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ArHilicious Droolers #20: Adha Ishq...

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ArHilicious Droolers #20:
Adha Ishq...

Guttur Guu

Minu: Where is my dhandha my bakri's are getting lazy day by dayAngry

Fairy: I did nothingEmbarrassed  I am such a innocent bacha

Shine: Yeah u were caught red handed last time when you were trying to steal her dhandha

Khushi: Arnav is shooo HOT I envy Khushi for marryig him

Minu: I thought u were Khushi only leave it did u saw my dhandha

Khushi: Yeah I am Khushi who said I am not KhushiConfused and here I am crying and u need dhandhaShocked

Shine: I need JalebiBig smile

Fairy: I need place to hide dhandha. OopesCry

Minu: I am not going to leave youAngry

Shine: Minu do u knw Arnav is going to beat Shayam blue red.

Minu: *forgetting other things* What yayy go my hero and beat him upParty

Khushi: And divorce Khushi and marry me

Shine and Fairy: But u r toh Khushi onlyShocked

Gossip Girl

Shayam got the contract to decorate the bed of ArHi childrenWink

Ghantilal and nani used sooo much brains that now everyone gives there example when it comes to brainsSleepy

Maami once ate all the mirchi's together that now whatever she speaks sounds like mirchiSleepy

Glycerine factory owners are partying as there sales were increased 100%. Thanks to IPPKND CVs

Bua is back to normal of interpretting everything wrong

NK after his heart break and finally seeing the brain level around him has FINALLY decided to marry Laxmi

  • Song of the week: --sunshine--
  • Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
  • Summary of the week: Tanthya 
  • Funny scene of the week: the_rain
  • Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
  • Filler of the Week: cindrella255 
  • Rating of the Week: Princess_Khushi
  • Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
  • Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:  aquablue17
  • Achari Scene of the Week: mahi0809
  • Best Character of the Week: shobra
  • Most Irritating Character of the Week: Shiningstar18
  • Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
  • Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Minuu
  • Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week:-chinnu-
  • Message to CVs: --sunshine--
  • Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
  • Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
  • Blooper of the week: mazkachazka
  • Costume of the Week: PurpleFairy
  • Dialogue of the Week: -Ridzii-
  • Joota scene of the week: PurpleFairy

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

Thankyou everyone for supprting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have reached the 20th newsletter. 


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Meet The Family

The  Matrimonial games continues in the Raizada Mansion..Shyam is getting anxious at the continued absence of Arnav & Khushi..He indirectly queries the whereabouts of Arnav...Anjali tries to call up Arnav's number but Arnav is unreachable...Meanwhile the Games are in full swing with  Payal and Akash sharing the honors,,There is an air of merriment, joy  when In walk Arnav and Khushi with Garlands around their neck, Mangal Sutra tied around Khushi's neck, Sindoor on  Khushi's Maang ...The family are shocked  on seeing them together , obviously married..The Sky crashes and the Family of both the Bride Khushi and Bridegroom Arnav converge around them demanding explanations from the duo...unfortunately explanations are not forthcoming  from the duo..Arnav after a few cutting remarks   withdraws to his room and shuts the door on hurt Anjali's face ..While downstairs Khushi's family and Nani question her, despite persistent  Questioning , Khushi  does not have any answers ...A distraught Gupta's disown  Khushi, remind Khushi that she always was an outsider and today's act proved just that...Garima & Buaji will bless Payal while pointedly ignoring Khushi ...The Gupta's take their leave leaving the daughters behind ..


The Spanish Inquisition..

A distraught Khushi runs behind  Buaji and  Garima , pleading with them not to forsake her but the angry matrons turn deaf ears..A tired, broken Khushi walks into the Raizada Mansion, to be confronted by Payal who tries to get to the bottom of the truth but a hapless Khushi  is unable to answer her  question as hr tired mind can only recollect the fact that Arnav took her to a temple,  married her in the presence of Devimayya for a period of 6 months ..Khushi is unable to comprehend as to why Arnav wanted to marry her so suddenly and for a specific duration.. she is confused  nor can she relay all this to her sister  without ascertaining the facts herself...Under the barrage of questions from Payal, Khushi keeps a closed mouth leading to a hurt Payal to distance herself from Khushi... Payal leaves Khushi alone in the hall...A tired Khushi takes charge of herself, leaves for her room, to the waiting Arnav...Khushi closes the door, faces Arnav , quietly tells him that due to Arnav's impulsive act, She has been disowned by her family and has become a orphan again... A puzzled Khushi demands to  know the reason for Arnav's actions...A reluctant Arnav now willing to traverse the path leading to the bitter memories walks away from the room , goes out for a ride, where he meets Shyam...Arnav clearly warns Shyam to stay away from Khushi !!


