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- A r c h i v e  M a n s i o n -


Here you will find all the important links, written and video updates, archive info as well as anything else related to Punar Vivah and will essentially serve as a guide to the forum. This thread will be updated regularly so do check every now and then. Please do not post comments in this thread.


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 I m p o r t a n t  L i n k s

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Shaadi dobbar ho sakti hai... leki...

Kya vishwaas dobabbar ban sakta hai?

Kya sapne dobara sanjoye ja sakte hai?

Aur kya pyaar dobara ho sakta hai?

It's said that Marriage is an institution that brings two hearts closer, but can marriage be that institution which brings two broken hearts together?.


Does Marriage only happen once and remain for lifetime? Does Remarriage equate to marriage...does a person feel the same excitement, same enthusiasm about his remarriage as he felt about his first marriage. Along with remarriage , the duties, responsibilities  remain the same as marriage , even if you dont wish to yet  you have to fulfil these duties. Expectations from such remarriage remain the same as the first marriage, does an individual feel the same enthusiasm to fufill these dreams and expectations as the first marriage ?


Thus Punar Vivaah is a story about two individuals who are heartbroken, two individuals who have shared their lives with some else earlier, who have shared those magical moments of first marriage with someone else yet due to circumstances now they are bonded into the holy institution of marriage for a second time and from there begins the journey they embark upon thereafter.

(courtesy Zee TV)


Aarti Scindia ( Formerly Aarti Dubey) : Played by Kratika Sengar

Female Protagonist, a divorcee with a son. She is an orphan with no other relatives than her mother-in-law Shobha  and father-in-law Satyendra Dubey. They act as her mother and father and arrange her re-marriage with Yash Scindia.She is very possessive about her son Ansh ,whose father Prashant Dubey left her for another woman while she was pregnant.She is a sincere, brave, independent lady who also adheres to traditional values. 

Yash Scindia : Played by Gurmeet Choudhary

Male Protagonist, a widower with two daughters. He is a wedding planner. A single father who loves his daughter's very much. A silent , strong gentleman who still loves his ex-wife Arpita very much and is haunted by her memories. He agrees to remary  only for his daughters so they have a mother . He is respectful & obedient  of his parents yet stands up to them when required. He loves Ansh too and treats all three children equally. He is very close to his siblings Pankaj and Pratiek. 


(Credit : -Ravjot- ; Samanalyse )

There's a wedding going on and Aarti is introduced. It's her best friend Mansi's wedding. A lady attending the wedding with her son sees Aarti and is impressed and wants to make her her daughter-in-law. She talks to someone else to bring the matter forward, not knowing that Aarti already has a son, named Ansh. The lady goes to Aarti and gives her money as shagun, not listening to Aarti's attempts to explain and and when Ansh runs to Aarti calling her mom, the lady blames Aarti for deceiving her and on finding out that Aarti is a divorcee, she bashes Aarti. Shobha comes to Aarti's defense and the lady talks about Aarti's character and how her husband left her, thinking that Shobha is Aarti's mother but is stunned when Shobha says that she's Aarti's MIL and her son Prashant is unlucky one for leaving Aarti. Shobha then vows to have Aarti re-married.

Yash is a wedding planner and was there organizing Mansi's wedding. According to the setup, once the bride and groom exchanged garlands, flowers were to fall on them but the machine/mechanism/container thing was jammed so he climbed up to fix it, only for the flowers to fall on Aarti. Meanwhile, his family is introduced. His mother and Vidhi bhabhi both want him to be re-married but know it's hard to convince Yash, who is in love with his previous wife Arpita. Yash's brother Prateik also wants Yash to be happy and has vowed not to marry until Yash does.

On the way back from Mansi's marriage, Aarti has flashbacks of her past with her ex-husband Prashant. She remembers how they were in love and the day that Prashant proposed to her and asked her to spend eternity with him. Then she remembers the day he left her, when she was pregnant with Ansh, for another woman. Shobha becomes more determined than ever to get Aarti married and so they go to meet a potential groom, Raghudayal at the mall. He is sleazy and much older than Aarti and tries to take advantage of her, claiming he is doing her a favour by even considering marrying her. The Dubeys rush Aarti out of the mall as Raghudayal curses behind them. 

