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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

New OS: ASR's Fight Of Mind VS Heart

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Posted: 19 February 2012 at 6:00am | IP Logged

Hey Guys! =)

Hope you like my new OS i wrote part of it last night at 12 am LOL It's just my imagination running wild like always! Tongue It's from ASR's POV he's still madly in love with Khushi but his mind is fighting his hard as always! As many of you asked me to write more this is 7 pages on word {My Longest peice ever!} So i hope you guys like it! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ASR'S Fight of Mind Vs Broken Heart ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Khushi looked at me with her delicate eyes coated with everlasting layers of pain. She needed reassurance as much as I wanted to, I couldn't give it to her. 
"Ye sab.. Khushi what are you thinking?! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING KHUSHI?!" Buaji screamed her booming voice echoing inside Khushi's ears. 

Khushi weakened more and more tears streamed down her gentle cheeks. Those tears, those tears are one thing i couldn't take. I hate it. It killed me inside.

"Yes. I'm married. You're the last person who I want to hear an opinion from you're the one who got me engaged to a filthy, arrogant snake who broke my heart, Who I never even loved, who cheated me, Who lusts at me! Who destroyed me so much I wanted death! DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS?! NO. You don't."

My eyes flashed to Khushi I remembered her breaking down and how I could almost hear the sound of her Heart breaking. My eyes scanned the room my gaze fell upon Shyam, his fists were clenched and his teeth seemed to be set on edge..maybe he had more to do with this Fiance of Khushi's than I knew..

My thoughts were disturbed by the crazy anger in Buaji's voice " HOW DARE YOU?! YOU KNOW I ONLY EVER HAD YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART!"

She raised her hand ready to attack Khushi's already vibrant red cheek as if it were the target of the day. I grabbed Khushi's hand and pushed her to the other side of me, tears flowing faster than lightning.

Buaji looked at me fiercely and then at my hand which was tightly clutching Khushi's. I looked at her, what an evil woman she was. She was the reason Khushi was so broken, So hurt, in so much pain. If I ever laid my hands on this "ex-fiance" of hers, I'd KILL HIM. No doubts. How dare he? What gave him the right to be given such a precious heart like my Khushi's and then to destroy it so badly and then to run around leaving scars and to lust after her! By this time my blood was beyond boiling, it was moving through me faster than Khushi's flowing tears, I could see it in her eyes, she was done.

Before I even had a chance to get a word in Khushi's mother stepped in once more to have her final say. Khushi moved behind me shielding herself in protection in case of another encounter. She tightened a grip around my hand, scared and abused. I felt almost genuinely married to her the way she was gripping my hand and shielding herself behind me, like I was all she needed and wanted.

"KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA You are NOT the girl you used to be, you're a let down. Today you have proved you are not my daughter." 

Khushi stepped out from behind me, her face fragile begging for mercy. Everyone was astounded, of all the things she could have said she chose the worst, it took her a mere second to disown her daughter. A second. 
I felt my own heart pounding through my chest in anger Khushi already had to suffer enough once from her original loss and now her parents disowned her. Wow. I hated myself what had I put her through? Was this what revenge felt like..if it was then why does it make me feel more pain that before?...

Khushi had gone through enough, I knew I should hate her, I knew I should be happy that she was getting what she "deserved", But I wasn't.

"Khushi Singh Raizada, Khushi Singh Raizada." she wept far beyond broken. 

Garima looked at her tears gushing down her own face in both horror and guilt, anger& regret. She hadn't meant it, anyone knew that. But she said it. How could she? How could she do this to Khushi?! WHY?!

She had my name, it didn't feel like victory but more like distraught. Raizada..Raizada, the honour, dignity, power & everything that came with that name had been broken. Khushi Singh Raizada had been destroyed. 

I felt her hand Unclasp mine and looked at her, watching me, needing me.

