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-Seraphic- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2006 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Here is Sharib & Banjo's chat transcript:

manojkumarpanda asks why do you think that you should win this EMET contest?
EMET_jodi says Because we deserve it :-)

msvermaleo asks how r u.dear
EMET_jodi says We are fine, thank you. How are you?

azeem_ali786 asks Hi Sharib and Banjyotsna, I am writing to you from TX in USA, I love your jodi. You are the odd Jodi and so there is a lot of expectation from you, aap apni voice difference ko maximize nahi kar rahe, I have analyzed and come up with a list of songs for y
EMET_jodi says Hi Azeem :-)

tina_ca asks hi this is tina from toronto, r u guys ok with each other now?
EMET_jodi says Oh yes, we are quite happy!

pinku_bhaskar asks Hi Banjoshna, I m from Guwahati. But U r from which place. I wish u all the best.
EMET_jodi says Am from Beltala

pdutta_68 asks Hi! How are you doing there? I watch you regularly. My name is Pranjal Dutta from Guwahati.
EMET_jodi says Hi Pranjal :-)

renuiyer asks hi. Bs. this is Renu from Delhi. how is ur life going.
EMET_jodi says Life's great Renu. How are you?

arun_25 asks hi sharib
EMET_jodi says Hello!

azeem_ali786 asks Sharib and Banjyotsna I love your voices, I wanted to wish you the best of luck and I hope that you sing the songs I sent to you, I really want you to win the whole thing, take care and best wishes, btw act like you already won the whole thing, it will re
EMET_jodi says Thank you Azeem...

azeem_ali786 asks Sharib and Banjyotsna I love your voices, I wanted to wish you the best of luck and I hope that you sing the songs I sent to you, I really want you to win the whole thing, take care and best wishes, btw act like you already won the whole thing, it will re
EMET_jodi says Thank you Azeem...

azeem_ali786 asks Banjyotsna, you need to sing with the confidence you showed when you were singing ek ajnabee, you really looked like you were into it and having fun, keep it up
EMET_jodi says Thanks for your advice!

azeem_ali786 asks I so want you two to win, pls stay focussed and select upbeat songs that the ppl can sing along with , if I know it it really makes me want to dance and sing along with you:)
EMET_jodi says Yes, we will surely take your suggestion

tobhaskarsarkar asks Hi sharib....u sing very well....but i think,u should talk a bit politely.Because in tv shows,attitude matters a lot.all the best.
EMET_jodi says Okay boss, advice taken :-)

rajani_rath asks U r my favourite jodi.Am votin 4 u consistently.Plz sing Chand Sifarish from Fanaa.Best of luck and U'r the No.1 jodi undoubtebly.
EMET_jodi says Thank you Rajani

sweet_gal asks Sharib, who is ur favourite male and femlae singer from the contest?
EMET_jodi says My favourite male singer is Rajeev Bhaiyya & female singer Ujjaini

renuiyer asks hi. this is Renu again. r u happy to be paired with each other.
EMET_jodi says Oh yes, we are :-)

sweet_gal asks Sharib, who's ur favorite jodi from the contest?
EMET_jodi says Twinkle and Vishwaas

sweet_gal asks Sharib, who are ur favorite singers?
EMET_jodi says Hmmm... I do not have any one favourite. I love Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Sukwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam & KK.

sweet_gal asks Sharib, now that Banjo has improved what do u think about her?
EMET_jodi says I think she rocks!

azeem_ali786 asks Sharib you and Banjyotsna need to wear those caps again, I think it makes you look cool and lucky.
EMET_jodi says Hahahaha Sure!

sweet_gal asks Sharib, what do u like to do in free time?
EMET_jodi says I like sing and I generally catch up with my family.

sweet_gal asks Sharib, how will u describe urself in just 3 words? :)
EMET_jodi says Am the Best!!

