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AshNi OS no 1: Dil-Ibadat

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Hey guys...
i thought of writing a small series of one shots...i have thought of 4 till now...so here goes the first one
OS | 1

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun,
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun.
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal Le Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

The flight is taking too much time. He cant bare till the time the flight land and he get to see the love of his life, his best friend, his only female friend, his girl friend, his Nidhi. He was eleven, when he came to live with Mr.Yograj Verma. His fathers best friend who happily welcomed him in his family with open arms. He lost his mother when he was four and that cause a big flinch in his life. His father Mr. Amar Mathur was lost. He didnt care of his well-established Import & Export business and that went into huge loss but he managed to get out from the loss seeing his son, his only hope. He worked day and night, soon getting back to the position he was once on but totally neglecting his health and didnt realize it till the time, he suffered the major Heart-Attack that caused him his life. May be he realized about his death as he wrote a will and asked his friend, Mr.Yograj Verma and Mrs. Shyama Verma to take care of his son. Mr. Amar Mathur died and Ashutosh collected all his things to move to his new destination.

He used to stay away from people, not talking, not making friends even before his father death but she was different. Nidhi Verma, the elder daughter of Mr & Mrs. Verma who was just a year younger to him. Totally opposite, she was fun-loving, full of life, bright, bubbly girl who was adored by everyone and loved by all. | Friends??| she asked putting forward her hand. He looked at her for sometime before shaking hand |Friends| he replied and she smiled brightly. She was the one with whom he felt comfortable in his new house and later also developed a protective, brotherly bond with her younger sister, Anji(Anjali) Verma who was 4 years younger to him. Being a bright child, Nidhi was in the same class as ashutosh and seeing the friendly bond, Mr.Verma admitted ashutosh in the same school as Nidhi and Anji. He still remember how she make him walk into there class while she was holding her hand and she dragged him to her bench and made him sit with herself. |We are best friends...so only you an share my bench with me| she explained. |Are you my girl-friend??| He asked innocently..She looked at him as a smile took place on her innocent 10 year old face |Since i am a girl and we are friends, so i guess I am...| and The faces of shocked boys and girls of the girls still is a fresh memory in his mind as he remembered her and a smile take place on his lips. he later got to know that she never let anyone sit beside her ever. The one boy who dared got beat by her badly and none of her classmate ever dared trying that again. She saved him everytime anyone from the seniors try to bully him seeing his geek look. She wont miss a day he was at school to go just with the thought that he would be alone. Thats what there friendship was so strong, so beautiful, so electrifying.

Jo Bhi Jitne Pal Jeeyu
Unhe Tere Sang Jeeyu
Jo Bhi Kal Ho Ab Tera Use Tere Sang Jeeyu
Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoo Unhe Tere Sang Bharoo
Chahe Jo Hona Rasta Use Tere Sang Chalu

He rubbed his heart with his palm as he remembered how he shared his first kiss with her when he was 18. He was a teenager and so was she, both knew eachother from a long time and felt that magnetic bond. It was her 17th birthday and like last 6 years, he saved his pocket money and buy her a dress, she was drooling over a week back. She was so happy that she hugged him tightly. The intensity of the moment was felt was both. he saw her growing up into a beautiful intelligent woman and was attracted to her but he felt so overwhelmed when she broke the hug and slowly said |Toshi| it was only she who would call him that |I want another gift from you| her blushed red cheeks make him move up his hand and rubbed her cheek lightly |What??| he said willing to give her anything she would demand and slowly, looking into his eyes, her hands moved into her hairs as she brought him closer and lightly give him a soft kiss on his lips. He was ecstatic and thrilled with her moment |I love you Ashutosh..| she said trying to control her breath as her eyes were full of nothing but love for him. Not bearing to control himself, he pulled her from her waist with a jerk and kissed her mindlessly. He was fierce a moment but soft another second. She felt nothing but loved by his kiss as her hands pull his hairs and make him moan. The sound was sexy, she thought as she kissed him back with equal passion. It was now her turn to moan when he licked her lower lip with his tongue, demanding her to open her mouth and she felt hot lava running down his throat as he deepened the kiss. Nothing till now in there life was as magnificent and as pure happened than this moment. She broke the kiss first unable to breath as he hold her burning face in his hands. There foreheads stuck with eachother. They still can feel each other breath. When he opened his eyes to find her closed ones, he replied |I love you too Nidhi...| her eyes open with a jerk and she look at him intensely. And all she could see was a pure, clear and non-materialistic love in his eyes and she hugged him tightly. They were teenagers then but they did understand that meaning of there words...They were mature to understand what it actually means and till now as he turned 27, all famous and successful as he re-opened his fathers company and made it get into the top three Import & Export Companies, all he wanted was to ask his uncle for what that belong to him. Just Him. His Nidhi..