Family Spats !!

The next day dawns with everyone assembling at the Mandir  to do the Pooja..Khushi too reaches there ...After the Pooja concludes Payal distributes Prasad to everyone excluding Khushi ...Maami takes this opportunity to taunt the Gupta Sisters ,,, before she can go well on her way.. The family members realize that Nani is absent and is locked in the room... The whole of the family rush to Nani's room..Shyam utilizes this opportunity to seek out Khushi, demanding to know why she married Arnav and how could Khushi break his heart !! ..A frazzled Khushi  does not deign to reply, walks past him to the Nani's door... Arnav comes in from his outdoor drive, hearing the commotion, Arnav  rushes to Nani's door, breaks the door open...Nani is  found lying on her bed, quite ill !..Arnav hastens to call the Doctor , Anjali forestalls him orders  Akash to call the doc... A hurt Arnav has to bear the searing  Pain of  him being compared to his Father whom he loathes ... Arnav leaves the room while the others tend to Nani's needs ... Khushi tries to get Nani something to eat , Nani refuses to eat anything offered by Khushi and refuses to accept  Khushi ..She also  refuses to forgive  Arnav..
After some time  a royally irked comes into Anjali's room demanding to know how long will the family  put on the tragic soap opera  act , A chagrined Anjali chides him for his unfeeling talk  which goes completely unheeded as a  unapologetic Arnav orders them to accept his relationship with Khushi and get their angst over with..He threatens that if the family refuse to accept his relationship with Khushi then he would ahve no qualms in walking out of the house with Khushi...A statement which stops the sentimental monologue of Anjali ..


The Decision !!

An indefatigable Shyam comes into the room n tries to rile Anjali against Arnav's marriage and the unacceptability of it ...Anjali agrees with him, requests him to summon all the family members to the Raizada Hall.. Shyam proceeds to do so ..
The Raizada  family gather  in the hall, Anjali announces to the gathering that Khushi will not be accepted as Raizada Bahu until and unless All the after marriage ritual is completed, Anjali hands over the Bridal garment to Khushi , tells her to get ready  for the Grihapravesh ..
Khushi adorns herself in the fineries , She is lead by Anjali to the door and placed next to a waiting  Raaizada Arnav.. Both exchange a look of awkwardness .. The ritual proceeds , Khushi topples the Kalash , steps forward but is stopped by  Anjali who reminds all about the Raizada  tradition of carrying the bride in... A reluctant Arnav stoops and lifts Khushi , Carries her in ...dumps her in the hall, prepares to leave  but is halted by Khushi's cry of pain ..Khushi's earring is  caught  on Arnav's blazer , she is unable to remove it ..Arnav helps Khushi to remove the earring and leaves her alone while  Khushi follows his departure puzzled 


The First Night !

 Anjali and  a highly reluctant Shyam are decorating  Arnav's bed for  the first night of  Arnav- Khushi ...Khushi is lead in by Anjali and is placed on the bed...A grouchy, jealous Shyam  can't tear his eyes away from Khushi, a  fact which is noted by Arnav whose mercurial temper raises to dangerous level, before he can move to teach Shyam a lesson, Shyam is  summoned by Ranisaheba...Shyam escapes , to face  uncapped wrath of ASR for some ther day ...
Arnav enters the room  is briefly dazzled by the lovely vision sitting on the bed ..bitter memories intrude , Arnav gets angry again and he vents out on Khushi ..Khushi does not take it lying down, she again  demands to know the reason for the hurried marriage ,  tells him that she does not want to stay with him either.. Arnav seething in anger, misunderstanding  Khushi's words thinks that Khushi wanst to spend her time with Shyam, angrily bites out that Khushi can never stay where she wants to be nor will she be allowed to stay in his room with him, forthwith Arnav grabs Khushi's arms and throws hr out on the pool to spend the night ...
As Night advances, Arnav is reminded of the chill and also of the fact that Khushi is outside facing the harsh weather without any protection..Feeling slightly guilty, Arnav throws a quilt on to her , which is cast aside by Khushi... Arnav is unable to sleep as he is wracked with guilt and hurt  and so is Khushi, both spend the better part of night stealing glances at one another ..Exhaustion overpowers them , soon they sleep off at their assigned spots...
Morning dawns and with it comes Anjali with fresh sari for Khushi.. Anjali  tells Khushi to dress up, come  for the Chulha Pooja ...
Anjali and Khushi enter the Kitchen  where Payal is  undergoing induction training of Saas-Bahu relationship..Maami refuses to give permission for Khushi entry into the Kitchen , Nani comes in vetoes Maami's order, reminds Khushi that she is still not accepted and swishes off
The Gupta sisters cook together in silence, Khushi tries to  resolve their differences  but Payal has one Point agenda , Payal wants to know  WHY khushi married in haste , Khushi remains mum on the subject, Payal retreats back into her shell hurt  n angry not even noticing that Khushi has scalded herself..

