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Wednesday - Feb 01 - 2012
Ganga asks Jothi to show the ration cards and she asks her to give back. She says don't do it any more. Jothi doesn't like it but she gives it back.

They all sit and talk. Muthiah says he has so much property and he has forms. But my son wanted to do this business. All are happy. They drink coffee and leave.

In a government office Rama gets her first check for 5 lakhs. Kula is also there. The officer praise her. She says all is due to mama help. She gets the check and try to fall on his feet. Kula just gets up and walk  away. Sara tells her he won't change at all.

Kula is upset. He talks to himself he needs to do something.

He sees a EB guy. Tells that guy to disconnect Mil power and give connection to the Mill from an electric post. So EB can close the Mill saying you run it on stolen power. That guy agrees to do that. Kula talks to himself saying you cannot come to get next check. You are going to run to the police station and court.

At night that guy does as planned.

Rama and JC go home and get new dresses for everyone. Muthu is happy. She tells Rama not to tell Kula.  But Rama tells he already knows.  kula comes on cue.

Rama Loosu (I am so angry with her)  gives the clothes to Kula. He scolds her for giving it. Tells he is not going to take it. Rama is upset.  kula is

Exactly at the same time the EB guy calls and informs Kula job done.

Kula comes back and tells he is going to take the veshti. Rama is happy and says she has inba adirchi. He talks to himself she is going to get a real adirchi.

Next day karti and Kula examining the Kokki (pulling current from EB post). Kula tells it is my job. He asks karthi to talk to EB office nd complain against the Mill.

Karthi calls EB office and talks as some one else and informs the news that Rama Mills is stealing current. EB officer says I am coming immediately. they both walk away from there.

Police and EB people coem and tell they want to check the main board. They do and findout it is stolen current.


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Two times paaduvOm...

Monday 6th February 2012

yaar enna sonnaalum 
anjaadhE nenjamE
Thangam update-ai nee paadu
villain koottaNi ai paaru

Ila steals the Vinayagar silai and places it on Rasamma's head.  The statue seems to be heavy, Rasamma wants help to get up in a little loud voice.  Ila hushes her, the trio leave.  One man who is sleeping on the wall there gets disturbed, sees with the help of his lantern that the threesome have lifted the Vinayakar silai, calls the whole village who chase the MRI (Manga, Rasamma, Ila) Ila has a bright idea, to hide somewhere, and leave once the villagers finish their hunt.  MRI hide behind a bush, the villagers on a net spread search.  Ila prays to Vinayagar to save them from the villagers (LOL)  The villagers miss them decide to go and get them before they leave the village.  Ila wants to bury it in Ganga's property before dawn. 

Ila digs, Manga removes the mud, Rasamma helps with the torch, Vinayagar is the onlooker.  Ila says sorry to Vinayagar - the next day when Ganga does Bhoomi puja there, once they find the statue they have to build a temple at the site.  So the Vinayagar who did not have a roof over his head all these years would have a lovely temple is Ila's explanation to Vinayagar & viewers.  The unwritten rule of the village is to build a temple where the statue is found.  Rasamma & Manga also apply for goodies.  The trio bury the Vinayagar statue.  

The sun rises.  Kula arrives - calls for MA & Subbu's daughter.  MA & Rama welcome him.  Rama asks him to have his lunch.  MA says Rama has cooked his favourite Ayira meen kozhambu, so he can have food without any vanjanai.  How come you guys are not preparing parcels questions Kula.  And where is JC - gone to carry sacks?  No mama, he has gone to the mill is Rama's reply.  To other mills to carry sacks is Kula's clarification question.  No mama to our mill is the all smiles reply.

Kula calls JC. Rama asks if he can hear the machines working in our mill?  Kula is confused.  MA gives her sly smile.  JC shouts above the machines, says it is the noise of the machines at Rama's mill.  If you have any doubts come to the mill for clarification JC tells.  MA asks if the machines are working fine.  Kula is about to throw the handphone down.  MA stops him, takes the handphone, gives Kula's handphone and tells him to break his own phone.  Kula will talk to them once he returns.  Kula is invited for the bhoomi pooja the next day.  He would definitely come to see how the bhoomi poojai is being conducted.  This should have come before the MRI burying Vinu - right? kadhaithaan kOLaarunu paarththa editing, direction ellaamE ambEl..

