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Thank you so much for the story so far!

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Contd. from page 3

Rangoli continues to make life difficult for Brij by upsetting his plans to eliminate Giridhar as a political threat, showing contempt for the fact he's not as high class as she is, and then showing up for photo opportunities as his wife. The last part has him really worried because Daddaji begins to think of Rangoli as politician material and wishes she would join politics, and also the chances are high Pooja will discover his marital status by reading the newspaper. He tries his best to block the news but it gets out anyway. 

Rangoli nearly stumbles across Brij and Pooja's romance on Holi when Pooja shows up at the haveli despite Brij's wishes to the contrary. She once again has an unfortunate run in with Rangoli but it cements Rangoli's opinion of her as a low class good for nothing. She once again warns Pooja not to get in her way. Brij and Pooja celebrate Holi together in private.

Siddharth also shows up in Bhopal for Holi now that Sumitra is ok and he's assured that the Tiwaris won't bother him for any real help. He gets familiar with a blushing Arti and applies color on her since they're now engaged and the wedding is only weeks away. 

Next he corners Pooja and acts familiar with her too. Pooja is disgusted. He tells her to get close to Brij now that a big politician like him has expressed interest in her, and to get all kinds of favors in return. To start with, he wants Pooja to get Brij to get him a new job and threatens not to marry Arti unless she fixes it for him. A frightened Pooja can't bear to tell an unaware Arti and so asks Brij for the favor. 

Brij has other things on his mind with Rangoli back in town and declaring his candidacy for the CM's post, and so he tells her he'll take care of it after the elections. When Pooja informs Siddharth of the same, he pressurizes her to get it done before the wedding. Thinking he has disconnected the phone, Siddharth and his mother then have a long conversation about torturing Arti for revenge and getting Pooja to do all his dirty work after the marriage. Pooja is shocked. 

When Siddharth and his mother come to Bhopal again to fix the wedding, Pooja puts a stop to the whole thing and exposes Siddharth in front of her family. Siddharth tries to throw mud on Pooja's character but Arti stands for her sister and breaks all relations with him. An angry Siddharth and his angry mother then show their true selves and promise to slander Arti everywhere and Harivansh and mamaji throw them out of the house. 

Pooja wants to tell Arti about her relationship with Brij but can't find a good opportunity to do so as Arti struggles with her sadness over Siddharth. Tiny differences creep up between the sisters as Pooja continues to lie about her whereabouts during the day and who she's spending her time with. 

Rangoli summons her devoted henchman Mrityunjay to follow Brij and find out who the mystery girl is. He comes back with a shortlist of five women with whom Brij has been seen spending a lot of time. Rangoli orders him to kidnap all five so she can torture the truth out of them. 

Now that Sumitra is medically fit, Harivansh decides it's time for the family, including Pooja to move back to Panchmarhi. A panicked Pooja tries to explain that her career is now in Bhopal and says she has all sorts of things on her schedule that can't be completed by living in the wilds of Panchmarhi. But her family refuses to listen or let her live by herself as she suggests. She calls Brij in great distress and Brij is flustered by the fear that Pooja might have found out about his marriage to Rangoli. He is relieved to find out that she is still in the dark and promises to keep Pooja in Bhopal somehow. 

As a short term measure, he calls Harivansh and expresses a desire to visit Sumitra, thus forcing the Tiwaris to postpone their departure. During his visit, he skillfully puts the idea that Pooja's career is important and should be Bhopal based into the Tiwaris head. Later, he shows Pooja a house that he says is now theirs and tells her that he's arranged for Harivansh's transfer to Bhopal because he can't bear to be parted from her. 

Pooja and BBP begin to spend their time together at the house, secluded from the world. This raises flags in Arti's mind, who is sure that Pooja is lying about her whereabouts during the day. However, all her attempts at detection fall flat. She does, however, begin to get an inkling that BBP might be the man in her sister's life. 

