weird thoughtsLOL 

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Kaveri nice analysis . n Hahaaa Even I was thinking when Krishna was like we shld do it asap LOL I was like Haan haan we all know why u r so rushed 2 complete ur whole work . Seriously we all became werird thinkers when it comes 2 Prishna LOL

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AngeloScuro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged
I too want that phone conversation to happen. When Krishna looked at her sleeping father she looked at the phone, she was also thinking of Pinto. The minute Pinto was shown in his room I thought the phone was going to ring any minute now
even while TTS was doing the whole drama thing and crying in front of Pinto.
I wanted that to be interrupted by the phone call but then it would not have turned out good TTS knowing that it was from Krishna.

What is the most likely thing they going to say if Krishna calls Pinto?
She might say 'badhai hoa" , I heard that you will be marrying within 3 days time.Well! So want to give you congratulations before anyone does.
Pinto will ask her where they are staying at.
Krishna might say at in front of the DC office.
Pinto might say why are you sitting there and not in a hotel.
Krishna might say don't worry about me too much , I hope you are alright.
Pinto might say I 'm good but she will know that there is something wrong with his voice...

Okay sorry got carried away! Will stop now.D'oh

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