Yash's daughters, Palak and Payal are introduced when he hears them fighting and calling for him. Payal's hair is tangled and he tries to comb it out but fails when Vidhi (his older brother's wife)  repeatedly tells him he cannot do it and that she will do it. Yash is furious when he finds that Vidhi left the kids alone with Ramdulare, the manservant as she went to answer her son's phone call. Yash has an outburst. Bua is introduced for the first time asking sarcastically whether Vidhi should look after the interests of her own kids or take care of Yash's motherless ones. Yash later repents his actions in a monologue to his deceased wife, Arpita. He tells her he overreacted and that she would have told him that. A tear drops down his cheek as he confesses to how much he misses her. He also says the girls need a mother but wonders where he will find a woman who is not interested in being his wife, but only a mother...

Suraj Pratap, Yash's father is introduced at the dinner table, where the whole family is seated. He tells his youngest son Prateek to go collect the advance back for the lights they rented because they didn't work. Since Dubey is the supplier of the lights, Prateek goes to their house with a friend and arrogantly asks for the money back. Aarti says that they don't owe the Scindias any money and chases Prateek off with her old hockey stick, telling him that she used to be the captain of the college hockey team! Prateek comes home and when Yash asks him if he got the advance he says no. Yash calls Aarti to demand the advance and Aarti angrily explains that they plugged the lights into the wrong voltage, even when they had been informed and so how can the Dubeys be blamed if the lights don't work? Yash lets her speak and finally agrees stating that he doesn't like women who talk excessively, much to Aarti's chagrin. Prateek is impressed by the woman who managed to convince his brother.

The Scindias and the Dubeys coincidentally decide to visit the same dargah and are on the same train there. Yash and Aarti have a run-in outside the bathroom but do not see each others' faces. Aarti lands up in the A/C compartment when Ansh runs in and the conductor is about to penalise her when Prateek saves her by saying she is his sister in law. This gives Prateek the idea that Yash and Aarti might be perfect for each other and he conveys it to his mother (Gayatri) and Vidhi who are impressed with Aarti. They approach Shobha and Dubey with the alliance and Gayatri says that Aarti has impressed them and assumes she is a widow. Dubey stops Shobha from correcting her and so Gayatri remains unaware of Aarti's divorced status. At the dargah, all members of Yash's family except Yash see and approve of Aarti, including Suraj Pratap. Aarti and Yash's fingers brush as they slide them down the lattice wall after tying their threads, asking for blessings. Kun Fayakun plays in the background.

Back in Bhopal, SP convinces Yash that he must get married because his brother's wedding is stalled thanks to him and it is not good for a man to grieve over his wife the way Yash grieves Arpita. Yash is not happy with the decision but accepts and everyone is happy. Prateek calls his girlfriend Paridhi who is in the middle of doing her radio show. She is ecstatic and announces to all her listeners that she is getting married. One of them laments that they will lose her after she gets married and she denies it and says that her future husband has promised her that she can work after marriage too. 

Aarti is in two minds about the marriage to Yash but agrees because of Ansh. She participates with him in the father-son race on sports day at his school but they are unable to win because she trips over her dupatta and does not get back up. Ansh says if his father was there he would have won. It is also revealed that Ansh writes letters to his father and asks him for things which Aarti gives him. Shobha makes Aarti realise that Ansh needs a father and Aarti agrees to the marriage. In the mean time, Dubey tells Shobha that the Scindias have put forth a condition that Ansh cannot come with Aarti after marriage. Aarti overhears this and is furious. Shobha goes to call the Scindias to say the alliance is off, when Yash comes to know and asks what kind of mother Aarti would be to his kids if she was willing to leave her son behind. He demands that Ansh be allowed to come. Shobha is impressed and convinces Aarti but Aarti's friend Mansi insists that Yash is only getting married for his physical needs.
 Ansh is thrilled about his new dad.