Rangoli is likewise suspicious of her husband's whereabouts and feelings. She starts a systematic purge of all possible rivals for her husband's affection. BBP finds out about the five women when the media goes to town and starts implying that he kidnapped these women. With the help of an angry Daddaji, he manages to free the women and turn it into a PR coup. 

On a trip to Gwalior where Pooja is due to perform at a prestigious event, Arti finds out from Krish and Bhavna that the necklace Pooja wears around her neck is super expensive and she was lying when she said Bhavna gave it to her. She also accidentally overhears BBP making plans to take Pooja somewhere for a romantic rendezvous.

In her zeal to discover the truth, Arti goes to the meeting point and is accidentally kidnapped in Pooja's place by Rangoli's goons. Krish is a horrified spectator and he runs to file a complaint with the police. At a derelict godown, Arti is kept blindfolded and tied to a chair while Mrityunjay and Rangoli question her about her relationship with BBP. She manages to convince them that they have the wrong person but this only makes Rangoli even more angry.

Pooja and BBP are romancing each other when Krish calls Pooja with the news. They immediately drop everything and race back to Gwalior. Pooja is hysterical and begging BBP to save her sister. BBP initially tells the police to go full steam ahead but as soon as he is alone, he tells them officially close the case while continuing the search for Arti so that the news doesn't hit the media. 

He drops Pooja off at the hotel in the care of Krish and Bhavna to wait for news of Arti. He then calls Rangoli and orders her to return to their hotel immediately. When she refuses, he puts Daddaji on her case under the guise of a possible attack on her life. Later, he orders someone to shoot Rangoli. Mrityunjay and she are both wounded. Brij takes them to the hospital, acting like a concerned husband. He orders a nurse to keep an eye on Rangoli and takes a call from Pooja saying Arti has been released. BBP is relieved.

Contd. below

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thank you for the superb update

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Contd from above

Arti doesn't say anything to Pooja at first but finally loses her temper and strikes her younger sister. She tells Pooja that she knows everything about her affair with BBP and says Pooja has fallen for his wealth and power. She pleads with Pooja to forget about BBP but Pooja refuses not only to forget about BBP but also to leave BBP and Gwalior. An angry Arti leaves Pooja there by herself and walks out on her. 

BBP comes to the hotel and is shocked to find Pooja sobbing on the floor of the corridor. He picks her up and takes her inside and she explains that Arti has found out about them through the kidnappers and is very angry and has broken all ties to her. BBP tells her to concentrate on her music, and Bhavna and Krish tell her the same thing. But all Pooja can think about is her sister, so she leaves the event without performing and this creates a huge uproar in the press. However, Arti is standing outside the venue and confesses that she couldn't leave her sister alone no matter how angry she got. Pooja also confesses that she can't do anything without her sister. The two of them hug and leave for Bhopal.

Back in Bhopal, Arti continues to warn her sister against Brij and she doesn't know what to do about it. Finally Pooja goes to see Brij in their little love nest and tries to break it off with him but he can't bear the thought of separation. He tries to kiss her and she jumps back from him and it's clear this is crossing a moral boundary for Pooja. Brij is a little shocked at his loss of control despite Pooja assuring him that she is equally to blame for the force of their attraction and agrees that it is time for her to leave, but as he escorts Pooja out the door, he sees Rangoli has tracked him there and searching the neighborhood for the right house. 

In a panic, Brij proposes marriage to Pooja and this reassures her about his intentions and she agrees to continue their relationship. Arti is furious to find out that Pooja is still meeting with Brij and that he has proposed marriage. She points out the age and class difference to Pooja who doesn't want to hear it. Arti decides to meet Brij for herself and lands at the party office while Rangoli is also there. 

Rangoli is at the office to get Brij to go with her for a medical check up. It is revealed in flashback that Rangoli aborted their child a few years ago, which led to the breakdown of their marriage and now she can't get pregnant. She wants to meet a fertility specialist and initially Brij looks like he might agree but we see it was all a ruse to smuggle Arti out of Rangoli's sight and vice versa. He then gets rid of Rangoli who loses her temper and leaves the office yelling at everybody in sight. 

