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Monday 27th February 2012   Episode

kaaththu varum  kaaththu varum
update seyya ninaiththaal kaaththu varum
kadhai illaidha serialai ninaiththaal
azhugai varum!!

Charu would be very happy if her mother returns for her wedding, but what if she does not.  They show an old building with the weird BGM in a weirdly focused lens.(Subbu is probably kept there) Charu continues how can she get married in peace (Charu nee andha AKAva kalyaNam senjaa your life piece piece thaan!!)  MA tells Charu that she is going to be wedded soon, she should not cry - MA says it crying - LOL.  Do not think absurd things she says, adding that puNyavathi Subbu is being tested by God(hulloo... avanga puNyavathiyaa... engaLukkellaam appO enna pEru???)  MA tells ellaam nallapadiya mudiyum.(engittu mudiyudhu - each kalyaaNam is taking 13 months) Even Ganga & Rama's marriage had so much confusion prefixed.  Now JC joins in gyaan session.  This wedding will take place and Subbu athai will be back he assures.  Rama's turn to ask Charu not to cry.  If Charu cries then she herself, Ganga akka, appa all will break down (the best joke of the serial - Charu is the youngest, you guys are expected to support her not vice versa)  Rama too assures that amma will give her in marriage.  The old building (thank God it is not dilapitated) bearing the name board "kOthaNdam sidhdha Hospital" (adhu verum dhaNdam maadhiri irukku) Finally Subbu is shown lying unconscious on one of the beds.  

Saravanan's turn to gyaan Ottufy.  (thaangalaingadaa neenga pEsi pEsi uyir edukkaradhu)  He says chinnamma will come back to them soon, what if their search went in vain.  Vadivu joins the chorus - whatever the elders do would be for their good, so now Charu has to convey her acceptance joyfully (vadivu unakku Ila kaaththu adichidichchaa.. comedy seyyara) Naachch has faith in God who will help in this wedding taking place.  Ganga repeats Vadivu's statement in different words.   Ila's mind voice tells all of them are pacifying Charu, let us also say something to that effect.  Tells Charu that Subbu came in her dream and requested Ila to take care of Charu's wedding.  The rest of the clan are all irritated with Ila's words.  Naachch stops her and takes Charu inside.  

The next scene our amman makes a grand entry but with a lousy BGM.  The family (familiesaa familyaa - EdhO oNNu) reaches the Gangadevi temple(and Gangadevi is under a tree no roof on her head, outside a temple compound) The poojari prays to Gangadevi to show a good path for the family is in pain.  Rama, JC and Charu missing in the temple visit.  Ayya prays to Gangadevi, informing Gangadevi that Subbu has gone missing and also petitions that Charu's marriage to take place without problems.   The hosptial bed with unconscious Subbu.

Naachch wants Gangadevi to show her sister Subbu.  Ganga's turn to petition Gangadevi, the first time she is going to ask something of Gangadevi (SK case-la once she did ask for something - right??) She will name her twins after Gangadevi (son-aa irundhaalum Gangadeviyaa - adakkodumaiyE)  MA next asks Gangadevi where she hid their nadamaadum deivam Subbu (I am ROFLing so much... I almost fell off my chair.  Subbu nadamaadum deivam-aa)  MA further tells God Gangadevi to tell them if they have not done any nErththikadan.  They will do it.  Gangadevi with a coconut in her hand just looks on.  Ila calls Gangamma (God-nga) and asks her to return Subbu safe.  She wants this not only because she loves Subbu but also because otherwise her father's head will roll (with daughters like these who needs enemies LOL)Sara's petition says that his mother and chinnamma are his two eyes.  He has turned blind in one eye after Subbu went missing.  So please give me back my eyesight he prays.  He also tells Gangadevi to turn detective - find out Subbu's hideout and get her back he completes.  Vadivu finishes the application with her signature.  

