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!~! The IF Royal Weddings - Part I !~!

-Stutz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 6:04pm | IP Logged

red crystal heart line

*Rani comes in hurriedly*
Rani: (Oh gosh! I am late!) *turns to the IFians* NamasteBig smile Welcome to The IF Royal WeddingsHug
*Zunni enters angrily*
Zunni: Rani you are here? And I have been searching you everywhereAngry
Rani: Oh gosh Zunni! Will you stop fighting? You people from the grooms side, do you all know anything else?
Zunni: Don't you get there! The bride's side should respect us hmph.

*Radha and Sami enter in disbelief*

You two need to be taught some manners! These people watching us will run away even before the weddings start. Shut up and stayStern Smile
Sami: Allright folks, the Crazy Creatives are here to marry the couples who had wished to be marriedBig smile
Zunni: *in a low voice* And themselves get married tooStern Smile

*Radha glares at Zunni who becomes quiet*

Radha: We will be marrying 7 couples today. The Gujrati and Punjabi wedding would take place soon, later this monthEmbarrassed

Rani: *whispers to Zunni* And at the end of this month, the couples would get divorcedEvil Smile

Sami: All couples would be married religiously, with most of the rituals being performed for each and every wedding.
Radha: Yes, whats a marriage without ritualsBig smile So, Lets start the wedding ceremonies of the couples. They would hate to wait any longerWink
Sami: Yes, lets get goingThumbs Up

*Radha and Sami leave*

Zunni: Before they drag us out too, lets Congratulate the couples!
Rani: Duh! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to the newly-wedsBig smile Make your marriage a failure and file for divorce.
Zunni: Weird gurl. Dont listen to herStern Smile Enjoy the weddingsBig smile

red crystal heart line

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 3:33am | IP Logged

Hurry up Stuti! *runs at Stuti full speed grabbing the garland from her and giving it to Aish*

*Aish takes it blushing slightly*

Stuti: Aww, look at that! The groom is blushing! Big smile
Aish: *glares* Shut up. When are we doing to the Mandap? [Alter]
Sami: *laughs* Someone seems in a hurry.

*Neha walks in grinning*

Neha: Yeah, for the suhaag raat. ROFL
Aish: *glares trying to hide her blush* Well, why am i even here with you Crazies again?
Sami: Because we, sweetie are getting you married. So you should be thankful to us. Stern Smile
Stuti: *rolls eyes* Yeah, yeah. Let's go! Mandap!

*band baaja baraats as Aashifa as the head of the band* ROFL

*AbHaYrOcKz slowly walks to the mandap and Aish winks at her*

Yuvika to Shareen: Too bad Ashish Kapoor wasn't invited na? How boring.
Sami: I KNOW! I was going to say the same.
Shareen: Stern Smile Guys, shut up and watch the wedding. Stern Smile

Priest/Panditji: The bride and groom please stand up to take the seven rounds around the fire. I will repeat the meanings behind each round given to me by the Bride and Groom themselves.

*both stand up*

Priest/Panditji: Round one: May both of you always eat something that will harm you.
Round two: Let both of you develop only your physical powers. Mental and spiritual aren't as important.
Round three: Let the Groom's wealth increase through his secret black market business.
Round four: Let us take this fourth step to acquire knowledge of all favourite tellywood actors, happiness and harmony by mutual love and respect for Tellywood.
Round 5: Let us take the fifth step hoping that you 2 are not able to produce any children as both of you are of the same gender. If one of you produces a child, the other should be aware that his partner may be cheating.
Round 6: Take the 6th step hoping you can practice self-restraint and longevity.
Round 7: This final round is to promise each other that you shall remain forever enemies. As they say, keep your enemies closer.

*Aish completes the wedding after putting sindoor in the Bride's "maang" and manglsutra around her neck*

*Sweetu flies in with Pari*


*Riya looks out her window and glares at Sweetu*

Riya: You Crazies cannot get anymore stupid than this! Come through the door you idiot!

*Sweetu sighs shaking her head*

Sweetu: Moronic human being does not understand that i am not a mortal but a vampire. Stern Smile I cannot enter until she invites me inside which she has now so i shall enter and kill all the guests. *evil laugh*
Pari: *smacks Sweetu* Vampire my foot. You done your drama? Now let's go! Wasting time all the time. *shakes head*

Sweetu to Riya:
So, what are you wearing? Big smile
Riya: ..dude, it's my wedding. I'm going to wear a Bridal lengha. Obviously.
Pari: Ignore her. You tell me. How's your groom?
Riya: My groom is not so good looking, boring and annoying. I'm only marrying her because i get the chance to divorce her afterwards. Evil Smile
Sweetu: That doesn't make any sense but okay. Big smile

Random aunty: Bring the Bride to the Mandap!