sweet_gal asks Sharib, are u hot-tempered?
EMET_jodi says :-)

renuiyer asks this is RENU here. i missed yesterday's episode can u plz tell me who went out of the competition yesterday.
EMET_jodi says Hrishikesh-Prajakta

sweet_gal asks Sharib, which couple do u think can give u tough time?
EMET_jodi says Rajeev & Sanchali

sweet_gal asks Sharib, who do u think is more fair as a judge? Hariharan or Lesle
EMET_jodi says I like both of them. They are very supportive. They can be very helpful off-camera.

pinkysm_1980 asks hi Sharib & Banjyotsna. How are you? U both r jodi in emet jodi. sharib ur my most favurate contestant. Banjyostana u also very good. love you
EMET_jodi says Hello... we are doing great. How are you?

sweet_gal asks Sharib, are u not going to continue ur studies?
EMET_jodi says Yes, I'll surely try :-)

klikncme4udr asks HOW RU
EMET_jodi says Am good... how are you?

sweet_gal asks Sharib, have u recorded the song with Lataji that Ismail Darbar had promised? :)
EMET_jodi says Not yet, it will take some time. It's a big banner movie and I'll have to wait a bit. But am definatley sining :-).

ajay21oct asks sharib bonjyotnsna u r the BEST n wish u good luck.DONT fight with each other.i am voting 4 u,last time i voted 4 u about 700 times.bye dear - sonia delhi ..
EMET_jodi says Thank you so much for your support. It means so much to us :-)

ankit_293 asks Sharib. banjyotsna doesnt look good with you. you really look hot with twinkle.
EMET_jodi says :-)

sweet_gal asks Sharib pls do visit yours and Banjyotsna Fan Club that i especially made :) Here is the link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=279538
EMET_jodi says Hey... Thank you!

wagma asks Hi,Sharib and Bonjyotsna;I am a big big fan of you. I can't believe i am chating with you both.
EMET_jodi says Hi there :-)

wagma asks Sharib you are a great great singer and we all like you since Saregamapa 2005.You have a very nice and different vioce which we were waiting. You are best.
EMET_jodi says Thanks :-)

kirti_sg asks hey sharib. how are you doing? May I know where are tou from rajasthan? because I used to live in kota but since 4years I have been living in london.I know this is a silly question but cann't help.because I miss india and I miss rajasthan. anyways can y
EMET_jodi says I am from Jaipur!

azeem_ali786 asks As far as EMET magic, you both need to loosen up relax and hosake to look at the songs picturization to see how it is on screen and try to work those steps in the songs and try to get the audience involved by pumping your fist into air or waving and aski
EMET_jodi says Hahaha.... good suggestion!

cool_sithara asks hi this is sithara from karnatak.wats ur age BS.
EMET_jodi says I am 18 :-)

wagma asks Bonjyotsna you are improving a lot day by day. Best of luck we want to see you both in the final, so please please try your best to win.
EMET_jodi says We will surely give our best!

shweta_420 asks hi sharib and bonjyotsna this is shweta.i really love your singing. sharib my cousin who is just 8 yrs old loves ur style and comes to watch u closely everytime u r shown on tv.u both compliment each other very well.so keep up the good work.we will alway
EMET_jodi says Thank you for your support

azeem_ali786 asks Hey Banjyotsna my mom says hi and to tell you to khul Ke Gaa sing loud and sing proud!!
EMET_jodi says Hi!!!!

azeem_ali786 asks Sharib & Banjyotsna, I hope you can sing Chaandsifarish from Fanaa, or a variated version of it,it would sound very cool!
EMET_jodi says We'll surely try

terminator155432 asks hi banjyotsna ki khobor. bal aasa na naaaae. hi sharib u r a rockstar man. u sing really well keep it up and win the competition.and banjyottsna u r very sexy, very hot and u sing very well too. best of luck to u both. by best wishes r with u. i want to a
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot

terminator155432 asks banjyotsna and sharib when r ur birthdays?
EMET_jodi says Mine is on June 16th & her's on Feb 8th.

asks Hi BS This Is Shamim From jamshedpur. I Am Very Big Fan Of U Specially Sharib I Think U R Best In Among The Boys. Keep It Up. My Best Wishesh Always With U...
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot Shamim

domainkkd asks what is ur opinion on ujjani&aishwaraay
EMET_jodi says They are quite good :-)

wagma asks Sharib when you will sing for Ismail Darbar ji? We are waiting very badly to hear you. We have alot of hopes from you. In our india-forums you have fans from different countries.Best of luck you are rock.
EMET_jodi says I will soon be sining, am quite eager too :-)

thripty asks Hi Sharib!!This is trips.first of all u sing extremely well.whose ur fav participant amongst all of them??Best of luck!!
EMET_jodi says My personal favourites are Rajeev bhai & Ujjaini.

