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Sneha and thavasi talking...Thavasi says i'll buy a doberman dog and kadikka vittufy kamini...Sneha laughing...outside kamini overhears this and gets angry...U ppl are planning to kill me?...Wait and watch...ungala dog maadhiri oda vidren...She elaves...

Kamini's place...Kamini kaduppa sitting and recalls sneha and thavasi dog talk...Then shouts like a hysteria patient..yei sneha...u will happily with that beach...I should fight with dog aa?...mein nahi chodungi tumhe...I'll never let  u to marry beach...U will know kaamini then...

Takk takk...Someone at her oorstep...kamini opens the door and scene shifts ...

Vasu'shouse...pols officer Sivaranjani comes there and asks for amudha...Visagam asks why...SR says we are here for investigation...Calls amudha...Amudha comes out and shcoked to see police there...

Then she welcomes SR and asks enna matteru?...SR says we are here to invsetigate about courier office manager...He is u know that...Amudha says yes...newspaper la padichen...So u know this news only thru newspaper??..>Asks SR...Amduha says ...becoz iam not working there..i hav resigned...

SR asks abt manager...Amduha says sir rombha nallavaru...SR says i know him better than u...SR tells visagam to go out or come to police station...Visagam goes out...and starts polambing...

Inside...SR asks the reason for her resgining...Amduha says my mamiyar not well...adhaan ...Sr asks abtjeyanthi...Amduha says was with her at her place for sometime...vera onnum illai...She is not ur good friend aa?asks SR...Amduha says we r good friends...But not so close...

SR says jeyanthi character not good nnu sonnanga...what r u saying abt that?...Amduha says i dontanything  abt her...SR asks...Kolai nadandha ppo enga irundheenga?...Amudha says at home...SR says ok and gets up to leave...She warns her to tell only the truth...and leaves 

CM's house...CM and pearl konjufying baby...Kaamini comes there...CM asks who r u?engayo partha nyabagam...Kamini says iam kamini...KOnjam days back-baby kaanum-Baby ungakitta irukku-oru ladu baby ya vaangittu poche--that lady naandhaan...CM says how is the baby now?...

Kamini says sheis here to talk abt thebaby..CM says enna venumnalum ask...i'll try to help u...Kamini silent...CM says sollung ma...Baby is missing ma...CM shocked...Then asks u should go to police station...what r u doing here?

amini says kanama ponadhu ur baby...Cm says   my baby is with her dad...DOnt blabber...Kamini kenjufying...Madam pls beleive me...that is ur baby...CM gets angry and shouts...u r acting...unnai yaaru anupinadhu?...My ist baby is dead...kamini says ur hisband poi sollirukaru...

CM now super angry and shouts...DOnt talk wrong abt my husbandhe is agem...Kamini asks neenga andha baby aa partheengala?...CM still angry...kamini gives the details abt the hospital and baby birthday date...CM still angry...The kamini talks abt sneha and thavasi...Sneha dhaan indha plan potta...She wants to take revenge on u...So she decied to kidnap ur baby...naandhaan baby aa kidnap senjen...CM gives a super tight slap to kamini...


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Thursday 23rd February 2012

At the police station, Thavasi  puts on act of how CM would have killed his daughter but for the police arriving on time.  CM with tears tells of her asking about her baby to SS, it was Thavasi who made her over react.  The inspector will ask the details later, for now go and practice kambi counting, CM wants to have a word with AC SR.  Inspector wants to know if AC SR knows CM (nakkalaa inspector - aduththa serial la nee kedayaadhu mavanE)  The inspector allows CM to make the call, Thavasi tries to object, Inspector is confident for most of them who come there try to drop names in vain.  Let us see what AC SR has to say.  SS & Thavasi a little uncomfortable.  AC SR picks the call, asks why CM calling from the police station number.  Because CM is in a problem now, she updates begining from asking SS and slapping and ends with landing in the police station.  Why did you do this in a hurry CM asks AC SR, usually you do consult me she chides.  It was because of that Kamini who came and said that my second child is alive and that she kidnapped.  AC SR confirms that the second child is alive.   But Madam how do you know asks CM.  Vadai with the hole did tell her.  right to left and left to right - the camera pans on CM's face.  SS & Thavasi begin kneading.  