As flight land, he quickly make his way to the out-house which he acquired on rent from Mr.Verma as he wanted to stand on his own from the time he was 19 and started his fathers closed down business. Mr.Verma already had his own textile Mill to run, and as per his fathers will, if not Mr.Verma then no one is going to carry on the business. Till now, Ashutosh was more than content that all his expenses, his education was paid by the life insurance money and prize bonds.

Putting his luggage away, he quickly took a shower and wearing a white shirt with maroon strips on the chest with denim jeans, rushed to the home. Everyone was in a hurry, when he reached the door. There were many people around, people to some he know as they were Mr.Verma s relative and some, he dont know were gathered, having drinks. Soon after looking through the crowd, he found his uncle, standing with a group of old men

|Ashutosh..|He was delighted to see him as ashutosh touched his feets and took his blessings and he introduced him to his friends |This boy make me so proud...I still cant believe he grew up so fast and now is one of the eligible bachelors of the town| Yograj said patting his back as ashutosh smiled |it just seemed like yesterday that you ame into this house and full-filled the place of my that son, which i never got before| Ashutosh looked at his uncle s happy face...He was like his own father for him...He hugged him and back away as he heard a sound at the back |Uncle, if Ashutosh is your son, then who am I??| a teasing voice make ashutosh turn as Yograj chuckled at the young boy standing infront of him |You are going to be my son, Samar| and then he introduced them |Samar, meet Ashutosh...my best friend s son but he is never less than one for me| Ashutosh smiled and shook hands with the handsome boy. He cant say Samar was not attractive. Any girl will drool over him |and Ashutosh, Meet samar...He is going to be Nidhi s fiance| Ashutosh\s hand loose its grip on Samar s and he looked at his uncle shocked |I think. Ashutosh didnt like the news| Samar said in the same teasing tone...Yograj smiled and looked at Ashutosh |He and Nidhi are best friends...So definitely its a shocking news for him|


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|And here she  is...| Everyone eyes turned towards the stairs as Nidhi accompanied by Shyama and Anji slowly come downstairs. Ashutosh felt his heart skip a beat and feeling immense pain as he saw the beauty of his Nidhi who was looking an angel in the Royal Blue lehenga having silver pattern on it and who is now going to belong to someone else. He was late. He cursed himself in his mind. He took a step backward as Samar proceed towards the stairs to hold her hand and escort her to the middle of the room for the ceremony. |They look great...| He heard someone saying beside him but he didnt dare tore his eyes from Nidhi whos eyes looked up and he can ignore the pain, the agony, the frustration in her brown chocolate eyes as Samar hold her hand. Ashutosh kicked himself in mind asking Why he took so much time to ask his uncle for Nidhi. Nidhi was asking him from last two years to go and ask her father about there marriage but he was reluctant. Not because he doubted his love or her love but he wanted to wait for a perfect moment. Moment he will not left a stone unturned and leaving a reason for Yograj to reject the proposal. But he was so wrong. His heart started to cry as he didn't let his eyes performing this task. He don't want his uncle to have an embarrassing moment because of him. Nidhi took her position as her eyes moved up to look around, trying to get his one glimpse. She missed him badly this whole day. Right now, she just wanted to end this poor joke that destiny played with her and run into his arms, tell him how much she love him, asking him to stop waiting for anything and make her his. She cant and dont want to imagine her life without him. But he was nowhere in sight. Anji told her that she saw him getting out from his car and going into the out house a while back. He must have been here till now, she thought. He is here and he will help her break this stupid engagement which is being forced on her by her parents. Just this morning, they told her that she need to get ready b the evening as she is getting engaged today with the son of one of his father s associates. She tried calling him, but his phone was switched off. She knew he is coming back today and that provide her a little strength. A little hope. But on not finding him in her sight, she felt disappointed. Soon the moment arrived. Shyama brought the rings in a thaal. |Nidhi, apna haath agay barhao beta | Shyama said politely making Nidhi break her trance. Nidhi put forward her hand, reluctantly only to hear Samar say |Whats this?? She is already having a ring| Everyone stared at the simple gold ring that was shinning in her ring finger. Ashutosh gifted her when he got his first big contract. Informally, it was an engagement ring for her as she always looked at it as one. Bewildered Yograj smiled trying to hide the embarrassment |Oh that one she had from a long time. She never took it off for a day. Nidhi loves this ring so much. Dont worry just put the ring in her other hand| no satisfied with the explanation, Samar looked at Nidhi, who was avoiding making an eye contact with him and holding her other hand, put the ring. Two hearts break in a moment as that ring slipped in Nidhi;s slim long finger. Unwantedly, with a little help from Shyama, Nidhi also put ring in Samar hand as everyone clapped and gathered around to congratulate the engaged couple. Getting the moment, where she can just put her heart out and cry, she hugged her mother so hold her back tightly, lightly patting her back and caressing her hairs, she looked up to find a teary Ashutosh, standing on the corner, devastated. Seeing him like that, she lost herself more. Anji, the only person who knew about Nidhi and Ashutosh, understand the need of the moment and pulled ashutosh out from the house and dragged him to the out-house. Ashutosh, who was still in shock, felt a soft hand on his shoulder and seeing Anji, his soul sister, he break down and cry till the time he didnt hold himself back. Tears were unstoppable today but Anji pacified him |Why is this happening to us Anji?| He complained. Anji went to get a glass of water and after making him sip a little, she told him how un-expected this engagement comes as for Nidhi, how she tried calling him so many times this whole day and how robotic she was when she slipped the ring in Samar finger. Nidhi was all doing this for her parents who practically had fix her wedding without her knowledge and call this function to tell her what they have decided for her. She left her wedding stuff with her parents as she knew that they love ashutosh and she also thought that he is going to ask them for her. Anji remembered just how yesterday, she jumped up in her bed, laughing, telling her that Ashutosh is going to talk to her parents and anji was as excited for it as Nidhi was. Seeing her sister and the man whom she always considered her brother and always wanted and looked up at him as her jeeju as she would occasionally teased him in private, both were hurt by just this decision of her parents.

