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SS-Mrs &Mr ASR-Until Death does us apart P7 PG 84

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SS - Mrs & Mr ASR - Until Death does us apart

Part 1

Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvaartha saadhike

I am married. I am married. I am the wife of Arnav Singh Raizada.

Kushi was not sure how she was supposed to react. A few hours back when he was helping her with the guests, choosing sari for her, pointing to her bindi the idea would have sent a sliver of thrill down her spine. But now several fateful hours later it only sent a numbing chill down her spine. Her ears still rang with the resounding slap her mom had planted on her cheek. She had stumbled into his arms. She had looked up at him with faint hope only to be brutally crushed under his stony hateful glance. It was then that she had collapsed on the floor. He had not budged even then. Her heart had imploded into a million unrecognizable pieces. Her taste of first love had been short & painful. She laughed mirthlessly at the cruel irony of her name. KUSHI, something which was never destined for her in this life time. For the first time she really felt an orphan.

Someone was talking to her. She opened her eyes to find Anjali bending over her, concern & pain writ all over her face. Guilt racked her body. How could someone betray an angel like her. Someone who only showered love & kindness on everyone. She tried to smile & the very effort was too painful.

Anjali & Payal supported her on either side & they slowly made their way up.

Only when they stopped inside the room did she realize that she was in HIS room. Hey Devi Maiyya. I can't do this. I can't handle this. She wanted to just flee but she had to maintain a pretense at least for the sake of everyone.

"I am fine Anjali ji. Please don't worry. I am sorry for causing you all so much pain. I am ashamed of my deed & I am sure Nani will never forgive me."

"Don't worry Kushi. Nani & I had long since found out that chote was crazy about you. We were just waiting for the right time to nettle him & wring a confession out of him."

Kushi gaped at her. Arnavji liked her & what's more Anjali & Nani knew about it. It no longer made any sense to her.

"Guess it's too late now for confessions. Don't worry. Nani will eventually come around. I will try my best to convince her."

Kushi felt a wave of affection for Anjali surge within her. She was finding it more & more difficult to look Anjali in her eyes anymore. Though she had never returned Shyam's feelings she still felt guilty for being the cause of Anjali's failed marriage. She closed her eyes, grit her teeth while thinking of that creep.

Payal had left the room & now she entered it swiftly thrusting a bag in Kushi's hand.

"Chote we are leaving. I will try to speak to Nani later on. Don't worry. We will talk about this tomorrow when both of you are in a better state of mind."

"Please don't leave Anjaliji."

The words escaped her lips even before she could pause to think. She felt his cold icy glare on her which pierced through her soul searing it painfully. She gulped & then became silent.

The sound of the door shutting close made her jump nervously. She turned involuntarily only to find him a mere inches away from her scrutinizing her face.

"How do you manage to hide your evil thoughts behind that pristine, innocent features. No wonder you have all the men tied around your little finger."


"Don't you dare speak." He growled & closed the gap in 1 quick stride. He grabbed her roughly & she became extremely still.

"Oh the deceit. Even I was taken in by your supposed virgin innocence. Now I realize all that was a pretense. You are just a tart cavorting with that creep Shyam."

Kushi felt as if he had kicked her in the gut.

"Shyam?????????" she whispered.

"Yes. Thought you could keep your affair a secret. For your information I walked in on you both hugging each other, declaring undying love for each other. How dare you ask him to ditch Di. How I wish I could strangle you."

His hands wound around her throat. She was too numb to even react & continued to remain limp.
The moment his hand touched her bare neck he felt a strange sensation. He had a mad urge to run his hands along the length of her neck, caressing rather than gripping it.

She felt his fingers slacken & then gently caress her. She closed her eyes & her lips quivered. Even in her current state of mind she was not immune to his touch.

The sight of her bare neck, closed eyes & lush lips drove him crazy. With a low growl he flung her roughly aside.

In quick strides he swiftly snatched a few pillows & blankets from the bed, threw them at her & pointed towards the couch.

"Get out of my sight."

She wordlessly moved away & lay on the couch. He went around switching off all the lights. Finally he reached his bed & switched off the bed lamp when he saw her glisten in the moonlight streaming through the French windows. He saw her stiffen, jerk up, sit with her hands clutched around her knees, head resting on the latter.

SHIT she is scared of the dark. Immediately he went near the couch, turned on the soft light near it, strode back to the bed, snatched the blanket & laid down, his head colliding wearily on the pillow.

