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Wednesday - Cook Scores for the dayClapClapClap

After Padaiyal is over.. All visitor are hurrying to have food.. there pops our NA n Informs that we havent decided on Paramu's marriage so i want to confirm at situation nu solluraru.. all are praising for his good act n ask him whether date for marriage is decided.. NA announces some date which is 2 week away..all agree for it.. Loola N Moorty is fuming in side...mayil n dev's are happy for it..mayil calls dev's n go inside with firm look..maha comes inside running crying..puspa & dev follows sends her off with puspa.. there comes our shanti's sottai hubby.. n gives some money to dev as moorai.. but dev's runs away from without accepting the money ..sottai follows here.. Mayil comes out of room n sends food to sooku house thru male cook .. he suprised for a while n happily accepts n leaves to sokku home.. after coming out tells his wife on this n leaves to sokku home.

Cook Delivers the food to sokku very happily.. sokku comes inside the house n shares the happy news to all..all are very happy to hear this..meens was telling i didnt expect this from ur brother how this magic happened nu kekuranga.. sokku tells about the periyavar .. n justify that mayil cried becoz he is kaliyuga maha brother.. ore happy jumping..meens tells that its good time that malar stepped inside this home.. all are good happeningsn avanga pughalthufying malar..sokku tells that he wish to go n meet mayil immmediately now nu solluraru.. Meen's tells let Kobi also comes home ..then you both can go togather nu solluraru..

KObi is coming in kadai veedhi.. there cross our Mr. shanthi from some pco n leaves.. kaja get to see an flower shop near pco n ask kobi to get flowers for malar.. kobi says that he feels shy..n tells that let him get flowers for all at home.. kaja.. teases him.. while lady measuring flowers..pco guy comes out with some change.. he identifies kobi n tells bald headed man from ur house only came n did some phone to trichy..but left rs 50 change n went.. do he have so much money nu kettutu gives change n bill to him..they got an number.. kobi tries that number n find whereabouts of SR..he get favourable answers..he cuts the call without letting his name n tells kaja that we will goto trichy to find SR mappu nu solluraru..mayil house.. dev checks him about his change.. mayil confirms him that he hasn't got changed.. n takes her to some window n shows there kobi photo is like pandi with pottu, malai n padaiyal ... n tells let this big sin hits sokku family nu solluraru..there comes female cook n notices the stupidity.. n bashes mayil for his bad thoughts... n request him to leave the bad thought.. but mayil settles her money for thier cooking...she gets angry n starts to bash more n throws money at his face n tells both dev n mayil are mere dead bodies without good thought & sense nu sollitu leaves the place.. mayil n dev are upset with it...female cook walkin to sokku's house.. there comes kobi from outside in his cycle.. both meets up in entrance of their house itself..she go on scolding mayil , kobi stops her n ask her to come to point straight.. cook disclose about live padaiyal for kobi n tells food distribution to his family thru her hubby . kobi is shocked to hear this..
Screen Freezes

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Thursday Updates

Gopi gets shock upon knowing andha padiyal was done for him nu  Shocked He tells the neighbour that he would inform his family nu and goes in heartbroken. Meenashi rombha pasama welcomes her son and kindalfy Sokku being excited. Sokku agrees he is happy that now he and his thambi going to join back together nu. He ask Gopi to follow him as they need to see Mayil right away. Pavam Mayil would be tavikuraning with guilt ShockedD'oh Gopi says no need to go today as someone told Gopi that Mayil has taken sleeping tablet and slept off already. Sokku says its okay let him sleep peacefully aned ask the girls to bring the sapadha so that they can sit and eat together as family.