Rama serving Kula food with tears in her eyes.  Kula gives his usual smirk (where did that guilty look go??) JC & MA look on.  A tear from Rama's eyes fall in the sambar. Kula asks her if she put less salt in the sambar, why tearing in the sambar he asks.  If you cry I will get up and walk away he warns.  Rama wipes her tears, asks him to eat.  MA scolds Kula.  Kula not bothered, is happy and eats.  Kula wants vadai & payasam (vadai naan update seyyara aduththa serial Chellameh- la malai sizela varudhu - anga konjam kai  koraiyudhu - vaayaa) MA takes a spatula to hit him.  He roars in laughter for MA does not have any choicest curses left (neenga indha nadaswaram, thendral serial ellaam paakkardhu illayammaa)  MadasaambraaNi's kulavaarisu Rama promises to make it the next day - vadai & payasam, she wants a help from Kula mama.  To find her mother for her.  Kula enjoying the food instead.  We might get our mother through you she continues lamenting. (haiyyO one part irukkaa Cry )

Kula asks Rama if she Otting another story in the main story (thangathula storyE illai nu naanga solrOm - neeng ennavO storykkuLLa story laam solreenga)  Kula tells he would first of all not believe that Subbu has gone missing, and if at she has gone missing, Kula would be the happiest person in the world.  JC, MA & Rama look at him surprised (and I am surprised at these fools' expression) JC starts fighting with Kula.  Kula tells Rama that today Subbu has gone missing, one day Rama too would go missing.  He washes his hands and leaves.  Rama continues her kulathozhil - crying.

AKA waiting outside Charu's college.   A thoughtful Charu comes out.  AKA stops Charu .  Says that Ganga visited them the earlier day and told of Subbu missing.  Charu wanted to talk to AKA herself.  She wants his help.  AKA ready to do whatever he can.  Charu wants AKA to postpone the wedding, because she is unable to do it.  



Updates by eclat

Tuesday 28th February 2012

Nithya ungaLukku endha paattu pidikkum sollunga - adhai naan suththamaa damage paNrEn.. Wink

Charu requesting AKA to put off the wedding.  He too says that athai would be back for the wedding (ellaarum ennavO avanga aduththa oorukku pOi irukkapla solraanga - she has been missing you dumbos)  But Charu asks what if?  All of you keep repeating the same charaNam that amma would be back, no one seems to understand her point, will the wedding be stopped if her mother does not return by then.  AKA undertakes "project postpone wedding" but do not be in haste he says.  Then when will you announce for the postponement she asks.  Athai might even come on the day of the wedding, so we shall wait.  If she does not turn up, let us see what the two families decide, if their decision is to go ahead with the wedding, then AKA will stop the wedding for he too does not want to get married without his athai's presence.  The wedding would then be postponed.  (AKA's acting is not bad)  He would wait for Charu.  Charu appadiyE pull aruchchufied.  (college vaasal-la no cattle -thank Gangadevi)  She thanks AKA and says she too would wait for him.  (AKA should give a full smile, only this half smile makes him look more AKA)  She leaves and AKA looks on (ivan nallavanaa kettavanaa nu I have a sudden doubt)

Night time.  Naachch comes out of her room, turns on the light in the next room and sits on the swing in the hall (indhamma hall swingla ukkaara why hall light pOdala)  A very pensive Ganga measures her living room.  Naachch thoughtful on the swing.  Ganga gets a call from SP office, the police wants to talk to her.  Has her mother been found she asks.  He wants to discuss something regarding that.  Ganga is expecting some good news from him, asks him to come over.  RV enters the room when Ganga is talking to the police over the phone.  Naachch calls Ganga's landline.  She is worried about Subbu.  Ganga tells Naachch not to worry, the police are coming over to her place regarding Subbu.  Naachch too would wait for the call from Ganga.  RV retires to his room and Ganga begins measuring the living room again.

The policemen come.  RV too comes out.  They have no news of Subbu.  The have searched the whole big circle (maavattam) have asked the next district to search too.  RV suspects if she could have been kidnapped.  One inspector answers they have enquired from that angle too.  No leads on that.  The inspector asks Ganga if she suspects anyone.  RV tells Ganga that he suspects Kula might have a hand in this.  It is possible accepts Ganga. Wants the policemen to watch Kula's activities.  They turn to leave, she calls them.  Thinks, changes her mind and tells them that they can leave.  Ganga climbs the stairs to her room.