Khushi used both hands, held up the dragging bottom of her elegant attire and ran up towards the RM stairs with the tears covering her face, she ran as fast a she could until Payal stuck her hand in front of Khushi to block her way.

"Khushi.." She whispered unable to find the words she needed to say.
"I'm so so sorry jiji I'm so sorry.." Khushi broke down at Payal's knees hands pushed together asking for forgiveness. Payal pulled her up and looked at her painfully, her sister had got married on her sistera wedding day, broken down, slapped by her mum & then disowned by her parents she couldn't find what she could possibly say or what she should say. She looked at Khushi torn, she felt angry, worried, destroyed, hurt..

Suddenly, Khushi became weak and held her head and began losing her balance I ran the same track Khushi had and stood there, watching her land safely in my arms.

"KHUSHI!! KHUSHIJI!!"'Screamed the family.
As for me, I scooped her up and let her body lay against mine& I made my way up the RM stairs with Di following quickly behind me. 

I slammed the door in my questioning di's face the one I wanted to Protect ended up hurt anyway and lay Khushi gently on my- our bed. 

I locked my door wanting to block out the world and its cruel fate. My gaze fell on Khushi, the innocent girl from Lucknow who's heart had been broken. Her hair lay spread out gently, I looked at the garland round her neck and then the one around my own- I felt exhausted. 

I leant over Khushi nursing her with a wet tea towel at her head, I watched her innocent face, full of pain and furry, i watched those innocent eyes which had cried far too many tears, enough tears for a lifetime.

I reached in my suit pocket and pulled out my hanky, I delicately wiped her face clean of the pain. Her innocent face could easily trap any man alive, with her beauty and delicacy. I didn't know if it was trap or what..I just didn't know what to believe. And with that I fell Asleep Besides her from Exhaustion. I had had enough.


2 Hours Later

I awoke only to see Khushi had awoken before, Thank Goodness she was okay.  I felt her tight grip around me, holding me, needing my comfort & love. I loved that she held me even through this, he head was nuzzled against my chest and her lengha was spread across the both of us like a blanket. Her soft, tender hands ran through me like electricity, I moved my hand around her waist and let her lay asleep for longer. Meanwhile, I was just lost in her eyes, those eyes which were stabbed with pain, her face now dull, like all the life had been sucked out of her.

Suddenly I heard a loud banging on our room door and the thoughts of the previous couple of hours returned to my mind. I realized I had once again fallen for Khushi's sweet eyes which could persuade me to do anything.

I wanted to rip my hand from her waist and push her away, but I just couldn't find the strength to do that. I carefully unhooked my hand from her waist and pushed her hand gently to her side, I moved her head onto her pillow and placed the duvet over her. She had the most angelic features which if looks could kill, I'd be dead. I didn't know what was an act and what was real anymore, I hated her but I couldn't help but care.

I ran to attend to the door before she awoke, It was Di. The memmories of Khushi & that Snake on the balcony flushed back to memory, I hated everything about it. About her.  About Him. About THEM TOGETHER.  I didn't want to ask her because I didn't want her to play more tricks and feed me even more lies than before, she was just trying to trap me so I wouldn't suspect a thing.

"Chotey! Finally!!" Di Shouted looking exhausted herself.

I pressed my finger to my lips and look at Khushi, her gaze followed mine and she smile gently.

"Aweehh My Chotey, you care so much for her."

I nodded carefully.

I knew we had to play happy families or she would suspect more than she already does after the fact we got married and then just landed in the house like a bomb.

"You need to talk to me some time Chotey, Please. Please.." Her voice evaporated into a delicate whisper.

"I know Di, just when the time comes. Please? But just tell everyone to take it easy on Khushi, shes exhausted from the fighting and she fainted earlier. She needs to relax or she'll get seriously ill."  I said picking my words carefully.

It was the only genuine thing I had said this conversation, I knew if Khushi didn't look after herself then she would become seriously ill & unfit.