The Bride and Groom, please stand for the seven rounds around the fire.

*Thush attempts to stand up but her leg is asleep*

Riya: Shocked Thush, the Panditji said get up.
Thush: Yes, i heard him Riya but i can't get up. Stern Smile
Riya: Shocked Oh, so, is this what you wanted to do? Promise to marry me and then abandon me at the Mandap? Broken Heart Why are you so goddamn filmy? Why couldn't you just tell me you didn't wanna marry me? *cries and throws a complete tantrum. throws the garlands into the fire*
Riya: Shocked Oh, then it's okay. Big smile

*Rituals are complete and the 2 are taking "ashirwads"*

Riya: Mumma, when i'm gone, make sure to feed my goldfish okay? And don't give anyone my room. No one enters my room. If i ever come to visit, i want rice made for me everytime. Plus, if anyone touches my posters in my room, i will kill them. Yeah? Good. *sobs leaving*
Thush: *shakes head* What have i got myself into?

*Suvi dances around*

Jot, did you know, i can speak Chinese?
Jot: *looks up eating her chocolate* Yeah, sure. Whatever. That's awesome.
Radha: *rolls her eyes* Aww Suvi! That's awesome!
Suvi: When did YOU come? Shocked I didn't even see you!
Radha: *snickers* I got magic. Approve That's how.
Jot: I love the Chinese traditional outfit Jadha. Big smile
Suvi: OH! I didn't even notice that! Why are you wearing that though?
Jot: *glares* Why is everyone around me such dungars? Stern Smile
Radha:'re the only dungar i know. Ermm
Jot: Shocked well, then. hmph.
Suvi: ROFL sucker. By the way, i know why. It's cuz today is an Asian wedding. Big smile And we are from the Groom's side. Cool KashGurTiLuverr. Cool
Radha: Nice. That's the Groom's username. What's the name?
Jot: No idea. Big smile
Radha: Fail. You fail. Stern Smile

*The bride and groom arrive at the family alter*

*Jot trips over Zunni while talking to the Groom*

Zunni: Jerk! Watch where you're going! *pushes Jot*
Jot: Shocked How dare you push me! *pushes Zunni back*
Zunni: I hate you. So much.
Jot: I hate you too! I hope you go to hell!

MaaneetLuverr: Hey now! We're suppose to be paying homage to Heaven and the Earth and you 2 are talking about hell?! What a way to ruin my marriage. hmph. You Crazies ruin everything. Unhappy
KashGurTiLuverr: Now now dear, it's alright. *hugs her bride*

*Radha glares at Jot and Zunni*

*Tea with 2 lotus seeds is offered to the parents of the bride and groom after paying homage*

I believe the Bride and Groom bow to each other now.
Stuti: Well, duh. *rolls eyes*

*KashGurTiLuverr & MaaneetLuverr sigh looking at each other as they bow*

MaaneetLuveerr: Off to our honeymoon now! *grabs her husband and runs away*

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 3:39am | IP Logged
Pink BF and Rose Divider

Suvi *glares at Neha*: WHO took my bangles?!
Neha: Don't look at me!
Pari: Can't everyone get along without fighting?
Neha: Exactly! Who cares about your bangles anyways? You aren't the bride
 Suvi: I'm not, but I am the witness! And witnesses need to look pretty.
Pari: *points at Noori* She's the star of today, and she's the one who needs to look pretty.
Suvi: She already does! I'm sure that the best night of Sarah's life will be tonightWink
Pari: Stop sharmaying kudiye, lets go down and get you married!Tongue
Imam: *reads out wedding contract to Noori and Sarah*
Noori & Sarah: Qubool hai *signs contract*
Suvi (bride's side):Yay! The wedding's done!
Rani (groom's side): No, you doofus. There's more!
Noori: I, Noori, offer you myself in marriage in accordance with the instructions of the Jot, Aashifa and the rest of the CCs, chocolates and lollies be upon them. I pledge, in honesty and sincerity, to be the most annoying and demanding wife you'll ever have.
Sarah: HMPH! I pledge, in honesty and sincerity, to never let you live in peace as long as I am your husband *determined muh*
Rani: Uhh, guys...I think you aren't meant to start your roothna-manana yet!
Yuvika: Let's go check out the food! *exits the room*
Everyone else: *screams in excitement and throws confetti on the bride and groom*
Shareen: It's food time!
Sami: *drooling at food* Sarah has arranged quite a marevllous feast for us, hasn't she?
Suvi: GOL GAPPAS! OMG! *runs off*
*everyone eats*
Shareen: Now what?
Sami: I guess you're just meant to look at how cute Noori and Sarah look together..
*Noori and Sarah are seated next to each other, with a dupatta covering their heads*
Suvi: Aww!
Some Auntyji: *reads prayers to bless the newlywed couple*
Shareen: I think its time for us to go now...
Sami: Wait, we have to give them their gifts!
Noori: Gift? What gift?! *excited face*
Sami: Your honeymoon tickets!
Noori: Honeymoon! Where to?
Shareen: Mauritius! You can wear a sexy bikini and impress SarahWink But come back in time for the divorces!
SamiHaw! Don't give Sarah naughty ideas, Shareen!
Sarah: Awesome! Thank you so much, guys!