Naachch's house.  The telephone bell tolls.  Ayya attends the phone.  Ganga calls to say the policemen have no clue.  Karthik & Ila arrive too.  Naachch is before them.   Ganga tells Ayya not to worry, they are still net spread searching.  Only if Ayya is brave they too can be brave (aaga moththam oruththarum sondhamaa dhairiyamaa irukka maatteenga - in dependent)  Ganga dangles a lollipop in front of ayya, if he is brave she would be able to find Subbu soon.  Ayya believes Ganga & Gangadevi would find Subbu.  Ayya conveys the message to a worried Naachch.  Karthik asks Ila if Subbu is a small baby lost in the thiruvizhaa, won't the lady comeback on her own?  Naachch asks why such scorpion bite when all of them are in pain.  She also tells Ayya that it looks like Subbu  has been kidnapped. Her brother Kula & Karthik are the suspects.  Karthik asks his mother why this kolaveri.  They have better work to do, if she does not like them, he will leave for Andhra.  Ila asks what about her, she too would accompany him Karthik replies.  Naachch wants Karthik to take his FIL too so that they would live in peace.  Karthik goes back to his room.  Ila goes to Naachch and asks if her father & husband look like professional kidnappers.  Why suspect your own brother she chides her MIL.  Ayya says the past of Kula makes him a suspect but Ila feels now he is not like before.  She leaves for her room crying.

Ayya asks Naachch why this sudden doubt on Kula.  Naachch was called by Kula one day to his house .  He asked her a question which she least expected - if Subbu is the daughter of BL.  Ayya  asks if he has not forgotten the past.  Naachch is not bothered about him remembering the past but why ask if Subbu is BL's daughter.  Maybe Kula bumped onto BL some place.  Ayya is confident that no one knows where BL is, maybe he is just on a wild goose chase.  Anyways it is better to watch Kula in this Subbu's case, he also warns Naachch to be careful.  The DSH(dhandam sidhdha hospital) is shown.  A lady doctor comes rolling with the nurse, asks the nurse if any change in the patient.  None at all replies the nurse - she is just like a stone put in the well.  The doctor checks on Subbu.  The nurse then asks the million dollar question - when will the patient open her eyes.

The doctor does not have a million dollar, so does not answer the question.  But asks who looks after the patient.  No patient attender replies the nurse.  One man saying he is the aNNan came and admitted her paying money.   The doctor feels that she is a big place lady (periya idaththu amma) sad no one attending on her.  The next time aNNan comes ask him to meet me, meanwhile if the lady shows any change call me she says.  Both of them leave.   The camera goes around Subbu's bed (cameramankku praarthanai pOla) 

A kiLijosiyam man comes calling for Ila, who comes out and scolds him for shouting her name.  Didn't Manga inform you that this is a secret mission.  She takes him to one side of the house.  He sets up the shop there.  Calls panchavarnam to pick a card for Ila.  Ila does not want cards picked - she wants the parakeet to answer her questions.  Panchavarnam asks Ila like Shivaji Ganesan of ThiruviLayaadal - kELvigaLai nee kEtkiraayaa illai naan kEtkattumaa?  Ila kokka makkaas like Koundamani.  She would ask - and asks about Subbu athai who has gone amiss. Panchavarnam looks at Ila.  Ila wonders why the parrot is quiet.  Panchavarnam says "fees kattu"  Ila asks the kiLijosiyam man if the parrot was a cashier in a school - asking her to pay the fees.  The man caught the parrot from a school tree - so the parrot knows the happenings in a school.  Ila doles out some money.  Next the parrot asks for donation.  Ila doles out some more money.   Ila asks which direction is Subbu in.  Panchavarnam answers "East".  The next question why did she go there?  She did not go there, but was kidnapped is the answer.   Who kidnapped?  It is a secret is panchavarnam's answer.   