Sokku ask Gopi to eat first but Gopi says today he will eat everything. Its padiyal for Pandi and Gopi wants to eat everything. Sokku agrees. Gopi taniya eats everything with tears in eyes Cry

Mayil sitting alone and josiyar comes there Ouch He ask if  Mayil has eaten the padiyal for his son. Mayil says later. Josiyar says he saw the alcohol bottle as well. Mayil says what to do, once ago Pandi was addicted to that also adhan he bought it. Josiyar forces Mayil to drink that as well Angry but Mayil refuses. Josiyar somehow manage to convince Mayil who goes in and takes the bottle and drinks it all ShockedD'oh

Gopi and Malar in the room. Gopi tells Malar the truth about the padiyal. Malar is shock and remains silent but has tears. Gopi ask why is she crying? He thought she is open minded and brave person and that is why he is telling her alone the truth. Malar pretends like nothing happen and tells Gopi not to worry. All this is done only because Mayil is angry. They both can change all this soon. Gopi is relieve that Malar able to take this issue easily. Gopi says he does not believe in all this but yet he ate all the food as he don't want anything happen to his family.

Next morning, the neighbor lady sees Meenakshi and ask if Gopi manage to stop them in time before eating the padiyal food. Meenashi is confused and ask what she is talking. The lady tells out the truth about the padiyal food. Meenashi in anger goes to Mayil house.

Maha and the family leaves. They promise to send Maha back after a week. They leave and both husband wife sits in the front. Devanai arrives ...

nallai naanae taan continue for the pattas from Meenashi ...

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Friday Updates

Meenashi vegama vandhu and ask Mayil & wife "Neelam paiyan setta piragu adangamathei lae?" and Mayil ask her to leave. Meenashi ask what to leave? Both husband & wife should nasama poga nu she sabam vidhufy. Kamu goes to  her and calls her periamma. Meenashi ask enna periamma when they did kariyam for her son Gopi. Both Kamu and Paramu shock. She ask what is going on. Kamu ask her parents enna nadhakadhu and Devanai ask Kamu to go inside. Meenashi continues to scold them. Mayil ask enna eriyadha? This is how they are feeling for losing their son Pandi. Meenashi says "Mudhudha vaiya" Shocked For the wrong things and pavams Pandi did, he is gone. Mayil "vendham Meenashi" Shocked Meenashi ask him ivalava pillai pettam no buthi and calling her by name? Meenashi brings up how selfish they are and how last time they depend everything on sokku and now doing all this to him. Not even once both Mayil or Devanai gave one ruba to Gopi and ask him to spend. Instead Gopii was the only who did everything for them.

Even when Kamu marriage was to take place, Gopi was the one who did everything. And how ungrateful they can be now. Meenashi bayangaram sabam vittufy ShockedD'ohMayil goes near her with anger and ask her to leave before mariyadhei kettuporan ..(innum enna iraku kettupogaErmm) Meenashi says they kudhumbam nasama pogum and mayil slaps her ShockedShockedAngry (enna idhu aa uu na slaps AngryShocked) Sokku arrives at the same time and screams Mayil. Meenashi runs to him and tells him everything about the padiyal and kariyam for Gopi. Sokku is semma shock and heart broken.

He holds Meenashi hand and takes her to Mayil. Sokku in anger burst out that Mayil is an animal. How could he do this to a son like Gopi? Pavam Gopi without telling anyone he ate the whole thing and also by not giving them. Sokku says he does not believe in this kariyam stuff and he knows god is up there and he will take care of Gopi and nothing will happen to Gopi. How dare he hits his own anni? Sokku says he can no longer take this anymore. From now on they both are not brothers. Mayil says he long ago disown Sokku. Sokku tells him that from now one nothing will be between them. Even if he dies, his body will not go on this way. Both sokku and Meenashi leaves. Sokku sadly tells her that Mayil will never come back to them anymore. Pavam Gopi, he ate everything even after knowing that was done for him nu. Meenashi cries. Sokku begs Meenashi to never tell Gopi what had happen here illathi he would be terribly heart broken.