The conversation between AC SR & CM continues - Vadai had come 10 days ago to AC SR when they had publicised after nabbing a gang who kidnapped babies.  The 2nd twin was kidnapped at the time of birth, when Vadai was asked why the complaint was not lodged earlier he left in anger.  Black was with him, and Black requested that CM be unaware of it for now.  AC SR scolded him and sent him out.  She herself wanted to disclose it to CM but the murder of her cousin etc. she forgot about this.  But in this matter since so much has happened, AC SR is unable to help, she suggests that CM comes out on bail - so contact your lawyer (haiyyaa jolly namma thaNNi lawyer varuvaarE) CM is sent to the lock up. SS & Thavasi give a victory smile.  CM gives a kaaLi look.

SS writes the complaint to give it to the inspector.  Thavasi takes it from her and says they are not filing the complaint, taking back the complaint.  The inspector asks if they are thinking that police is without any other job.  Thavasi says SS is going to get married to Beach who is CM's brother.  Tomorrow this should not become a problem for his daughter, hence on humanitarian basis they are not filing the complaint.  CM looks keenly at them - trying to find a clue to their plans?? SS tries to get in, but Thavasi keeps her out of the conversation.    CM is let out of the lockup with a request from the inspector to approach them instead of taking it up in her own hands (avanga Omni- avanga appdithaan seivaanga) CM gives the same look at Thavasi & SS before leaving.   SS angrily leaves the station asking her father to follow.  He thanks Mukundan the inspector for helping out in their act, whatever had to reach him will reach him soon, Thavasi promises and leaves.  (kizhinjudhu pO police latchaNam ivvaLavuthaanaa) Outside the police station SS chides her father for withdrawing the complaint.  He would explain it to her on reaching home.

The new siththi is breast feeding the child in the living room.  Maya aaya & mokkai  arrive.  Seththappu paying off the auto.  Aaya comes in asking her to go inside with the baby, she is feeding her baby, why should she go inside.  Aaya tells her that seththappu is paying off the auto.  The new chiththi says the baby will start crying if she stops feeding.  aayaa orE tension.  Chiththappu has an argument with the auto driver.   Chammugam is called for by aaya. Says this female is refusing to go in and feed the baby, if seththappu comes to know then we are all dead meat.  The new chiththi wants a decision to be taken ASAP, how long can she keep it under wrap, the  baby cries for her and she feels very bad.  Chammugam says no time to decide now, but will decide soon.  The new chiththi talks of something called manasakshi, claims that these people dont have that because she was stopped feeding her baby.  Seththappu arrives at the door, looks at the siththi with baby crying on her lap.  Stunned.(chithappu unakku vechchutaangaiyaa aappu)

Chiththappu asking Dhanam confirms with Dhanam that it is the neighbour's baby and not hers.  Dhanam the maanasti is hurt that maama is doubting her. Haven't even thought of anyone else all her life, now that he doubts her she will remain a maiden all her life.  She goes and locks herself in the room.  The crowd outside knock on the door.  Seththappu says sorry, did not doubt her, did not mean it that way.  Dhanam puts the baby on the bed and sits happily.  Chammugam says that Dhanam was always thinking only of Seththappu.  Seththappu too always thinking only of Dhanam (adhuthaan nee dehydrate aagi irukkardhuliyE theriyudhE) he has got her a new sari.  Easwaran is asked to go out by aaya.  She winks at him to say chummaangaatiyum.  Chammugam and Easu move out of the frame.  Aayaa knocks and says all have gone out.  Dhanam opens the door, finds the whole jingbang a little away, begins to close but aayaa lets herself in.  They close the door.  Aaayaa wants Dhanam to act as she says.  Dhanam nods.  Outside Easu seththappu is nondhufied.(idhukkE nondhaa unakku andha mokkaiyOda naamaththa pOdumpOdhu what will you do seththaps??)

The door opens and the two koottukaLavaaNis come out.  Seththapps begins his dehydration, tells Dhanam that he came running (autola runningaa??) to see his Dhanam, was shocked to see her with a baby in hand.  What would you do in my position he questions Dhanam.  He also says sorry.  Dhanam begins her drama saying she is sorry for behaving thus, she is so happy to see him love her this way (enna grehamdaa saamy - reNdupErum ennavO Sivaji-Padmini rangela acting - habbaa...) Chammugam says both of them remind him of Thillana Mohanambal lead pair (adapaavi - my line thirudittiyaa)  Seththappu has arranged for a simple wedding at Thiruvanmayur the next week.  Immediately after the wedding flight to Singapore.  (daytime flight to Singaporeaa - endha airlinesngOv) All okay with it.

