Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai


fosla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged

Today was just a slap by the CV's on my face. yup !! On my face people!! Smack MeThat they know and do things better!! Ab chalo.. Itna venting ke baad.. kuch acha ho jaye toh.. accha hi hain naah.. ALL IS WELL indeed!! But all I request is consistency CV's.. consistency.. hopefully you will not give me another chance to fume and complain.. It's never a good idea to get viewers mad. and definitely not loonies like me!

Okie.. So where do I start with today's episode...If I need to sum it up in 3 points...

  Love Song
1)Flashbacks reloaded
2)Dhooriyan se hua nazdeekiyan and ofcourse
3)Ishq aur musq chupa nahi jaate!!

CID interrogation :  Niharika kapoor the unclassy high society pretense filled   woman Cannonballinterrogates Priya on her late arrival with false concern.. Aur Mamaji ne sixer maare.. Kya correct guess maara..Bravo! Ram ji bina sita ji se mile kaise jaa sakte hain.. Wah wah Mamaji!! Main batati hoon.. you are the only one with some brains in the evil trio.. Aisa gap main point marte hain   naah.. Aur woh bhi to the point!! Bas.. aapki behen kuch aapse seekhe..OuchMamaji ne aur layman terms main explain kiya..samja kya hain isme.. ek doosre ko ishaq hogaya aur ek doosre ke bager reh nahi sakte.. ab toh sirf mannat mang na padega Niharika!! Bhagwani tumme abhi bacha sakte hain..

Vikram Neha convo:
They were just speaking our mind. Vikram venting our frustratration of how Ram doesn't think when it is his Mom!! Haan Vikram.. hum ko bhi yahi soch hain.. kab akal aayegi. Neha doubting nih's intentions for this sudden plans.. And the verdict.. ofcourse. kuch gadbad hai!! Thank God for these two.. hopefully RaYa would learn a thing or two from these guy! And fast too!

  Love Song
Flasbacks reloaded:

O re piya in the background!!
     Angel 2         
Yup the CV's chose a whole lot of the FB scenes to make them realize IT! Yup!! IT!!   LOVE!!Aur kya!! YowzaSo we see the screens of two love birds missing each other but making the moment bearable by remembering those old memories!

1)Ram enjoying his drink and remembering the Talli Priya(1st time) where she does   his namakaran" Tablet Kapoor".. And he smiles.. Haye Haye..Chugger
2)Towel scene: Priya finds the towel on the bed.. Only to remember the time   when   Ram picks it up quiety without yelling.. Aur chup chup ke pyaar ho   gaya..Love Struck
3)Oh la la:Tht smile on Ram Kapoor's face with the head shake expressing his stupidity.. Uff!! maar dala..hyperventillates.. Btw.. why did he remember Vidya Balan before Priya Kapoor.. naughty naughty Ram!!Wink Okie.. looks like i got it wrong. he was apparently watching Dirty Picture.. Arre. Ekta.. aur kitna promotion karegi.. film superhit toh hogaya naah..
4)Making the bed: Bed 2Priya makes his already made bed and gets reminded of the time she caresses his hair.. Whistle!! 
5) Photo frame: And she finds the photo frame next to the bed reminding her of Ram adding her pic in the frame symbolizing her addition to his life!!
6)Unspoken confession: Akhir mujhe flight main bityai diya naah.. iska mathlab main chahti hoon ki aap mera saath ********. Ram kapoor sstill has a tough time with tht ehsaas.. His blush refuses to leave his face!!In Love
7)Bye Bye - her tears and his hesitated bye when the moment arrives for departure.. all for the greater good for realization guys! 
4)The book reading Reading- Includes the reminder of massage moment, surprise at the airport moment making Priya more restless. So she tries to change her place to the chair Chaironly to be reminded of the time when ram asks her what she was reading.. And Madam is off to blushing again.
8)Filmy style: Ram karate marte hain Ny ki flight main aur bagal wala nahi utha.. Par Priya ko pata chal gaya.. wah wah!! aaj kal karate bhi telepathy main included hain kya??..
Priya has this blissful smile and goes to sleep peacefully!! Abhi neend kahan aayagi..dreams main bhi Mr kapoor sone nahi denge..LOL

Breakfast with Alooparantha:
Since Golu is not present, Priya needs some company.. So she decides to eat Aloo parantha with extra makkan the next day.. btw.. wht's up with the cute dressing up when Ram's absent..She was looking gorgeous and was uber cute when making the tough decision between dahi and makkan!! She is relishing it here and looks like Ram is enjoying it from the flight!! Sab 6th sense ka asar hai!

