SKBM Story So Far (Page 3)

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Good work Dear!!

U have explained the whole story in a short paragraph...

Thanks a lot!!

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till wich epi is d story updated?
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@divya welcome dearHug

i think many of us bumped into this soap accidently ..LOL and we have got good show to catch up...Smile...esp. the cute jodi of brijaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedWink

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Originally posted by shinybandi

till wich epi is d story updated?

I'm actually working off my memory and I'm squishing a few events together so I can't be sure. Embarrassed I'd say we're halfway through January right now.

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Contd. from the first page... 

On the way to Bhopal, Pooja and BBP find themselves alone in the car. They flirt for a bit and then BBP insists on teaching Pooja how to drive. Pooja is very scared but decides to trust him when he says so. She's doing rather well when she sees a large truck coming their way and closes her eyes in terror. BBP manages to save them but scolds her gently for her reaction. Pooja says she was terrified for his life, not hers. 

A touched BBP tries to cheer her up. They see an old woman selling fruit by the side of a roadside shrine and Pooja makes him stop. When BBP buys her entire crop and gives her a healthy bonus on top, she blesses the two of them to be together forever. Brij and Pooja are shy. 

After Brij drops her back at her aunt's house in Bhopal, he goes to the office where he runs into Giridhar who is suspicious about the excess time Brij took to travel from Panchmarhi to Bhopal. Brij puts him off curtly and hides the fact that he was escorting Pooja. Later, he makes plans with Pooja to meet early the next morning at the party office. 

Pooja is full of thoughts of Brij and writes romantically about him in her diary. She gets up at the crack of dawn and goes to meet him at the party office. But there is a congratulatory meeting going on with regard to the election they've just won from Sangram Singh and Brij is with Daddaji. Although Pooja manages to wish him, he refuses to acknowledge her or take the bouquet from her hand. 

A crushed Pooja is consoled by Krish, who doesn't understand why she's upset, while an agitated Brij wonders how he will explain his actions to Pooja. He can't bear her sadness and knows he behaved badly with her. He tries to approach her many times but something always gets in his way and the same thing happens to Pooja when she tries to talk to him. Brij is so frustrated, he even yells at his close confidante Shukla.

Finally, on the day of Mahashivratri, Pooja takes her aunt's advice and goes to the temple to pray for the man of her dreams. Brij arrives at the same temple and the two pick up as if they'd never been parted. Unknown to them, Giridhar is keeping an eye on the new romance and is determined to bring it out in front of the world for his own reasons. 

Pooja and her troupe are invited to Daddaji's haveli for a pooja and Daddaji asks her to sing. She sings Satyam Shivam Sundaram and dazzles the entire audience with her talent while a proud Brij looks on. Later, thanks to the machinations of Giridhar and his wife, she sprains her ankle. But Brij turns the tables on Giridhar by faking a total lack of concern. Daddaji's wife, Ammaji calls Brij to take care of Pooja. Brij takes the golden opportunity and romantically takes care of Pooja in front of the whole crowd much to Giridhar's fury. Ammaji comes to know that Pooja was the girl who saved Brij's life and Pooja charms everyone with her pretty manners before she leaves. 

Brij then gets plenty of food for thought when one the older members of his party is humiliated and kicked out by Daddaji for romancing a young girl, getting her pregnant and then abandoning her, forcing her to try and commit suicide. Giridhar advises Brij that love is a dangerous game and you can't be lukewarm about it - either he gambles with everything or he abstains. Brij takes his words to heart. 

Pooja is stunned to find that Brij is back to avoiding her. She can't understand why his behavior pains her do deeply so she goes to the dargah and meets the Baba who tells her that she's in love and that this love is going to destroy her one day. Brij arrives at the dargah at the same time and prays for guidance because he doesn't know what to do about his feelings for Pooja. He sees Pooja and runs away, leaving her shocked. 

Brij decides that he can't see Pooja anymore and it would be unfair of him to ruin her life with his selfish love. He begins to distance himself from her in more obvious ways and breaks her heart. But Pooja isn't totally fooled because she spies the love in his eyes, which he can't hide. Brij refuses to meet her before she leaves for Mauritius. 

In Panchmarhi, meanwhile, Sumitra has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and refuses to have surgery or tell their daughters because she wants Arti to get married and Pooja to go for her singing competition. Arti is unaware of all these things just as she is unaware that Siddharth and his family have no good intentions toward her and increasingly spends her time with Siddharth. She also hides Sumitra's worsening condition from Pooja under the impression that there is nothing very seriously wrong with her. 

But while Pooja is in Mauritius, Sumitra collapses and Arti comes to know about her mother's real condition and that Harivansh and Billoo knew about it already. She presses her mother to get her operation done as the doctor suggests but Sumitra stubbornly refuses because they only have enough money to get either Arti married or get her operation done. 

Arti looks to Siddharth for support but he keeps putting her off while simultaneously acting concerned because he wants to keep on her good side without actually doing anything to help her. His mother is his best friend and partner in crime.

In Mauritius, Pooja's first instinct is to get in touch with Brij. By mistake, she sends Brij a romantic text begging him to come see her in Mauritius because she feels so incomplete without him. In the middle of prep, Pooja is then shocked to find Brij actually there. 

She finally manages to pin him down and confronts him about their relationship but he coolly lies to her that he doesn't feel anything for her and that it's all in her head. He tells her her feelings are one-sided and leaves her completely crushed. 

Heartbroken, Pooja is sadly sitting by the pool crying when she happens to fall into it and nearly drowns. Brij sees her by chances and saves her life. He then yells at her for not taking better care of herself and Pooja says her life has no meaning without him in it. She can't bear the pain of being separated from him. She wraps her arms around him and cries. 