EMET_jodi says :-)

wagma asks Sharib we know you are very imotional, don't warry alot inshallah you will win.
EMET_jodi says Thank You

vj0751 asks hi both! Why cant u both go for some remix from latest song. AS its the new trend to win hearts all youngsters.
EMET_jodi says :-)

thripty asks Hi Banjyotsna,This is trips frm dubai.u too sing very well.although people say u n sharib dont make a good pair,but i think u n sharib are the best!!whose ur fav amongst all of them??Best of Luck!
EMET_jodi says I like Ujjaini & Aishwarya.

EMET_jodi says Prajakta-Hrishikesh

asks your fans say; concentrate on singing, emet magic is secondary. Even you get out after good singing, you will be recognized.
EMET_jodi says Thank You

tandondeepali asks hi sharib how r u do u all the best to u i am a big fan of urs sice challenge i wantd u to win there but it didnt happen hope it happens here
EMET_jodi says We will surely give our best :-)

ajvaajanta asks BS u r the BEST, CUTE, DESENT, FANTASTIC, RAVISHING, LOVABLE,TALENTED,SMART PERSON dont worry u will win ..n tell TV to stop their stupid over acting tell twinkle that she is not going to be heroin.bye BS....SONIA FROM DELHI..
EMET_jodi says Thank You for your support

azeem_ali786 asks Take care,our wishes are with you, I really hope i have given you good tips & advice from what I see here in USA, plz sing the songs i asked of you!
EMET_jodi says Thank You :-)

tandondeepali asks sharib r u comfotable with banjo
EMET_jodi says Yes, of course

tandondeepali asks plz do well coz i want u guys to win
EMET_jodi says Yes, we'll give our best.

olurum_sahar asks Assalam_o_alaikum Sharib how are u? i am Sahar from Pakistan u r voice is so beautiful rock the world and best of luck hope u will rock this world
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot Sahar

angelmiglani asks hi, im Angel from Australia. Do u still ever wish that u were not paired together? Do fight often, when deciding songs? Keep up the good work, you make a great jodi!
EMET_jodi says We are very happy together!!

nam333 asks Hello Sharib and Banjyotsna, you too are our favourite jodi , please sing well as sometime you do and sometime you don't like the song from Ek Ajnabi was too too good it was just mind blowing, please do well and one note to sharib bhai, please sharib try
EMET_jodi says We definitely do our best.

sharifa0201 asks helo s n b. its really gd to see u on srgmp emet.
EMET_jodi says Hi :-)

sharifa0201 asks hi b n s.i am frm Newzealand n love to see u guys.
EMET_jodi says :-)

pinkysm_1980 asks hi Sharib & Banjyotsna. How are you? U both r jodi in emet jodi. sharib ur my most favurate contestant. Banjyostana u also very good. love you Banjyotsna, you need to sing with the confidence you showed when you were singing ek ajnabee, you really looked
EMET_jodi says Thank You so much for your kind words.

asks Sharib can you sing a classical song if possible? We will be very happy.
EMET_jodi says I'll surely try :-)

sharifa0201 asks hi this sharifa frm New Zealand. We are big fan of u guys since sa re ga ma pa 2005.u guys look cool on the show specially the ek ajnabee song.
EMET_jodi says Thanks!

asks Sharib what is your hobbies?
EMET_jodi says Siniging............

itanirban asks hi i am from kolkata. i love your voice sharib. i think u should improve your emet with jyotsna. Don't worry i will always with you. Every day i will vote for you. I have a suggesion for u plz try to sing some western based songs with bonjyotsna.
EMET_jodi says Sure, we'll give our best.

