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Tere naal love ho gaya - reviews

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Business rating: 2.5/5 (Two-and-a-half stars)

Star cast: Ritesh Deshmukh, Genelia D'souza, Om Puri, Tinnu Anand.

What's Good: Several comedy scenes; the hit music; the family drama; the emotional drama.

What's Bad: Some clichd comedy scenes; lack of justification for the love angle.

Verdict: The entertaining second half and the hit music save Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya and make it a plus fare for Tips and UTV. However, a few of the distributors who have acquired territorial distribution rights at fancy prices will not be able to make money.

Loo break: A couple in the first half.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for getting entertained.

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UTV Motion Pictures and Tips Industries Ltd.'s Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (UA) is, as the title suggests, a love story. Viren (Ritesh Deshmukh) is an autorickshaw driver who works for Mini's (Genelia D'souza) father, Bhatti (Tinnu Anand). Mini is a tomboy who loves adventures. Mini's marriage is finalised with a boy, Sunny (Kartar Cheema), who is only interested in going to Canada and looks at Mini as his ticket to the foreign land because she is a green card holder. Mini, of course, doesn't approve of the prospective groom but all her pleas to her father to not go ahead with the proposed marriage fall on deaf ears. Around the same time, Bhatti's action causes Viren a loss of his hard-earned money to the tune of Rs. 60,000. Seeing this as an opportunity and wanting to not marry Sunny, Mini orchestrates her own kidnapping by Viren. She asks Viren to demand ransom money from her father for her release, from which he could keep his Rs. 60,000 and give her the rest.

Days pass and Mini begins to get fond of Viren. Viren also likes her. Even as their love story is just blossoming, Viren and Mini are kidnapped and taken to the haveli of Chaudhary (Om Puri). It turns out that Viren alias Chhotu is Chaudhary's son. He had left his home six years ago as he did not approve of his father's dubious ways of earning money by kidnapping people. Staying in the Chaudhary's house are his younger brother (Gurmeet Sajan), Viren's mother (Smita Jayakar), foster sister, Dhaani (Chitrashi Rawat), and foster brother, Naidu (Navin Prabhakar), as also those kidnapped and in his custody. Chaudhary is quite an autocratic person but Mini soon wins his heart and also gets his softer side to the fore. Others in the household also grow extremely fond of Mini who, in any case, wants to get married to Viren. But Viren has his own reasons for not wishing to take Mini as his wife.

Simultaneously, as is his wont, Chaudhary has asked Bhatti to send him ransom money to secure the freedom of his daughter. Here, Mini impresses Chaudhary by giving him tips to manage his kidnapping business more efficiently. For this reason, Chaudhary sees a prospective daughter-in-law in Mini who would successfully inherit his business.

What happens thereafter? Does Bhatti come to Chaudhary with the ransom money? Does Mini return home with her father? Or does she stay back to marry Viren? Does Viren agree to marry her? Do his parents agree to take Mini as their daughter-in-law? Does Bhatti want Mini to marry Viren or Sunny?

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Review (Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Movie Stills)

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Review (Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Movie Stills)

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Review: Script Analysis

Dhieyo Sandhu's story of a girl falling in love with her kidnapper is not new, the only difference here being that he is not her real kidnapper but is rather forced to kidnap her. However, what differentiates this story from the earlier ones of this kind is the family angle of the boy. Therefore, the second half of the film becomes more of a family drama rather than remaining a love story, which is both, good and entertaining. The screenplay, also penned by Dhieyo Sandhu, is routine in the first half. Many of the scenes are clichd and although the emphasis is on humour and comedy, several of the light-hearted scenes don't evoke the desired response from the audience. In fact, some of the comedy scenes look contrived and fall flat on their face.

But things take a dramatic turn after interval. The drama becomes very entertaining and enjoyable once the focus shifts to 'Agwaha House', as Chaudhary's haveli is nicknamed by people because of his business of aghwaha (kidnapping). Not just the characterisation of Chaudhary but his dialogues and entire demeanour are also so entertaining that the audience enjoys every bit of the post-interval portion. As it is, the writer has not been able to convince the audience about Mini falling in love with Viren, a mere autorickshaw driver, which is also why the family drama in the Chaudhary household appeals far more. In fact, the love angle in the pre-interval portion is the weakest part of the screenplay.