NEHA - aayi re baba!! Girl 3
I love this character!! I hope the CV's do use Neha and Vik bettter!! Neha the bomb enters KM and greets Dadi who says tht she is better than ever.. Neha hears that nobody has seen Priya come out of her room and given tht Bansi Kaka has last entered, she must be cleaning ram's room.
Daadi gives a dialogue abt how a woman's presence changes the life of a man.. Kamra kya cheez hai.. Sahi boli dadi!! Neha tells her not any woman but the right one..Nih jaisi ladki ho tho barbaadi hogi aur kuch nahi..And tht Nih and neha's convo are always a delight.. Sarcasm at its best.. i wish I see more of it in the future.
She hops on to Ram's room to see Priya overtaking Ram's OCD.. Feather DusterHaan.. kitna safaai karegi.. ab toh underground se bhi dust nikal te kya? And why is n't she going to her classes today?? Teacher ne bunk maari becoz she is love sick???LOL

Guess what Priya madam is watching on TV now.. CRICKET!! hooo!! ShockedPriya madam doesn't even bther to turn around and yells at the person who switches it off. Madam who is still not got down with the memories reminder and blushing mode even fails to do the welcome and hello talks with Neha. And is busy switching the TV On. After a sorry and a hug they hve this cute convo.
Neha :ek toh yeh purana match aur India jeet chuki hai. Aur tum Cricket dekhti bhi nahi dekthi.
Priya:haan lekin Mr kapoor toh dekhte hain naah
Neha: Haan lekin Mr kapoor toh yahan nahi hai naah
 Priya: Lekin yahan teh toh dekhte hain naah
Neha: Haan yahan hote toh dekhte hain..
Laughing 1
Ab Love guru ka shaq poora hogaya.. Mausam hi aisa hai!! Sabko samaj aajati!!
STATUE : Meanwhile, Priya gets a phone call that the Lalanji ka statue is finaaly ready.. And she asks them to deliver it on Holi!! Neha is busy figuring out at the background with Rishabh about the changes in 6 months..And the surprise Priya is planning with the statue.okie.. Cv's Iam returning tht Memory plus I was sending you!! You guys seem to remember everything.. ab ek sawal.. yeh Holi kab aayega?
Post the phone convo, our Goli is back to Rayaland leaving the visible Neha a brilliant moment to take her case..
Neha teases her with a sad face saying that the phone call hasn't come since the flight would land after 2 to 3 hours only to hear Priya retort that nope.. only 15 mins left..Pakad gayi Goli!! Obviously.. she is in Rayaland and has no clue of how obvious she is blushing and even what she is uttering.. Hoye hoye Priya.. Pyaar   main yeh sab ho jaata hai!Fantastic expressions by both Priya and Neha! They are just soo natural!!
And asks for a champagne instead of Chai to celebrate LOVE!! Love DropsPhir Neha ne maari sabse badiya dialogue: ISHQ aur MUSQ chupayi nahi chupte.. You Rock100% pyaar hogaya..And she wants to know everything.. kab kahan kaise hua and all.. Poor Priya.. She is dying in embarrasment and tries hard to change the topic by not accepting those talks.. Neha in excitement tells her that she would inform Vikram   and by then Priya begs her  not to.. While Neha says that anywyz ram would not hide it from Vikram, Priya's sudden change of excitement was evident.. And she tries to act all coy!! Oh my god!! Yeh Priya bhi naah.. Chupa Rushtam!! Kuch hai yi nahi.. kya batayenge..