be_40 asks as salam vale kum Sharib why u dont want Bonjyotsna to be ur jodi patner
EMET_jodi says It's just that I have a heavy voice & Bonjyotsna's voice is sweet. I personally thought it wouldn't match. But, now am very happy.

anku_s_love asks hi! how are you?? ur perfomances are very good i wish u both all the best n keep ur chemistry n singing on best of luck!!!--this is ankita from thailand
EMET_jodi says Thank You :-)

anku_s_love asks hi! how are you?? ur perfomances are very good i wish u both all the best n keep ur chemistry n singing on best of luck!!!--this is ankita from thailand
EMET_jodi says We are great! How are you doing?

sweet_gal asks Sharib, what are ur favorite movies?
EMET_jodi says Sholay & Karan Arjun. I have watched them so many times...

asks Hi Sharib i am Afsar From UP
EMET_jodi says Hello Afsar

asks Hiii sharib,how r u? Big fan of ur's.I always amazed to see ur range of voice.U r very good in songs which r carries classical base.Wat u feel abt ur jodidar Banjo,she was not ur choice.she has to learn alot and try to improve her singing.
EMET_jodi says Hi...

asks wagma; Sharib we are with you and we will support you. Becuase you are the best a mong all male singers in Emet. We are sure you will win.
EMET_jodi says Thank You so much

em2mk asks Hii Sharib.. As per me & my all friends Yr voice quality is best in male & Ujjaini in female participants, but Band is now doing very well with U..so GO only for TOP.. V R with U..Bst of Luck.
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot :-)

sweet_gal asks Sharib, whats ur date of birth?
EMET_jodi says June 16th, 1988.

asks Wagma;Bonjyotsna i want to ask why you were crying when you were paired with Sharib because everyone know Sharib wanted to be pair with Twinkle and he was sad. But why you? I am sure now you are happy to be pair with Sharib.You both rock the world, The be
EMET_jodi says :-) What matters is we both are very happy now.

ishita_luv asks hi sharib how r u?congrats for being no2 jodi.
EMET_jodi says Am great how are you?

mayusandeep asks hi sharib how r u?????? hope u ll be fine i love ur voice i love ur attitude u r the best
EMET_jodi says Am great, how are U?

salinasunita asks Hi sharib, This is sunita from japan.i was very offset when last week u got very less stars...but thank god Congratulation for the 2nd position.
EMET_jodi says Thank you Sunita :-)

rupsikha_bora asks hey sharib nd bonjyostna u rockd yestrday keep up the spirit m sure ur gonna win today 7 stars
EMET_jodi says Thank you :-)

rupsikha_bora asks u look both cool in ek ajnabee m sure ur chemistry is superb onscreen
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot

lily22 asks hai BS i love u both u guys rock the stage all the time....continue it till u win,all my prayers are with u..
EMET_jodi says Thanks :-)

mizan2000 asks Hi Guys!! this is Nazim for Tokyo Japan,i wish you can Win!!You guys make a Good pair,Sharib be less Aggresive to Bon and Bon be a more Cheerfull with Sharib:-)
EMET_jodi says Nazim, how are you? Thanks a lot for your wishes.

salinasunita asks hi sharib sing well we r with u..ALL the best
EMET_jodi says :-) Thanks

norah99 asks Sharib! The first thing i want to say you is I LOVE YOU!!!
EMET_jodi says I love you too!! ;-)

EMET_jodi says All of them, we miss them a lot

anjum_102 asks hi sharib and bonjyotsna
EMET_jodi says hey hi :)

purchase_ravi asks which hindi film song yours favourite.
EMET_jodi says Of it's so difficult to choose. There are loads of favourites. I love songs which touch my heart. Bonjyotsna loves Tauba Tauba from Kaal.

norah99 asks I am all the way from Hongkong and great admirer of you.
EMET_jodi says :-) How are you doing?

norah99 asks I really love your voice infact everything your personality, your singing
EMET_jodi says Thanks :-)

arpitacrazy asks i love you both.u both r d sweettest.why didnt u like each other?
EMET_jodi says We like each other a lot now! ;-)

arpitacrazy asks when is ur birthday?shrib and banjyotsna.all the best.god bless!may allah,god,wahe guru and bhagwan be with you
EMET_jodi says Mine is on Feb 3rd and Sharib's on June 16th.

juhi_ill asks among bollywood singers who is ur fav. singer male and female.
EMET_jodi says I love Rafi, Sonu, Shaan, Lataji & Sunidhi. And Sharib is a big fan of Sukwinder, Sonu, Rafi, Kishore & KK.