With these apprehensions, Aarti goes into the engagement. Gayatri's problem of forgetfulness is emphasised, where she forgets the location of the engagement ring and they have to use an alternate. The Scindias come to the Dubeys and there is lots of tension and awkwardness. Just as Aarti is about to put the ring on Yash's finger she runs out of the room. Shobha explains that Aarti is still hung up on their son Prashant, although she and Dubey have agreed not to tell them Aarti is divorced. They have even kept this from Aarti and so are nervous when Aarti and Yash go outside to talk but neither say anything to the other. Aarti drops Yash's ring and he finds it. Finally as they are all sitting together a bee lands on Aarti's waist. Yash swats it away and Aarti mistakes his action as grazing her bare stomach on purpose. Yash notices this but pretends to ignore it. Ansh comes home and demands that Yash play with him. Gayatri sees Aarti's attention focused completely on Ansh and worries how she will fit in to their family. 

After the engagement as Yash and Prateek are driving home, Yash realises what Aarti must have thought of him and he decides he has to meet her now to clear it up. He calls the Dubeys and asks to meet Aarti. He tells her he is at Cafe Delight. Yash does not notice the Cafe when he walks in and only when he looks up from his phone, sees that it is a shady joint. He is about to call Aarti and tell her not to come there when he sees her at the door. She is horrified to see the kind of place he has asked her to and her misconceptions grow. She turns to leave but there is a police raid and both are arrested, handcuffed together. Messaging his father, Yash is able to get them free and it starts raining. They walk back to the Dubeys in silence. Yash leaves Aarti to the gate and is mesmerised when he sees her playing in the rain with Ansh. He feels assured that she is the right mother for his girls. He also has a flashback of his engagement
 with Arpita.

In a light hearted phase of the story, both families meet at the mall. Yash takes his daughters and Aarti comes with Ansh. They bump into each other when Aarti goes to buy popcorn and Yash is taking a call and find that their kids are fighting because Ansh's ball fell into Palak and Payal's game. A fight ensues where all of them claim Yash as their father and Aarti explains that Yash is all their father while Yash affirms that Aarti is not lying and says that she is their new...mother, is completed by Aarti. The whole family go bowling together and Aarti fixes Payal's hair. Yash is happy to see. Aarti gets a call from Mansi, while Yash buys the kids balloons, and almost falls into a manhole when Yash saves her. 

Discussions of the marriage continue and as Prateek and Vidhi discuss the invitation Pankaj reveals that he has saved his and Vidhi's invitation all these years. Vidhi is touched but runs off, letting the invitation fall to the ground. The invitation and gifts reach the Dubeys where Shobha realises that the wedding day of Aarti and Yash is the same as the wedding day of Aarti and Prashant. Aarti is distraught and looks at her old wedding invitation but Shobha tears it up and tells her to face her future. They all get ready for the wedding. Paridhi's parents are introduced and shown as a very liberal couple who bring Prateek champagne and confess that they don't believe in many of the traditions the Scindias hold sacred. 

Everyone arrives at the resort for the wedding. Paridhi comes with a huge entourage while Aarti comes only with the Dubeys and Mansi. The Scindias are shocked and ask about this. The Dubeys argue that they have done all the Scindias wanted (hinting at dowry) and reveal that Aarti is an orphan. Aarti overhears them talking about how much money they spent and scolds them and they assume she knows about the divorce lie. At the haldi, Arpita's parents come and it is revealed that the Scindias want Aarti to take Arpita's name. Arpita's mother gives Aarti her favourite kangan (bracelet-bangles). Yash is furious about this, as is Aarti. Both try to argue with the senior Scindias but they use force on Aarti and blackmail from Arpita's parents on Yash to silence both. Vidhi assures Aarti that they can sort it out after the marriage. 