The kiLijosiyam man looks at Ila, she gives him money, asks him to go a few feet away.  She wants to talk to Panchavarnam.  He refuses to, Panchavarnam might fly away.  Ila guarantees that she would take care.  Panchavarnam too asks him to get out for he is already been bribed.  Panchavarnam then tells Ila that Kula kidnapped Subbu.  A shocked Ila



Updates by migan


Kattru vanga poneen
oru Serial vangi vandeen
Athai Kettu Vanga ponaal
indha Subbu yenna Anal?

Wednesday - Feb 29 2012

Kili keeps saying Kula.

Ila gets scared that Kili will outtufy secret and lets it fly.

kilikaran gets sad and she gives 1000 RS to him.

Ila tries to go inside and hears Kula name from Kili. she turns and sees Vadivu holding it. Vadivu asks why this Kili calls Kula name. Ila says appa brought this kili so say his name. kili says Poi Poi, ila is scared. Vadivu takes the kili inside saying she is going to bring it up.

Next Ila comes and complains to Ganga that Vadivu is taking care of a kil iand teaching itto say Kula who kidnapped Subbu. Ganga and her RV are mad and ask Ila why complainnu.

Meanwhile Vadivu comes they both start fighting neethan poi solra...

RV tell them to stop and Ganga asked what happened. Ila explains what happened. ganga says I don't trust Kili josiyam - but what ever who ever kidnapped I will punish them even if it is your dad. Ila is ok.

Next - Kula calls a alwyer and asks him to give him mun jameen. Ila comes and asks do you have any connection to Subbu kidnap? Ila asks if there is anything atlast can you tell me? Ila begs Kula to tell the truth. Kula clearly denies.  ila says ok I accept.

ila is leaving and lawyer comes and pottufy the mun jameen matter.  Ila asks Appa. She leaves doubtfully.

At ganga house...
SK gives milk to ganga telling you are not taking care of yourself since your mom left.Ganga tells her worries to him.

Rama house - Kula comes and calls for Rama, Muthu and JC.

Muthu questions him asking what you id to Subbu. Kula screams. Saying if anything happens you will only talk to me. I have no connection with that. Don't ever talk to me like that.

Rama loosu says he won't do it if he has done he won't come to my house for eating. Don't suspect him.

Kula gets mad, says I won't eat and I don't care if you suspect or not and leaves.

In DH (Danda Hospital)
Subbu is still in Koma - DR enquiring if she is ok. Nurses say no movement. One guy comes to he hosp and sees her and recognizes her. He tells them who Subbu is and runs to Ayya house to tell it. While running a car comes and crashes into him. The guy falls down.



Updates by migan

Yenge Shreenithi
Yenge Shreenithu
Ange yenakkor idam vendum...

Thursday - Brief Update

Starts with Jothi going into Ganga house. Accuses Ganga and her sister for proceeding with the wedding. She asks Ganga to stop the wedding or she would stop. Accuses Charu that she has otehr desires. Ganga gets mad saying she is a collector so controlling her otherwise would have slapped her. Karpagam and RV and and SK scold her and console Ganga.

The also show Kula going into the Sidha vaithiya salai (nothing else)

Next... (Mupperum Komaligal kootani...)
Ila, Manga lying and thinking what happened to Subbu. There comes Rasamma and tells about Jothi's talks and they decide to stop Jothi, teach hera lesson at any cost as she is causing too much trouble.

Night all 3 komalis stand in the dark covering in blanket hiding.Knowing Jothi will be walking that way.

While she is coming they cover her with a thuni and beat her up. Ila tells we are like Anniyan, where ever there are aniyayam then we will come there. Jothi says I will listen to you. Then they open the cloth and show their face. Ila threatens her don't interfere in Charu matter. Jothi says it is a good idea to cover and hit and she leaves. 3 komalis thinking why she said say and talk to themselves not to go alone anywhere and stay together.

At Ayya house .
All are worried same soga BGM. Natchiyar gives milk to Ayya saying you haven't eaten in a while. Ayya gives half of that to Nat saying you haven't eaten also.