One man farming with bulls.  Kula & Karthik arrive for the bhoomi poojai.  They discuss on how they have hidden the statue and the three sisters are going to build a temple instead of the palace.  Kula tells Karthik to go to the adjacent land where the man is farming.  Karthik asks why this farming here now?  Just like how Ganga's land is becoming a temple, he wants his farmland to remain fertile.  With so many houses around this man is going to grow crops?? Kula tells Ramaswamy the farmer to dig deep.  Karthik asks if he is digging for treasure.  The treasure would be there, he passes a snide remark.  An earthquake in a few hours... let us go he tells Karthik


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Part -1
Ila all dressed up and goes to room. Kotta pakkum kolunthu vethalayum song playing. Looking at her karthi forgets his anger and starts jollu vittufying.

Next - karthi goes and informs Kula that Charu grrom peopel coem to do engagement for Charu. Kula says you have to stop this time.

karhi vveerama goes to Soorakottai - they are getting ready to leave to Ayya house. karthi thretens them if they go to Ayya house, then they will face dire consequences. He goes and tells all the stories of what happened Kula, Bagya Lakshmi and their doubt that Subbu is her daughter. If that is the truth then he will kill them all. So don't coem to see Charu.

But Soorakottai guys thell him off saying they are not scared of him or Kula. They will only marry Charu.

They ask him to leave.

Sara comes and asks forgiveness and tells don't take his brothers words seriously. Hw takes leave.

Karthi hides and watches this and thinks of a way to stop the wedding. taht time he sees a banana peel.


karthi throws the banana peel. Patti who starts walking slips on it and falls down. Immediately hospital thaan. DR puts a kattu to Patti telling she broke her hand and needs to rest paatti tells them to go to engagement. But they hesitate saying it is a bad sagunam. karthi is hiding and atching all these.

Finally they decide to call Ayya and inform him they will next day for engagement.

Kula talks to Karthi. He informs al lthat happened and tells him that he will ake sure some how this weddign never happens.

Charu overhears this (I think I am not sure)

He then goes to the reception and calls from the payphone there saying he is related to muthiah house. He tells about patti slipping, breaking hand and sagunam bad and they are not interested in the alliance any more. Receptionist notices this. Ayya and everyone gets shocked hearign this. Charu hears this and shocj=ked as well.


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Friday , 3 feb 2012
simple updates
- AKA praying at temple and want to met charu alone. Same time Charu came there with her sis. Poosari ask about ponnu pakaram event and ask whether ponnu and mappilai like each other. Poosari ask Charu whether she likes mappilai.. AKA who is hiding pillar praying hard so that Charu said like. Charu reply that she like amman alagaram.. Poosari understand her inner meanings. Later AKA ask poosari what is the meaning of charu answer. Poosari advice AKA to be more sharp and inform him that Charu likes him alot. He ask him to impress her and win her heart. AKA tries to talk to charu alone but ganga tells AKA that its not nice to be seen together before enggagement.
- Gangga is showing everyone at nachiar home her house plan. Everyone praises her plan except Kartik. They wanna to have boomi pooja on wed. Ila initialy want gangga to postpones the buliding until her father cooles down. But after gangga tells her that she and her father will have each floor for themselves... she change the track.  Kartik scold Illa for supporting Gangga and ask Illa to help to prevent gangga from building ther house. He manages to change Illa mind and promise to build 8 storey for themselves..
- Illa and gang ...Mangga and Rasamah is planning how to stop gangga.. Mangga says that Kartik always uses Illa to carry out any plan for her father. Rasamah ask Illa to send hoax sms to gangga from her phone.. Illa scolds rasamah for her stupid plan. Finnaly mangga give a good idea by stealing a pillar and bury under gangga land.At  nite, the gang execute their plan of stealing pillar...