CM express's auto reaches Art's house.  Calls for Art .  Vadai saami kumbitting, Art in the kitchen is all smiles to hear her aNNi's voice.  The screen freezes on the avatar of today - KaaLi CM.


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Monday 27th February 2012  Episode - Deals with Gods...

avataar kaaNeerO -  Omniyin
kaaLi avataar kaaNeerO
CM serialil palavidha
avataar kaaNeerO

AV with tears in his eyes telling CM that they can find the other twin soon.  Pearl who is standing there asks CM why she is crying.  She makes RatnakaNNu (Rathna +kaNNamma = RatnakaNNu) wipe off CM's tears asking her to tell athai not to cry.  RK does so.  Bharathi too wipes off her mommy's tears.  Then RK & Bharathi reach out for each other with a smile.  RK kisses Bharathi.  (Radhikaa thanks so much - my day is made)

CM back to the KPamma.  udukkai BGM, soolam and the big pottu Kuripaarkkum amma.  KP amma opens her eyes, smiles at CM and says sollu Chellammah.  ivanga big size pottu and manjaL face paarththu CM forgot her dialogue.  She says she does not know what to say.   Tells the other twin - KP amma smiles.  CM is not able to decipher the meaning for the smile.  CM cannot be like KP amma to take the happiness and sadness alike.  KP amma in a philosophical mood today - tells CM you, me and the whole world is maayai.   CM says for you may be the uLagam is maayai (Radhika you desperately need Tamizh tuition in pronounciations) but for me my koLandhai is uLagam (enakku thamizh marandhurum)  CM cries to KP amma for her other child.  KP amma jollyaa smiling and looking at CM.  CM is confident that she would find the child, although she has not seen the baby's face at all.  She only wants the child to grow in a good place until then, KP amma needs to bless for the same.  KP amma closes her eyes.  Opens her eyes - gives a lotus to  CM.  Next a copper urn of water.  Tells CM to keep the urn in the pooja room with the flower in it.  CM would find her child before the flower withers.  The baby is close to CM.  CM shedding happy tears.  

Thavasi gets off an auto in a slum area.   Goes and knocks on the door of a house.  Kams comes out smiling. (idhuvum drama-vaa) Thavasi thanks her for her help and gives her Rs.5 hundred thousand.  She is way too happy.  Thavasi asks when is she leaving town as promised.  Now that she has got the money she will leave soon.  Thavasi is ready to drop her off at the bus stop if pEtti bistar packed.  Auto waiting.  No no.. she will leave soon.  Kams wants to know why Thavasi spoke to her like he would pay her, then to SS saying not a penny to Kams, then when Kams was pondering to tell the whole truth to CM , Thavasi requesting to divulge only the baby matter?  Thavasi did not want SS to know that he was paying Kams - he helps those who help him.  But CM she asks.  He wanted CM to know that the baby is under the indirect care of Thavasi which would enable him to play a small game with CM.  Kams listening very intently.  She does try to probe the matter out.  But enough is enough says Thavasi and leaves thoughtfully.  Kams too looks on thoughtfully (looks like she has her own plans)

CM comes home, goes to the pooja first.  Keeps the urn of water with the lotus, lights the lamp and prays very intently, that she should get back her baby.   (The way the camera flashes on the idol, urn, flower it looks as if the baby is going to come out of the urn.)  Amudha goes to the temple with flowers (Durgai kaadhula suththa) cries her heart out in front of the sanctum sanctorum thinking of the accidental death of Murthy.  Asks God in her mind voice why one trouble after the other only for me (because you are special-nu Durgai solluvaanganu oru expectation) You know all she continues mind talking to God, so please save my maama's life (evan avan) and my life.  She begins her pradhakshinam when the inspector who recorded on his handphone comes with another man.