RegardsBig smile  

Hi to my all lovely shovely ArHilicious DroolersHug,
           There was no Achari scene this week just loads and loads of tears. The only mini Achari scene that I can think of was when Anjali brought Khushi down the stairs in a bridal avatar, and Arnav was lost for thought in her beauty. He then carried her as per the 'parampara' of the house ...  this was a mini hot moment only from Arnav's side cause seemed still in shock with everything happening around her, her tears touched my heart, kudos to the sister who sacrified her life for her sister's happiness... Please CVs don't disappoint us, can't wait to see what happens next.. do not take this track to OTT level!!
...So till next week,
                 Yours truly, MahiHeart

Well, the one scene which was so NOT needed was the two sisters in the kitchen. And specially that dialogue where Payal accuses Khushi of 'running away' with the shop papers on the day of her wedding (ref. first week of the show). A seriously uncalled for moment :'(

There was literally no fun, no humour this week. If there'd been any, I'm sure it would've been washed away by Khushi's continuous tears. But still there was a scene that made all of us laugh in glee, so that gets the credit of being the Funny Scene of the Week. Yes, you guessed it absolutely right, am talking about dearest 'Jijaaji' decorating the Suhaag Raat Sej for his 'saale sahab' and Khushiji. An already hyper Shyam, heartbroken again and again as the family reluctantly accepted Khushi, scared out of life when Mamiji's nonsense made him think she knew his secret for a while and then Anjali's insisting on them decorating the wedding night chamber for Chotey and his wife.
It was probably one of the best things Anjali had done lately and am sure earned her a lot of brownie points as she made her dear husband decorate the bed for his so called 'love of the life''s wedding night. It was poetic justice when we actually saw him throwing rose petals in the bed. 
Have a great Weekend and don't forget to vote for ArHi as Best Jodi in  Star Parivaar Awards!

Honestly I felt as if there was no best scene between the bros and sis's. Payal was AWFUL to Khushi and it hurts to actually think that the girl was accusing her sister of past deeds.
For Anjali, honestly I wasn't too happy with her reaction as well. I know she "accepted" Khushi but that was more for the parampara. She is still not talking to her Chotey. I get it, she is hurt, but that doesn't mean that she has to be evil and ignore Arnav and opt for Akash. 
Bad week guys for this category LOL

Hi Fellow Arhidroolers Hug
Congos for the tentieth edition of the newsletter...
Gr8 job Sanju,minnu,neetz n Khushi!

This week was drama filled one...I cannot point out a single scene as there were many...
V get dat all these dramas r necessary for the further development in the story but too much tear jerking and taunting repeatedly for almost first 3 days of the week Ouch
Chalo since this week Arhi ki shadi ho gayi(Ok,last week!) iss khushi mein v don't want 2 hold on 2 our gripe...Hope next week v get less of fillers n more of Arhi n story Big smile