The pre-climax more than lives up to the build-up in the second half of the film and will actually make the weak-hearted cry while getting a lump in the throats of the strong-hearted. The best part of the pre-climax is the ease with which the emotions take over and consume the viewers from what till then is essentially a light-hearted fun film. The climax may be predictable but again, the lecture by Chaudhary before the climax makes it (climax) more interesting. Also, the demands made by Viren of Mini in the last scene are cute and instantly evoke laughter. It wouldn't be wrong to say that save for the emotional pre-climax, the second half has a number of light scenes which bring a smile on the faces of the viewers and, oftentimes, also elicit laughter. Dhieyo Sandhu's dialogues are very nice.

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Review: Star Performances

Ritesh Deshmukh does a truly fine job, especially in the post-interval portion and in the first part of the first half. Genelia D'souza lives her role in the second half and even her going overboard in a few scenes in the first half is easily forgotten because of her superlative and absolutely endearing performance in the latter half. Om Puri deserves high praise for his acting. He is just too wonderful and it wouldn't be incorrect to say that he and Genelia are the life of the post-interval portion. Smita Jayakar puts in a dignified show. Tinnu Anand plays his part well. Chitrashi Rawat has her moments and makes the most of them. She is endearing. Navin Prabhakar also does a fine job. Gurmeet Sajan is good as Chaudhary's younger brother who never talks. Kartar Cheema does what is required of him in the role of Sunny. As his parents, Rana Jung Bahadur and Satwant Kaur are alright. Amandeep, Aman Randhawa and Gagan Bhangu, all as Sunny's friends, lend fair support. Rana Ranbir (as petrol pump owner Tony Singh), Akshita Sharma (as Mini's friend, Softy), Nishan Cheema and Nihal Purba (both as Viren's friends), Harsh Sethi (as Chaudhary's aide, Jatta) and Diljit Dosanjh (as himself in the Pee pa song) provide adequate support. Veena Malik lends oomph and sex appeal in her graceful Fann ban gayi song.

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Review: Direction & Music

Mandeep Kumar shows promise as director in his maiden Hindi film. The latter part of the first half gives one the impression that he is losing control but he strikes back after interval and handles the scenes with such clarity and command that he makes his mark for sure. His treatment of the emotional scenes deserves distinction marks. Music (Sachin-Jigar) is a major plus point of the film. Every song is a delight to hear and comes as an entertaining interlude in the film. Piya, Jeene de and Tu mohabbat hai are excellent songs. Pee pa and Fann ban gayi have appeal for the masses and front-benchers. Picturisation of the songs (by Piyush Panchal, Geeta Kapur and Pappu-Maalu) are good but could've been better. The picturisation of the remixed version of Tu mohabbat hai, by Vinnil Markan, is nice. Lyrics, penned by Priya Panchal and Mayur Puri, are very appealing. Background score (by Sachin-Jigar) is okay. Chirantan Das' cinematography is of a good standard. Kaushal-Moses' action scenes are okay. Editing, by Manish More, is good but needed to be crisper. Production and technical values are of a nice standard.

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Review: Komal Nahta's Verdict

On the whole, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya is an entertaining film and will, therefore, be liked by families. Its music is a major plus point just as its second half is. A couple of territorial distributors, who have paid fancy prices, may not make money, but profits to Tips and UTV are assured. In fact, Tips has already made money on its investment.
Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
By  Taran Adarsh, 24 Feb 2012, 12:28 hrs IST
Follow three simple rules while attempting a rom-com...
One, the romance should be livewire. Ditto for the chemistry between the on-screen pair.
Two, the movie ought to make the viewer chuckle.
Three, it shouldn't fall prey to predictability.
If you get the above-mentioned characteristics right, chances are you may be smiling from ear to ear on the decisive Friday. Okay, does TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA, directed by Mandeep Kumar, live up to the set standards? Oh yes, you do exit the auditorium with a smile on your face.