Just then Khushi started sturring, I walked over to her.

"Khushi, Khushi, Get up, you need to have some medicine."

She awoke looking dazed & confused, I held  the tablet out to her which she place in her mouth and handed her the glass. She drank elegantly and then I took the glass from her hand and began to lose my self in her once more.

Di began walking into our room, grinning at us.

"Khushiji aap teek hai na?" Di asked worriedly. "Don't worry our Chotey will take great care of you." She laughed a little teasing.

I just didn't understand, Khushi & Di were so close and then Khushi went and back-stabbed her, but why couldn't I feel ate ease with my theory, a piece didn't fit the puzzle.

Khushi shook her head "Not really Anjaliji, I'm not feeling too good, Did Amma leave? Is she still angry at me..? What have I done..." She started crying again and the tears kept flowing, How I was dying to wipe her tears..

Di moved her hand and helped me sit Khushi up, Di ran her hands across Khushi's face wiping her tears away. "Don't cry Khushiji, It's okay, She feels bad about what she said too, It was just the heat of the moment. She said not to worry and to come by later, she was in such a state earlier. Buaji said the same although she's still a little angry so tread carefully when you see her. Payal, well you can talk to her yourself, she understands. Dont worry. It will all be okay, don't make yourself ill over it Khushi. Come down now, everyone's waiting for you two."

Khushi sighed relived although she was still crying, I felt so guilty. I wanted to pretend this was real, we had to anyway for the sake of the rest of the family. For now, she was Khushi Singh Raizada, she said it herself.

She pushed the blanket aside and stood up to face me;  she didn't know what to say. Her hand was shaking along with the rest of the body, she was scared as anything. I put my hand out and she accepted, we walked down stairs hand in hand the same way we entered the house as Mr & Mrs Raizada.

The whole Raizada family surrounded us including the newest member; Payal. Mamiji looked at us up & down and made her usual "Im Not impressed" face but didn't dare say a word. Shyam started at our hands which were in each others; fuming, I couldn't help but grin victorious. Payal & Akash were still beyond shocked. Naniji got the message from Anjali and decided it's all done and gone now, and that she's happy im married. I guess Di told her I'll explain everything in my own time.

I turned to Face Khushi, she was still shaking and even more so now, she couldn't possibly still be ill Could She?

I hated that I cared so much, but I did and that was  a fact. I just couldn't decide which side of hers' to buy. I decided for now, since we had to play happy families I'd just forget the rest till later. I couldn't think straight so I pretended it was all fine, just Shyam was bothering me. I hated Khushi for this whole thing, for this pain but I couldn't help but feel bad too. But, just what did she see in that SNAKE?...Snake..Wait...I'd heard this before...? When Khushi described her fianc. It couldn't possibly be...No. No way.

"Chotey what are you thinking about?! Hmmm??!" Said Di winking and teasing.

I suddenly felt my own hand moving rapidly, Khushi was shaking crazily. I turned to face her, " Khushi are you okay?!" I asked worriedly.

She nodded so obviously not okay.

"Khushi, why are you still shaking?!" I shouted feeling extremely worried.

Naniji & Di were grinning at each other. I kind of felt a little irritated, like this was the time for jokes.

"I still don't feel too.-" She stopped mid-way and held her head.


Khushi began becoming unstable and grabbed on to my arm for balance with the other hand.

HP Came running and handed me the glass. Khushi had no energy to force the water down, so I sat her down and put the glass to her lips. I didn't understand what was wrong, I'd already given her a tablet about 10 minutes ago & yet she still fainted..

Shyam looked at me evilly, jealous Khushi was still holding onto me, still holding on to MY hand. I shot him and ASR classic.

"Khushi are you okay?! That's the SECOND time...I think we need to get the doctor!"

"I'm Okay Arnavji..." She whispered weakly.

"Hmph! Yeah right."

"No Really..Im Fine.." She said sounding even weaker.