The party ended. Everyone left. What left behind was a crying Nidhi. She looked at the ring in her finger that just few hours ago declared as a FIANCE of someone. Someone other than Ashutosh. How life could play like this with her? How it could be so cruel? Why didnt her parents noticed the sweet moments between her and Ashutosh? Why didnt they considered him the best for their daughter even after knowing that No one else know them both better than they know each other. Hearing the opening sound of the door, Nidhi turned to find a teary Ashutosh making appearance and looking at him, she just loose her control as she rushed into his arms. The feeling of protectiveness and caring surrounded her. She cried and cried. There seemed no way to stop her and neither he could hold himself |I am outside, if someone will come...i will tell you| Anji said as she closed the door behind.

Mujhko De Tu Mit Jaane
Ab Khudse Dil Mil Jaane
Kyu Hai Yeh Itna Fasla...
Lamhe Yeh Phir Naa Aane
Inko Tu Naa Le Jaane
Tu Mujh Pe Khudko De Loota...
Tujhe Tujhse Tod Loo Kahi Khudse Jod Loo
Mere Jism O Jaan Main Aa Teri Khusboo Odh Loo

|Nidhi...| he slowly rubbed her back and made her move back, to sit on the bed as he hold her in his arms and said |Everything will be alright Nidhi...we will talk to Uncle and Aunty...i know they will understand us| he said trying to build up her moral. He don't want her to leave all hopes of them being together. He cant bear even thinking that she will belong to someone else when they are just made for eachother. |They have to...they need to understand us toshi...| she said between her sobs |They will...| he said pulling away the hairs which were coming back on her tear stained face. Some actually got wet from her tears as he felt the wetness as he tucked them behind her ear and wiping her cheek with his thumb he made her look up at himself. They kept staring for sometime before Nidhi said |If they didnt agree toshi, i promised you..i will do something to myself| ashutosh eyes grew wide and knowing how aggressive and hot-headed Nidhi is, she is capable to doing anything she want to and that scared him |Dont you dare say or do anything...| he hugged her tightly as the fear seeped through his body. |How dare you think like this Nidhi when from life, all i ever wanted and pray is for you... | Nidhi was now hugging him tightly, her head stayed on his chest as she heard his un-even heartbeat...She scared him, she knew that but she cant help him. Just like him, she too just wanted to belong to him. |I know...| she said as she placed a kiss on his chest. He sigh. |Promise me, you will never ever think of even something such stupid|...|I promise...| and he felt at peace. They stay like this for sometime before he drew apart and cleaned her face with his hand softly... |i didnt knew that behind this Wild Nidhi, who is ready to attack anyone even for keeping the possession of a bench all to herself and ready to teach seniors a lesson without caring about the outcome...is such a baby inside| Ashutosh said trying to see the smile, he imagined and missed this whole day and she did a little.. |That Nidhi is not afraid of anything, knowing that his best friend is with her always to fight with any situation, but this Nidhi, is just so afraid of loosing him and his love| she said as the love clearly expressed from her eyes. He almost felt himself loss of words.. He caressed her face with a feather like touch and kiss her softly on her lips |You will always find me beside you Nidhi, Forever| and as she believed his words, she smiled.

Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoo Unhe Tere Sang Bharoo
Chahe Jo Hona Rasta Use Tere Sang Chalu
Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

|This is impossible now Nidhi...I have given my word to Samar s father..And I am not going to back out now| Yograj said angrily as Ashutosh and Nidhi confessed there love infront of him |But Dad, its my life. I know i have given you and mom all the rights of my marriage but dont you think i should have been asked before finalizing it. I atleast could have been given a chance to give my opinion| Yograj knew he did the mistake there. He should have atleast warned Nidhi before about his intentions and this proposal. Atleast then, she must have told him about her and Ashutosh. He loved Ashutosh and he also knew that Ashutosh is a great person, human being and any girl who would marry him will be lucky. Its not like he never thought of getting Nidhi and Ashutosh married. Even Shyama many times asked and discussed about it. But at the time Ashutosh was busy with his business. He wanted to prove himself and always rejected the thought of marriage. But as this Rishta came in, he wasnt able to say NO. He couldnt wait forever to get her daughter married and knowing Samar and his family before, he was just as convinced that Nidhi would be happy there. But this all proving wrong now as its all going in a backward direction. |Nidhi, i dont want anymore arguments...You are engaged to Samar and thats final| Ashutosh felt heart-broken..He never thought one day he would go against his Uncle decision...the father figure in his life |But Dad...| before Nidhi could say anything, Yograj left the place.

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Next few days, Ashutosh noticed Nidhi ignoring his father. No eye contact, not talking properly. Her smile vanished from her face. She will talk to him on phone but that charisma of Nidhi, her full of life and chirpy voice was missing. Ashutosh felt terrible at times seeing the saddness in Yograj and Shama eyes. They felt themselves culprit, killer of her happiness, her smile and it was true. If it would have been someone else, Yograj would have ended the engagement at the first moment when Nidhi told about her and Ashutosh, but Samar father was a great friend of him and also helped him and his family many times when he was about to have a great loss in his business. He cant disappoint him now as he think he owe him. But nothing was bigger and more important than her daughter for him

|Uncle, I am sorry for all the distress that occurred because of me..| Ashutosh said as he entered Yograj office to find him deep in thoughts. He was worried, ashutosh knew but slowly as days passing by, his frown had become a major part of his face. And last thing Ashutosh wanted was making his uncle getting tensed because of him. |Ashutosh...| Yograj started but Ashutosh cut him in between.. |No uncle, let me finish...| He took a deep breath as fidgeting with his fingers he started looking down on the floor |I am thinking to move to Calcutta... My board of directors suggest we need to expand now more and i personally want to take care of this project. I will move and get away from Nidhi life...she would forget me in some time| With whom he was joking as if he dont know her. Her warning still ring in his head but he knew, she will keep her promise |I am sorry that because of me, your daughter is getting away from you...You who provided me a family who loved me and support me at every step, has to face the ignorance and left out by your own daughter. and I swear Uncle, i never wanted this| |I never wanted to keep Nidhi away from you or the worse hate you...but its happening and i think if i go away from her, she will be back to you...I just came here to tell you this that I am leaving tomorrow...I just need your blessings| He looked up to find a teary Yograj who get up and came to engulf in a hug |I am sorry Ashutosh| He said as a tear escaped from Ashutosh eyes...