Love stories with real-life couples don't spell magic at the turnstiles, opined an industry insider, to which my instant retort was if the film works, everything works. Actors, chemistry, songs, technical aspects et al are only as good as the film. After making their big screen debut with TUJHE MERI KASAM, Riteish and Genelia were paired in MASTI. TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA is the third film that teams the two talents. This one ought to be their best, right? Well, Riteish and Genelia look great together, no two opinions on that, and the real-life husband-wife team get ample opportunity to sparkle in their third outing. There are hiccups too -- the film dips in the middle of the second hour -- but, thankfully, it comes alive towards the pre-climax moments, which leads to a winning finale. The credit, to a large extent, goes to Riteish and Genelia for rising beyond a commonplace screenplay.

Bhatti [Tinnu Anand] is keen to get his daughter Mini [Genelia Deshmukh] married. He even chooses a guy who, he thinks, will keep his daughter happy thanks to his riches. In the meantime, Viren [Riteish Deshmukh] feels Bhatti has swindled him of his hard-earned money and confronts Bhatti in an intoxicated state. Seizing the opportunity of escaping from the situation [of marrying a guy she barely knows], Mini flees with Viren, making the episode look as if Viren has kidnapped Mini. Gradually, a romance develops between the unlikely couple.

I've frequently said that humor is serious business. Though the humor in TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA borders on illogicality, like AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI, you can't deny that it keeps you hooked nonetheless. Sure, there're times when you feel that the humor is forced, but you don't grudge and grumble since the intention to entertain and amuse the viewer endlessly are crystal clear from the very inception.

I'd like to add that TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA is not 'inspired' or 'adapted' from Danny Boyle's A LIFE LESS ORDINARY, as being widely said. Following a graph of making an easy-on-your-senses film, the director reserves the best for the penultimate 25 odd minutes. Prior to that, the film vacillates between engrossing to passable to humdrum stuff. Agree, specifics are irrelevant in this case because the director or the writer isn't aiming for realism or practicality here. This is a synthetic world, let's not disregard this fact.

The one issue I hold against the writer is that the goings-on cannot maintain the energy consistently. I mean, the writer had the opportunity to make a real rib-tickling comic fare, but what appears on screen is only moderately amusing. You aren't amused at every juvenile gag, nor do you submit to the insanity entirely. But, like I stated earlier, the concluding reels are dramatic and thoroughly enjoyable. Especially the final moments.

Sachin-Jigar's musical score is pleasant. The songs are in tandem with the mood of the movie. It's peppy and energetic, catering to a young audience. I'd like to make a special note of the cinematography [and the lush-green locales, of course], which is eye-catching.

TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA would've crumbled in the hands of lesser talent. Riteish is earnest, delivering a subdued performance. He underplays his part beautifully, not going overboard one bit. Genelia is a livewire who adds to the insanity. She looks fresh, has a great comic timing and handles her part magnificently. Together, Riteish and Genelia elevate the film a few notches above the ordinary. Om Puri is remarkable, especially in the sequence when Genelia is asked to return to her father. Tinnu Anand is excellent. Smita Jaykar is wonderful. Veena Malik's item number is strictly okay.

On the whole, TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA is refreshing and succeeds in its endeavor of amusing and entertaining, more particularly in its second hour. In addition, the sparkling performances by Riteish and Genelia is the mainstay of the film.
I'm gonna watch it nevertheless..LOL

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wow very nice and great movie review
Usman. IF-Sizzlerz

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veena malik did an item number in this movie too.. how did i miss that..?? LOL

i hope this movie does well.. i like Genny.. :)

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Its much better than Jodi Breaker
pakeezah IF-Sizzlerz

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good reviews for both Tere Naal and Jodi breakers wil try to watch both!Big smile
xAaliya IF-Stunnerz

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I want to see but have nobody to take me :(
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'Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya' entertaining, earnest and enjoyable

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Film: " Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya": Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia D'Souza, Om Puri, Tinnu Anand, Smita Jaykar; Director: Mandeep Kumar; Rating: ** 1/2

Some love stories are just so sweet, more so, when real life couples romance on reel. "Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya" is one of those. No extraordinary story or no unique formula, no major histrionics, yet, this romantic-comedy entertains and touches your heart.