Her eyes had followed every action of his. She had been startled when he had come near the couch, terrifying thoughts assaulting her. When she finally realized what he had done she felt fresh tears coursing down her cheeks. He cared. He still did. Hey Devi Maiyya please help both of us. Make things alright as soon as possible. It's tearing Arnavji apart this pain & agony. Please bless him with peace. She kept repeating her prayer finally falling into an uneasy slumber.

The rays of sunlight hit his face making him wince. He felt his head pounding. He opened his eyes & the first thing that he saw made his breath hitch in his throat drying it out. His heart skipped a beat. There she was lying in all glory, her silky hair framing her face cascading on the pillow, her face looking serene & peaceful. She looked like an angel which had mistakenly strayed onto the mortal earth to torment hapless victims like him. He rushed to the toilet no longer trusting himself.

She woke up with pain coursing through her body. The pain was different. It felt strangely alien as if it was emanating from her soul rather than her physical being. She opened her eyes, took in the new surroundings & yesterday's events came crashing in her mind. She got up with a start & turned quickly only to find the bed empty. The emptiness was not just in the room but inside her as well. She was not sure how it was possible to be both relieved & disappointed at the same time.

"Get ready fast. It's getting late."

His voice made her jump. She swallowed hard & grabbed the bag that Payal had thrust in her hand before turning in for the day. It contained her dresses. She grabbed a few things from her bag & rushed inside the bathroom.

He was slowly losing his mind. The thought of her sleeping in his room, showering in his bathroom was making him jittery. A sudden mental image of her naked & wet under the shower entered his mind & he actually bit his knuckles to shake the image off. But it simply refused to fade.

"Hey Devi Maiyyaaa." Her scream jolted him.

"Kushiii" he screamed & rushed to the bathroom only to find the door shut.

"Open dammit. What the hell happened? Are you ok."

He heard the door click open. He was staring at a vision. His heart again skipped a beat. At this rate he might soon die of a stroke or burst vein.

She was drenched from head to toe. Her dress was soggy & clinging to her. She was shivering both from cold & fear. She almost looked edible. Now he knew how the character Edward felt every time he looked at Bella in the movie Twilight. She was looking delectable & he was dying to taste her, ravish her.

The noise of water woke him from his wicked fantasies. He stepped in to find the shower turned on with water drumming in from all directions. He understood immediately what must have happened. She was not familiar with the shower system. Instead of turning the tap she had inadvertently turned on the shower faucet with the result that the water has assaulted her from all directions thus drenching her completely.

He turned it off & looked at her with a furious look. Why did she have to torture him like this in the early morning. As if the mental image was not enough to torment him, here she was in flesh looking every bit the erotic vision he had dreamed up.

"Can't you do anything right. Why can't you grow some brains for a change."

Immediately he saw her flinch at his verbal vitriol & he regretted his outburst. It was not her fault that she was so heart-breakingly lovely. He swore loudly, grabbed her hand & pulled her near.

"Watch carefully. You turn the handle this way for normal running water & this way for the shower. Do you understand."

She had panicked when he had pulled her. Then she relaxed & then immediately regretted doubting his intentions for the second consecutive time. She dint seem to affect him at all. She felt disappointment course through her & bit back the tears.

He was almost near the door when she remembered.

"Arnavji" she called nervously.

He turned & stared at her without blinking.

She gulped, plucked up some courage & spoke again.

"Woh..., that shelf, I mean its full. Woh... I mean I need to keep some of my stuff. Nothing much. Just soap box, shampoo & besan."

He continued staring at her & she again slipped into the mute mode. He walked slowly towards her not breaking the eyelock & she gulped again. Me & my big mouth she cursed.

"Its ok Arnavji. I will man, manage. I will keep them elsewhere. I am sorry for bothering you."

Still not breaking the eye contact he came closer, grabbed her things. She flinched. She remembered him breaking her phone & clutched her dress in panic.

He swept some of his stuff aside, thrust her things roughly inside, threw her an icy glare & walked out, shutting the door behind him.

She gaped open-mouthed at the place where he had been a few seconds before & then the door.


Part 2

Part 3

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Part 6

Final Part 7

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do pm me very nice start
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loved the start !! i am looking forward to reading more !!
dont forget to pm me :)
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very very cute start!
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lovely ,,,,waiting for the next part...
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Fab start =D continue soon dear =D

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