After much convincing from his brothers, Yash attends a bachelor party where he ends up dancing with the dancer. Aarti sees  him and her misconceptions grow, which is not helped when Prateek pushes them together and Aarti's tie of her skirt gets caught in Yash's ring and broken. She thinks he pulled it. Yash, not knowing how, but seeing her wardrobe malfunction. picks her up and carries her to her room where he tries to talk to her but she pushes him away. In the night, Yash finds part of her tie in his ring and understands her reaction. He goes to confront her when he sees his daughters dressed up, asking if they remind him of their mother, Arpita. He puts them to bed and spends time with them. He has a flashback where Arpita tells him to stay with the girls always, even if she is not there. 

The day before the wedding, Aarti gets a call from Prashant who says he wants to meet her. Shobha does not want to let her but Dubey lets her go. Aarti thinks Prashant wants to get back together but all he wants is for Aarti to help him get back in his parents good books because he is suffering financially. He rejects Aarti and walks away and she faints. Meanwhile, following a sign from Arpita, Yash comes to the same temple and sees Aarti and Prashant's names etched near his own and Arpita's. He feels peaceful thinking Aarti will never take Arpita's place and finds her unconscious in the temple. They go back to the hotel. Aarti tells Shobha there was nothing for her there, so she came back.

At the Sangeet, Prateek and Paridhi do skits to show each member of the family. For Aarti and Yash they show them both grieving over their "dead" spouses and Aarti finds out that the Scindias have mistaken her for a widow. She runs to tell Yash immediately but the Dubeys stop her and Dubye blackmails her into keeping this a secret, saying that she owes them for all the years they have taken care of her. She keeps trying to call Yash and finally he comes to get her, from the mandap. He asks her if anything is wrong, and she is about to tell him when Vidhi and Gayatri come in to say the bride and groom can't talk before the wedding. Yash and Aarti are married after they do a pooja for their "dead" spouses. Aarti does it for Prashant only when Dubey guides her hand. 

At the vidhai, Gayatri puts forth another condition that Ansh cannot come to their house for a few days while Aarti adjusts. Yash again opposes this when he hears it and Ansh rides home with them much to Aarti's happiness, though she is still worried about his intentions for the marriage thanks to Mansi. They reach home and the ceremonies continue. Gayatri convinces Aarti to let Vidhi put Ansh to sleep. Yash carries Aarti to the room because of a tradition. Once they get there they find romantic music, rose petals and condoms, which Aarti assumes is Yash's doing. Yash finds out it is Prateek and blasts him for his presumption when he knows that Yash only got married so his kids could have a mother and how much he still loves Arpita. Prateek apologises and Aarti learns the truth about Yash.

There are a few lighter moments with Vidhi playing pranks on the newlyweds and finally Aarti and Yash go to sleep, but without knowing Aarti sleeps on Yash's side of the bed. Yash has a sleepless night.


In the morning, the rituals continue and Gayatri is pleased to see Aarti up so early. Aarti wants to see Ansh but Gayatri tells her to finish the tulsi pooja first. Disobeying Gayatri, Aarti goes in search of Ansh and misses the pooja. In the mean time Prateek wakes Paridhi up with tea in bed and she goes for the pooja. Ansh, who is sleeping in the girls' room has kicked them off the bed and they start fighting when they wake up, because Ansh is not wearing clothes. The kids run screaming into the hall and Aarti runs there, where Gaytatri sees her not ready and shouts at her, saying that Ansh is spoiled.


Aarti gets ready and when Ansh says he is hungry starts making puri for him. Gayatri is furious because Aarti lit the stove before the necessary ritual. Vidhi eases the tension and Aarti and Paridhi do the ritual and make kheer which is appreciated by all. However, at the dinner table, Ansh misbehaves causing Yash to shout at him sternly after he breaks a glass. Ansh runs to the room where Aarti follows after asking forgiveness. Ansh tells her to scold his new father for him and Aarti does so as Yash walks in. Aarti mock-scolds Yash that Ansh is such a good boy and if he wants him to do something he just has to tell him with love. Yash understands.  Later when Ansh has to go to school, there is no transportation so Aarti takes him on Ramdulare's scooter. Gayatri is again angry at her for flouting the rules.