Mini (Genelia D'Souza) is an educated, fun-loving daughter of businessman, Bhatti (Tinnu Anand), who wants to marry her off to a rich jaat, Sunny, who in turn wants the permit Mini holds as his entry into "Caneda" aka Canada.

But the feisty Mini, who loves life and adventure, will have none of that.

Viren (Riteish Deshmukh), who drives Bhatti's rickshaw, is a simpleton with dreams of starting a travel agency with a fleet of cars for which he is painstakingly saving money.

Bhatti sells off all his rickshaws one day with Viren's savings of Rs.60,000 in it. Egged on by his friends to drown his sorrows, Viren guzzles a few drinks and in a drunken stupor lands up at Bhatti's doorstep demanding his money back, while Mini's engagement is in progress.

An argument ensues and Viren lays his hands on a pistol. In the commotion, Mini seizes the opportunity and forces Viren to kidnap her and makes him drive them off in the waiting vehicle.

The spunky Mini makes a deal with Viren that he will follow her instructions and will demand a ransom of Rs.10 lakh from her father. He can then have his Rs.60,000 and she will keep the rest as she does not want to go back home and marry.

While the ransom letter goes to Mini's father, the couple enter into someone's home and try to make ends meet. In the process, they fall in love and are happy being with each other.

The story takes a twist when Mini's fiance along with her father comes to pay the ransom amount but actually fools them and starts firing, hoping to take Mini back.

Suddenly, Mini and Viren are kidnapped by another person and taken away to the Chowdhary's haveli.

Chowdhary (Om Puri) is a notorious kidnapping kingpin, who makes a living out of demanding ransom. Just when you think Puri is a villain of sorts and some never-ending torture drama a la 1980's Hindi films, will unfold, we discover that Viren alias "chotu" is Om Puri and Smita Jayakar's son.

Disapproving of his father's ways, Viren has left home six years ago to work in Patiala as a rickshaw driver.

Follow your heart and not your head when you watch this comedy directed by debutant Mandeep Kumar. The sincere effort to make a light hearted, fun, love story shines through.

Genelia as the spirited Mini is adorable and delivers an energetic performance. She looks fresh, gorgeous and does full justice to Mini's insanities and pranks. Riteish plays Viren to the hilt. He is earnest, restrained, but you have seen him do this before.

The duo lights up the screen with their palpable, but understated chemistry. Tinnu Anand and Om Puri expectedly deliver good performances.

Sachin Jigar's music compliments the film. "Main vaari janwa" tugs at your heart strings. The title song "Tere naal" also brings out the flavour of the film.

However, Veena Malik's item number - "Fan ban gayi" - fails to elicit whistles or fans.

Cinematographer Chirantan Das is impresses by beautifully capturing wonderful locales in rural Punjab and scenic Himachal Pradesh.

Enjoy watching a sweet love story with the now Mr & Mrs Deshmukh as the lead pair. Trust me, it is entertaining enough.

Review: Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya is a sweet love story

February 24, 2012 19:20 IST
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 Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya has too much saccharine, otherwise it retains a frothy, smooth texture says Preeti Arora.

The story isn't exactly original or unique. Yet another romantic comedy, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya is in many ways reminiscent of Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, and the more recent blockbuster Jab We Met [ Images ].

Director Mandeep Kumar's film manages to steer clear of major pitfalls. The twist in the tale is unpredictable. The first half even with a very limited screenplay keeps the viewer engaged. Two youngsters, each one desperately wanting to escape from parental pressures end up in tricky situations.

Viren (Ritesh Deshmukh [ Images ]) is an auto rickshaw driver who loses all his savings. Mini (Genelia [ Images ]) is the mischievous girl who needs to be married off in a hurry but none of the grooms presented to her meet with her approval. A kidnapping ensues with a slight difference: the kidnapper feels persecuted and the person being kidnapped seems to be having all the fun.

Just when it seems the narrative will finally lurch forward, the unexpected happens. Viren isn't who he appears to be. His crazy family provides some clean humour. Even as we wait for the eventual happy ending, fatigue never sets in. Quite a remarkable feat.

With any other lead pair, the film may not have worked so well. But between Ritesh and Genelia (now officially husband and wife in real life) there is an overabundance of chemistry. And these two create magic with their comic timing, their casual offhand conversations and their manic gestures.

