Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

NL AK Droolers#19For Never Was A Story Of More woe

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^^Thankew so muchKhushi forwonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #19: Om Manglam

Gossip Girl

Shayam babua and Arnav chote will play jealousy jealousy game nowTongueROFL

Khushi will get her new name chote ki choti

Garima is going to hide somewhere as she hitted ASR's wifeShocked and now he will not spare her.LOL

Anjali is going to give birth to one more ghantilal.SleepyROFL

Bua and NK will elope together pretty soon ROFLand than they will have one son names NK ke chamatkaar

Akash will act like typical mumma boy and will remain fatto

Nani and mama are tighting up there belts for the saas-bahu saga between manorama and Payal

Forum is getting crazy day by day as ArHi are married now


Thanks to everyone who takes alot of pain to make the newsletter always the rocking one and to stand out on
 whole India Forums. You guys really deserve a round of applause for non-stop sending ur stuff and contribution
 and to readers who alws appreciate efforts

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Song of the week: --sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya 
Funny scene of the week: the_rain
Picture of the WeekDaShIng_GiRl
Filler of the Week: cindrella255 
Rating of the Week: Princess_Khushi
Videomix of the weekDeepali_88
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:  aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: mahi0809
Best Character of the Week: shobra
Most Irritating Character of the Week: Shiningstar18
Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Minuu
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: Minuu
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A happy Arnav reaches terrace to confess his love and is shcoked to see Khushi in Shyam's arms ,,,Arnav  is stunned to hear  Shyam professing his love for Khushi , further adding that he will leave Anjali for Khushi... Arnav suffers further jolt when A furious Khushi   retorts that  Shyam shud  dump Anjali and break the relationship with Anjali...Arnav is devastated by this double treachery, He turns back  quietly , unnoticed by either Khushi or Shyam... Arnav returns downstairs , lost in thoughts ...
In the terrace Shyam can not believ his luck , Shyam thinks that Khushi is agreeable to live with him  but a angry and Khushi soons sets him right on this misguided notion, tells him that nothing in this world will ever maker her his saying Khushi walks away  to Payal's room..
Arnav is in his room ,, his mind reliving the moments that happened in the terrace , Arnav is convinced that Khushi and Shyam are together and are planning to destroy Anjali's life ..Arnav decides to get Anjali with the truth ..
Arnav comes out seeking Anjali while Khushi comes in search of Arnav to narrate the ordeal she faced ..Neither are able to attain their objective..Arnav spots  a shocked shyam who appears to be still under shock after seeing Anjali alive.. Arnav confronts Shyam with his true face, instead of getting scared, Shyam double bluff and  dares Arnav to confess everything to Anjali and watch her broken..Shyam also swears his undying love towards Khushi , says that only Anjali is the obstacle that stands between him and Khushi ..
A resolute Arnav goes to Anjali's room to pour out the truth but as he begins to bring out the truth , Anjali faints  and  arnav comes to know that she is pregnant with Shyam's child.. Arnav is in a dilemma while Shyam is ecstatic at this turn of events as he thinks Arnav  cannot do anything now to rock the boat..
A confused Arnav goes out for a spin to sort out his muddled feelings and to find a way out of this mess...while at the RM the marriage preparation of PAYASH are going on in a full swing ...The time for exchange of graland comes , and everybody are searching  for missing Arnav..Arnav walks in quietly, looking composed only his eyes betraying his anguish and anger ..Khushi looks at him and gives a hesitant smile which is completely ignored by Arnav.. Khushi begins to get increasingly puzzled by Arnav's behavior , keeps giving him surreptitious look to gauge his mood...Khushi becomes increasingly aware that something is amiss but she does not probe as the marriage  ceremony is going on ...The exchange of  garland is finished and PAYASH move to the Mandap to finish the remaining marriage rituals ... The family follow them except for Arnav who appears to be deep in thought, then looking decisive , he  grabs Khushi's hand and leads her to the swimming Pool .. where he puts a proposal of contract marriage to Khushi...
A shocked Khushi rejects  his outrageous proposal outright  , Arnav  retorts that he will stop  the wedding proceedings of Payal if Khushi fails to comply with his condition ...Khushi is firm on refusal..Arnav turns towards the Mandap intent on stopping Payal's wedding when a  helpless Khushi finally breaks down and bows before his conditions ...Arnav feels sad on seeing the broken and crying Khushi but he does not unbend ...The duo join Payash and the PAYASH wedding goes on without any hitch ...As the Saat pheras get completed, Arnav and Khushi slip out into the night and re -enter the Raizada Mansion as Man and Wife..The family are  shocked to see them and question them but both remain tight lipped..