Devanai inside the house continues her polambal that Meenashi would go straight to Gopi and tell him everything now and Gopi is going to come here to fight. Mayil says let him come. He will cut Gopi into pieces and Sokku can came and take the pieces. Kamu ask her father why talking like this and its wrong to hit periamma. Mayil raise his hand on her but stopped by Devanai. He warns them not to sondham kondaduran and stay in this house.  Both kamu and paramu goes behind. Paramu says she is worried if all this will lead to big fight. Gopi will come and fight here if he comes to know what had happen. Kamu says she knows about sokku. He will not tell Gopi anything and they will not come here to fight. Paramu says what about Mayil? Kamu cries and says she don't know what is going to happen to both families after this.

Sokku returns to his house and praises Gopi for knowing all these and eating food. He says mayil will never change. He is so angry. Also he suggests that we leave this place and go some where else.  Malar one more MM in the list says lets be patient. How ever mad he is we will not fight back. there is a limit to anger. Beyond that it is meaningless. Lets be patient. Sokku is emotional and praise her as his poruthamana marumagal.

Malar smiles.
to be continued ...

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Archives Copy..

Ennna kaiya pidichu izhuthiya??????

rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor

Monday 6th Januray 2011 Epsiode Update

Iam posting a vadivelu comedy here...

Enakku indha scene parkumbodhu serial kkum adha parkara namakkum edho msg solra maadhiriyae oru feelingnail bitingnail bitingnail bitingnail bitingnail biting

Ungalukku ehdavadhu thonudha??LOLLOL

Onnum thonalaya after watching the scene??...No problem...Just enjoy the comedy...


Pirai-Pushpa's house...Pirai sogamaga sitting outside (Eppadi irundha pirai ippadi aagi poyeOuch)...Pushpa comes with coffee...Pirai asks abt Maha...Maha is insode ...says pushpa...Pirai'e feeling corner-He asks pushpa...Maha va thethida mudiyuma??Pushpa starts crying...Pirai continues his polambing...Pushpa consoles him saying we should find a solution for this...We should bring maha back to normal...Stop crying and polambing...we have to think abt maha now...

Sam comes there with food...(yaaru setha enna ...yaaru nalalrudha enakku enna...naan adhe papparappa nnu dhaanya nadappen...LOL)...He goes in and calls maha for breakfast...maha is sleeping..She gets up and says she dont want to eat...Sam advices her to forget everything and start a new life...

He says Dance teacher venuma in a dance school...Maha yosiching... Then she asks...avaru sonnara?...Avara?Evaru?...asks sam boy...Maha says Gopi athaan dhaan ..(marubadiyum gopi athaana??)...Sam samaluchufies no...this is purely my idea...Sam leaves and maha  

Flashback...maha dancing...Baharatanatyam...Gopi comes there and rasiyo rasi nnu rasiching...(Nallathaan aadhuthu paapaClap)....Oru vazhiya dance muidnju pochu...Gopi comes near her and tells her to start a dance school...Maha replies...adhellam mudiyadhu...Namma pullaigalukku venumna i'll teach...FB over and maha is sad...

Moorthy comes to kaamu's house...Mayil and deivanai welcomes him and he says he is here to take kaamu with him...Deivanai goes and tells kaamu to get ready...Kaamu erichala talking...Deivanai convinces kaamu...Kaamu says all becoz of Paramu-ramesh kalyanam...deivanai says all becoz of that gopi...

Now  paramu'slife is in ur hands...u have to somehow convince morthy ...POndatti sonna kandippa purushan will listen...(LOL)...Kaamu arivali asks...thalaiyanai mandhiram poda solraiya amma?? (Husband sonna pechu ketkartadhukku pillow kku edhukku mandiram podanum??Confused)

Kaamu comes and moorthy kadu kadu nnu standing...Deivanai says take care of kaamu...Moorthy silent...Deivanai asks podatuma maappu...Moorthy says yes...(kelambarom sonnadhu kku appuram coffee poda pora orey maamiyar indha amma dhaan)Deivanai goes in and moorthy tells kaamu to come out...Appuram 2 perum avanga bike la yeri poittanga...Deivanai comes with coffee...Bike gone...Deivanai sad and starts crying...