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Firstly i would like to congratulate every NL members [including me]LOL as we have reached 20th edition. d credit behind this success goes to neethu sanju nd minnu di! they r main head or in ASR's style ''the employer r d boss of this enterprise.'' we r their employees nd we get salary weekly in d form of comments frm d fellow members.Wink
This tym im presenting d BC in an award style showing d responses of raizada members [guptas r nt included in this]!
Arnav: wat the!! wat a stupid question. im d best character cum icon of d week. hw many tyms should i tell u dat damn it. agar mein BC nahi hota toh kaun hoga?
Khushi: agar mein BC hota toh devi maiya ki kasam aap sab logon ke liye hum jalebi bana dhungi.
Akash: ji... humme kaise patha. payalji aapko kapde dhulane hai na. mein abhi aaenga.
Payal: humme kapde dhulane dijiye!
Shyam: arrey yeh kya sawal pooch rahe ho. hum toh hoga BC. waise saare ladkiyan toh humare baarein mein hi sochte ho. hum toh deewana hai sab ladkiyon ka.Dead
Anjali: BC hone ke liye mein har din puja karengi. aur saath saath aap logon ko bhi bhulaongi.
NK: i dont know. mujhe kaise fatha. mujhe funny character hona chahiye.
Nani: BC toh humri laxmi hi hoga.
Laxmi: meh.. meh..
Mami: hello hi bye bye. yeh best characterwa ka howath hai. kono ladki ki naam hai kaa. waisan akash bitwa ko badalne ki liye abhi bhi tym hai. hum toh makeupwa lagani bhool gayi. hello hi bye bye.
Mama: arrey yeh ka sawal poochat ho. pagla gaye ho ka? mujhe deni chahiye BC aakhir manorama ko har roz sehen te ho.
HP: arrey laxmi ji kaha hai aap?
after getting mad by seeing d nominees reactions. ive selected d BC nd its our one nd only.. hmm again this week its a tie!! but in a direct way d bc is...
and in an indirect way its...
lol i know im crazy but dont u think arnav is very lucky. everytym i do d bc arnav will directly/indirectly be d bc!!LOL so let strt in an indirect way- khushi is definetly a best character bcz she has decided to face this hurdle sacrifice her wishes juz for her sister's hppiness. she was ready to bear d tauntings frm her family nd she is neglected among her family. but i really appreciate khushi's courage to ask arnav d reason behind marriage. she once again made arnav emotional. she listened to everyone's tauntings without replying anything. she even questioned arnav when he said its disgusting to live with uClap awesme acting sanaya. brilliant expressions.
abt hottie wat should i tell? is it me or he doing tricks to enter into BC. have to say its based on friday's epi he has been selected in d BC category fully! arnav i mean ASR, eventhough he is angry with khushi loves her but he is trying his level best nt to show it. nt only dat arnav is a protective husband. when d creep was talking to khushi nd glaring at her, he became frustrated nd angry. nd he still cares for khushi. it was clearly shown when he felt bad when khushi was shivering. he wasnt able to control his emotions. he wasnt knowing wat to do. he was feeling bad for wat he had done to her. but he is nt ready to show her his caring nature. in other words arnav is nt completely dead. he's still inside ASR. its juz sometimes dat arnav will appear. barun wat an expressions yaar. seriously im lost in u. i think im telling it for 1001 time -barun ur a true actor.
Khushi: did u see? im d BC. wat u have to say arnavji?
Arnav: juz shut up khushi. im also there in d list.
Khushi: so wat? ur indirect.
Arnav: i dont care Khushi Kumari Gupta. nd dont u dare argue with me.
Khushi: its a waste of time talking with u.
Arnav: my whole day has become useless seeing u.
that's all for this week. if i continue im sure sanju di will be running behind me with a stick. aur waise bhi im well known in my class for exceeding d word limit.LOL  see u all soon.

Hey peeps!

 The most irritating character of the week is one who irritates us like hell when appearing on the screen. Well, this week it's none other than Khushi's sister,  Payal.  She is chosen because of many different reasons. Firstly, it was damn annoying to see how she kept crying when Khushi entered with Arnav after their sudden marriage. Though obviously she was meant to cry, but I am getting damn annoyed of her ability to sit and cry ALL the time. It's like her character has no scope whatsoever except crying on petty issues.

 Secondly,  it was really disappointing to see how she ditched her sister like that after her marriage with Arnav. Agreed that Buaji and Garima's backward thinking made them leave Khushi but why the hell didn't Payal support her sister? On top of that, she started blaming Khushi for disappointing her!Angry As far as I recall, Khushi has done almost everything to support and help her sister for her happiness. She was the one who united her with Akash. Still, Payal didn't bother to comfort Khushi or ask the real reason for her sudden marriage? Sisters aren't like that. Further, Payal didn't hand the prasad over to Khushi during the Pooja which annoyed me like hell. I can't believe she just forgot all the times Khushi helped her and supported her through her tough time.

