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Mione Goldie

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Hey guys!!!Big smile

Here's something that I put together on my all time favorite couple. I've used opinions put up by others as well but only because they so precisely match my own. Embarrassed Hope you find it interesting!!!

Rowling orchestrated Ron and Hermione's relationship in such a believable way that endeared it to the readers. Their friendship evolved naturally, as two kids growing up and attending school together. As their friendship blossomed over the years so did their feelings for one another.Heart

I always thought they would get together. And as many of you would agree we had enough evidence!!! After all "Opposites Attract" Wink 

Though I personally, fell for them right from Philosopher's stoneDay Dreaming, given their constant cute bickering, I have to admit that Prisoner of Azkaban was what convinced me that they are perfect for each other (Remember the huge fight because of Tom & Jerry ROFL)

The Philosopher's Stone: Obviously, this is the book when Ron and Hermione become friends.Smile For the sake of the main plot both Ron and Hermione need to become friends with Harry, but Rowling also has made Ron and Hermione become friends with each other. In fact, Rowling emphasizes the Ron/Hermione friendship.Thumbs Up

The Chamber of Secrets: In Year1 the friendship is formed. There is evidence from the letters that they send to each other during the summer that they have remained friends, but neither one yet accepts how important the other really is to them. D'oh Here, however, Ron comes to accept how important Hermione's friendship is to him and shows it in many ways. One of those ways is him noticing her interests, especially her little crush on Professor Lockhart.LOL Also, I can never forget the moment when he defends her in front of Malfoy to the point that he actually burps up slugsClapRon is very affected by Hermione's petrification too. Although we don't know his thoughts, his words and reactions show how much he misses her. Embarrassed

The Prisoner of Azkaban: While Hermione tends to figure things out before Ron, she takes longer to accept them. (You'll see in Year 5 & 6.) This is because she is a very analytical person.Geek She uses her brain; Ron uses his heart. He doesn't need to think it through, he goes with what he is feeling. It is now time for her to come to accept the importance he has to her. The break in their friendship serves this purpose. She actually accepted how important he was to her the night that Sirius broke into the boys' dormitory and for the first time she realized that Ron could've been killed.Shocked A month after Christmas, when things finally settled, she was relieved when Harry began talking to her again, but she didn't have a significant reaction. On the other hand, when just Ron is angry with her, her reaction is significant.Cry (even though it would be as silly as a Cat-Rat fight Silly) Again, only Ron can make her cry in that way. Such strong emotion, in literature, indicates future romance.Blushing She throws aside all pride and apologizes to him, not knowing who was right or who was wrong. He never even formally forgave her. Just him talking to her made her break down. This scene is what made me a R/Hr shipper Day Dreaming

The Goblet of Fire: Like a lot of love stories, jealousy is used as an indicator of attraction. Hermione is furious due the interest Ron shows in Fleur, and so is Ron of the date Hermione has with Viktor. When Ron found out that Hermione had a date for the Yule Ball, he got angry.Angry Of course, he could see Hermione as his little sister, and therefore did not want her to date at all. This on the other hand, wouldn't make much sense since he suggested that Ginny could go with Harry.LOL Then, he desperately tried to find out who Hermione was going with. Sure, she's his friend, he'd be curios, right? Well, I think he was a bit tooo enthusiastic. Wink I mean, Harry really didn't care that much did he? And at the Yule Ball, when Ron found out about Krum, he was, well, even more angry (cough*jealous*cough). Ron's behaviour in GoF is pretty much the same towards Hermione all the way to summer vacations. There are also many more specific clues like; Harry finds one of Krum's (Ron's action figure) arms under his bed.Ouch Little things like that also tend to "pop up" in GoF. The clearest piece of evidence that they are attracted to each other is the fight that they had after the Yule Ball.
"Well, if you don't like it, you know what the solution is, don't you?"
yelled Hermione; her hair was coming down out of its elegant bun now, and
her face was screwed up in anger.
"Oh yeah?" Ron yelled back. "What's that?"
"Next time there's a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a
last resort!"
Ron mouthed soundlessly like a goldfish out of water as Hermione turned
on her heel and stormed up the girls' staircase to bed. Ron turned to look at
"Well," he sputtered, looking thunderstruck, "well...that just proves...
completely missed the point " Harry didn't say anything. He liked being
back on speaking terms with Ron too much to speak his mind right now
but he somehow thought that Hermione had gotten the point much better
than Ron had

