Maha-Brilliant Monday =D

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I loved today's episode! The show has really taken a turn for the best and each episode is better than the last one..I hope I don't end up jinxing the new awesome developments by showering too many praises!LOL

Whats happens in the living-room, stays in the living-room (LOL): The episode starts with Anant-Navya both playing the blame game..Anant blames her for not getting the carpenter's number, and Navya shots back saying its not like she was sitting idle, she too was trying to reach Amar Sir & Sharmishtha Ma'am in hopes for a job..This IMO was a very realistic situation, both of them were frustrated with facing a dead end in every single avenue..They knew leaving on their wouldn't be easy, but they had finally started to get a taste of exactly how hard it truly was, slowly their rose tinted view of the world has started to be replaced by stark, harsh realities..Its only humane to lash out when the situation is slowly slipping out of your control, and since these two have only each other to lash out at, this fight ensued..Ouch Moving on, the more impulsive, and rash of the two, our Majnu, declares he ain't staying in this "khandar" for another moment and asks Navya to come with him to a hotel..Navya refuses point blank and just when the fight reaches a crescendo, the gang arrives to diffuse the tension..At this point, I was rolling my eyes, ready to see yet another instance, when some third party solves AnYa's fights, and they themselves stand as mute spectators, not even lifting a single finger..But boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise..Instead of continuing to fight, these two behave like a normal, responsible, mature couple and sweep their differences under the carpet..Whatever happens between them, stays between them, its not for the whole world to know anymore..This is huge, these two have finally started to work towards making their relationship stronger, more concrete, instead of relying on every Tom, Dick, and Harry to come to sort out their differences for them..My babies are growing up and how!Big smile

Paav-Bhaji Date-Decoded: Let us decode the paav-bhaji date, shall we?LOL

Ranbir: Appy, jaldi kuch bol, the tension in this room is so heavy that I can probably cut it with a knife..Stern Smile

Appy: Sunshine and daisies! I am hungry! Yes, food is the first thing that comes to my mind in even such serious scenarios, you got a problem with that?Tongue

Navya: *Sigh* Now my whole budget is out for a toss, I did not take my bhukkad friends into accounts while buying bread and jam for the week..D'oh

The Gang: Nooo, we don't want bread and jam, yucky thooey! Lets go out to eat!

Navya: Hell no! Only 6000 Rs left and I ain't wasting money of anymore pizza-wizza..Pinch

Anant: Lets go!

Me: W*F is wrong with this dude? Oh wait, they are having Pav-Bhaji, oh my baby is learning to spend wisely, awww how cute, they are going to share one plate too!Big smile

Ritz: I still feel guilty as hell for my namakool dad's behooda harqatein, and hence I will make Ranbir ask Anant to join our T-Shirt business..

Appy: Ermm no, they need money ASAP, their parents ain't paying the bills for them, unlike us! Our business is not giving any profit, which is not surprising since we do vellapanti 24/7 but these two need money to buy their bread and jam!!Ouch

Anant: She is right..I don't want to have anything to do with your T-Shirt business you all, always thought the idea was quite barmy!Wacko

Navya: That's my man! You get the last bite for being so smart!Big smile

Anant: I am still angry at you, so no, I don't want the last bite..Unhappy

Appy: Food! Me want food!!Tongue

I'll be there for you: A livid Deepu calls Navya up and says some pretty harsh things in a fit of rage..For Navya, this was the final straw, all her insecurities, her doubts about her own capabilities as a daughter, a daughter in law, and most importantly a wife, bubbled over to the surface and she broke down sobbing..I could relate to her pain, when her dad said that maybe something was wrong in his upbringing, Navya felt the strongest sense of guilt, for not being able to live up her dad's expectations..That coupled with Anant's earlier outburst was enough to send her over the edge..To her it looked like she could do no right, she thought its because of her that Anant was facing so many hardships, if she didn't come into his life then he would be living a happy, sheltered life where his every need was met without him even asking for it..Anant's anger vanished seeing Navya's despair and he took it upon himself to remind her exactly how precious she was..What followed next was AnYalicious..He told Navya that without her, he wouldn't have learnt to appreciate the simple joys of life, without her he wouldn't have felt the need to stand on his own two feet..He didn't promise her the stars and moons, he didn't promise her a life without any fights or squabbles..Instead he told her he will fight with her all he wants as its his right to do so, and he will love her all the more as its her right to be showered with love..I was all senti by the end of this scene..Kudos to Shaheer, Soumya, and the entire team of Navya for giving us this gem of an episode!Clap

