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FF: Kya Yahin Pyaar Hai? Part 40-Page 98 (Page 6)

neetusidhu Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2012 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
wow great update that was amazing and your characterization of bhabho was so accurate...i can imagine her doing just that...great job...cant wait to see what happens next...

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bud2012 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2012 at 9:33pm | IP Logged

  Was soo nice .

 Many Lines put me smiles - "Look how cute she looks when she sleeps!"   Embarrassed  Day Dreaming

                                "Sandhya how can I answer all these questions all at once?" LOL

                                Sandhya stood there looking at him like a statue. LOL

                                SurYa Eyelocking  Day Dreaming  ..., Suraj pulled her hand  Embarrassed  Day Dreaming ,...

                                "Sandhya ji I always imagined that you would have been good as gold but you were no less than a running monkey"  LOL ROFL

   Thank U , U Added Sense of Humour essence too ... 

  Very Nice.

 I Picturised ur every line surYa Track , Chaturi - Bhabo - SurYa Track , that made me smile, U made my Day Smiley ... :) :) :) 

 Thank U Sony ...  

   Waiting for Next Part ... :) :) :) 

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.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 March 2012 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
Loved the update...i am literally imagining all this to happen as i read it - u created the story so beautifully - i so want to see scenes like this... looking fwd to the next update!! Fabb job sonia! 

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ArHiLover-x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 7:00am | IP Logged
It's great :)

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bud2012 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 7:13am | IP Logged

 My Title contribution Part : Bazaar me Bhabo ka Panga  LOL

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coolmausam Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 6:09am | IP Logged

 Nice Story Sonia .

   Nice Description ... :) :) 

  When will he get a chance to read her Dairy and all her unexpressable feelings that she wrote  ...

  Waiting for Next Part ..

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Tacker_Holic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged
Hey my fellow DABHians,
Sorry for making you all wait years for my update but I have exams coming up so it is just revision revision revision so I warn you that I wont be able to update regualry until end of May but i will try my best to update ASAP Big smileBig smile So here it is Big smileBig smileBig smile Please leave your comments good or bad all is welcome Big smileBig smile

Part 5-

Sooraj stood on the balcony staring at the starry night and watching an odd vehicle pass by on the dead road. His eyes were teary and he felt scared and worried. He tried to hide his fears from Sandhya but somehow he always broke down and told her what was in his heart. That's a normal thing for a husband and wife to do, share each other's problems. But it was slightly different for Sooraj and Sandhya. Sooraj wanted that relationship with Sandhya who he loves so much he was ready to do anything for her. But he never wanted to force Sandhya just to fulfil his dreams.  He wanted them to be true feelings that spoke from her heart. He wanted her to confess that she loved him. But when would it happen? He knew deep down that Sandhya did love him too but he was willing to wait for her to open up to him and then he would also confess the three words to her as well. They were close friends and Sooraj liked how Sandhya was getting more comfortable with him. They shared their feelings with each other every now and then but it was a developing relationship which someday will be beautiful. Sooraj cried as he looked to the heavens. He still felt broken from what had happened to him recently. "Bhagwan, why have you done this to me? All I ever asked from you was to have a peaceful life with my family. To have a wife that would look after Bhabo which you gave me but why did you steal my happiness away from me? Sandhya ji has helped me supported me which is the only thing I have, you have made my Bhabo a horrible person why did you snatch my motherly love away from me?" He wept a bit more before he calmed down. Inside Sandhya was getting the beds ready but her thoughts were with Sooraj and how hurt he must have felt to be away from his own mother. There was a sudden urgency in her mind to go and ask him what the matter was. But something stopped her from going and she decided to stay inside and wait for him quietly. After about 5 minutes Sandhya had finished cleaning as they didn't cook today they would start tomorrow. She was just about to sit down and Sooraj walked back inside like a zombie with no motives his face was expressionless. He just went straight to his bed and went to sleep. He didn't look at Sandhya as he couldn't meet eyes with her. He lay on one side so Sandhya couldn't see his face and he cried slowly. There was a dim light near Sandhya so she could write her diary. She pulled it out as she had bought it today. She looked at the front cover with hope to reveal her feelings inside here. She didn't know how to say it too Sooraj. She opened the first page and she decided to call it a name she thought and thought about her and Sooraj and she finally thought of a name... "Diya Aur Baati Hum" by Sandhya Sooraj Rathi. A small smile crept up on her face and she thought on how to start it. She thought to herself I think I should write about today onwards. She looked to her right and saw Sooraj still in the same position as he was before. She looked down to the plain page and started writing. She wrote ...