The funniest scene of the week, probably was Shyam's expressions - both in the time when he found out that Anjali was alive and the time he saw Arnav-Khushi enter the house married. His disbelieved expressions were sure very entertaining for everyone who'd been tolerating his smirks and snide remarks since the start of the time.
Apart from that, there's not much fun scene as it was a pretty serious week. The slight fun moments were when NK asked Anjali about Aakash-Payal's Suhaag Raat ritual and the time when Mamaji confessed picking Mami up when she's half her weight now.
With NK leaving very soon, I think I'm going to be jobless given the upcoming storyline, but am not complaining as I love drama! Have a Happy Weekend! 

Hi to my all lovely shovely ArHilicious DroolersHug,
           There was no Achari scene this week owning to the great snake's maha revelationClap. It broke Arnav up Broken Heart, but made him decide to marry Khushi at any cost and to stay in that relationship for 6 months. I did wish the CVs would have showed the wedding rituals of ArHiCensored.  ArHi became bonded in a beautiful relationship this week and lets see what goes on now. All of us are prediction tons and tons of tears, but I hope those tears accompany tons of ArHi moments too Heart'Rabba Veee'... Please CVs don't disappoint us, can't wait to see what happens next!!
...So till next week,
                 Yours truly, MahiHeart


This week's rakshabandhan scene was soo hard to pick!! We had so many!! I was about to hav a mental break down figuring out which one was the best... Finally I came to the conclusion...

The best scene was when Anjali told Arnav that she would never let her love be split up and then he hugged her while glaring at Shyam, making sure that Shyam knew that Anjali would always be safe.

That scene had so much meaning into it. It clearly showed that Arnav would literally do anything for his sister which is what he did!
Anjali and Arnav better win best sis-bro couple at SPA!!
Thats all for meBig smile

Hi fello Arhi droolers Hug
Whoa! Eventful n gut wrenching week...I know v r prepared with tissue boxes ...but some fillers dat could hav been avoided...
1. Nk popping up with his camcorder under everyone's nose...
2. Bua repeatedly nudging Kh 2 change her costume
3. As usual mami's taunts 2 her Khoon bari taang !
Dats al for this week...c u nxt week...till then Embarrassed

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without any doubt d best character is khushi cz she decided to take a most imp step of life without d consent of her family. she decided to sacrifice her life for d hppiness of her sister. she sacrificed her dreams too!! she was having gr8 hopes nd dreams abt marriage nd her hopes r shattered nw she's agreed to do a contract marriage which will break after 6 months!!! i hope everyone understands her instead of insulting her.
 dats all. see u all next month as i wont be there next weekWink 

Hey peeps!

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us every time we see him/her.  This week's most irritating personality is none other than Shyam. It's amazing how he wins this section each time! Well, I chose him this week for some obvious reasons we all know. As we saw in last Friday's episode, he hugged Khushi which continued this Monday. It was damn annoying to see him act like the snake he is. For God's sake, his wife is pregnant! And the only look I saw on his face when he heard the news was malice.Ouch He wasn't the slighest bit happy. Instead, he was challenging Arnav there and then. Can anyone be more disgusting? If a man does not respect fatherhood, then what else will be respect?

Secondly, all week we experienced the clashes between Arnav and Shyam. Honestly, he should be scared of his brother-in-law but I guess he is so involved in Khushi that he doesn't seem to care what will happen to him when his wife and her family find out his truth. Another thing which is highly irritating.

However, it was nice to see his pained face when he saw the married couple(Arnav-Khushi) in Friday's episode. Serves him right for being the pathetic guy he is. It will be nice to see how he deals with the situation and the fact that he can't do anything at all. Khushi is married!  Thank God. Well, that's it for this week. Adios! See you guys next week.

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. Hope u guys are having an amazing weekend and still watching friday's epi...its was amazing wasn't it...Now Finally our ArHi are a married couple...!!Embarrassed

So coming to the point this week's funniest character award goes to NK again...yes since Khushi is mostly at the pool side with Arnav or dealing with that psycho Shayam she doesn't get much time to crack NK is taking full advantage of the situation and bagging this award for his not so very smart jokes..!!
 All i can say is with NK gone i have no idea about wat's going to happen to this amazing award..Khushi would be too busy with Arnav to crack jokes *ahem ahem hum tum iak kamara main band hoo*  and the rest of the family would be busy with their emotional attyachaar on ArHi so no hope for this award category..lmao...i shud just change it to the most falto character award...that way Mami would be getting an award every week...!!Shocked
 So yea m done with my weekly blabber...see you guys next week...till then take careWink

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credit for pics : shybabe Wink

Mr and Mrs. RAAizAAdAA.. walk hand in hand..Embarrassed

Blood - red eyes, tears flowing from one, boiling with anger.. close up Kudos photographer!! Clap i am guessing Barun's a photographer's delight Wink

You slap my wife?!? Shocked Angry (Garima, you are gone LOL) controversial pic, but nevertheless, no taking credit away from the crew and the actor for getting that shot right..


This week the Costume of the Week goes to our two brides. There is no arguments that both the sisters are super-pretty and this week, they were the best dressed as well!!