The Order of the Phoenix: After the summer, it seems as if everything's back to normal. At least for a while. My Ron and Hermione are the new Gryffindor prefects (Though this was never mentioned in the movies Disapprove) It would take a long time for me to sum up every little clue, especially if I comment all of them. So, I'll only take on a few: Ron asks Harry: "Are you that bad at kissing?" Harry answers: "I don't know" Hermione adds: "Of course your not!" "How do you know?" Ron asks sharply. Ron doesn't think before he speaks and just automatically asks the question. He has a crush on Hermione and wouldn't want her to go around kissing Harry (or anyone else for that matter). Big smile I think, however, he realized how stupid the idea of Harry and Hermione kissing each other was, seconds later.LOL  Harry and Hermione are very platonic friends no matter what that Skeeter woman wrote Wacko. As you can see Rowling always hinted strongly to a Ron-Hermione relationship.
Ron cricks his neck because he turns it to fast when Hermione mentions Krum, and when she leaves the room, Ron asks Harry: "What does she see in Krum?" 
He looks puzzled when Hermione KISSES him on the cheek.Day Dreaming I think this is one of "the key moments" in their way to a romance.
He gives Hermione PERFUME for Christmas. In my opinion he does this because he's trying to show her how he feels. After all what would cause a sudden change in the tradition of getting your best friend a book or sweets, and choosing a rather personal type of gift. Wink
Ron is finally figuring out what he's feeling, and he begins to accept it. He shows acceptance by attempting to control his jealousy when Hermione talks about Viktor, asking Harry for advice about what she sees in Krum, giving her perfume at Christmas, and attempting to get along with her better by agreeing with her and starting less arguments. He even attempts to show that he can compete with Viktor by becoming a Quidditch player. Since Hermione has not yet accepted her feelings, she is still stuck in the bickering and jealousy. She tries to get a rise out of him, insulting him all the time, and she attempts to make him jealous by bringing up Krum. But she also shows her affection and how concerned she is about him with that cute Kiss before his first match. And the way he touched that spot...Awww Blushing

The Half-Blood Prince: In Year5, Hermione shows signs that she realizes that she too has romantic feelings, but her bitterness and nastiness indicate that she has not yet accepted it.Ermm In this year however, her realizing that she could lose him is what helps her come to accept her feelings. At the beginning of Book 6, she continues to be nasty about Ron (given his fascination with Fleur and Madam Rosmerta LOL)
By the time Christmas comes around, Hermione has had ample opportunities to see Lavender's flirtation with Ron and Ron's eventual consideration of that flirtation.Wink She is forced to realize that Ron may move on so she begins to start acting on her own feelings. Like Ron's romantic move of giving perfume the Christmas before, Hermione finally makes a move of her own and invites Ron to go to the Christmas party with her.Smile (I remember reading this part at least 8 times while reading HBP, before I continued further down the page LOL)
"We're allowed to bring guests," said Hermione, who for some reason had
turned a bright, boiling scarlet, "and I was going to ask you to come, but if
you think it's that stupid then I won't bother!"
Harry suddenly wished the pod had flown a little farther, so that he need
not have been sitting here with the pair of them. Unnoticed by either, he
seized the bowl that contained the pod and began to try and open it by the
noisiest and most energetic means he could think of; unfortunately, he could
still hear every word of their conversation.
"You were going to ask me?" asked Ron, in a completely different voice.
"Yes," said Hermione angrily. "But obviously if you'd rather I hooked up
with McLaggen
 . . ."
There was a pause while Harry continued to pound the resilient pod with a
"No, I wouldn't," said Ron, in a very quiet voice. (Ch. 14)
Day Dreaming

But then the entire Lavender episode begins Broken Heart, thanks to Ginny getting a rise out of Ron by mentioning that Hermione snogged Krum. I have always been grateful to Ginny for doing this, because though she let it slip in a fit of rage, this is what finally got Hermione to accept her true feelings for Ron. Big smile
Harry had no idea what to say to her. He was just wondering whether there
was any chance that she had not noticed Ron, that she had merely left the
room because the party was a little too rowdy, when she said, in an
unnaturally high-pitched voice, "Ron seems to be enjoying the celebrations."
"Er . . . does he?" said Harry.
"Don't pretend you didn't see him," said Hermione. "He wasn't exactly
hiding it, was he?" (Ch. 14)