Yash worries that Ansh is angry with him and buys him some toys. Ansh is at first happy but then sees the toys are girly ones and feels hurt because he thinks they are for the girls. The girls come in and mock Yash, saying boys play with toy guns. Yash observes Aarti smiling and feels stupid for buying the wrong toy. He goes out and has the shop owner reopen his shop to get a toy gun for Ansh. Ansh is happy and Aarti and Yash are relieved to see it.


At the dinner table Ansh starts making noise again but this time when Yash scolds him he politely says sorry and eats his food. At night, he comes to thank Yash for the gun and asks if they can sleep in the parents' room. Yash agrees and Palak and Payal reveal his side of the bed to Aarti. The five settle into bed and soon after Aarti starts snoring. Yash is sleepless again but sees that Aarti gets up as soon as the electricity goes out to fan the children; Aarti and Yash take turns with fanning the kids.


The next day there is a parent-teacher meeting at Palak and Payal's school to which Aarti accompanies Yash. She once again gets on Gayatri's bad side by refusing to take off her high heels which she promised Ansh she would wear. When they reach the school, Aarti goes in while Yash parks and the principal reprimands Aarti for being careless about the girls, saying that they are antisocial and clearly lack a mother's love. Yash comes in and clarifies that he just married Aarti and he is the girls guardian till now. Aarti promises Mrs. Lobo that she will take care of the girls and she won't have any more complaints. At home Aarti asks Yash and the parent Scindias if she can take responsibility for Palak and Payal and bring them up in a slightly different way, with more freedom. Yash denies her point blank saying their discipline is necessary.


At night the kids come into the room and make noise, displacing things which irritates Yash and he shouts at them. Payal asks if he isn't getting rid of them so he can kiss their new mummy. Yash is shocked and asks where she heard this. She replies that she saw Prateek and Paridhi doing the same. Ansh is troubled by this and comes into the room, with an excuse of wanting his toy to check if Yash is kissing Aarti. When neither of his parents answer clearly, he puts a hairpin on Yash's sofa, which Yash sits on, hurting himself badly. Yash blames Aarti and she apologises.


In the morning Aarti discovers that Yash has a fever when she goes to wake him up. Yash, having a dream about Arpita, mistakes Aarti for Arpita and breaks down, asking Arpita to come back to him. When Gayatri comes and asks how this happened, Aarti is about to tell everyone about the pin but Yash stops her and waylays the question. Aarti takes Yash to the doctor and drives because he is in too much pain. Yash at first resists taking an injection but then takes it, not wanting to seem weak in front of Aarti. Back and home, Ansh confesses proudly that he was the one that put the pin there, because nobody can kiss his mom but him. Aarti is shocked and drags Ansh to confess in front of everyone. Yash forgives Ansh when he says sorry, but Gayatri is not satisfied.


The next day, Gayatri convinces Aarti to go to the market by herself while she teaches the kids slokas. She unfairly scolds Ansh for coming late when she hadn't told him the time to come, and when Palak and Payal ask her why Ansh wasn't punished for the pin incident, Gayatri decides to punish him. Ansh is willing until he realises that Palak and Payal are laughing and he runs away, Gayatri chases him and when he runs into storage room, locks him in. Ansh begs to be let out and hurts his hand while banging on the door.


Aarti comes home with cotton candy for all the kids. She looks frantically for Ansh and finally finds him behind the door. She tries to defy Gayatri but the latter doesn't budge and Ansh is locked in the room for hours. Aarti keeps talking to him but panics when Ansh stops replying.  With Vidhi and Paridhi's help she gets Gayatri to unlock the door and finds Ansh almost unconscious. She later tends to his wound and tells him that the door got locked by accident and it was actually Gayatri who found the key. Aarti over hears Palak and Payal worry that she will hit them for getting Ansh in trouble but she just puts them to bed, and tempts them with a story.