Anyways, that's it for this week. Hoping you all are enjoying the current track. See you next week. Adios!

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week yes this week i am so totally clueless as to whom i shud give this award to...!!

Khushi has other stuff on her getting her dumb sasural back on the track..knocking some sense into her dimwit sister and putting up with her gussafied hubby...! So right now she can't be bothered with the funny award..!! 

Nk was getting too repetative...he has won this award so many times that i just didn't feel like giving it to him...i was thinking of giving it to mami but i got a hate mail from the laughter challange people saying that they would get really offended if i gave the funniest award to mami because according to them its an insult to call "Bakwaas" humor...!!
So after biting off all my nails and pulling out all my hair i have decided that this week the funniest award goes to non other then LAXMI...!! 
Now you guys might be thinking wat the hell...laxmi didn't even do anything this week she was only shown once through out the whole week...but this is exactly why i gave this award to her...i am really thank full that atleast she kept to herself and didn't bother poking her nose into other people's business...i wish women at raizada household would do the same and get the f out of ArHi's life..and offcourse our lives...!!
This is it for now...catch up later folks...hope to see some humor back in the show cause i think m going to get fired by the NL people if i keep giving this award out to randoms...!LOL

I honestly love ASR's this dialogue...Shyam bechara ROFL

Arnav to Shyam
Khushi meri patni hai aur agar uske aas paas bhi dikhe toh dekhlena

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if you have not seen these, you probably line on Planet Mars.. ROFL Look out for more in this RED HOT SaRun series.. they are so perfect together! 

Man Carries wife.. and jewellery LOL.. 

Lovely shot : decorated coy looking dulhan on the bed.. with Candles to burn the night..

Look at how good they look on the decorated bed.. (by shyam LOL).. alas! they never had a shot together! 

I think Khushi Kumari Gupta is the one bride who got married in one costume and had her first night (Well, in the eyes of the world, anyway) in another. She won the Costume with the previous costume and I think there is no surprises that she deserves the same with this one as well 'coz if she looked stunning in red and blue, then she looked absolutely divine in red and greenHeart

' Pride and Beauty '

" Our Dark Nights "

The special love of two soul mates with dizzy thoughts
A moment every day which keeps them love to brought
His cries echo deeply in darkness,
His sorrow grips his heart so tight.
My heart feels for him for now , his loneliness stretched
Sufferance his alone to bear , regrets and happiness
Mingled with despair, he's alone to bear ,
Bestowed upon him by darkness itself,
Across the bridge and under the sky
There lies the garden and the fountain that cries
There the flowers are beautiful and bright
Yet they cry solemnly for the rose that doesn't smile on two lips,
He breaks through the Earth next to her feet ,
Staggering to get out of the haunted emotions ,
Why does it have to hurt inside ?
Why does the pain is not fading away ?
Everytime they both see clouds of pain settles down horizontally,
A never ending love that keeps them alive through pain,
His head lays on the pillows the room is dark and damp ,
He feels like such an empty pleasure, like he could scream aloud this night ,
Their eyes now face the darkness; the demon's haunting them ,
His hates is playing over his mind and soul,
He's tired of controlling every single hidden emotions,
Her love traps him in a stronghold desire of love,
Lost , forgotten , pale , sinking down the ebbs of oceans,
Tear , restless , silent tears , angst , gloominess
In darkness they stand alone , casting the wild stones of death ,
Broken , shattered , wretched yet entwined with love
A Dark paths of love they both shares together.

P.S - In these verses you can feel the anguish and affliction of Arnav and Khushi which they're facing-off by being beside each other yet the cruel Fate doesn't want them to bloom in the arcs of contentment. Even they're married today the word is far across standing on the brink of last point where feelings are quivering with love and pain though only the mask of iron sheet consuming their bodies into Hatred. The larger he tries to hurt her , more he drifts down in her pain. As , he's unable to show his infinite love and concern explicitly for the time being. Hopefully , one fine day the paths which is now a rough valley of hatred will soon turn into blossom of petals.