Arti hears her voice and recognizes it as the one belonging to the woman who kidnapped her and comes running out but is too late to see her face. She asks Brij who the woman was but he lies and leads her into his office. There, she tells Brij to leave Pooja alone but he says he loves her and can't do that. Arti is disgusted by his behavior and is not taken in by any of the lines he has been feeding Pooja. Brij is left thoughtful. 

Arti and Pooja's relationship continues to deteriorate as they fight over Brij. It only intensifies when Brij gets Pooja admitted to Krish's band and hires it for some youth outreach programs. He wants to throw Rangoli off the scent by making it look like Pooja and Krish are lovers. Rangoli gets Giridhar to follow Brij and Pooja but he finds out and gets Daddaji involved and Daddaji orders them to stop fighting. 

Rangoli loves her father and fears disappointing him so she agrees to start her relationship over. Brij also seemingly agrees but continues meeting Pooja as usual. Arti gets a job at a beauty salon and bumps into Rangoli. The two of them are shocked when they recognize each other and Rangoli enjoys toying with Arti. Arti is shocked when Brij comes to pick up Rangoli and she discovers he is married. 

Before she can tell Pooja, Brij takes her on a supposed audition with a famous singer. That night he emotionally blackmails her into marrying him at once in secret at a faraway temple with only Shamsher and his driver for witnesses. He also takes her to a hotel or something and gets her drunk on champagne after which he takes her to bed for the suhaag raat. 

When Pooja comes home, still drunk, Arti is the only one up and she is so shocked at her sister's state, she slaps her face. Pooja tries to explain that she is now Brij's wife but Arti tells her he is married. Pooja is shocked. 


In today's Bhopal, Arti is living in a small government housing with her mom and dad. Pooja is living on her own in a lavish bungalow provided by BBP. It is revealed that she walked out with BBP when her family came to know about their relationship and that her family has never been the same since then. Sumitra keeps crying, Harivansh is like a zombie and Arti is working at the beauty salon and is the only link between Pooja and her family. She keeps trying to get Pooja back to her family and now she thinks she might be able to do it as Pooja slowly came to know the man she'd "married". 

Arti drops her father off at his office and he is lost in his own thoughts and doesn't care about anything. She goes to the temple on her scooty and meets Pooja there. The sisters have a tearful reunion and Arti gives her halwa made by Sumitra. Pooja is ashamed of the grief she has given her parents and says sadly that her life with Brij isn't what she imagined it would be. He refuses to acknowledge her in public with the election around the corner. Arti convinces her to come home and says their parents will forgive her. 

Pooja agrees finally and says she needs to meet Brij for one last time before she comes to their house and they all leave for Pachmarhi together. Arti wants to know what she has left to say to him but Pooja says she will explain later and leaves. 

Pooja goes home and tries to call BBP but he doesn't pick up her phone because he is concentrating on the election and a rally he plans to address. Pooja writes in her diary that their relationship is now broken but she will always carry a part of him in her. Suddenly her front door bell rings and she goes down to answer it. She finds two men there with guns and tries to escape them but they beat down the door. She locks herself into her music room and frantically calls Arti for help. She also calls Brij but he is too busy and cuts the phone without listening to her. 

Arti rushes to Pooja but she is too late. The goons have shot Pooja despite her assurances that she will leave the city. Arti is shocked to find Pooja still breathing and she immediately rushes her to the hospital. But at the hospital, nobody is trying to save her as they wait for the police to arrive. When the police does arrive in the form of Inspector Govind Shankar, they are not helpful at all and are apparently waiting for Pooja to die of her injuries. 

Meanwhile Shamsher informs BBP about Pooja's condition and he is so upset he abruptly leaves the rally. He calls the inspector and tells him to help Pooja. Daddaji calls him, having heard the news and forbids him from going to the hospital. Now that BBP has ordered it, the hospital and police are extremely helpful and Pooja is rushed into the operation theater. 