As if I inteneded to listen to her, I decided the best thing to do was to call the doctor;

"Hello, Yes could you send the doctor over, Khushi  isn't feeling well!"

Di seemed to find it hysterical how much I'd "changed" because I cared so much as she says. But she didn't know the half of it.

Khushi sat there, holding her head carefully. Payal, worried about her sister rushed over to her;

"Khushi are you okay?! And like Arnavji said you almost fainted for the second time?! Khushi talk to me!!" Payal shouted trying to shake her sister gently.

Khushi didn't respond she just stared into space, traumatised by the recent events. Payal looked at me hopefully, thinking maybe I could make her talk.

"Khushi, What's wrong?!" I said shaking her carefully.

"Nothing Arnavji." She said quickly & quietly.

I looked at Payal confused, she spoke to me, although very quickly she still spoke to me.

Within 5 minutes the doctor arrived;

"Hello Mr Raizada!" He said shaking my hand firmly

His gaze switched to Khushi, he told me to lay her across the sofa so he could examine her.

Khushi just lay there, stiff. The Doctor did the usual checked her breathing etc etc.

"Mr Raizada, it's nothing to worry about at the moment. She is suffering from depression which seems to be worsening and making her further more ill. As long as she stays happy and calm then she ought to me fine."

Depression...the word rung loud & clear. The girl who lived on everyones happiness, who looked for any excuse to dance and sing had fallen into depression..What had I done?

"What's her full name Sir, for the report?" The Doctor Questioned.

"Khushi Singh Raizada." I said clearly.

"Wow! Hearty congratulations to you Sir, And You to Mrs Raizada!" The Doctor said astonished.

Khushi sat up looking a little more full of life and then scanned the room..Who was she looking for? Her gaze caught Shyam, she snatched her gaze away in disgust. It made NO sense. She grabbed my hand quickly and held it tight. WHAT was she up to?!

On that note the Doctor left & everyone had their eyes on Khushi, worriedly. She was sick because of me, unless..because of Shyam? Maybe both?

Suddenly my phone started ringing loudly and I reached in my pocket to answer it;

"...Yeah, Yeah..Okay Aman. That's fine. I'm on my way."

Khushi paid more attention to the "I'm on my way.." 

"What's the matter Arnavji?" She said sounding like the perfect wife.

"Nothing, Just Aman wants me to come to the office."

"Choteyy! You just got married! No Office today!" Said Di astonished.

The rest of the Raizada family nodded in approval to Di's remark. Except Shyam. Who just stood their with a grin on his face. I knew what he was thinking, he was thinking that while I'm gone he can Lust at MY Khushi. NO CHANCE. I thought about why Khushi suddenly paid attention, maybe she too wanted to secretly meet him..The thought sickened me. I came up with a plan, I'll just take Khushi with me, That way no funny business while I'm gone. Ha. Nice try.

"Di, It's really important I NEED to go. Anyway I was thinking Khushi can come with me?" I said a sly smile planted on my lips.

The snake look irritated and looked hopefully at Khushi to reject my offer, ha, she said she'll do anything I say. That was the deal.

"But Chotey!! Khushiji isn't well as it is!" Fought Naniji.

"No, It's fine Nanji, I feel like some fresh-air anyway." Khushi said.

Victory Was Mine.

She stood up carefully and we set of, Back to the office.

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Hey this is the name of my FF. Anywaythis one was awesome. They are going to office together. And Khushi answered back Buaji.. AWWW i loved itt.. And Anjali andf others are finally okay with it.. Please do continue and do PM me if you continue.

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Please leave feedback! Hug
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nycc conti it ns pm plzz
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Mindblowing OS saffy..
U rely did fabls job..
Nd plz continue.. Eagrly w8tin..
Thnxx 4 da pmSmile
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beautiful OS ... i hope you continue it :D

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nice os!!!!!!!!!!
pls continue!!!!!!!!!

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