Random Musings:

1) Shaheer, please get a haircut..Lehratein Zulfein have gotten way too long for everyone's liking now!LOL
2) Costume-wale bhaiyaas, I am loving Navya's new kurtis..Now shower your blessing on our hero too please!Big smile

That's all from my side, as always likes/comments much appreciated..

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Reserved! Big smile

BTW Tanu, I love the decoding! Big smile I think we need more of it here too! Tongue Oh and I'm not done with my post yet. My net's being bitchy today, so I've only seen half the episode! Ouch I'll BRB with my take in a while! Big smile


I'm speechless. I mean seriously. IMO, this has got to be one of the best episodes of the show. There was not much progress in the plot line, nor did we get to see some amazingly romantic scenes, but the acting of Somya and Shaheer in today's episode, along with the absolutely amazing dialogues made the episode absolutely fantastic. I will not be posting my take in the usual way, rather; I'll just write whatever comes into my head. Forgive my, cause my take is just going to be full of a lot of ramblings, without any head or tail.

All sentences written in italics show my reactions to a particular scene.

The initial scene of Anant and Navya's fight was extremely well done IMO at least. I've always maintained that the actors and the directors have this magical ability to execute dramatic scenes in the best of ways possible. As Anant and Navya yelled at each other and accused each other, you could literally see their frustration and desperation. 

Lets look at this from Anant's POV. Anant has given up EVERY thing to prove to his family that he too can do something and prove that he can make a name for himself in the ruthless society. Like Deepu and Baba and Om agree, Anant said all this in a fit of rage and in his jawaani ka josh. At that moment, he didn't comprehend the magnanimity of the situation. His main motive was to shake off all the traditions and orthodox values, and carve a niche for himself and his wife in the society. But now that he's staying in Kholi No 420, he's not able to find a job (thanks to his oh-so-nice-and-pious-granddaddy) in any of the publication houses in the city, he's realised that life is no bed of roses. (Someone please tell me exactly who are the Bajpaayees? At times they seem to be this huge family of pundits, where their main aim in life is to lecture people and teach them the way of life. Yeah right. More like teach the people how to pickle their brains and take a time turner and travel all the way back to the time where men were the whole and sole of the family, and no one could talk against the elders. And this man gets people to listen to his rubbish! Mr Shankar Dayal Bajpaayee, sort out your own family issues before you start lecturing people on absurd and illogical stuff!  And the rest of the time, they seem to be these hugely popular publicists. And the way Baba is acting, its almost as if he's the whole and sole of Vedanta (or is it Geeta?) Publications! Funny, cause I've never seen him in that huge office before! I mean, I've seen Sanjay Chacha, but I haven't seen this guy! Hmmm, why is that so?) He returns back to his house, only to realise that the carpenter kinda fooled em and didn't do the work properly, and the house is still pretty much in its dilapidated state! What will he do? He's a man who's born and brought up with all the luxuries in life, and he's suddenly forced to live like a pauper! The frustration of the fact that he wasn't able to get a job, not to mention the fact that he is not able to adjust with the way things are taking place, caused him to snap and Navya.