Yash comes home and Aarti serves him dinner but does not tell him about what happened. They go to bed. The next day Palak and Payal are playing with the computer when Ansh asks if he can play as well. Palak challenges him to turn it on and the computer short circuits. The adults run in and Ansh is horrified, crying in fear of Gayatri. He asks her not to lock him up again and Yash is shocked. He demands to know why nobody told him Ansh was locked up. Gayatri then asks why Ansh doesn't know how to use a computer and Aarti confesses that Ansh's school does not have computer classes.


Yash overhears Ansh telling Aarti that he wants to go back to Bade Mummy's house and Aarti convincing him that it will take time but he will learn to love this family as well. Yash drops Ansh off to school when his van doesn't come and both Aarti and Yash try to cheer up a listless Ansh to no avail. In the evening, Aarti is worried when Ansh doesn't come home. She calls Yash who assures her that Ansh is with him. They finally come home around 6 and Ansh reveals that Yash changed his school. Aarti is shocked and asks Yash why he didn't ask her. They have an argument where Yash says he did it only for Ansh's good.


The next day Ansh goes to school and is in the same class as Palak. Things are going fine, when Palak pours water on Ansh's chair and his shorts get wet. All the kids, including Palak make fun of Ansh. Ansh comes home crying and Aarti tells Yash they better put him back in his old school. Yash placates Ansh by having him make fun of Palak and Payal and bribes him with a roller coaster ride. The next day Ansh is getting ready to go to school when Palak threatens to lock him in a room with Bloody Mary. Ansh is scared and says he doesn't want to go to school. Aarti is confused and asks Yash if she can keep him at home for a day. Yash tells Aarti she is too overprotective and forces Ansh to go to school.


When Palak and Payal come home, Aarti is shocked to find that Ansh is not with them. The driver tells her that he thought she had picked him up as that is what the girls told him. Yash rushes home and blasts the driver after which he decides to go out in search of Ansh. Aarti goes with him. In the mean time, Ansh is found by a poor lady, Manju, who takes him to her house for some food. Manju's husband finds out Ansh is a Scindia child and decides to kidnap him for bribe. Just as Aarti and Yash find Manju's home, her husband absconds with Ansh, threatening to harm him if Manju does not cooperate. Manju keeps Ansh safe while her husband calls the Scindias and asks them for a ransom of 10 crores in exchange for Ansh.


SP calls the police commissioner who is a personal friend, but Aarti insults him with a huge outburst in her anguish. Yash assures Aarti that he will bring Ansh back safe. The Scindias reveal their true colours when Gayatri says it is not worth it to waste 10 crores on someone else's child, just when Shobha and Dubey walk in. Yash decides to get the money together, against his parents' wishes, because the kidnappers keep threatening him and Aarti. There is a confrontation which results in SP putting forth the condition that if Ansh is saved, Aarti must leave this marriage. In her haste, Aarti agrees while Yash remains unaware of the deal. Dubey wants to call Prashant because he is confident that he will do something to help, despite Shobha's dissuasion. Prashant, predictably says that Ansh Is not his responsibility.


Yash and Aarti go together to give the kidnappers the ransom and save Ansh. They are about to make the change when the kidnapper finds out that the police are on the way, because SP alerted them. One of them drops Ansh from a height and Yash fights them to save Ansh, eventually jumping in front of the bullet that would have taken Ansh's life. Aarti remembers saying that only a mother could sacrifice her life for her child and runs to Yash, who says before he goes unconscious that he returned Ansh to her like he promised.


The family arrives at the hospital while Ansh is praying for Yash. Gayatri is hysteric and blames Aarti for Yash's state. They take Yash away before Aarti can come back with Ansh from the hospital temple. Aarti comes to Scindia house and begs to speak to Yash once before she goes. The younger Scindias implore their mother to let her stay the night and Aarti sneaks in and takes care of Yash even though she has been forbidden. The family taunt her and Bua packs her bag and tells her to leave. Dubey, not being able to stand the humiliation, drags Aarti out and takes her home, where she assures Ansh that Yash will come for them as soon as he gains consciousness.