Gopi's house...Saappattu pandhi aarambam...Gopi and malar joins sokku and co...All sad..Malar decides to cheerup everyone..asks meenu ...Athai...what saappadu today...meenu says sambar...What ?Sambhar...Daily Saambhar...Try something different...cook chicken,mutton,fish,nandu,era,sora,vaankozhi biriyani(Madam...kaadai,kowdhari, ellam vittuteenga)...

Malar tells meenu to forget mayil...Malar tells sokku abt his karaikudi fmaous urundai soru...Sokku tells ragini to bring that perrriyya bowl...Ragini brings and sokku prepares urundai soru...Then ellarukkum kudukararu...Malar kku mattum ooti vittings...Adhisiyama innaikku PP sandhoshama mudinjurukku!!


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Wednesday - 8th Feb 2012 - Athanae parthaenAngryAngry.. Yennakavathu EEEBig smileBig smile.. Episode avathuDead..Moorthy's Palace RKO OuchOuch

SR ask kobi to wait n comes back after finishing his jobOuch..n tells that am sorry for hiding things from youClap.. meanwhile Lanslord oldies comes there with thier loosu payanTongue.. n praises SRStar for his service..Kobi introduce himself as BIL of SR..Landlord suprisingly accepts his marriage n some more praise to SRClap ..Kobi adds that mahesh is pregie.. lady says my DIL has gone to her mothers place.. this guy havent informed about his married life no problem let you bring your sister we will find house nearby for them n get settle here nu solluranga.. n all of them goes in..SR says please dont tell Mahes on this as she might feel bad nu solluraru.. But kobi says that now only we have to tell mahes.. as every one have wrong impression which needs to be breaken now.. nu solli adds up on Shanti n co's visit n thier nuisance talks..SR says one more sorry for it n confirms that mahes is important to me in my life as my sis has brought me up ..i cant offend her straightly nu solluraru..Kobi ask his permission for talking over phone.. SR says anymore i will not have any issue as my landlords got to know all about me nu solluraru.. finally SR sends off kobi & Kaja.

Malar n Rag's in ayurveda centre.. Doc confirms that all is well with malar but she should not hold more weight for a while nu solluraru.. they thanks him n leave malar waits outside the centre rags checks on it .. malar says roh's is on her way to meet her.. so both waits .. roh's comes n begs with malar in alone that she has decided to married to gokul ..which is not her decision.. again which cant be changed nu sollitu ask malar not to pork in her issue as it would worse her life more nu sollitu leaves from there ..malar left in tears.. rags comes near her n checks about it ..but malar takes her to home.

Kobi comes to kamu's house in trichy.. kamu oru rewind podura with big RKO..finally tells mayil lost his sense becoz of pandi's loss nu sollura.. there comes our murthy..started his bashing on kobi for spoiling van's life..kamu says van's have forgiven him already ..murthy jumps for that also..finally kamu starts her fight back telling its him who helped us in getting united in life ..hold your tongue before you starting on my brother nu shouting back.. murthy gets full hyper n starts to slap kobi ..kamu is shattered on it.kobi samadhana paduthufies that by murthy might have slapped.. but murthy says no n slaps agains.. Kamu pushes him away from kobi n ask kobi to leave n tells murthy is not worth pushing kobi to move out of her home.. kobi tells last to take care n be with patient n leaves..

Screen Freezes

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episode  462

hopper ajar!

Party sumi vandhuthangal back in action...

ROFLROFLROFL sumi semma comedy. naan meenu akka agree pannuren.. nammala muttala akarabadhi taan indha connection ROFLROFL mudiyalai ennala ROFL

Gopi kalambaran. Aasaiya pakavandhar vaam but things got out of hand. He ask Kamu to be more patience. Kamu comes in back and Murthi starts screaming on top of his lungs Ouch (ennaku ear drum ellam kilinjadhuAngry) He screams asking Kamu if he is an animal? Kamu ask how could he treat Gopi like that? What is Murthi problem? Her family members cannot come here right? Murthi screams again saying yes and he hates her also. She does not need to live with an animal. He ask her to get ready and he will send her back home. Kamu is speechless. Why does she need to go back when they both are having problem? Its better for both of them to talk out the problem. Murthi does not seem to listen and ask her to go back to her house and when her father ask why, tell him because Gopi came so Murthi does not like it. She can see her father's reaction then. Kamu becomes more scared and begs him no one will ever come to this house but not to send her back home.