He is going to miss his family, a warmth of a father hug...the love of a mother...the teasing of a sister and the most important, the love and support of his best friend and life. He didnt talk to her and didnt dare informed anyone else about his departure. All the flights were booked for today and he didnt wanted to wait another day seeing Nidhi ignoring her father so he took the train ticket. Every step away from the home feels like a bullet going through his body, leaving it marked and bruised. but he had to. His ideal, his father was getting hurt and somewhere he found himself the reason.

|Damn it...| he cursed under his breath as the announcement of the train to calcutta getting late about 2 hours buzzed through the station. Taking a place on the bench, he looked around. Another train was about to depart and many loved ones were waving bye to other, wishing them safe journey, telling them that they will miss each other and soon to visit again. He too have loved ones but he was here, leaving, for them. All the moments he has spend with Nidhi over the years went through his mind as he sigh. His heart was in pain and so was his mind, not relaxing a minute and anxious to leave. |Can i sit here??| he heard a young girl asking him and not even being an considerate about how beautiful that stranger is, he noded and went back to his thoughts, closing his eyes. Moments later he felt a moment beside him and then a head resting on his shoulder, |WHAT THE HELL????| he shocked suddenly stand up thinking that the stranger girl make a move towards him but his eyes open widely as he saw Nidhi sitting there grinning. Not believing at first, he blinked and when she was still sitting there, while the stranger girl passed a confused look to them both...he rushed to Nidhi and pinch her |Owww...!!!| she cried before she hit him on his hand |Stupid!! its really me...| She said rubbing her hand...In excitement, he actually had pinched her hard..He smiled first hearing STUPID from her mouth but as realization seep in, he frowned |What are you doing here??|...Nidhi felt irritated |I think people come here for two reasons, One to go to some other place and 2nd, to bid farewell to there loved one s| Ashutosh was still standing there, crossing his hands...his eyes having a look SO FOR WHAT REASON YOU ARE HERE FOR and she knew it...she can read him like an open book so without him asking anything directly she said |And since you will not take me with you and will argue and push me away. Seriously that will hurt me| She said pouting her lips |and i am not good to bid bye to my loved ones so definitely i am not here for both reasons...I am here for my THIRD UNIQUE NIDHI s REASON| She said as matter of fact...|And what is that THIRD UNIQUE NIDHI REASON...| He asked completely irritated my her smug look...She slowly moved closer to him and found her holding his hard hands in her soft ones |To take you back with me...to take you to the place you belong| She said softly as in her eyes, the only thing he saw was love but he need to control.. She is someone else fiance now..He reminded himself as he pulled his hands away from hers and said |Go home Nidhi, I am not coming back| Ashutosh said as he moved towards his luggage and get a hold on it. i NEED TO FIND ANOTHER PLACE he thought as he moved away before he heard |The hell you are not coming back...| and he stopped in the mid way and turn around to found a smiling Yograj, Shyama and Anji now standing beside Nidhi. Ashutosh felt overwhelmed as he realized what there presence here meant. He stayed standing glued to his position when Shyama came and pat his cheek lightly |Do you think we could stay happy seeing our children in pain| Ashutosh shook, smiled as he held her hand in his and lightly kiss it |Ashutosh, You were always my first choice for Nidhi and I am so happy that you both choose each other as life partners...| Yograj said as he come and stand beside his wife |And now, even we are more proud of him, seeing how much you care for us. We know that its only you who could keep our Nidhi happy| There was a profoundness in yograj voice as ashu felt loved and hugged him. How he even dare think that he can stay without his family. He look up to found a teary Nidhi who was being hugged by an excited Anji

They get into the cars as Yograj and Shyama went to Samar house, excusing about the engagement and Ashutosh took the driver seat of Nidhi car as she sit beside on passenger seat and Anji at the back.. |So now, i can officially call you my JEEJU...GOD i am so loving the sound of it..| Anji almost shouted from the back, she was hell thrilled with the news that his Ashutosh Bhai will now be his JEEJU |Yes, you can call him that...| Nidhi said with a shy smile, AND I CAN THINK OF DOZENS OF ROMANTIC NAMES I WILL CALL HIM AS, JAAN, JAANU, TOSHI, ASHU, SWEET-HEART, LOVE, DARLING, JAAN-E-JAAN, HUBBY she blushed as the last one crossed her mind.. Ashutosh noticed her blushed face and raise his brows.. Shooing her head, she looked out from the window as she felt butterflies dancing in her stomach and avoiding his intense gaze which she could feel just now and were sending shivers down her body

Bahoon Main De Bas Jaane
Sine Main De Chhup Jaane
Tujh Bin Main Jaaunga Kaha????
Tujhse He Mujhe Ko Paane Yaado K Woh Nazrane
Ek Jinpe Haq Ho Bas Mera