"He's at perfect liberty to kiss whomever he likes," said Hermione, while
the librarian, Madam Pince, prowled the shelves behind them. "I really
couldn't care less."
She raised her quill and dotted an i so ferociously that she punctured a
hole in her parchment. (Ch. 15)

"Hi, Parvati!" said Hermione, ignoring Ron and Lavender completely.
"Are you going to Slughorn's party tonight?"
"No invite," said Parvati gloomily. "I'd love to go, though, it sounds like
it's going to be really good. . . . You're going, aren't you?"
"Yes, I'm meeting Cormac at eight, and we're"
There was a noise like a plunger being withdrawn from a blocked sink,
and Ron surfaced. Hermione acted as though she had not seen or heard
"we're going up to the party together."
"Cormac?" said Parvati. "Cormac McLaggen, you mean?"
"That's right," said Hermione sweetly. "The one who almost" she put a
great deal of emphasis on the word "became Gryffindor Keeper."
"Are you going out with him, then?" asked Parvati, wide-eyed.
"Oh...yes! Didn't you know?" said Hermione, with a most un-Hermioneish
"No!" said Parvati, looking positively agog at this piece of gossip. "Wow,
you like your Quidditch players, don't you? First Krum, then McLaggen . . ."
"I like really good Quidditch players," Hermione corrected her, still
smiling. "Well, see you. . . . Got to go and get ready for the party. . . ."(Ch. 15)

"Oh, I've just escaped...I mean, I've just left Cormac," she said. "Under
the mistletoe," she added in explanation, as Harry continued to look
questioningly at her.
"Serves you right for coming with him," he told her severely. "I thought
he'd annoy Ron most," said Hermione dispassionately. (Ch. 15)

After Ron is poisoned Hermione again realizes that he could've died and been lost to her forever. This is when full acceptance of her romantic feelings finally occursEmbarrassed. The bitterness ends and she becomes more tolerant of Ron. As Ron's interest in Lavender continues to diminish, Hermione's mood improves, as well. I loved the hospital scene in the book with Ron mumbling 'Er-my-nee' and faking sleep when Lavender would show up. But I loved it even more in the movie. Blushing
"What is she doing here?" asks Lavender with a dirty look at Hermione.
"I might ask you the same question." Hermione replies confidently.
"I happen to be his girlfriend"
"I happen to be his...friend"
"Don't make me laugh. You haven't spoken in weeks. I suppose you want to make up to him, now that he's all interesting"
"He's been poisoned you daft dimbo...and for the record, I've always found him interesting Blushing"

And then came the 'Er-my-nee' part and the lovely hand-holding and Dumbledore's comment and Ginny's comment...'About time'...and Hermione telling Harry to shut up, when all he did was smile at his 2 best friends Wink. Oh how excited I was and how much I blushed during this sceneBig smile, my mom thought I had completely lost it. Silly

Here are some more instances and we probably don't need any more proof for how these 2 were always meant to be:

"I love you, Hermione," said Ron, sinking back in his chair, rubbing his
eyes wearily. Hermione turned faintly pink, but merely said, "Don't let
Lavender hear you saying that." (Ch. 21)

"Ron, you're making it snow," said Hermione patiently, grabbing his wrist
and redirecting his wand away from the ceiling from which, sure enough,
large white flakes had started to fall. Lavender
Brown, Harry noticed, glared at Hermione from a neighboring table through
very red eyes, and Hermione immediately let go of Ron's arm.
"Oh yeah," said Ron, looking down at his shoulders in vague surprise.
"Sorry . . . looks like we've all got horrible dandruff now. . . ." LOL
He brushed some of the fake snow off Hermione's shoulder. Lavender
burst into tears. Ron looked immensely guilty and turned his back on her.
"We split up," he told Harry out of the corner of his mouth, "Last night.
When she saw me coming out of the dormitory with Hermione. Obviously
she couldn't see you, so she thought it had just been the two of us."
"Ah," said Harry. "Well...you don't mind it's over, do you?"
"No," Ron admitted. "It was pretty bad while she was yelling, but at least
I didn't have to finish it."
"Coward," said Hermione, though she looked amused. (Ch. 24) Big smile

Ron, he saw, was now holding Hermione and stroking her hair while she sobbed into his shoulder, tears dripping from the end of his own long nose. (Ch. 30) Heart

So with both having accepted their feelings for each other (to themselves but not to each other), it is time for the progression of Ron & Hermione's relationship.Smile And this happens in Deathly Hallows off-course.