But why did Navya snap back? Lets take a look at this from her POV as well. We must understand here that Navya is a traditional SP bahu, which means that she's a reincarnation of devi maiiya. It goes against her principles to go against her extended family. Whatever they say and do, is what they say, a patthar ki lakeer for her. This clearly means that she is technically NOT happy with the fact that Anant went against his family and left the house. We've seen that bit in the Valentine's Day episode, where AnYa have this tiny little MU cause of the same. But still, because she's an SP bahu, she will follow whatever her husband says/does, and now will silently endure all his stupidities. To start off with, she had to see her husband blowing off 1500Rs just to throw a freaking house-warming party for his friends. Now, who wouldn't get mad at that? Like she says in today's episode, he needs to think practically! Its is evident that this useless wastage of money is frustrating Navya, but she's shutting up just to keep her dimwit husband happy. She's under the impression that she can call up ShaMar for some help, and they'll be able to get her old job back in the New Age Publications, but to her sheer misfortune, the two of them went on a trip to Canada for a year, cause of which she technically doesn't have much of a chance there. The poor lady is already bummed out cause of this, and her husband comes home and starts yelling his lungs out at her cause the door didn't get fixed, and now wants to go live in a hotel. That was the limit for her, and that's when she literally blew her lid and snapped back at Anant. 

This fight would have seriously gotten out of hand if RRA hadn't landed up in their house. I mean like what is up with these three? They pop up in AnYa's house at any time of the day! Like hello! Can't you do something worthwhile, like erm, IDK, focus on your own business? In that way Appy wouldn't have to keep working without pay! And being the angels that they are, they help to create a time-out between the fighting couple and they all enjoy paav-bhaaji at a thela, where AnYa share a plate to cut costs! The direction and screenplay of this particular sequence was perfect. The hesitation, the anger and the ego was portrayed perfectly by the actors, and like I said, the screenplay was par excellence! I need not go into further details of this! But hmm, a thing I noticed here was the mention of the call center employees! From the mention of this call center thing and the fact that Anant had a very thoughtful expression when they were discussing this, clearly hinted that this call center is going to be a blessing in disguise for AnYa, thus proving one of the other spoilers/predictions correct! What I didn't understand was the fact that Ranbir said that these call center guys only work at night. Like hello, there are people who work in a call center in the daytime as well! Why does Anant have to take a night duty?

Moving on, Deepu's phone call was like the final straw for Navya. Like Tanu's mentioned in her post, the girl is already so unsure of the future, and she is frustrated with the way things are taking place in her life. She's not able to find a job, her in-laws are mad at her, her parents are not able to understand her, her husband is pissed off at her for no use and now her father tells her that there must have been a problem in his upbringing, because of which Navya and her family was in such a situation today. At this point, I realised the gender inequality in the Indian Society at large. It is always shown that whatever happens, it is the girl who is at fault. Even when Anant created the entire drama, Navya was blamed for influencing him. Now that Anant has left the house, Navya is blamed for not stopping him from doing so. To add to this, she had to hear her father question his own upbringing, and being a daughter, I'm sure these are words that no girl ever wants to hear.

A completely broken and shattered Navya ran off from there, where she sobbed and cried and came to the conclusion that the entire situation was her fault. At this point, I must say that Somya acted flawlessly. Her portrayal of the broken woman, who's under the impression that she's ruined her husband's life and disappointed her entire family, was BRILLIANT. While I admit that Shaheer acted well, I'd say Somya stole the entire scene for me. The dialogue writer wrote some amazing dialogues for this scene, where we got to see Anant asserting his right on Navya. 

Overall, this has been an AMAZING episode, and I couldn't stop myself from rambling this much. I've got a LOT of work left to do, but I'm here rambling about the episode and my heart is going all bekaboo cause of the hungama on Twitter today!

I hope you liked the post, and there was nothing in it that offended you!



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perfect analysisClap.Very nice episode.
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hey tanu brilliant take as alwaysThumbs Up 
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great review superb n i love itBig smile
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Awesome post, waiting to see it!Big smile
Can someone post the link?
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I came I came. And will be back with my take soon.Tongue

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awesome post nd wat a lovely epi dear

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