It's obvious that Ritesh Deshmukh, who has excelled in comic roles in Hey Babyy, Housefull etc, is making the big leap from being a small player in a big film to becoming a bankable 'romantic' hero. It remains to be seen whether he can sustain this performance with another actress. But with Genelia as his leading lady, he sails through.

And in the tradition of true herogiri, he doesn't hesitate to show off his biceps. Not too much, though, since the abs haven't developed all that much yet. He shamelessly imitates SRK [ Images ] in song-and-dance sequences, which is a pity because King Khan [ Images ] isn't a great dancer himself.

Genelia returns to her Jaane Tu [ Images ] Ya Jaane Na persona, the willful, spoilt, self-indulgent brat. Om Puri [ Images ] as Ritesh's father plays the local Haryanvi gangster. And Tinnu Anand plays the stressed out father-of-the -bride.

The serious flaw is the dialogues by Dhieyo Sandhu. Some are really funny but there are too many inane, trite, one-liners such as "When there is a dil, don't worry about the bill."

Veena Malik's item song is forced and completely out of place. Even her vital assets are more irritating than titillating.

Though the climax is breezy and fun, it's the 20-odd minutes before it, where emotions and tears have been ladled out in generous doses that is irritating. It's too much saccharine in a film which otherwise retains a frothy, smooth texture.

Rediff Ratings:

Tere Naal Love Hogaya

The Critic has posted comments on this MovieAvijit Ghosh, TNN, Feb 24, 2012, 09.00PM IST
A still from the movie More Pics
Critic's Rating:  
Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia D'Souza, Om Puri, Tinu Anand, Chitrashi Rawat, Veena Malik
Direction: Mandeep Kumar
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
Avg Readers Rating: 
More from Tere Naal Love Hogaya
Music Video: Main Waari Jaavan
Music Video:Pee Pa Pee Pa Ho Gaya
Story: A young girl in search of adventure forces an honest autorickshaw driver to kidnap her at gunpoint. Sparks inevitably fly between the two

Movie Review: Rich attractive girls have a tendency to run away from home in masala Bollywood. We all know that. We also know that they invariably meet up with decent guys who become their knight in shining armour. So it is no surprise when Mini ( Genelia D'Souza), a rich, thrill-seeking girl, encourages Viren ( Riteish Deshmukh), an autorickshaw driver, to kidnap her. We immediately know where the movie is headed for.

For her, it is the beginning of all the rush she was looking for. And willy-nilly, Viren becomes her partner. Together they break into homes and get drunk. And she even makes ransom calls to her own father. The twist comes when she discovers that Viren is no autorickshaw driver.

Breezy romantic comedies generally thrive on witty dialogues and the chemistry of the lead pair. And Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya does have some crackling gags and one-liners. Director Mandeep Kumar uses the famed Haryanvi wit to good effect although the narrative stereotypically links big biceps with peapod brains. One hilarious moment in the film comes when Viren shouts at a foreigner, "Simon go back," a reference to the famous anti-Simon agitation of 1927. The stupefied foreigner mutters, "How did he know my name is Simon?"

Post-marriage, TNLHG is Retiesh and Genelia's first film together. And they look good as a pair. The movie could have been to Genelia what Jab We Met is to Kareena Kapoor. But she often goes over the top. At other times, she is too besotted by her own cuteness to become the girl she is meant to be. In contrast, Riteish looks much more in control.

TNLHG is one of those movies that you like for 10 minutes and then don't for the next 10. The cycle continues for long. But the climax is fairly engaging and the man who makes it happen is Om Puri. His rousing speech is what gives the movie its last burst of vitality.

The movie also has some of the most hummable tracks of 2012. Whenever the narrative falters, Sachin-Jigar's music comes to the rescue. Piya o re piya, Pee pa pee pa and Mai vaari jawan are three gems of 2012. And there's Veena Malik once again doing an item number. Midway the lyrics go something like this: Chhalke chhalke ras ka kuwan, koi bhi pee jaye as the camera focuses on her cleavage. Even without Ms Malik's open-heart display, TNLHG is passable popcorn fare.

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