Today was a strange day filled with happiness and sadness. The happiness was due to me and Sooraj ji spending some time together and I am so glad that he thinks about me so much. He never complained about anything, he would always listen to what I have to say and never criticize it. I sometimes think is he really human? She remembered him bringing breakfast in the morning as he woke up before me. He was such a nice person. I don't know why God has given him so many problems well I'm definatly one of them. We bonded well and we finally got our house running. "Our house" I can't believe it me and Sooraj ji have made our life, we have got a house we have got something together that is ours. It felt good to be with him and to spend time with him. I feel like I know him better. He never failed to make me smile today. We may not have a physical relationship but we are together mentally, it's something special, and I know it for sure. Our happiness crashed and Sooraj ji's smile faded away when we saw Bhabo.  I was happy that we bumped into Bhabo maybe they could have shared a few words but far was I aware that it turned out sour again. I couldn't handle this breaking relationship between a son and mother. It was aching. They were both hurt I just wanted to make everything right. I wanted to see Sooraj ji back to his own self. I wanted to see his glowing smile when he saw Bhabo and her motherhood towards Sooraj. Her pampering him with love. When I first came to their house as a bride this irked me it remembered me of mine and my father's relationship, pure and beautiful. When they looked into each other's eyes they yearned for each other's forgiveness. At that point I knew I had to make the first move so I took Bhabo's blessings little did I know that Sooraj ji would stop me and Bhabo would have moved away anyway. When I looked into his eyes they turned from sadness to hatred in the blink of a second. I just wanted to make time go back and make sure that I made the right decisions. Just to see Sooraj ji happy. I failed to understand why Sooraj ji left his most precious relationship for me. He loves me I know but that much to leave his mother who he loved more than anyone or anything in this world she was his god she was his everything. I wonder what must have gone through his heart when he stepped away from Bhabo once again. Sandhya looked over to Sooraj sleeping soundly and she cried a little. May God Bless You Sooraj ji you have such a big heart and I hope God realises that, you deserve all the happiness in the world am I will make sure  that I help you to achieve your every dream and I will never ever leave your side after all you have stook by me just like Diya aur Baati. Once we left the shop there was complete silence. I don't know whether to question his actions or ask him how he feels he looked so broken that I had no choice. I stole a few looks at him here and there but his eyes made me look away. My heart thudded every time I looked into those teary eyes it was breaking me inside that I couldn't even speak to him. What kind of a wife am I? What support did I give him? Nothing.  Nothing ever. I still don't know why he loves me. I'm not worth him he deserves better.

She stopped writing and she had a tear roll down her face. The day had a beautiful start but a painful end. Her eyes were slowly closing and she decided to call it a day. She hid the diary in a draw so no one could see it. Especially Sooraj ji. She slowly lay down and looked up at the blank ceiling and cried herself to sleep. The sun shone through the balcony window that bought light to Sooraj and Sandhya's little home. Sandhya woke up first and she rubbed her eyes gently to turn to Sooraj who was still sleeping sound. This bought a smile on her face. He looked cute when he sleeps. Sandhya shook the thought out of her mind. She went into the bathroom to get fresh and then start making the breakfast. After about 15 minutes Sandhya walked out of the bathroom in a red sari with her wet open hair. She looked stunning. She quickly wiped her hair and decided to leave it open to dry. She went into the kitchen and made some tea for Sooraj ji as she knew he would wake up at anytime. She happily prepared breakfast from what she had learnt at home and decided to make some paratha. After an hour it was about 7.30 and Sooraj woke up. He shot up from his bed to realise the time. He turned to his left to see Sandhya in the kitchen preparing breakfast. This bought an instant smile on his face at his beautiful eye. He stared at her beauty for a few seconds to make the start of his day memorable. He stood up and went to Sandhya "Sandhya ji why are you making so much its okay I will have anything!" He said no but he was happy that she was putting in so much effort. "You're awake! Sooraj ji go and get fresh your clothes are already out on the side the paratha are almost done and the tea is hot!" She hurried around happily in the kitchen as Sooraj watched her as she walked away. He went into the bathroom and got fresh and he saw that all the food was ready. Sandhya had rolled out a rug and she had already made Sooraj's plate for him. The smell of freshly made Paratha enticed Sooraj's taste buds and he rushed to sit down. Sandhya was ecstatic to see the child like smile back on his face. They both ate their breakfast and Sooraj seemed to enjoy it "They are good Sandhya ji there is a bit too much salt but they are very good" Sandhya smiled at the comment and glad that they were almost perfect "Thanks Sooraj ji, there not as good as Bhabo's but..." Sandhya realised what she said and there was a short period of silence. She continued "Sooraj ji I'm thinking of going out to find a job and also as we have a house you can still prepare sweets and savoury food like you used too here or we could do it together? We need to start earning some money so we can pay the rent because we can't live on the money we have in our accounts as they are savings!" Sandhya added. Sooraj looked at Sandhya and was expressionless he thought to himself that he doesn't want Sandhya to work just yet. " Sandhya ji I was thinking the same but I don't want you to work just yet I just want us to get settled for a few months, I think that we could make the sweets and start a little business from home and then we will think further! But you can still look if you want too? I have no problem." Sooraj added to make sure she didn't feel bad. "No its okay Sooraj ji I will look for one later for now we will work together!" she smiled and then this played in the background Rahon se kante hum chun lenge, dhoop mein chaya banke chalenge, Jag se nirala hoga sath piyaji, Mare sano ki tu parwaz piya, Tharo maro Milan aisa lage re sathi jaiso, Diya Aur Baati, ho Diya aur Baati hum. They shared an eye lock as they were starting the journey of their lives together being each other's support and will this union make their lives beautiful?

Precap: Sandhya was stirring the ladoo mixture and as she struggled Sooraj came and helped her and put his hand on hers and they stirred the mixture together with smiles. Diya Aur Baati Hum played in the background.  

Thanks for reading please leave your comments and if you enjoyed it please like it LOL Big smileBig smile 

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Fantastic part
what sandy feel u writte  very well
so both will start to make sweets business 
loved it

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