NUTZ DRAMA : Natasha Kapoor is back and tells them organizers that sponsors can take a walk. Either they get a celebrity designer or a show stopper.. Yup!! High way or no way!!And she would be there to see the Anjaam if she doesn't get the show kyunki woh Natasha Kapoor hai!! So basically.. We are gonna have the wardrobe malfunction again. Thank you for saving me some time!! I was wondering If i should give some thinking time for ur chaal!
Long distance phone calls : YaY!! The charm of Long distance phone calls just got better with Video chat!!Ram Kapoor finally calls up his dear wifey who has been waiting endlessly.. Haan ..He was thinking abt all those memories and now finally brain kaam kiya..Wifey shuru hogayi.. Itna late der se kyun phone kiya?? And Sorry bola Golu ne.. Phir Priya says..Blah blah blah..And starts ranting.. Ram who couldn't wait had to let it out.. Jaldi chat pe aajao..mujhe tumhe dekhna hai,..hooo!! What the????The expressions on their faces janta: PRICELESS..[ And our cute duffer tries to make another brilliant excuse.. haan.. Mujhe kamra dekhna hai.. haan.. kyunki.,... ek file padi hai kamre main!!] Wah Wah!! D for donkey ka continuation ta yeh.. But tht cuteness and embarassed face just made up for all that!! You MR Kapoor are gonna kill me with this looks!Faint!your expressions are gonna make this looong weekend bearable..
Priya lets him know that she is not aware of video chat. And imm calls Rishabh for help. Rishabh starts his convo with Bhai while Priya Kapoor runs to the mirror to check her looks!! Bhai is busy finishing those formality hello talks with Rishabh and asks him to help him find the file.. Rishabh bhi toh naughty naughty hain.. After exchangin looks at his bhabhi at the mention of file.. He turns the video towards the bathroom.. Ram bechara gets soo mad at him asking him to shift the camera to the other side for file expedition!! Rishabh moves it towards the mirror where Priya is busy getting ready to look pretty and guess wht.. Ram Kapoor ka file bhi milgaya.. exactly.. wahi pe..And he shamelessly drools at this wife when she is not noticing.. Awww Ram puttar.. I wanted to just pull those cheeks..jab tak woh usi room main thi.. second look bhi nahi diya.. aur ab Newyork se file dhoondna padra.. He he..  A killer scene yaar!! Absolutely well done! hope the lighting was better!! Otherwise.. it was beyond awesome!! 
Priya turns around adjusting her bindi and speaking through her eyes asking Ram if its fine.. Main toh margayi!! and the precap people.. just hold the thoughts please.. This is gonna need some water drinking before writing!
PRECAP: Ram is trying to check the love tip from Vikram. The filmy dialogue of close your eyes and the faceor  image that comes first on ur mind is the one u love the most!! Ram Kapoor the tycoon who went on a business crisis.. yeah the same one.. is sitting on the chair and trying the filmy style test.. Bechara.. kuch nahi dikra.. And now instead of thinking hard.. He is mad at Vikram, calls him a gaddha and vows not to spare him. Kyunki its becoz of his ideas that our Golu is doing childish stuff !! It's not Vikram dude.. It's love that's making you do such crazy things!! During the whole ranting.. he finally realises that there is a vague image appearing. A pink dupatta and a beautiful face and he gets startled and opens his eyes only to see a smiling Priya!!
Ab muh band kar Golu!! Ny ke saare machhar andar aa jayenge!LOL Ailaa..Main margayi!! yeh kya tha?? Golu ka ehsaas!! People hold your hearts closer and don't forget to keep some aspirin for heart attack prevention on Monday! Precap was 1.08 seconds.. the longest romantic moment for today!! CVs you have killed a million hearts today thanks to your perfection and bang on RaYa moments!! HAts off!!Clap
These love birds are fallen so deeply in love that distance is not gonna matter!! Actually it is only gonna strengthen their bond kyunki aap dono ek doosre ko bade hi acche lagte hain!!!They are turning out to the ideal couple. Can't leave each other and can't live without each other too!!  Yeh dhooriyan bahut zarrori tah.. Kyunki Pyaar ka sabse meeta fal hota hai ehsaas.. I hope they fall in love more truly madly and deeply just like my love for Raya and the show!! It's gonna be a treat!! And now the unbearable 3 day weekend begins!! But we have enough to relish!! So no complaints and enjoy the wonderful Raya moments we have had!


These are my songs for the day

Yeh dhooriyan
Kuch kum roshan hai roshini!! It's a beautiful song by Shaan! Listen to them if you get a chance!!

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As usual Fab take on Fab episode...Clap
This has to be the best episode of the week.. Flawless...
Let me describe my state,

Relief : as Priya did not tell exactly what happened to niharika

Tears : I literally had tears in my eyes by the end of 'o re piya...' don't have words to say anything.. gonna watch again and again..

Completely like 'Aww...'  :  Neha's teasing and Priya's obivious blush, at the same time restlessness for his calll...

Faints :  'Muze tumhe dekhana hai...' do I have to say anything about the silent expressions that follwoed?? Ram and Sakshi you are gonna kill us...

Dead : precap... Ram ko Priya dikh rahi hai... woh bi kya killer looks...  and Ram's face.. Pricelesss..

ye monday kab aayega??????

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Anu Shrirambalhfan4everanizorIndYa4ufosla

janardana Senior Member

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As usual an awesome take. But I have to say that Ram was not remembering Vidya, He was watching the inflight  movie  and remembering !!

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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yay!!!!!!!!! angie i was waiting fr ur take...thanq so much dear

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avivakirk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Excellent take on the show...Loved today's BD'S...evil duo in only a tiny least the weekend is going to be bearable as there was nothing to take away the joy of BALH. Reminescences and travelling back memory lane showed us how they have fallen heads over heels in love.Will be bck with my take on the show

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jaya_5 Groupbie

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Fosla fosla fosla u r tooo gud! Nothin cum into my mind hw 2 express my feelings after readin dis! Just awsome. Thank u.

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Neenzoo Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
What an are right..CVs have given it back to us...everything was a killer
Neha teasing Priya was too cute...Priya looking absolutely ravishing and beautiful...
Love the last bit when the video camera is on her, she puts her bindi and looks at the camera and asks Ram if its okay...haila...totally gone...

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ek1229 IF-Dazzler

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Fosla...what about the amazing precap!!!! I am still not over it. Got to watch the episode one more time with the precap

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