*wedding music plays*
*Sweetu, Radha and Zunni hold the train of Divya's wedding dress*
SweetuOMG! I love her dress, isn't it gorgeous?
Zunni: I think mine is better.
RadhaShut up! You don't want all of the guests to hear your conversation, do you? We're bridesmaids, not brideschatterboxes!
Divya*whispers* Let go of my dress now!
ZunniOh, whoops!
Priest*reads prayers*
Divya, will you have Shivangi to be your husband, to live together as friend and mate? Will you love her as a person, respect her as an equal, sharing joy as well as sorrow, triumph as well as deeat, and keep her beside you until the CC divorce post goes up?
DivyaYes, I will.
PriestShivangi, will you do the same?
ShivangiYes, I will.
*bride and groom turn to face each other*
I, Shivangi, take you, Divya to be my lawfully wedded wife, to love you forever, to give my credit card to you whenever you want to buy something expensive, to give you flowers every second day and to be there for you whenever you need me.
I, Divya, take you, Shivangi, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, whether you put your toilet seat down or not, whether you let me watch what I want to on TV or not, until death--oops, until the CC's divorce post do us part.
 *exchange rings*
Priest: You may kiss the bride.
*Divya and Shivangi peck each other on the cheeks*
Shareen: I so don't want to be the one catching the bouqet.
SweetuNeither do I. I'll tell you to duck if it comes our way, kay?
Divya: Oh, come on guys! Be a sport. Your number will come some time soon, anyway.
SweetuSoon, but not so soon.
JotHaha! XD 
DivyaCatch! *turns around and throws bouquet*
JotEEEK! *catches bouquet in an attempt to save her face from getting smashed by the flowers*
RadhaOMG! Jot! It's your turn next!
 Suvi: It's my ex-husband's wedding day today!
Yuvika: Who's your ex-husband?
Neha: *laughs* Jot, who else?
Radha: Of course, she has a relationship with everyone!
Jot: Oye, don't bully me on my wedding day too!
Shareen: Go and get dressed, Jot! Ami's waiting!
Radha: *smirks* She doesn't need to get dressed for Ami, cause Ami already knows what Jot really looks like.
Jot: What do you mean by that?Stern Smile 
Shareen: Shoo! We have to start the ceremony, don't we?
*Jot and procession walk up the aisle*
Ami*whispers* Gorgeous dress! I don't like wearing this suit. It's so hot! *fans herself*
JotI'm hot too.Tongue
PriestAmi, do you accept Jot as your wife?
Ami: I do.
PriestJot, do you accept Ami as your husband?
JotI do
Zunni (best man): *nudges Ami* Oye, stop staring at the wall!
Ami: I'm bored. *yawns*
Zunni: You can't be bored at your own wedding!Shocked
JotExactly, and you aren't even listening, otherwise you'd know that its time to say our vows!
Ami: Oh, right. Sorry.
*clears throat*
Jot, I love you and I know this love is from the love of Pigs. Because of this, I want to be your husband so that we may steal and eat cookies together. I promise to buy you all the cookies in the world, until you start your next affair. *pouts and turns away*
Ami, I love you and I know you love me. I am confident that we are meant to be together. Therefore, I pledge my *crosses fingers behind back* my complete loyalty to you, and promise that I'll share all of my choc-chip cookies with you.
*rings exchange*
PriestI now pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss the bride.
*Jot and Ami kiss*
Sami: *covers eyes* Eww!
*Sami ties a pair of shoes on the back of Ami's car*
SamiPhew, I'm done.
YuvikaWhat did you do that for? It makes the car look ugly!
SamiIt's an old custom that came from Ancient Rome.
ZunniOh, I didn't know that.
YuvikaLook, Jot and Ami are here!
Ami: *gives suspicious looks* Did you do something to my car?!
Sami: No, we didn't. I promise.
Jot: I hope you're not lying, otherwise I'll make you pay for making me wait even longer to find out where our honeymoon is.
Sami: Your car is absolutely fine!
Jot: Okay, I believe you.
*Jot hugs everyone*
I'm not gonna cry cause it'll ruin my make-up, but I'll miss you guys!
Ami: *rolls eyes* We're only going for two weeks.
Jot: That's still a long time!
*Jot and Ami sit in car*
Jot: *puppy face* Please tell me where we're going? Pretty please?
Ami: It starts with Private and ends with Island.
Jot: Like in Twilight?Shocked
Ami: Sort of.
Jot: YAY! You're awesome, Ami!
Shareen: *wipes a tear* Today Stuti is going to become parayi.
Suvi: Drama band kar!
Yuvika: *sobs* Now I won't have anyone to stop from spamming. What will I do with all of my chappals?