Sumitra arrives with Krish and Bhavna and Arti and they all try to deal with the situation. It is a media circus outside and the police is again very unhelpful. They try to stop Harivansh from finding out but he finds out anyway and rushes to the hospital. The police won't allow any of her family members to meet Pooja and the Tiwaris don't know what to do. 

Rangoli is chosen as BBP's surrogate and she comes there and implies to the media that she is Pooja's mentor, not BBP and she is there on a condolence visit. She warns Arti and is not best pleased to hear that Pooja is still clinging to life. Arti warns Brij that she will not rest without bringing Pooja's shooter to justice and implies that she knows either he or Rangoli is behind the whole thing. 

Daddaji comes to the hospital to see Arti but she refuses to be bought by him. Arti decides to start investigating Pooja's shootout by herself with the help of Krish when it becomes clear that the police are doing shoddy work. Sumitra is against this plan which will pit her against powerful people but Harivansh emerges from his zombie state to give Arti his support. Unknown to her, the police have actively tampered with the crime scene and have changed the reality to reflect a theory of a robbery gone wrong rather than an assassination attempt. The man pulling Govind Shankar's strings is none other than Brij. 

During this, GS comes across Pooja's diary and keeps it as possible blackmail material. Arti finds a witness to the shooters and brings him to the police station. But BBP gets to him and by the time they get to court, the witness identifies the wrong people (previously arranged by Brij) and they say it was a robbery gone wrong and the judge sentences them accordingly. It is revealed to the audience that Bhavna is working for BBP after he threatened her father's political future. 

An upset Arti has words with Brij after the verdict is read out and suddenly one of the men grabs a gun as per a previous plan and threatens Arti. BBP "heroically" saves Arti and is shot in the process. Harivansh is not impressed and sees some kind of ploy. He is correct, because BBP is not hurt at all and this was all an attempt to get publicity and win the public's trust before the election. He wins in a landslide and on his way out of the hospital, makes his final goodbyes to Pooja as he sets out on a new life. 

But Arti continues to make a nuisance of herself and even manages to bring Pooja back to life when the doctors gave her up for dead. Rangoli order the doctor to kill Pooja but before he can do so, Arti and Krish discover he is up to no good. They also discover that he carried out an abortion on Pooja and are shocked. They stop him from harming Pooja and try to take her out of the hospital and back to their home. 

The doctor is now angry and he tells them they have to pay the hospital bills first. The Tiwaris are dejected and the doctor thinks he now has all the time in the world to kill Pooja but they're shocked when the Tiwaris manage to pay off the bill thanks to Bhavna who got them the money as reparation for the harm she did them and their case by spying for Brij. Rangoli finds out and has Bhavna locked up by her father. 

The Tiwaris come home to find it burned out on BBP's orders. Rangoli and Co think they have won because now the Tiwaris have no place to take Pooja but the Tiwaris outfox them by taking Pooja back to her house. Rangoli wnats them thrown out but Shukla reveals that the house is in Pooja's name. 

Eventually, Arti starts a candlelight vigil outside BBP's office demanding justice for Pooja. BBP is put in a bind and comes out of it by promising them a CBI inquiry. He also threatens Arti on the side to drop her demand but she is firm that she wants her sister's case investigated by the CBI. 

The man sent by the CBI is Dev Tripathi and he is a drunk. He is also supposed to be one of the best they have. Arti gets him new evidences supplied by Sangram Singh who has come back to get revenge on BBP. These include Pooja's abortion records. Pooja's doctor commits suicide when he realizes he's lost the secret info. But BBP finds out and frames Sangram Singh for having an illicit relationship with the doctor's wife by kidnapping her son. 

Dev also leans on the eye witness BBP bought and finds out what the real shooters look like. He talks to the fake shooters and they confess they never entered Pooja's house and that they were sent by BBP and that the original hit was arranged by Rangoli. Dev shoots them dead. 