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oh teri bloopers ko maro goli!(was my first reactionLOL) Haven't yet digested the fact! ARHI are married!! Gosh can u believe it??still trying to figure how PHasht they are..WinkEmbarrassed


okay coming to the point since its my job im here with some of the bloopers to fill this section up ..LOL


yeh kya?khushi ki nail polish plays hide and seek Shocked, when she hands over the thal to Arnav babua the strikingly bright red nail paint hits your eye and when they're married and back to RM it vanishes..ahemm she went through manicure before taking the pheras with hotwa.hehe..chalta hai chalta hai,we forgive u editing teamLOL

^^aaah at the pic above *forgets everything and stares at the dreamy hand-in-hand pic* Day Dreaming


*shakes herself back to realityPinch and moves on*ahan of course like im sure all of you must've noticed about the horrendous sound dubbing in yesterday's episode Confused didn't think of anything better haan  CV's??like what major help Arnav will have to terminate the evil in the form of Shyam in 6 months??atleast 9 months hota i could understand, maybe after the baby's born he might kick shyam outta his di's life..ugggh sorry guys this is explanation is not part of the blooper but just my two cents on the six months contract thing..hehe got carried away..(kya karun ,no hosh-o-hawas coz of these two)


another insane observation of mine..ermm Ermmwhen Arnav screech stops his car,its in the middle of the road and zhen you zhee his car slightly shifts to the corner  as in when he RoaRSSS and when he falls hard on the ground weeping ..okay lame i know,but you guys cant blame me,Arnav babua was so nailing in this scene couldn't help but watch this scene again and again...

warning: zhee obzerve the road in the snapshots not apun ka bechara arnavOuch Embarrassed


so long fellwas..have a great weekend ahead..

Pride and Glory 
" A New Journey Of Love "

The silent murmurs of winners 'gains
Who pitted hearts against their brains,
They had their moments like any other couple
Going through some heavy Storms breaking up and making up,
For love doesn't come easily always as a shining gardens,
Life is a Risk she took a chance and bows down her head,
Sometimes you feel like your emotions cover you like tidal waves, 
Leaving you stranded within a lonely dying dream,
Glory sacrificed her life for her only beatific sister,
Like the pooling of the tides, brutal waters advance and retreat,
Surge of despair pulling out into murky abyss of pain
They slammed once more onto the rocks by fate,
Now, Glory is in safe hands of Pride's ring,
For all she hates are now in the oceans of wings,
Life slipping through weak fingers
Eyes clouded, melted by words of anger
Images of what once are dance in shadows
Upon the sandy shores of the spirits ocean,
Hands in hands in safest circle of love perpetually,
But the Pride didn't meant to hurt her,
He didn't mean to hurt her he didn't mean to make her cry
He  didn't mean to fall in love, He didn't mean for trap up in fire,
He didn't mean what he said he didn't mean it at all
He didn't mean to make her fall,
His love, affections is preserved in the sea shells,
He hates her , but he love her with silent pain,
If she hates her , she lovers her more than hatred,
Wrapped in vintage sheets along with dreams of thorns,
Pain is reflecting at both sides of brinks,
Whenever she find herself alone he found him all the time nearby,
Coz till the eternity they have bound together as one.
Their endless love is just like an eternal star who never blinks dark.
They entwined forever ... They entwined forever ...


Hello Guys am back with the dialogue of the week... Well though this dialogue made us quite emotional but it also makes us a bit happy.. Khushi's dialogue when she says yes to ASR
Ruk jaaeaye, hum Aapse shaadi karenge... par hamari jiji ki shaadi mat todiaye
I guess this was quite high lighting... Shows the pressure on khushi and also the care she has for Payal... Meet u guys next week 

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Here's your gift!


By: Dangelz 
Here's your gift <33

Made by: Sano88

Here is ur gift


Made by: -Atiya-

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed


Here's your gift!!

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Here is ur gift

This week started out okay-ish. Finally Arnav knows the real Shyam and the real story begins! This week will have to be 4/5. Shyam's plan failed too and ArHi got married as well. The pain Arnav went through in the beginning was worth watching. Like, it touched the heart but still, I was expecting a bit of punching to Shyam. Angry Oh well... Also, the filler episodes on Monday and Tuesday cut down. Next week, maybe better. They now have reason to be together and the main tagline finally comes in the box. Cool  But still think they could have done bit better...? Ermm Both sacrificed for their sister. Nice co-incidence na? We'll meet next time.
Take care and be safe Hug 

Well this week you guys have left me in a state that I am left confused. Okay this time my list is lil bit long
>> We want u people to KILL SNAKE. since I have been requesting you since forever and it is always going to top my list
>>We want some ArHilicious moments now
>>Now please be stickied to your tagline as people are still attached to the show all thanx to that tagline
>>And we people are expecting dragging and fillers so please prrove us wrong.

Okay now the thing is that we guys have accepted this marriage track open heartedly and we are just loving it.Big smile

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