Murthi does not listen to him and forces her to get ready. Kamu falls down to his feet Shocked and says she cannot leave here and ask him to beat her or punish her but not to send her back.  Murthi does not listen to her and ask her to get ready. Kamu terrible state lae also kindalfy Murthi by telling him lucky he is willing to send her instead of just chasing her out from the house. Means he still got some manasathanam within him and goes to pack. Murthi gets insulted.

Sokku house. Magesh mugathil semma smile and glowing Shocked Gopi telling the entire family that mapillai is semma sokku thangam. Tells them about the job he is doing and the reason why he did not tell them about it is because of the condition for that job. He lied to the family that he was single. Sokku ask if Gopi told him about how his akka mama has spoken here. Gopi says he did and mapila ask them to just ignore his sister and mama as both are loosus. Mahesh orei sirupu and vekafy pannuraning ShockedLOL Ellaram in the family is very happy. Gopi also tells them the house owner ask to send Magesh there and they will get a house for both of them there itself. Malar says everything is getting good day after day. Gopi smiles and is happy to see the bandage is removed but rombha varatha pattu sonnar irundha oru velai pocha nu (carrying her around LOL) Sokku ask Meenashi to get food ready and calls Gopi inside to talk to him separately.

Sokku ask Gopi if he went to see Kamu. Gopi shock. Sokku says he knows Gopi very well and that he loves his sisters dearly. Gopi tells Sokku what happen there but did not tell him about the slap. Gopi says Kamu supported him and Murthi got even angry. So Gopi left. Sokku hopes Kamu does not get into any problem anymore.

Murthi brings Kamu to Mayil house and just screams about .. and thaya takka jumping. Mayil gets angry and raise his voice asking Kamu what happen. Kamu tikkufy and tells Mayil that Gopi came to visit here. Everyone is shock. Murthi continues his thaiya thakka and says he don't care what relation they have with Gopi but for Murthi, Gopi is enemy and he cannot come to his house. This Kamu should respect her husband not him. And further Kamu is supporting Gopi and gopi looks at him in insulting way. As it is Gopi has killed Pandi, but this family not tirundufying. Murthi says its time he thinks of his family as he don't want any death in his family. Murthi ask Mayil to keep his daughter her as he is not interested to live with her and leaves. (habaaa... my ears bleeding already pola Shocked) Murthi mudinji Mayil D'oh thaiya thakka screams at Kamu and starts hitting her ShockedAngry He ask Kamu to leave the house to Gopi. Devanai cries and ask Kamu why is she also doing like this to them? Mayil declares that Kamu is no longer his daughter. Both mother and daughter sits and cries.

Nelli comes not knowing what happening. He ask for Mayil and tells Devanai about the wedding hall. Pesikatha he turns and get shock to see Kamu there and ask her what had happen. Kamu cries and tells him what happen. Nelli gets angry and about to call Murthi but Kamu tells him not to. Nelli then invites her back home to their house but Mayil comes in and continuous screaming D'oh saying Kamu will never go back there again. Mayil says all this is Kamu faulth and not Murthi. Murthi mapillai is sokka thangam Shocked Mayil says Kamu has destroyed her own life. She should suffer with this and stay like this for ever. Mayil tells Nelli that all this is well plan by Sokku and son. They plan this all well and make Kamu life like this. Mayil leaves.

Devanai says sorry to Nelli if Mayil is rude. Mayil is depressed right now. Nelli ask Kamu not to cry, he will talk to Murthi and bring her back. Nelli leaves.