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February  2nd Thursday

The line man showing the illegal surutting of electricity.  The EB officer asks that the line be cut and the meter sealed.  Rama in tears, JC does not know what and how to explain.  Rama says only yesterday someone must have done this jigrypugry.  Both husband beg the EB officer not to seal .  Why commit the mistake and tell sondha kadhai sOga kadhais now is the officer's question.  He asks the inspector to file the case arresting JC.  Karthik & Kula very happy to see that JC is being taken by the police. They leave.   Rama tells she will see her akka and find a way out.   JC is taken away by the police.  Rama calls Ganga and updates her vilaavariyaa, with oppaari.  Ganga wants her to stop crying - come to the police station, she too would be there. The mill will operate - not a problem.

Ganga reaches the police station, Rama runs to Ganga (nee Odradha paarththa preggie nu karpooram aNaichchaa kooda namba maattaainga)  The inspector treats Ganga respectfully, says that it was true that the electricity was connected from the street lamp.  Ganga wants to lodge a complaint.  She asks Rama to write the complaint for the inspector to find out the culprit and punish them.  FIR already filed on JC says the inspector.  Ganga wants to take him out on personal guarantee.  Inspector has to produce JC in court.  Dont be in a hurry - she requests him to find the real culprit and not to hurry things.  Inspector gets the papers signed and sends JC along with Ganga.

Ganga takes Rama to the EB office to talk to the vigilance officers.  JC says his father would be too happy on knowing the mill is not functioning.  He would be surprised how soon the mil re-operates says Ganga.  They reach the EB office.  Ganga talks to the officer, saying Rama & JC not at fault, police complaint lodged.  Gives him an order to reconnect the electricity to the mill. The officer promises that the mill would start working in a couple of hours.  (idiot collector - who informed the vigilance officer nu wont you ask??) They come out, Ganga tells Rama to send JC to the mill and inform her once the mill begins functioning.  Rama thanks Ganga - Ganga came there not just because Rama is her sister but because justice was on her side.  As a collector you should be on the right side of righteousness.  Not enough to be a good collector should prove that they are ayya's children.   

Rama, JC and Mutharasi sitting at three pillars.  Kula comes in asks if they are all supporting the pillars because of the power cut at the mill.  JC begins amma, Kula stops him and asks if she is the EB officer to give the power immediately.  He recalls how they invited him for the opening of the mill with posters and crackers.  He wants to do the same thing now for the closure in a grand manner.  MA stops him and shouts that some paavi must have done.  Kula does not want others to be blamed for the fault of JC and Rama.  Their bad time has begun he shouts.  Argument between MA & Kula.  Kula is happy now,  all these days they were irritating him.  

Rama is confident that they would reach their goal.  Kula tells JC that to reach her goal she might send JC to the gallows.  MA wants Kula to tell whatever he wants so that they understand.  Kula does not want to have his food there.  Rama is adamant that he should eat until she does.  Kula says what if the police come home for any thagiduthatham they do.  He is a very good person he self certifies.  Kula wants to stay hungry that day because it would cause pain to Rama.  Kula wants JC to fall at his feet one day.  

At the temple AKA with a red rose praying to God that Charu must come alone to the temple.  The bell tolls and Charu is the one ringing the bell...


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ullen amma !!!
nanum varen as part-time staff for friday...

Everyone asking ayya what mappilai house said during the call. Ayya breakdown the news that mapplilai relative marimuthu said that they dont like Charu and her rasi. They have cancelled the enggaement and looking for new bride for their son. Everyone shattered at Nachiar house except Kula. Charu (very nice in orange saree) stand sadly and looks at everyone. Rama try to pacify her family . Charu comes to ayya and said that she wants to continue her study .

Karthik busy eating happily.. Sara come to his room and warn him, But Kartik does not bother at all and continue to eat...

The next day, Muthurasi, Rama and Charu have prepare to leave home. Nachiar is very sad that Charu leaving the house . She request Charu to stay there and continue her study. 

Then mapplilay house family comes there with thattu.. they wants to conduct enggament . Ayya family is stunned and angry. Illa scold mapilay family and said that they let their relative to call and called the enggagement . But Mapilai father said that , they dont have any relative call marimuthu and never cancel the enggagement. They could not make it yesterday due to his mother has broken her arm. They dont want peole to say anything bad toward charu for the incident and keep the matter down.