Suvi: Pagal ho gaye ho kya?Wacko She's just getting married, she isn't going off to Hawaii!
Radha: Suvi, forget about them, carry on with the wedding.
 Shareen and Stuti come out of the limo. Bridesmaids Yuvika, Aashifa and Neha walk behind her holding flowers. They into the church and up the aisle as the wedding music plays. All guests stand up.
Stuti: Why is everyone so serious?
Shareen: It's a wedding, its always serious.
Stuti: I feel like I'm giving some exam.
Aashifa: Look at Sejal and you'll forget your stress. *winks*
Neha: Stuti, this is your cue to blush.
Stuti: Do I look like someone who will blush? Ainvayi!
*Sejal wraps arm around Stuti*
Yuvika: How adorable!
Priest: *says wedding pledge*
Stuti & Sejal: I do
I am reminded of that scene in YRKKH when Naitik first saw Akshara.Day Dreaming
Stuti, you are truly a gift from God and I promise to spend the rest of my life treating you as such.
I will cherish you always and never take you for granted. I will be slow to anger, and quick to listen. I will love you and be faithful to you alone from this day forward.
This is my solemn pledge to you. 
Please accept this ring as a symbol of our covenant and my undying love for you. 
*Sejal puts ring on Stuti*
Sejal, in the presence of the CCs, our family and friends, I take you today as my husband. I promise to be for you in good times and bad.
I will speak words of kindness and not criticism.
I will give you the recaps of whatever shows you have missed when you go out.
I will love you and be faithful to you alone from this day forward.
This is my solemn pledge to you.
Please accept this ring as a symbol of our covenant and my undying love for you
*Stuti puts ring on Sejal* 
Priest: You may kiss the bride!
*two massive sunflowers pop up randomly and cover the bride and groom's faces* *SMOOOCHHH*
Aashifa: The wedding cake is ginormous!
Neha: So is the guest list! Everyone from IF is invited!
Yuvika: Join us! We're going to toast the new couple!
*guests sit around table with Stuti and Sejal at head*
Stuti: I want to go home and watch IPKKND. When will this finish?
Sejal: Arre, wait for a while. You have no patience! Dekho, they're going to toast us!
Stuti: Kya?! They're going to make toast out of us?! Toh fir bhagoo!
Sejal: *facepalm* Not that kind of toast! The speech wala toast.
Stuti: Oh! Right!
Radha: Ahem! *raises wine glass*
May your love life forever. I wish you both a very happy married life.Big smile
Zunni: My turn! My turn!
Sejal, take Stuti's hand and place your hand over hers. Now, remember this moment and cherish it... because this will be the last time you'll ever have the upper hand!ROFL
ShareenI'm gonna have a go too!
May your love be added, may it never be subtracted, may your household multiply, and may your hearts never be divided.
Stuti*sniff* You guys are making me go all senti!
SejalCan we go now?
StutiYes please, before I cry.
*Sejal grabs Stuti's hand and they run to the hotel.*
Rani: Well. Someone's in a rushTongue
Pink BF and Rose Divider

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guys.. dont miss this thread :D

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malec. IF-Stunnerz

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yayy!!! awesome post CCs... really beautiful! aww... bestie...! you too got married... but btw I am sad... you refused me and married sejAngryanyways... koi baat nahi...waise tune kitne dil tode yeh main dekh sakti hoon... be it shareen or meCry... anyways... DIVI DI!!! Congratulations...! yay!!! chaliye...kahin durr chalte hai na! honeymoon manane... CCs ke nazron se durr!!LOL

DIVI DI!!! humein divorce bhi lena hoga...Angry... warna bore ho jayenge...! waise...abhi mile hai toh bichhadne ki baatein nahi karni! give me a kiss na DIVI di...! pleaseEmbarrassed... zaraa zaraa kiss me kiss me kiss me... Censored

Awesome Awesome beautiful post CCsThumbs Up All the banners and everything were beautiful... keep rocking!

and thanks meri shaadi karane ke liye!

*divi di chalo chalein*

toodle CCs!LOL

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It's up! Yay! I'm excited!

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Originally posted by Prinsesse.Suvi

It's up! Yay! I'm excited!
same here.. its the most hilarious thread i have ever read

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reserved...omg...kiskisko wish karoon..LOL

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