In the meantime, Yash regains consciousness and looks for Aarti and Ansh but cannot find them. He is perplexed until his family lies to him about Aarti leaving herself. Yash is tortured and both Yash and Aarti spend a sleepless night wondering where things went wrong. The next day SP gives Yash divorce papers and tells him to sign them, citing the reason as Aarti's desire to separate and end the marriage. Yash is hesitant and insists on talking to Aarti first, but Bua walks in with Arpita's bangles, claiming that Aarti returned them when actually she forced them off of Aarti's hands. She manipulates Yash, saying he is ready to give Aarti Arpita's place and in heated denial, Yash signs the divorce papers. They then send these to Aarti who is devastated and asks Shobha what is wrong with her that this is happening to her yet again.


Aarti and Yash meet at the children's school and share an awkward encounter until a thief steals Yash's wallet. Aarti chases after him and recovers the wallet after giving the thief a tongue lashing. Yash and Aarti find that in chasing the thief they have ended up at Caf Delight, where they got arrested once before. They are turning to leave when there is another police raid and they are taken to jail. In jail, Aarti confesses that she is not happy with the way things went and Yash asks why she returned the bangles. Aarti realizes Yash did't want them back and debates whether to tell him or not, and decides not to. They are let out by the same policeman who let them out the previous time.


Back at school, as the kids come out, Ansh asks Yash to run the father-son race with him and Yash agrees. He goes to run the race despite Gayatri stopping him and he and Ansh win. Aarti confesses to Yash that she doesn't want the divorce and Yash brings her home. SP states that Aarti has 3 months to prove herself as a good mother, wife and DIL of the house. Aarti agrees.


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 U p d a t e  S c h e d u l e

   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Maha Episode
 Written zahra15   UltimateGcian UltimateGcian  Abby-GC-Crazy  KinSanj  ------

 Video  Dhruvie  Dhruvie  Dhruvie  Dhruvie  Dhruvie  Dhruvie


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  2 0 1 3

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::.AarYan Of The Week [25].::  PhalguniK ;  anu93 ;  lovely_nikki
::.AarYan Of The Week [27].::  Indu , Angake,Zetter
::.AarYan Of The Week [28].::   Zee_News, zahra15, Anushaarja
::.AarYan Of The Week [29].::  DMKJ_VB,MelodiousDreams,LoveViShalini
::.AarYan Of The Week [30].::  disha_rajdev , Thabs, villager00

 :: AarYan Express #6 : Tujhe Bhula Diya ::

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 V i d d e r

V M  G a l l e r y

abhiya_crazyluv  Tabeer's Rocking Vm Gallery On ArYa 
 shubhika124   Shubhika VM Gallery! 
 Allbut1  ~Maham's VM Gallery~
 AngelDark  *Angel Ka VM Adda*
 KinSanj  ~*Sanj Creations*~
 maha9  Maha Arya VM Gallery
 Mr.Zk   II Zk Vm GaLlErY II YaSh--AaRtI II AaRyA


 A u t h o r

 O S  G a l l e r y




 A u t h o r

F a n F i c t i o n

 mishti.muna  ArYa SS ~Phir Mohabbat
 jwalamukhi Samajavaragamana (SS)
 pepsi11 Love at First Sight
 Priyamvada Ishq Hua
Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai
 minnie_tweetie  K@$hmok@$h


 A u t h o r

FF Gallery

 Shubhika124 Shubhika's Oeuvre : My Writing World
..Sadiie..Sadiie's Writing World



More Fan Fictions / Comics continued on the next page Big smile

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Haldi Ceremony



Chor Segment

100 episodes Party

Nawaabi ArYa

Celebrations of Dahi Handi on PV

On Location of PV 

On the Sets of Punar Vivah



































































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