Ayya is very happy and proud of the mappilai family. He ask Sara to call Gangga ,Kula and JC family for the funtion immediately. Charu send to dress up again and this time she waer purple saree and looks so nice. Enggagement is done finally...

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Monday  13th February 2012  Episode -

Charu's engagement done.  Kula who comes in to see the plates exchanged is disappointed.  The others present are happy - opt for toothpaste advertisement.  Ila calls everyone to eat.  Kula thinks to himself - Thought Karthik would have done something to stop the engagement, never mind - the wedding will not take place.  Vatsala paatti singing thangathilE oru kuRai irundhaalum with her collared neck and slinged right hand.  Naachch, Ganga, Subbu and Vadivu come to visit her.  Ganga wants to know how it happened (action replay ellaam mudiyaadhu - paavam paatti) Paatti was careful but some monkey had thrown the banana peel.  She is very happy that all of them have come home.  AKA joins in.  Naachch tells paatti that their family did not think it to be abasaguNam, instead went along with the engagement.  Subbu chayyang chaks in that same irritating mode.  Jyothi asks if Kula & Karthik are not interested in this wedding taking place - they did hear so.  Subbu, Naachch & Ganga do not know what to answer.  Jyothi's mother, father, patti and AKA feels bad about Jyothi saying so.  Vadivu thinks to herself, that whatever Ila told about this MKJ (muNdakaNNi Jyothi) is all true - her talk is too much.  

Now Vadivu asks her doubt which they too heard.  MKJ wears a 50 paise pottu but where is her husband?  MKJ's mind voice feels Ila is better.  Vadivu gives a bag of fruits to MKJ - prepare juice for paatti.  The jingbang takes leave.  AKA wants to drop them off.  Paatti teases him saying  cannot meet Charu , she would have gone to college (AKA has no job??)  Ila & Rasamma waiting for Manga under a banyan tree.  Rasamma trying to guess the time looking at the sun.  Manga walks eating peanuts and singing senthoorappoovE, stops midway seeing Ila & Rasamma.

Manga throws away the peanuts comes to Ila, tells she has arranged for the land that Ila wanted to buy.  Competing with Ganga to build a house.  All three ready to leave, Rasamma asks if that person's name is not Govinda.  Ila remembers the whole parotta shop incident.  She chides Rasamma for talking abasaguNams when going for a good job.  She also reminds of RV's warning.  Manga says the name of this person is Uththaman.  Ila is impressed by the name.  Do you have the money asks Manga.  The same money that Ganga retrieved from the parotta shop owner.  The very same money shrieks Rasamma.  Again she is chided for her inauspicious talk.  Anyways Rasamma wants Ila to think twice before paying the advance.  Ila says when thoughts are good the results will be good, just phollow (inglisu eh??) her for now.

A man and his assistant sitting under a board reading Graveyard.  The assistant wants to know who is the party willing to buy this graveyard?  The man sticks a poster with the name "Samarasa Nagar" on the graveyard board, says the party would be here soon, they can take the money and escape.  An auto arrives with the threesome.  Ila reads the board and is happy with the name.  They bargain about the price - finalise for Rs. One hundred and fifty thousand for an acre of land.  Rasamma sniffs.  The man tells Ila that if they go for registration it would cost another twenty five thousand.  So the man will write a will in her name.  Ila goes to pay but Rasamma stops her.

Says this place is stinking.  The man says he has an upset stomach.  The three scold him .  Ila pays and the two men vanish.  Ila and company are in their own lala land.  They start singing and get the stones for bhoomi poojai.  Rasamma asks why no body else is invited for the poojai.  They will be informed only after the construction is over.  What about Karthik asks Manga.  He too would be informed after the construction is begun.  Ila asks for the maNNvetti to dig.  Manga has forgotten, they spot a man coming with the maNNvetti.  They ask him to dig, and the price he would charge.  He quotes Rs.10,000.  RMI's jaws drop.  Ila asks him to leave the place, not to stand on her land.  This man finally tells that it is a graveyard.  The three are frightened.


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