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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

EHMMBH Maha Episode (25th Feb) WU - DONE!

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 8:30am | IP Logged


I'm Sneha, and I'll be doing the written update for the maha episode today!

This is first time I'm doing a written update, so please bear with me :)

Without further ado, here is the update:


Written Update: Maha Episode 25th February 2012


The episode begins with Virat at the restaurant talking to someone on the phone. He ends the call, and a waiter comes to take his order. He orders a salad, and the soup of the day and when the waiter asks if he wants anything to drink, Maya comes in and orders for him, the way he likes it. Virat is infuriated, and asks her if she's mad, and she answers by saying that "agar pyaar karna pagalpan hai, toh haan, main pagal hoon, but sirf tumhare liye" (damn, kya *puke inducing* line hai LOL) Virat, now, is furious, and tells her it's over between them, but Maya doesn't stop trying; she tries to convince Virat that she really has changed and really "loves him" and even goes to the extent of saying "jaan dedun kya apnea" (aye hayeee! -_- MUJHE maar do abhi!) 

Anyways, Virat says that whatever you do, I don't care. Maya is in tears now, and she basically repeats whatever Virat says "You don't care, huh" and leaves! (Pheeeww! :P) 

Re-thinking his words, he goes out to find Maya start the car, and drive really fast. He calls out to her, but she ignores him and drives away anyway. Virat-Maya car chase; he finally catches up with her and demands her to stop, but of course she doesn't. She's looking to the side, basically facing Virat, so she doesn't see that a truck is driving her way; in the last moment she does and sharply turns the car. She isn't in control anymore, and hits her head on the dashboard and is unconscious. Virat reaches her, and is concerned about her. Maya starts her rant about "kya farad pata hai..if I die, nobody will care..ek tha jo care karta tha, but now who bhi nahi hai.." 

Just then a car comes, and the window scrolls down, and it's Swamini, looking at the couple..expressionless? (I don't know, i can never understand her facial expressions, pardon me lol) Well, I think she's kinda shocked because she says "Virat aur Maya ek saath?! I thought he said that he would never 'apnaye ga' Maya ko, toh what is happening here" In the meanwhile, Virat is helping a hurt Maya to his car.

Scene change. (Finally, thank you!)

Vadhera Mansion; Maanvi-Dadaji-Shlok

Dadaji and Maanvi playing Chess, with Shlok helping Maanvi. He helps her win the game, but says that he has to do his homework, so she has to play on her own. Dadaji praises Maanvi saying that she's a very smart girl, helped Inder overcome his fears, and he says that I'm not worried about him anymore, all thanks to you!However, he is worried about Virat, he wishes that someone was there for him too, to guide him etc,. Maanvi thinks that this is the right time to get back at Virat, and a (haan, kyun nahi Maanviji, with you being the dulhan and all ;) hahaha) Dadaji is perplexed, while Maanvi is smirking; mischievously thinking ke "ab toh tumhari shaadi karwa kar hi rehung ha ha ha"

Scene Change.

Rishikesh; Beeji

Beeji walking home, recalling her conversation with Mannan. She is sad, and is lost in her thoughts when Chachaji sees her, and asks her what's wrong, and makes her sits down. She says she's fine, but he know she isn't and Chachi says that the other day when Mannan came with Beeji, she was in the same shape too. She makes an excuse that she didn't get a rickshaw and all. Chachaji questions her further, but Beeji gets really irritated and shouts at him. She orders him to go to the shop and Chachaji is really sad :/ and tells her to rest. 

Scene change.

Vadhera Mansion; Maanvi-Dadaji

Maanvi trying to convince Dadaji that it is time for Virat to get married. Dadaji is still perplexed, and Dadaji seriously starts thinking about Virat's marriage. Cute Dadaji-Maanvi scene, where he praises her a lot, and they try the laughter therapy again. While laughing, Maanvi is happy that Virat's marriage will actually happen! :P

Scene change.

Vadhera Mansion; Viren-Jeevika-Maanvi

Viren comes into their bedroom with a very serious face, and tells Jeevika that he was busy, couldn't call her, but he talked to Dr.Mannan. Jeevika, (poor thing!) is really tensed, and wants to know what happened. Viren looks at her with a serious expression only to break into a smile, and says that "Maanvi ko kuch nahi hua!" Hearing this, Jeevika is very happy! :D

Maanvi comes in just then, and asks why she was worried. Jeevika promptly changes the topic, saying that she'll get tea for Viren and Maanvi. Maanvi, however, stops her, and says that "anybody can make tea, even I can, so, you stay with your husband, and I'll go make tea" Then, a cute moment between Maanvi-Viren, where Maanvi says that the way to keep Jeevika all to himself all the time is to be sick. Jeevika's suddenly becomes serious and scolds her for saying stuff without thinking. She diverts the topic again, before giving too much away, and asks Maanvi to make tea for them. 

Cute Viren-Jeevika scene for a nanosecond, which is interrupted by Maanvi, of course =P She comes back in, and grandly announces that Dadaji and her have come up with the idea of getting Virat married. Swamini is the background at this point. Then, Maanvi says that because this was her plan, maybe she can get married to him! Swamini is shocked, yet again! Viren-Jeevika are shocked too! Looking at their faces, Maanvi laughs and tells them that she was joking. 

They all turn around to find Swamini staring at them. Viren-Jeevika-Maanvi tensed.

Scene change.