The other man looks like the Trustee of the temple who has complained against some fellows who might cause problems.  Can you identify them asks the inspector.  They look like outsiders says the Trustee, have fixed some programmes next month and he is seeking the inspector's help.  The inspector wants a complaint lodged with the other villagers signature too (thought Amudha was living in Chennai, Chennai eppO village aachchu) Durgai amman seeing Amudha doing the rounds and the inspector not seeing Amudha but talking to the Trustee.  The poojari gives prasadam to Amudha telling that Amman will take care of everything.  Amudha does the namaskaram to amman, the inspector sees her, she too sees him.  She turns to leave, he asks her to stop.


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Inspector tells amudha to stop...Amudha says sollunga...
Scene shifts to nadutheru...Bell gets a phone call...Says hello...terror BGM plays...He comes to the temple...Amudha is waiting there ...Inspector also present...What problem...asks bell...Inspector says naan solren...parandhu parandhu see ur wife (wife aa?...Marubadiyum mudhala irundha??)....Ambuttu love aa?..good good...

Amudha and bell silent aa standing...(No maruppu seidhi ??...aduthavan pondatti innoruthi purushan husband and wife nnu oruthan solraan...adha kettuttu rendum summa nikkudhuAngry)....Remember me? asks inspector...Valasaravakkm lift...Naandhaan...Bell confused...amudha starts crying...

Bell Says why this thevai illadha pechu..Come amudha lets leave...Ins stops...Yei...naan yaarunnu theriyuma...SI Ragunath...Give respect...Bell nee yara irudha enakenna??Ins asks abt courier office manager moorthy...Bella and amudha super shocked...

Raghu gives them some details abt moorthy...bell says we dont know anything abt that moorthy and murder...Raghu yethufying their kolaiveri vandavaalams in thandavaalam...Bell says u r mistaken sir...adhu naanga illai...

Raghu says may be...Naan semma thanni annaikku..But my camera mobile...Too costly...12 mega pixel ...poi solladhu...See...he shows the recorded scene to them...(Indha aalu inspector aa marketing manager aa??)....

Amudha starts crying...And asks idhu eppadi ??...Raghu says naandhaan camerman...iam going to give this to commissioner...Bell and amduha says venam sir...vendam pls...Raghu says...If i give this commissioner ...he will praise me...i'll get increment,promotion,medal etc etc...My photo will come in newspaper...(immediate aa yen kattala nnu commisioner ketka mattara??)...

I dont want your story...Listen...I want something else...Amudha and bell confused...Raghu asks...Enna kudupeenga enakku??...Tell me the deal...Bell says what do u want sir??...Raghusays that moorthy is ACP's brother...Big shot...So amount also will be big...Giveme 10 lakhs...

Bell says we dont have that much money sir...I 'll give u 2 days pannunga...Raghu takes bell's mobile and call his number...Bell's number displayed in raghu's phone...

What is ur name?...asks raghu...Bell silent...Raghu solludhu...yei...dont try to cheat me by giving false information...I can find out ur complete and original details using this mobile number...(anga kuduthu irukadhu correct aana name and address aa dhaan irukanuma??)....

bell says iam maniarasu...Oh..u r money and arasu...Bell says 10 laks rombha adhigam...9 laks ??..says raghu...Bell says no no...too much...FInally 5 laks ...says raghu...he warns them again and leaves...(Makku bell...nee unnoda cell phone laindha scene aa eppadiyavadhu rfecord pannirukalamla...adha vachu avana miratalamae...Muttapayalae)....

Amudha still crying ...bell consoles her and yosiching...

CM's house...Karuppu comes to meet CM...CM tells him to get out...Karuppu says he will help her in finding the baby...CM says no need...naanae thedikuven...u just leave and dont come here again...karuppu asks CM...unakku u baby eppadi irukkum nu theriyuma?..I know...and only i can find ur baby...

Karuppu starts abt vadai...CM stops him...Karuppu's mind voice..."Vadai endha thappum illai nnu eppadi solradhu...CM is not ready to beleive"...Baby crying...Karuppu looks at bharathi baby...Karuppu says just once parthuttu poidaren...pls...CM says vendam vendam...pls leave...

CM allows him ...Karuppu goes in and konufying the baby...pearl comes there and welcomes karuppu...Karuppu nalam visariching and then he leaves...Innoru baby playing under the bed...Karuppu leaves and pearl ratna va thhokaranga...

Bell tells CM...saamy sathiyam akka...eppadiyavadhu i'll find ur baby...Dont worry...Karuppu leaves...

CM thinks abt saamiyarini'swords...u will get ur baby very soon...Screen freezes on CM's yosanai face..