Sam tells his parents about the natyam class. Both appa amma ask Maha what she has decided. Mayil has agreed for this class. Both Puspa and husband are very happy to hear this.  Sam says he will make all arrangement for this soon. Puspa ask how Maha going to travel from Karaikudhi to home everyday? Husband says his very happy as Maha agreed for this class.  He then suggest they sell this house and whole family to move to Karaikudhi (Shockedennadhu.. entire family to karaikudi vaaShockedShocked... ) Puspa says what ever also, she wants her old Maha to be back. Sam ask her not to worry. Maha will be back to normal soon. Maha is silent.

To be continued ...

To all PP makkazs Hug Happy chocolate day

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Naanum Vandhutten.  Enna vandhuten - PPla shub shub swaram varadhanu Oodhi paarka vandhuten

Friday kacheriku ready

               Friday 10.2.2012

Meenu  sitting outside & rice stone porukking . A man comes with a yellow colour cloth bag ,& asks for Sokku - the Josiyar & not the Nadhas vidwan. Obviously the man has come for bride hunting & do some thillu ullu in son's horoscope. Josi Sokku is adept at all these thillu mullu.  Josiyar Sokku comes out  , man gives son's hor[ror]scope , wants a brand new bride for the second hand groom , boy's first wife already up in the heaven , there is some problem in the boy's horoscope , wants Josi to do some square & planet swapping. Josiyar readily agrees , money changes hand – Rs.1001 – 900 for 9 squares + extra hundred for keeping first wife matter under the wrap. The man leaves. Now the rowdy josiyar wants to needle meenu. Calls out wifey & film oting Mayilattam & moorthyattam. – Gopi visiting Kamu at Trichi , picking up fight with Moorthy , so livid Moorthy sending Kamu back to mummy veedu.  Pee Pee Sokku family has no VMSS , inspite of Mayil severing relationship with Sokku Gopi unnecessarily poking his nose . Meenu  labo dibonu runs inside to share this news with hubby. Wants to ask josiyar naruknu 4 questions. Husband Sokku stops her saying not to create unnecessary problems.  As such the Josiyar is goading Mayil with false & wrong information .

[Srima thalaya piching like Vadivelu joke Panchayat thalaivar.]. Leelu & 1st DIL washing clothes. Nelli enters & shouts for Moorthy's action – Kamu back in mom's house. Leelu super happy, so is dil. Nelli wants to call Moorthy & advice. Leelu warns him not to get nose cut .Nelli doesn't listen. Moorthy refuses to accept  appa's order & cuts the phone. Livid Nelli walks out saying he will see to it that his wife & Moorthy are ultimate losers , Paramu – ramesh wedding will happen at any cost. DIL is upset at this statement , but Leelu is not worried , she is sure that Mayil himself would stop the wedding – Mayil irukka bayamen – the man is capable of digging grave for his entire family..

Sam meets Gopi  on the road & gives the good news about Maha's acceptance to be a dance teacher.  Further information-Pirai will take a transfer & the family will shift to Karaikudi for Maha's sake. Gopi makes sure that Sam has not dragged his name in to it. Then assures to give the details of the dance school for further actions.

Jaggu comes home with wedding saree & jewels for Rohini. Hands it over to her , tells though the wedding will be performed on a low key , he would deposit her  share of the property in bank in Gokul's name [ sutham ] , lest she lead a comfortable life after the wedding also.  Jaggu tells DIL too that her interests will also be taken care of. Rogini's mom safe keeps the saree & jewels & gets emotional remembering Malar. Tells Rogini that it is malar's birthday & earlier how the house used to be reverberating with malar's name on such day  & how Jaggu used to pamper her . Rogini calls Malar & wishes her , mom also blesses her – pallandu kalam nal vaazvu vaazga – right moment jaggu enters & listens to it , pushes the wife , grabs the phone & vaazhthing Malar – sethu po -if you really want to make your dad happy then die immediately .[Grrr

This is for creative head & dialogue writer.


 Malar cries , room door is knocked from outside. Malar wipes her tears & opens the door , the entire Sokku  clan  sings ' Happy Birthday to you ' , a big cake awaits for cutting , Malar gets emotional.

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