Vadhera Mansion; Dadaji-Vanshika-Swamini

Swamini overhears Dadaji telling Vanshika that Maanvi came up with a good plan to get Virat 'on line'. Dadaji praises Maanvi yet again, and Vanshika is happy with the idea! Swamini is mad, yet again, at Maanvi. (WOO! -_-)

Scene change.

Vadhera Mansion; Basically all of them.

They are playing Charades, and it's Jeevika's turn. She opens her chit to find 'Maine Pyaar Kiya' written on it. She's apprehensive, and is feeling shy. She acts it out, all while looking at Viren, and shyly at the ground. She does one gesture and Viren guesses it right. :D (SO CUTE! :D) And then, Viren says, "lekin kisse?". As Jeevika doesn't move, Maanvi comes up, and takes her to Viren and says "Isse" <3 

CUTE Virika scene; watch it, all Virika fans. :D *look look hawa hawa* *holding hands* it's all there! <3

Kadambari begins complaining about her husband, when Maanvi starts to feel dizzy; her vision becomes blurry, and she leaves from there. Nobody notices, until Virat says "Kahan gayi yaar Maanvi?" Jeevika goes to look for her. 

Scene change.

Vadhera Mansion; Bathroom.

Maanvi goes into the bathroom, she's sweating, looks like she's in pain, and she is still feels very dizzy. She's holding her head, trying to get some water, but isn't able to. Jeevika, on the other hand, is going around the house, looking for her. She hears Jeevika calling for her, and desperately tries to look okay. Jeevika opens the bathroom door, only to find a smiling Maanvi, saying that she needed to go to the bathroom. Jeevika, though, is still suspicious and Maanvi sighs in relief that her sister didn't see her in that position.

Scene change.

Vadhera Mansion; All of them, including Maanvi, and Dadaji joins too!

Jeevika brings her back, and they continue the game. It's Maanvi's turn and Dadaji comes in and says that he would like to be referee! 

So, Maanvi's turn. She reads the chit - Albert Pinto Itna Gussa Kyun Hota Hai - but it's wayy too long, she complains. She acts it out, with Virat intently participating! And Virat even guesses it! 

It's Viren's turn next. He looks at his chit and is confused, which says, (Wait, can someone tell me the name of the movie? Lol I can't read Hindi very well, and I miss it in the youtube videos I found :S) Jeevika trying to guess. (LOL, watch this Tacker fans, he looks SO cute here <3) He does the naagin dance =P Jeevika guesses it, and Viren is impressed that she even knows a movie like this LOL.

Virat's turn next! His chit says: Ram Teri Gangi Malli Ho Gayi!

Maanvi trying to guess, and she does! :D

Virat-Maanvi highfive and are standing next to each other, and Swamini comes in and sees them. Virat gets a call - from Maya, but ignores it. 

Maya calls home, it seems. In the meanwhile, it's Kadambari turn, and Inder is guessing!

Scene change.

Virat-Maya Phone Conversation / Charades.

Virat is mad, Maya is sad; Swamini listening to their conversation. Virat tells her to not call him and to "get lost". He goes back in, and Maanvi immediately questions him. He lies to her saying that "some credit card" wale called. 

Anyways, it's Inder's turn and they continue playing.

Scene change.

Rishikesh; Beeji

Beeji is thinking about the cost of Maanvi's treatment and takes out all her jewelry and stuff to pile up the money, which Mannan says is about 3-4 lacs.

She puts all her jewelry in a bag, and Chachaji comes in, and says that he will take her wherever she wants to go! Beeji acts strangely yet again, and leaves from there. Chachaji wants to find out what's bothering her.

Scene change.

Jeevika-Chachaji Phone Conversation.

Chachaji calls Jeevika to find out what happened to Beeji; basically if she knows what's wrong with her. Jeevika is getting tensed and has flashbacks of her phone conversation with Beeji. 

Precap: Beeji-Chachaji having a heated conversation; Chachaji asking why does she need so much money, and Beeji replies by saying "for Maanvi's treatment". Chachaji looks shocked, and Beeji is crying. :/


Okay, done. :D

Enjoy! :)

-Sneha :)

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Do keep updating soon sneha...thank for sharing yuck i hate viraya(virat&maya's) scene yuck why is virat getting so worried??? Virman where r u?

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Thanks loadzzz for the update :D really appreciate it!

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I feel bad for you because this Mahaepisode was MAHA BORING!! 

Thank you very much for the update! :)))

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so episode was a bore & nothing happened?

some1 plsss tell me if there was a virika scene or nt? cant waste my 1 hr

thank u 4 updates Smile

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Thank you:)--- as soon as i read abt maya and virat at the beginning i knew the episode was going to be nonsensical!!!-!! they had a plafform to get more viewers to start watching again!! bt focusing on the illness track but alas!!.. they are ridiculousliii silly!!!..!!... i guess my 1 hour will be saved today!-

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^You have give it to them for the clever move. They promoted what most people are interested in but the episode hardly showed anything. It was kind of obvious Jeevika wouldn't find out anything. Mahaepisodes are filler episodes! Naam ke maha hai :p

Edited by *Reemz* - 25 February 2012 at 9:16am

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I guess it was pretty obvious from the precap itseld that she wasnt going to witness anything LOL... but still i thought cvs might be fooling us! and will show Viren finding out!- Because i think they will drag it for atleast 1 or 2 more week before J finds out!! which is silly since M needs to get started with her treatment warna yamaraja wont be very far LOL
And wat is this nonsense abt Maanvii trying to bring back Virat and Maya as a pair! under Swamini's instructions? Grrr it means we have to endure more nonsense!!--Ouch

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