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Wednesday 29th Feb, 2012
The scene opens with Chittappa who is packing things to leave to singapore with chithi Dhanam. He said to himself that he is going to settle in singapore with Dhanam and he will arrange four girls to serve him everyday. Kalai comes there in search of ration card. She sees Chittapa packing things and asks about that. He tells he is going to Kasi, Rameshwaram and manasarover yatra with his friends. Kalai asks him why he didnt inform them abt this. Chittapa says its sudden plan so he didnt inform. Kalai asks vadai whether he knows Chittapa's yatra plan. He says he dont know abt that and asks Chittappa. He says he is going with his friends and he wont return back. Vadai and Kalai in shock on hearing this. They asks him why he is telling like that. He tells usually the old people wish to leave their last breath in Kasi and thats why he is telling that. Vadai scolds him not to talk like that and tells he is going to start the hotel in few days and Chittappa who is the grand person should bless him and be with him in the hotel. Chittappa agrees for that. Vadai asks if he has money for his spendings. Chittappa tells he is going with some 25 people and he will serve them and get money. But Vadai scolds him and gives him cheque to drop money in bank while he goes.Chittappa in mind voice says he is going to suruttufy all his property. Vadai asks Kalai to prepare food for him but Chittappa denies and tells he will manage and leaves.
Mani and Amutha in terrace standing oppsite to each other facing their back. Camera rotates. Amutha and Mani alternateah vandhu vandhu poranga for two mins. Amutha cries and says she is going to surrender in police. Mani scolds her not to do that as it will create problems in the family. But Amutha tells the inspector is blackmailing them with video evidence. Mani tells they have to arrange for 5 lakhs and give to him so that he will give the video evidence to them and the prolem will be solved. Amutha says how they will arrange that huge money and tells she is going to surrender. Mani tells he also in that video as he has burnt the manager, so the police will arrest him too. Amutha stops and cries. Mani tells he will arrange for the money and asks her not to worry as he will take care everything. He asks her to leave to her home. Amutha leaves and Mani in thinking.
Very worst scene. Chittappaku ilamai oonjal aaduthu.Yuck!.Chittappa comes to chithi home. Danam welcomes him. Chittappa updates that he left from home to leave singapore today but the dealer who is arranging for their visa cant get visa today and it will take two three days. But they will marry tomorrow in temple. He feels that he couldnt arrange the wedding grandly and asks apology to Danam. Danam's mama leaves from the place and he signals Danam to talk abt Danam's baby to chittppa. Chittapa and Danam alone. Mama watching live show by hiding somewhere. Danam asks him she is going to ask something and chittappa should not get angry after that. Chittapa in romance asks her to tell. She says she will take her baby also to singapore. Chittappa gets shocked. Then she corrects its sister's baby but she is taking care like her own baby. Permission granted. Then Chittappa feels sad that he thought of planning to celebrate their first night in singapore but couldnt as there is delay in visa process. He tells let they celebrate it here itself after they will celebrate every night in singapore.Then they konjufying themselves as pattukutti,chellakutti,blah blah.. (really Disgusting...) Mama comes there and Chittappa scolds him  in nind that 'siva poojaila karadi puguntha maathiri' and leaves.
In Sneha's home Sneha getting call. She asks Thavasi to attend as she is busy. Call gets cut and Thavasi takes her phone and checks who called. But he couldnt check as he dont know how to operate that mobile. He opens some video without knowing and watches the video in which Beach said "Chellamma thali aruthaalum paravailla Vadaiku ennoda kaiyala than saavu". Thavasi gets shocked on seeing this. Sneha comes and asks who called. Thavasi chides her that she is hiding many things from him. Sneha gets clueless. Then Thavasi asks her about the video. Sneha apologies him for not telling about the video as she was busy  that time. Thavasi chides her that they can do anything with this video and if he gets this video before then there was no need to join in Beach construction as his PA. He tells not to hide anything from him hereafter. Sneha tells Beach also aware of that and becoz of this video only he is keeping quite for whatever she did. And she tells she hides one more thing and tells about Rathna death. Thavasi super happy. He asks her to keep the video safe especially from CM. Sneha tells CM cant do anything in this as the trumcard is in her hand. She will use the baby matter as she knows where the baby is and take revenge on CM with terror look.

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