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It's a Love Story..(ArHi)

Sunetrareddy24 Newbie

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Hey guys,I'm quite new to this forum and have been on the reading end ..So,today i thought i'll start an FF based on Arnav and Kushi.I love IPKKND and ArHi..So,please do comment and let me know your views..Smile

Character Sketch

Arnav Singh Raizada-22 years old,final year in college..He's hot and popular(mostly with the female population) .football captain of his college team and a BIG flirt.Doesnt believe in love and doesnt think highly of girls. Girls=short term fun .

Khushi Kumari Gupta-21 years old,Architecture student,fun loving and simple. Her agenda in life is to find her Prince Charming who'll fill her life with love and happiness..

Payal -Khushi's best friend and confidante.Have been inseperable since school days.She's shy but believes in her set of morals.More practical as compared to her bff.

Karan(You can picture any of the hotties-wahi,tacker,goddwani,singh-grover...Wink)-Arnav's friend. More like a brother..understands his friend and his treatment towards women in general.He's the male version of khushi.Believes in love and wants to find it ASAP.(may come across as a little desperate)but its all in the name of fun.

Anjali Singh Raizada-Arnav's younger sister . (doesnt have a limp in my FF and most definitely not married ,so no shyam Big smile).Pretty and naive . Loves her brother unconditionally.Pampered being the youngest Raizada.

Vishal Gupta-Khushi's Older brother . The responsible one in the siblings.Looks out for his sister ,but lets her make her choices. Shy and reserved sum up Vishal.


7:00 am-Gupta Household

"trrriiinnggg...trrriiinnnggg" ..a light flickering on the bed side table of a room. A thin ,pale hand reached out to the phone. Who was this persistent person ,she thought.One look at the caller-id and she was up. Hair all over her face and red eyes.She answered tentatively .Waiting for the onslaught of complaints.
"Hello?" said Khushi.
"Khushi !Tum abhi tak uthi nahi? First day of college and your still sleeping,what am i going to do with you. You're going to be late.Vishal -Bhai will leave in 20 minutes and you'll have to take a go.." she was stopped mid sentence by khushi.
"Haan haan will i make it in time if you chat with me..ok,im going bye-bye-bye.. " She cut the call before her Bestfriend could say anything more and rushed to the washroom .In 10 minutes she was washed ,cleaned and fed..Record time she mused.waiting for her brother to get the car out she texted payal to tell her that she'll meet her in college in half hour.

7:00 am-Raizada Mansion

Anjali sitting at the breakfast table with her Nani and her parents,knew her brother would be late yet again.She heard him last night or should she say early morning ,sneaking into the house and she very well knew that he wasn't alone.
Avanti Raizada(Arnav's and Anjali's Mom) - Anjali where's Arnav?
Anjali timidly looked up at her mother and lied through her teeth "He already had breakfast mom,He's finishing up on some assignment.I'll go get him."
She moved out of the dining area and practically ran to her brother's room.Without knocking ,she entered and sighed at the sight. This is getting out of hand. Arnav was in bed with some unknown girl .AGAIN. The sheets lay ruffled and messed barely covering the girl. She wondered if her brother knew atleast this one's name. She moved to her brothers end of the bed and shook him awake.She threw a towel and some casual clothes at him and said
"Bathroom ,NOW."
He looked at her with his honey coloured eyes and moved out of bed tucking the sheet around his waist ,safely.Anjali woke the girl up and asked her get her belongings and leave through the back exit. Was this becoming an almost daily routine,she wondered.She'll have to talk to Arnav.Once he was ready in his blue jeans and a black t-shirt,looking as cute as a 22 year old guy could get.The siblings left the room ,went downstairs and left to college..

So,guys..tell me how it was. I need some encouragement. Criticism will also do..please gimme your feedback and hit the like button if you like it..Smile..And let me know if you want me to continue..

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Sunetrareddy24 Newbie

Joined: 30 January 2012
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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 6:26am | IP Logged very comments ,no likes..Unhappy! but im going to continue with the story..

Arnav and khushi leaving to college with their respective siblings.


"ARNAVVV!" yelled Anjali.
Arnav: What lee?(anjili's nick name)
Anjali: Slow jaana hain ,hospital nahi.Arnav rolled his eyes at his dramatic little sister and hit the brakes when he reached the parking lot.He got off and said bye to anjali and started to look for his friend.Karan who saw Arnav ,went upto him and slapped his back with a hey bro. They started speeding to class with karans non-stop chatter about some new girl in their class."there he goes again" thought Arnav,looking for his ipod.Just then he felt a gust of wind bowing ..but before he could look around "BAMMM!!" .he collided body first into a petite girl with long,luscious brown hair ,clad in blue jeans and a pink top. Even though the collision didn't affect him,the girl was the ground with papers and files and scales scattered around.
She looked at up at him ,ready to him a piece of her mind but was awestruck at the vision before her. Tall and lean,the fitted tee accentuating his biceps and abs. honey coloured eyes and tousled hair completed the vision in front of her.She kept staring at him when she saw his lips moving..
"WHAT THE.Cant you watch and walk?Ruined my ipod ."
That got her flared dare he,she was lying on the ground and he was yelling at HER??
"excuse me,if you looked down your obnoxiously long nose and looked around a bit ,instead of staying in your enlarged head,youd see people around you.god! what a way to begin my first day.." ..with that she was gone.
That little girl . She would pay for her comments,thought Arnav.Karan sensing the anger from his best friend tried to change the topic and dragged him to their first class.
As Arnav entered the classroom he saw her ,with her head in the books spread out in front of her..sitting on HIS SEAT!!? THAT DID IT.She was going down.."Hey,new girl!" ..yelled Arnav.