But given that this post has gotten longer than I expected it to, I'll have to make a separate one for their relationship in Deathly Hallows Wink. For most of you will know how complicated it gets Ermm before it finally gets to somewhere.

So just to summarize this topic - I believe Ron has had a crush on Hermione since the middle of GoF. I also think that Hermione knew this very well. Approve She knew, but wanted him to say it to her face (It's a girl thing) Wink. And as J. K. said in a GoF interview "he just doesn't realize it yet", this is where we go back to the kiss on the cheek before the match in 5th year. When Hermione kissed him he looked puzzled, which means confused, surprised or shocked. Confused Ermm Shocked I think that this is where he realized that he probaly likes Hermione as more than a friend. Think about it, I've read the book a dozen times and it becomes more obvious every time: Hermione's gesture, which she acts upon impulse or just to distract him, doesn't really matter, simply because she summons the courage to make some sort of a move Embarrassed. Ron's behaviour towards Hermione changes after the kiss. I can't explain exactly how, but the mood between them just changes.

So that's it...If I have bored you, my sincere apologies. But I desperately wanted to do this for a long time. Now that, we don't have more HP books and movies to look forward to, it's the best I could do to keep myself from sulking Embarrassed. Would like to know if a similar analysis on Deathly Hallows would be welcome. Well, even if its not, I would write it anyway WinkLOL

Hope you liked this. Smile


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Mione Goldie

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I just noticed how my analysis for each year got lengthier than the previous one LOL

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AY_RHr4eVer Senior Member

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really well writen...
i didn't read the books but i m really huge fan of ron hermione... specailly after the half blood prince... and i really want to read the books... but i can't get books in my city Unhappy... but i will read...

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-GredForge- IF-Rockerz

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very nicely written! i too realised all dese points when reading d bks again and again!:) ron always loved hermione and all d small instances in d bk shows dat!:) esp. in HBP!i love ron/hermione ,harry/hermione were always d bestest frndz for me! and romione are soo cute!

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bookworm-ALS-- IF-Stunnerz

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I like what you put together...it was awesome!
And don't you worry over the length...the HP books are much,much longer LOL

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Mione Goldie

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Originally posted by charmingshelly

really well writen...i didn't read the books but i m really huge fan of ron hermione... specailly after the half blood prince... and i really want to read the books... but i can't get books in my city Unhappy... but i will read...

Firstly, Thank you sooo much Big smile

Actually I'm rather surprised and glad that you're a huge R/Hr shipper even without reading the books Shocked. Most of the people I know of liking the pair have mostly been those who have read the books. My friends who haven't read them and have only watched the movies, tend to think that Harry and Hermione are the actual couple Silly, given that he is the hero, and she is the only female lead. And then I've given them a long speech on how Ron-Hermione are just so meant to be togetherEmbarrassed. In fact, Rupert and Emma have portrayed Ron and Hermione so well that one would have to be blind to not see how gr8 they are with each other.Star

Why can't you get them in your city???Unhappy Where are you from? You really should read the books...gives you a totally amazing imagination of your own Wink. You could read the e-books too if you like. Smile

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Originally posted by taanu112

very nicely written! i too realised all dese points when reading d bks again and again!:) ron always loved hermione and all d small instances in d bk shows dat!:) esp. in HBP!i love ron/hermione ,harry/hermione were always d bestest frndz for me! and romione are soo cute!

Thanks a lot!!! Big smile

Me too...HBP was the book/movie that actually brought their feelings out in the open and I loved it Day Dreaming
I hate it when people ship Hermione with guys other than RonAngry

RoMione were, are and will ALWAYS be perfect Heart

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Originally posted by bookworm-ALS--

I like what you put together...it was awesome!
And don't you worry over the length...the HP books are much,much longer LOL

Hey, I'm glad you liked it!!! Thanks a ton. Big smile

LOL LOL...Thats true. But no matter how long the books were I still don't mind reading them over n over n over again Embarrassed

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