EMET_jodi says I was always close to Rajeev bhaiyya.

hideans asks Hi BS, I am from Assam and wid like to congratulate u both for the wonderful way u 2 sing. Especially yur performance y/day. Keep it up and i believe yur jodi is the best jodi and may u be the #1 jodi
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot :-)

sehrishkhan asks sharib u r the best singer among all in emet.r u satisfied with bonjyotsna as a partner
EMET_jodi says Yes of course, We are damn happy

jeet9898 asks do u hve sung for any film sharib plaz tell the name i want to bought the cd of that film i bought fanna thinnking u have sung a song but i was disappointat u havent
EMET_jodi says I am yet to sing in a movie :-)

neha_princess786 asks Salam alaikum sharib ji kaise ho aap i like ur singing style tu hi meri shab hai bahoot acha gaye aap mujhe samjh nai aaya groovy guru's aisa kyun bole... jab ke original track se bhi acha sing kare any ways better luck ..!
EMET_jodi says Bohot shukriya

afreen_khan asks u guys rock!!!!! bestjodi so far!! keep rocking this is afreen.. sharib biggest fan frm mumbai!
EMET_jodi says Thanks alot Afreen

devi_waghdhare asks Dearest Sharib & Bonjyotsna u'll really sang very well yesterday continue singing like this plz I dont ever want u'll to be in the boundary line.
EMET_jodi says Yes, we will surely give our best.

anjum_102 asks Hey Sharib can u tell me which JODI was voted out dis week????????
EMET_jodi says Hrishikesh-Prajakta

rinky_great asks Hi Bonjyotsna and Sharib. U both realy rock. The day when u u both get less stars I think I m the one who cries and locks up up in the room. Bonjyotsna Ba Moi ASSAM or hoi. Aru ajir show please eta assamese gaan gaba.
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot :-)

neepursahi asks Do you aspire to be a singer in the future Banjo?
EMET_jodi says Yes, of course :-)

norah99 asks Please kindly tell me so far in how many moyies you get chance to sing
EMET_jodi says I have been asked sing in Ismail ji & Himesh ji's movies.

pavithra_1996 asks Hello Bonjyotsna
EMET_jodi says Hi :-)

norah99 asks Did Ismail ji gave you chance to sing with Lata ji?
EMET_jodi says Yes, am yet to sing the song though

sana_242002 asks Hie Congratulations on giving a rocking performance yesterday. I will suggest that both of u should concentrated on emet and for this both of u have to rehearse very well. Just keep on giving performances like yesterday, u wil definitely win the cont
EMET_jodi says Hi there... Thanks for your wishes.

chaturvedikeshav asks sharib hv u got chance to sing in any movie.I m sure u can sing the classical song perfectly. ur sound pitch is gr8.practice man.all d best
EMET_jodi says I have been promised a couple of movies.

neha_princess786 asks both of you...wats ur fav movie , song , singer , and actor n actress?
EMET_jodi says My favourite movie is Pyare Mohan, Tauba Tauba, actor is Arjun Rampal & I like Preity and Rani. Sharib's favourite movie is Sholay & Karan Arjun. His favourite actors are Big B, Srk & Salman. And he likes... actually loves almost all actresses!!

kalita_kakali asks Hi Bonjyotsna. I m also from Assam. Nice to see you in television.
EMET_jodi says :-) Nice to see you on chat

sneha_3 asks hi sharib,this is sneha.I'm a gr8 fan of urs since challenge 2005.I felt really sad wen u went out.this time i will see 2 it tht u dont go out. i give atleast 10 votes per day.u r the rockstar.all the best 2 both of u.
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot for your support Sneha.