As they reach home, Anji was caught up with a phone call and she rushed inside as one of her friends need some notes. Finding the moment, Ashutosh hold Nidhi from her hand and took her to the out-house. Nidhi feeling all shy tried to rush out as Ashutosh closed the door just then, his one hand resting on the door as other took place around her waist...and now Nidhi was standing facing towards door. Her body shivering with anticipation as she felt his breath slowly caressing her neck and then the breath was replace by his lips as he kissed her softly. Moving her hairs to one side, he kissed against her shoulder as her back hit his chest, her breathing getting heavy and she arched her neck to give his better access. Getting the hint, he rubbed her lips against her soft velvet skin as it move up and after giving a slight kiss to her ear, he bit her earlobe, making her whimper |Ashutosh..| He turned her towards himself as he kiss near her lips and then moving down kissed her throat and collar bone, taking his time, making her moan. He loved that sound. Not bearing it anymore, she put her hand which were rubbing his back now upto his hairs and pulled him for a hungry kiss |You are death to me...| He said as he kissed her back, exploring her lips...once done, he again pulled her to himself from her hips and kissed her till the time she could remember nothing but him |I love you Nidhi...I so deeply, madly love you..|He said as he kissed her nose making her smile... |I love you too...too much to say| as the words escaped her swollen lips, he rubbed his thumb gently against them and sighing as she sucked his thumb a minute later |Its so hard to leave you...| He said, not trusting himself with her. This girl can drive him nuts with passion and he himself was shocked and thrilled with the force |Then why you even tried...| She asked softly. He could see the tears building up in her eyes. God last thing he ever want to do is make her cry |I willnt, i promise i willnt do that ever again...i owe you| he said as he hugged her

 Teri Yaado Main Rahoo
Tere Khwabo Main Jagoo
Mujhe Doondhe Jab Koi
Teri Aankho Main Milu
Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoo
Unhe Tere Sang Bharoo
Chahe Joho Rasta Use Tere Sang Chalu

Moments later, as the were snuggled on the couch, Nidhi asked |Toshi..|...She was drawing little cirles on his shirt |Yes, My LOVE...| he asked moving his fingers through her silk smooth hair |Can i ask you something??| |Anything...| he replied. She straightened up making him open his eyes and look at her |What were you thinking as you decided to leave all by yourself? Didnt you think about me once?...| she asked as the feeling again get to her that she might have lost him today. she might have just lost her love today...Ashutosh cupped her face and said |Nidhi, your smile is my world. It makes my day perfect. you dont know how priceless it is for me.. seeing you ignoring uncle, killed me. I know you were in pain too as much as he was...but i thought that all because of me that you are going through this|...|I wasnt..i was angry with Dad but that wasnt because of you...You complete my life, you fulfill the reason of my exsistence, how could i could be i pain because of you|...ashutosh smiled and pulled her back to his chest. |so are you, you know on the station, as i closed my eyes, the only person i could see was you before you made me snapped out from it...you scared me you know| Ashutosh said chuckling as he remembered what he actually thought and as guessing she said in a stern tone |You thought it was the girl beside you making the MOVE, doesn't you??| and as he nod in agreement, she hit him lightly and tried to get away from him saying |I should have know that every man is same...thinking about other girls|...Ashutosh laughed as he grabbed her wrists in his hands and said. |I wasn't thinking about any girl, i was just thinking about MY GIRL...I am a one woman man| he said as matter of fact and she looked deep in his black smoldering eyes just to find herself and desire for herself as she leaned forward and kissed his cheek. There prayers were answered with this happiness of being together after being in pain for weeks and that truly make there love, more immense, more passionate and more stronger.

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun


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Nice one Ana. Its good to read something like this to get out from the depressed mode.

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very nice..tooo good...

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Originally posted by aarch

Nice one Ana. Its good to read something like this to get out from the depressed mode.

thanx dear for liking...and commentingEmbarrassed
Embarrassedi was just listening to this song and this whole story worked up in my mind...
n i too wanna feel ashu-nidhi bond so thought to write down

luv ya

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yaar, tushi great ho, LIKED the OS.
You are a fantastic writer.
I was feeling all the emotions my self.
really you wrote in a way which made me totally involved in the characters.
I liked the other name of ashu(Toshi).
really when we feel like jag soona soona lage becoz of all this turmoil, your updates or OS comes as a fresh air or soothing balm.
Atleast in fictions we can see ashu and nidhi combined and happy.

Would like to see more.Smile

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