So for the bloopers this week, we have had so many, but frankly I was so moved when I saw the uncut off-screen TT videos of 'Grih Pravesh' and 'O La O la' sequences, gosh the actors and the entire team go through allot just to shoot a part of a particular sceneCry, just so that the scene turns out perfect for us viewers to watch I decided i wont point out bloopers that involve sloppy editing, as we know the scenes are shot like hundred times and then clubbed together to bring out the best product on Tv.i would only cite bloopers with storyline and the obvious illogical aspects in the show and related to the set issues..(but maybe not for long..tehehe,i may end up dropping this idea if its an extreme case..lool..exceptional case this week as Sanaya wasn't well  Smile )


Like for example-

In this scene ' oh My Anjali runs as fast as Arnav in spite of limping ...the scene didn't hit me well, they could've at least shown Arnav walking slower and Anji following him, if they wanted him to shut the door at her face after all..


O teri ye mangalsutra and sindoor mandir mein pehle si available tha?ooh okay i think Arnav had informed Aman about this and aman must've arranged all that..


And guys seriously its beyond me now! There ought to be two pool sides! But no wait there's just one! that opens from Arnav's room,may be two? but then how come Anjali and Snake's room open out to the pool??Ermmbut Khushi was sleeping in the same pool side area(from Arnav's room)  on their SR night na??ohoo!! im Clueless..everyone's rooms keep shifting!!RH is a real mystery to solve! ...May be i just DID, see anjali's pool side curtains are cream/off-white and arnav's Olive green,so i guess they're two different ones..!Confused

((Warning::donot drool over arnav here,this snap is purely for the purpose of highlighting pool-side mystery issues ..LOL))


of course many scenes had BD's,nani,anji etc..probably this week's been to exhausting for all..lets watch patiently...have a great week-endBig smile

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Made By: -Pooja-

Here is ur Gift

Made By: Miss-Pakiie-KMH

Here is ur Gift

Made By: -Arhilicious-

Here is ur Gift

Made By: aishhh.

Here is ur Gift

Made BY

InvisibleSmile [Shiz]


Here is ur Gift

Edited by minuu - 26 February 2012 at 1:01pm

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Runner Up

Por Una Cabeza by JewelandLace 
Here is ur Gift

Unbreak My Heart by reyabear 
Here is ur gift

Runner UP
 Becoming Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada by M.G Creations 
Here is ur gift

Temporary Insanity by Nayika
Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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This week only crying crying and more crying. Dead I appreciate the actors' effort and they were brilliant. But then I say was it necessary =/ Or better that, how bad can it get when Iwanted to skip the crying because it hurt my eyes. Ermm I make no sense. Getting on, I say this week is 
3 out of 5. Like I said, everyone was fantastic in their part of the role given. But still, too much filler by only crying. Last 2 days of the week, we got something worth watching, which was ArHi's pain. One cut off for the extensive amount of crying and another for Shyam still not backing off and Anjali who still doesn't suspect a thing! Instead she's pregnant Shocked Won't give a review of the week but nevertheless, 3it is. 


What should I say CVs well now toh I am fed up with doing repeat telecaste that END shayam's role. Anyhow this time u will get to see more additions to my demand listWink

>> CVs please for god sake give some brains to nani and Ghantilal Anjali
>> And we people dont accept to much glyceriene usage into the show so better avoid glycerienceTongue
>>Dont act like typical serial makers where Heroine has to do all ganga jaumuna while crying I mean better u guys dont portray like abla naariSleepy
>> Shayam track like I always say dont draaag it too much

Okay now what we liked
You guys know it was not one of the best week but we liked
>> Arnav and Shayam encounter
>> Arnav taking Khushi into the house into his arms

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Thumbs Up

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NL ArHilicious Droolers#6: Lehron mein beh gaye

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Author: --sunshine--   Replies: 37   Views: 6377

--sunshine-- 37 6377 23 November 2011 at 5:37pm by mazkachazka
ArHilicious Droolers#5: Ho gya hai tujhko toh pyar

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Author: --sunshine--   Replies: 64   Views: 8378

--sunshine-- 64 8378 14 November 2011 at 7:22am by --Siva--
ArHilicious Droolers #4: Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai...

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Author: .Jane..   Replies: 42   Views: 10907

.Jane.. 42 10907 10 November 2011 at 10:19pm by --Siva--

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