norah99 asks Don't worry SB, though i m not from india i used keep on voting you through internet. Hope online vote also counts.
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot :-)

nilu7 asks Sharib I really like ur bindas attitude. r u studying? if yes, what?
EMET_jodi says I was studying, I have discontinued my studies as of now :-)

preeti14th asks Dear Sharib & Bonjyotsna how often do U both keep rehearsin?Do ur Best...I really like U both....Pratistha...Darjeeling....
EMET_jodi says We both rehearse a lot. And thanks a lot for your best wishes.

vineela_intel asks Hai Sharib when is your birthday? We like u sharib. u cried so much we u left saregamapa. i 2 felt bad. This is vineela
EMET_jodi says My birthday is on June 16...

yanib_bp asks sharib plz support bonjyotsna she needs u n u need her
EMET_jodi says :-) Yes, I sure will.

rinki_aastha asks sharib how is ur jodi with banjostsna
EMET_jodi says It is simply rocking!!

chelseafc90 asks hey Sharib..! i was your big fan in saregamapa challenge..! when u were voted out, i was like..! oh my god..! but now u are back..! can u guys plz sing aashiq banaya apne or jhalak dikhlaja? plz these are my fav. song to my fav. jodi..! bye Hur Hassan..!
EMET_jodi says We will surely try to sing those songs :-)

chikumaitra asks hi sharib&bonjyotsna,u people r too good
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot!

tarun_umre asks hello shari & Banjyotsna this is Tarun. I m big fan of your & y both r realy very good singer
EMET_jodi says Thanks a lot!

afia82 asks Sharib i think you r the best male singer in the show..i simply luved the way u sung the songs 'ek ajnabee & love ke liye kuch bhi karega'..Hopefully wnting to c u both in the N0.1 position..u deserve the best!
EMET_jodi says Thanks!

SONAL_ANAND asks sharib which is ur fav jodi n why
EMET_jodi says My fave jodi are Rajeev & Sanchali... I think they rock! ;-)

devi_waghdhare asks Sharib who's ur favr8 male playback singer? DEVI
EMET_jodi says Sukwinder, Sonu, Rafi, Kishore & KK

powerfulmind asks Hi sharib hi banjyotsna, I am Pragati from Nepal, my whole family loves you and like the singing style of yours . i am sure you two will win... I am happy with your jodi and will keep on voting you by mail
EMET_jodi says Hi Pragati :-)

vineela_intel asks Hai Sharib Did himesh sir give u any chances in the upcoming movies. Or did aadesh sir gave u ?
EMET_jodi says Himesh sir has promised me a movie :-)

sweet_gal asks Sharib, who are ur closest friends from the contest?
EMET_jodi says Rajeev Bhaiyya & Aishwarya

sweet_gal asks Banjyotsna, who is your favorite male and female singer from the contest?
EMET_jodi says I like Sharib & Ujjaini a lot :-). Okay guys, it has been great chatting with you all. BBye :-)

-Seraphic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2005
Posts: 5089

Posted: 14 May 2006 at 10:27am | IP Logged
all BS fans keep voting for them Smile
-Seraphic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2005
Posts: 5089

Posted: 14 May 2006 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
u can vote for them here

u can vote for them after every 30 minutes Smile
-Seraphic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2005
Posts: 5089

Posted: 14 May 2006 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
today is the result Ouch
-Seraphic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2005
Posts: 5089

Posted: 14 May 2006 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
hope BS r safe Cry
-Seraphic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2005
Posts: 5089

Posted: 15 May 2006 at 2:51am | IP Logged
want SR out
-Seraphic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2005
Posts: 5089

Posted: 15 May 2006 at 9:37am | IP Logged
till now results are that BS is no. 1 Clap

2) UA

3) SR

4) TV
ayin Groupbie

Joined: 15 May 2006
Posts: 182

Posted: 15 May 2006 at 11:15am | IP Logged

i'm pretty amazed.you've done a fabulous job.keep up the good work..will definitely root for S n B

Edited by ayin - 15 May 2006 at 11:29am

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