It is revealed that BBP has bought Dev also. BBP then proceeds to have Krish arrested and tries to spin it that Krish and Pooja were having an affair, Pooja got more successful, Krish was jealous and had her murdered. He substitutes Krish's blood sample for his own and frames him thoroughly. This angers Dev who was only contracted to save Rangoli but BBP throws him out. 

Arti has been developing feelings for Dev all this time but is crushed to realize the truth. She goes to ask him why he did this but an ashamed Dev refuses to answer her questions and sends her away. It is revealed that Dev has a younger brother who is suffering from cancer and he needs money for his treatment. 

Meanwhile Billu has arrived in Bhopal to help the Tiwaris after learning about their troubles. Arti does her best to get Krish out of prison and he is being tortured to confess. Krish's parents blame the Tiwaris and Pooja in particular for their son's condition. Sumitra advises Harivansh and Arti to apologize to BBP. They do so and promise to leave Bhopal with Pooja but he continues to pretend that he is not behind their problems. In exchange for getting Krish out of prison, he makes Arti say that she tried to blackmail him into giving her money and he actually had nothing to do with Pooja. Arti is sent to jail and then she realizes BBP double crossed her and re-arrested Krish as well. 

BBP has Shukla phone Arti and tell her that she was the shield that protected her family, but now he can do as he wishes. BBP has Pooja kidnapped and brought to him. He says he can't stay away from her and they both need each other to live. He loves her very much. But he also uses Pooja's kidnapping to pressurize Krish into confessing by threatening to kill Pooja if he doesn't cooperate. Sumitra begs BBP to return Pooja to them but he acts as if he suspects Rangoli. 

Dev wanted to help Arti but his brother dies around this time and he is briefly lost in self pity. He tries to kill himself but realizes he needs to do something that his brother would be proud of after destroying so many lives for the sake of money. He gets Arti out of jail and brings her back to her parents home. He also pressurizes BBP to return Pooja to her home. 

BBP refuses to let Pooja go and bitterly complains to her that they are in this position because she refused to let things take their time and insisted on having his baby. But he is determined that nothing will separate them now. He has Pooja transferred to a secret location. But Dev has him secretly photographed and gives them to Rangoli who has Pooja returned home because she doesn't want any undue attention sent their way since Dev has her convinced that she is inches away from going to jail. 

BBP is angry at this and is angrier still when he realizes Dev is now trying to get a new blood sample match. He has the police station with all the evidence files burned down. An angry Dev goes to meet a gloating BBP and taunts him about his love for Pooja and how he was helpless to take care of her in spite of his position and power. BBP is immediately touched on the raw. Rangoli hears all this from behind a pillar and is angry at both of them. 

Next, the Dargah Baba comes to meet BBP and tells him off for destroying Pooja's life and for betraying his love for her. BBP is ashamed and hates himself. Dev takes the opportunity of the destroyed evidence and gets Krish out of jail. Much to everyone's shock, BBP announces his resignation out of the blue and comes to the Tiwari house to apologize to them before he goes to confess to the police. He meets Pooja for one last time and promises her that he will be back and that he loves her and asks for her forgiveness. 

Rangoli acts on Daddaji's advice and calls a press conference and shifts all the blame on to BBP. She settles in as the new CM. But Dev and Arti trick her into confessing her order to kill to Pooja and she is ultimately sent to prison. 


The Tiwaris are back in Pachmarhi. Pooja is now out of her coma and still in a wheelchair but well on the road to recovery. Dev, Brij and Govind Shankar are sentenced to three years in prison each for their part in the case. Rangoli and the two men who shot Pooja are in prison for life. The radio plays Pooja singing Sapno ke Sheher Mein to celebrate her justice and Pooja remembers her first meeting with Brij with tears in her eyes. Sumitra congratulates Arti for her victory. 

The Tiwaris are together again as a family. Arti reiterates that good things happen to good people. 


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