Brij takes one second to reconsider and then gives in to his own passion and confesses that he'd been lying. He too loves her very much and can't live without her. He hugs her tightly to him and the two of them share a sweet moment before he comes back to his senses and realizes they're in a public place. He hastily sends her back to her room and promises to meet her the next day. 

An excited Pooja dresses up the next day for her date with Brij and Bhavna helps her under the impression that she's dating Krish. Brij is waiting impatiently for her at a cafe and his eyes pop when he sees a fully made up Pooja looking beautiful in a red salwar borrowed from Bhavna. 

He gifts Pooja an expensive pendant and holds her hand and gently flirts with her. Pooja wants to know why he tried to deny his feelings and Brij momentarily withdraws. He makes an excuse about being much older than her and Pooja dismisses his concerns. The two of them spend a romantic day together and Brij is charmed by her innocent gestures of love. 

Later, Bhavna comes to know that Pooja wasn't with Krish as she thought but with Brij. She is disapproving but a lovestruck Pooja can't pay any attention to her friend's disapproval because she is consumed by the wonderful day she spent with Brij and the many expensive gifts he got her. 

That night Pooja is in bed and fast asleep when her phone rings and Brij asks her to come out. She sneaks away from her roommate and is running through the hall toward him when his arms snakes out and catches her. He pulls her into a shadowed hallway and the two of them smile intimately at each other as they come close. 

The next morning Brij once again wakes her up and invites her to breakfast with him. As Pooja hurriedly goes downstairs, she bumps into a stylish woman surrounded by armed bodyguards who spills her drink all over her sandals. The woman is incredibly rude with Pooja and forces her to clean her feet in public. 

Brij sees the whole thing but doesn't come forward or interfere in any way. A shaken Pooja explains later to him that she was intimidated and scared by the woman and her behavior. Bhavna consoles her. 

It turns out the woman's name is Rangoli and she and Brij know each other extremely well. There is an undercurrent of some sort to their relationship as Brij tells her she shouldn't have misbehaved with Pooja and she dismisses his concerns. She flirts heavily with Brij but he looks disinterested. 

On a chance call to Panchmarhi, Pooja comes to know that her mother has cancer and is awaiting an operation. An already upset Pooja is immediately overwrought and refuses to perform in the competition. She wants to go home straight away no matter what Harivansh, Arti, Krish, Bhavna or the program director tell her.

Just as she is about to leave for the airport, Brij comes up and tells her to sing and leave her mother's health to him. He'll take care of Sumitra's operation. Pooja angrily tells him that she can't sing while her mother's at death's door. A disappointed Brij tells her that the decision is hers. An agitated Pooja is convinced she can't go on, much to the delight of her understudy and former star of the troupe - Shelley. She subtly encourages Pooja to sit out and let Shelley take over much to Krish and Bhavna's disgust. Pooja agrees. 

Rangoli arrives with Brij for the competition and Brij is upset when he notices Pooja is not on the stage and Shelley has taken her place. As the show begins however, Pooja's voice floats out and Brij has his heart in his eyes as he sees she did take his words to heart and came to sing. 

As her song comes to an end and the felicitations begin, Pooja's phone rings and Arti tells her Sumitra is now ok. Brij arranged for their travel to Bhopal and got them a free operation at the best hospital. A happy Pooja runs off the stage toward Brij to thank him but Rangoli intercepts her and under the guise of handing her the award, warns her to stay out of her way. 

In Bhopal, Pooja goes straight from the airport to meet her mother in the hospital and the Tiwaris have a tearful reunion. Pooja surprises her family by providing them with all sorts of expensive gifts that she says she got with her winnings in Mauritius. Her uncle and aunt come to the hospital, having missed her at the airport, and her aunt's eyes nearly pop out at the sight of all the expensive things Pooja has bought. 

At Daddaji's haveli, everyone is excited/fearful because Rangoli is coming back after a year of travel. She is apparently Daddaji's only child and very spoiled. Immediately on her arrival it is clear that she is Daddaji's pride and joy, Giridhar is in awe of her, and she holds both Ammaji and Giridhar's silent wife in contempt. Ammaji asks Brij if he can't teach Rangoli some of his sweet ways but he says some things are impossible. 

Rangoli turns out to be Brij's wife and although we don't know the details, apparently the two of them are estranged and Daddaji wants that to end. He wants Brij to be the CM and Rangoli to be the CM's wife with him pulling the strings behind the scenes. Brij is also aware that the only reason he's being pushed forward for the CM's post so early is because he's Daddaji's son in law. 

Brij goes to see Sumitra at the hospital and he and Pooja share covert glances and make plans to see each other in secret. Rangoli tries her best to seduce Brij into coming back home as per Daddaji's request but is baffled to find him disinterested in her charms. She manages to get him to move back to the haveli by simply breaking into his office, where he's been living since their separation, and stealing all his things. But Brij continues to maintain a distance.She immediately suspects that there is another woman in his life and is enraged.

{Continued on Page 4}

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Thanks bumtrinket...u made my day!!!!

i just started watching from the scooter incident and wanted to see it from first!!! 

As to Krish..i am guessing that due to some political tassle, BBP will force her to hate him to keep her safe and then Krish will support her and she will compromise, then he will also betray her for a great job offer where he has to marry the daughter of a big producer (guessing here again)...she is finally heartbroken at being betrayed a second time!!!

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I have only recently started watching SKBM. Thanks to bumtrinket for writing the story so far.

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plz upload the thought n poem said by BBP... SmileSmileSmile

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