Karthik comes and accuses Natchiyar you are the reason Subbu ran away. Instead you are accusing mama. He tells you are the one why subbu ran away as you took Charu to our house and Subbu got sad and ran away.
Natchiyar gets mad and hits him.



Updates by Janu

Friday, Mar 2nd, 2012
Nachiar scolds Kartik and slaps him. Kartik accuses his mom that she is one who chases Subhu away and is not he who saying that but oor makkal. Ayya gets angry and slaps Kartik and scolds him for accusing her own mum. Kartik tells her mum that she is the one who suppose to ask for apology from Kula and left the house. Nachiar gets hyper and cries out loud and tells her family that she will not conducts Chartu wedding anymore and asks other family members to do so. Vadivu and Sara console her but Nachiar is firms with her decison and very upset. Ayyah also console her and tell her not to upsets with Karthik who team up with Kula. Nachiar tells Ayya that when Subhu returns she will asks her to reveal to truth to Kathik. She will not get involve in Charu wedding. She will ask Gangga to do it instead. Ayya said Gangga will not agree to this and he will postpones Charu wedding instead. Nachiar doesnt want to postpone the wedding, then the oor makkal will blame Nachiar for the delay. Ayya dont understand why Nachiawho is always listen to him is very stuborn coz of this issue. Nachiar replies that she is very sad coz people has doubt on her real love towards Subhu. She will wait for Subhu and talks to her.
Nachiar keeps crying..Charu comes there and calls her but she doesnt respond and keep crying.
Charu then calls Gangga and inform about the incident and why Nachiar is upset. Gangga tries to talk to Nachiar via phone but Nachiar still doesnt want to talk. She continues her crying..Gangga tells Charu that she will comes and meets Nachiar at home... 
Rasama and Mangga are at Srikali...They were talking about finding Subhu and couldnt find her any of the hospital in Srikali. They ask some passerby ,if there is any hospital near the place. The man show them Govandham Sidham Hospital. Rasamah tells her that Subhu wont be here, but Mangga says just go and look for her. If they find her, Ayya will rewards them otherwise just get some sidha medicine for themselves.. The go in and look at the patient and found that they are in man ward. They try to sneak to other wad but  the nurse there close the place to give sponge bath to Subhu. Ras and Mang tries the sneak and peep thru the patient but caught by another nurse. She scolds them and chases them out. Ras and Mang ask the nurse about any person name Shubu is admited there, but the nurse reply that no one named Subhu is there. Both of them left the hospital without finding Subhu ...


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yes i share your thoughts Eclat...

- kula deivatheku ore kurei kude illai... very sad ... gangga dewi look so beautiful,, at least pls have a small temple for her... ithu ennode prathanai...Cry
- rama has no brainmasala at all... Kula clearly said that the hates Subhu very much,,, apperom enna ask him to find subhu... wasted thane..ivangelam eppedi kalather avangelo...Confused
- apperom namma MA... rombathan intha amma... second anniya.. punniyavathi , nadamadum theivam... ithu konjum overla teriyaleya...Dead
kastham kastham...Ouch

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Thanks Eclat for the update.

Yes I agree Ganga devi was beautiful and I thought the same - how come they keep her in opennu.

So Subbu irukkanga - Yeppo varuvanga????

And Rama Angry

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Vani19 IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Eclat for the update.. superb comment LOL. So Subbu is alive? Nadamadum dheivam is romber too much.
Rama ennana mudiyalai. Angry. Nee innocent ah illai madasaambraarani as your mother? Dead

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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Eclat for this crap serial updates.
Yenna senjamo

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migan Cool Viewbie

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Thanks eclat for the Tuesday update.

So Kili talking??? Wav - ithu than very good part in the serialla.

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Thanks Migan

Kula would have been in that car.  And the man can be on the next ward, company to Subbu.  enna grahachaaramda idhu!

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Thanks Migan,
Yes Eclat,  me too think that Kula would have been in the car.

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