I know its a short update.But i need a little encouragement from all you silent readers. sooo,please dont disappoint!Smile


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Sunetrareddy24 Newbie

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 9:18pm | IP Logged

Khushi looked up at the sound of her name and found the arrogant guy who she bumped into ,standing a foot away from her desk.She raised an eyebrow at him ,questioning him silently . 
"A few papers of yours are lying on the ground outside" said Arnav with a glint of mischief in his eyes.
"Couldn't you have brought them with you?" she asked.
"I could have ,but I didnt want to" He replied with a shrug of his broad shoulders.
"Argh" ..How can a person with such an adorable face be sooo irritating.uhhh! Khushi got up to fetch her stuff only to be tripped over by her bag. She steadied herself  and left an amused Arnav behind .
She went out and looked for her stuff but couldn't find anything .Giving up she treaded her way back to class.
She knew she was in trouble. There was a stout man behind the teachers desk with a stern look on his face .She cleared her throat
"Excuse me ,Sir"
He looked up from his register and gave her an irritated look.
"being late to your first class,doesnt give a good impression miss..?"
"Gupta" she said.
"yes,Miss Gupta ,take your seat and consider this your first and last warning."
She looked down totally embarrassed to face the class.She went to her seat but found it already occupied .She looked at the irritating guy and asked him to move as she had been sitting there .
"Really? i dont see any of your belongings here new girl." he smirked.
Khushi looked around and hissed "What did you do with my stuff?"
Arnav giving her an amused look "I dont know what your talking about" said nonchalantly.
The Professor looked at commotion unraveling in his otherwise quiet class and interupted their argument.
"Is there a problem?"
khushi: "Sir,he's sitting in my place and he hid my stuff"
She knew she was sounding like a baby complaining.But Khushi couldn't care less. The nerve of this guy she fumed.
Arnav: " i dont know what shes talking about sir.I didn't see any bag around so i sat here."
She was going to yell at him when she was interupted..
"Miss.Gupta,this is a college,you need to carry some books to college,not just walk in like your going to the movies.Now get out of my class and return only when you have some appropriate material with you,OUT" he barked.
Khushi was on the verge of tears,noone had ever yelled at her and she was beyond humiliated.
Seeing this Arnav felt a pang in his heart.He was going to apologize when she turned around and ran away crying.
He couldn't control his guilt .Feeling like scum he looked around at Karan with a helpless face.
"You pushed it bro,poor her and she's so pretty as well" he said with a twinkle in his eyes.
Arnav rolled his eyes at his bestfriend and turned to face the class ,making up his mind to apologize to her as soon as he was out of this class.

Khushi  ran straight to the girls loo and cried sitting on a bench.She didn't want to face anyone in that class ,especially HIM.She splashed some water on her face and was walking out of the restroom when she bumped into someone,anticipating a fall again ,she shut her eyes tight.Arnav had caught her waist and pulled her up.He wasn't going to let her fall again .He wasn't going to hurt her. He felt a weird protective instinct towards her. She was so fragile and looked so innocent and helpless.

Khushi opened her  eyes to find herself staring into deep honey colored orbs.She realized who it was and pushed him away.
"Don't touch me" she bit at him
"Listen,I'm really really sorry.I didn't think he would yell like that.Here's your bag ,i hid it as a joke.But i guess i went too far.I'm sorry."He said with a guilty face."I'm Arnav Singh Raizada ,btw"
Khushi looked at him with distaste "And I'm not interested"
With a last glare at him she walked away.
Arnav just kept staring at her.No girl ever walked away from Arnav Singh Raizada.Then what was with this girl. This was the second time in one day that she had turned her back on him..

Thanks for the likes .It really helped with the quick update. :) .And im open to suggestions.So,please feel free to pitch in.Smile

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Shruti21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
bt asr too rude...
excited to knw further..
continue soon n do pm me next part..
Sunetrareddy24 Newbie

Joined: 30 January 2012
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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fcashruti

bt asr too rude...
excited to knw further..
continue soon n do pm me next part..

Thanks! my first comment ,im excited..I'll PM you.. :)
rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
nice start,...
winchfire Senior Member

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
lukin 4ward 2 ur story!!!
Sunetrareddy24 Newbie

Joined: 30 January 2012
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Posted: 29 February 2012 at 12:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rupzloveu

nice start,...

Thank you!

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