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KYPH - Update for 18th April, 2005

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Finally, Finally, Finally…..We get to see Angad and Kripa…..together!!! And boy, do they blow the screen away with their Chemistry or what!!! But its Angad who takes the cake, his mere presence is enough to evaporate everything around him, and it seems that he is only one present in the scene, that is the amount of screen presence he has!!! A great episode and an even greater one is awaited tomorrow, when Kripa will slap the living daylights out of Angad…….and he will raise his hand to slap her in exchange! We got to see the three principal characters together today….Angad, Kripa and Prithvi and it goes without doubt, who is going to be scene-stealer of this show! The most important thing, from now onwards, the story is going to focus on Angad and Kripa and their intense rivalry (which will eventually turn into friendship and then into love, but as of now, just watch the screen explode with fireworks!)


The episode begins with Kripa leaving the Outhouse for the Academy, where she meets up with Harshini (the other girl has been changed, the new one is ions better!), as these two leave for the Academy, Kartik's Car draws near them and surprise of surprise, Kartik tell Kripa that he will drop both of them to the Academy. Kripa is naturally surprised, but then politely declines. Kartik just ignores her saying no and insists on dropping them.


While on the way, Kartik stops the Car infront of the ''Soul Music Studio'' and Kripa is taken aback. On asking, Kartik tells her that he has some work at the Studio, he will wrap it off and then drop both of them at the Academy. Kartik then very sweetly offers the girls that they can both have a look at the Studio and some recording that is going on inside. Kripa is initially apprehensive, but Harshini gets pretty excited and then both of them follow Kartik to the studio. Kartik seats both of them in the reception area and vanishes. As Kripa looks around, her heart stops for a moment, as the Studio is full of Angad's pictures and Kripa realizes that she is unable to look at them. She avoids the memories of that eventful night which changed her whole thinking and attitude towards Angad and then tries to shut her eyes toward his pictures. Just then, the scene, that I was waiting for ANGAD'S BOOMING VOICE IS HEARD FROM OUTSIDE!


As an excited Harshini and an anxious Kripa looks sideways, they watch Angad entering the reception area looking like a Million Dollors! He is dressed in his trademark Denim jeans and jackets and has one of his ears pierced, he has a very attractive neck-piece and his hair is casually parted. Angad is completely oblivious to both the girls, as he walks toward the main Studio, he is greeted by Mannan (looking very cute, btw) and both of them sort of share a joke. Kripa is still stunned at the shock of seeing Angad again, and she remembers the same night once more and figets around very uncomfortably. Then in a very cool scene, Angad suddenly notices Kripa and Harshini and in the cutest manner possible, asks Mannan that, ''Yaar yeh dono ladkiyan kaun hai, pehle toh kabhi nahin dekha.'' Mannan lets out a small laughter and says, ''Yaar left waali ka toh pata nahin, magar jo ladki right par bethi hai, tu use kaise bhool gaya.'' Angad gets very curious and still smiling mischievously, he wonders aloud to Mannan that is she one of his ex-girlfriends or what. Mannan is very amused and says that, rack your brains buddy and remember who she is. Angad is like, is she someone whom he knows from the US, Mannan is now really enjoying and he keeps grinning and saying no, then Angad asks if he knows her from Australia or UK, Mannan says that come closer buddy. Angad has a very surprised expression on his face and says, no way, I know this girl from Mumbai, that's impossible, ''Yeh kaunsi waali girlfriend hai, yaar?'' Mannan now bursts out laughing and says that she is the same girl with whom you were caught in the Outhouse when you had fallen over her and a major controversy was averted in the last moment. Mannan then says that she is Kripa, your Dad's old friend's daughter. Angad has a ''Oh, so that is who she is….interesting, very interesting'' type of look and then gets a naughty glint in his eyes and whispers in a very conspiratorial manner to Mannan, that, ''Yaar ab is ladki se toh ek official mulakat karni hi hogi, she deservers this.'' (Cocky chap, this one is!) Mannan is like, whatever you say buddy. Angad very confidently strides towards Kripa, who looks ready to die, as she watches Angad walking towards her with a partly curious, partly amused expression, Harshini looks like she is going to faint out of excitement, as Kripa gets up,

Angad forwards his hand (he was donning a really cool silver bracelet, looked especially good in his arms!) and smiling (again he has a curious look on his face) says, ''Hi, I am Angad.'' Kripa just keeps looking at him, and then she remembers the first time she had seen Angad on stage and he had touched her hands while hi-fying with his fans and then she remembers the night when Angad had come to the Outhouse and thrown his jacket on her face and then how he had tripped and fallen over her, then she remembers his interview in which he had waxed eloquent about love and then she remembers the night he had got that girl with him to the Outhouse and all that tirade of his against love. Kripa's petrified face turns into one filled with disgust and loathing and she just utters a curt ,''Hi'' and walks away from Angad, who is completely taken unawares. Harshini is like, whats' wrong with you Kripa, and as a very surprised Mannan looks on, Angad is just so stunned that he is unable to react, he then turns back to look at Mannan and has a, what's up with her, kind of expression.

Kripa refuses to look at Angad, while Mannan walks towards him and whispers, howz that for a change. Angad gives a, oh yeah, I have seen that routine before, kind of look, while Mannan grins and says that, oh she is one of those playing hard to get types, ''Tujhe impress karne ke chakkar mein hai''. Mannan lets out a Catty smile and says (I loved the way he says this line), ''Yaar, yeh jo playing hard to get waali types hoti hain naa, they are the easiest to get in the end.'' And both Mannan and Angad break out laughing, while Harshini goes to Kripa and asks her what has gone wrong with her. By this time Anu Mallik, the big bore, has made his entry and after some amount of back-slapping and general bonhomie, Anu and Angad go inside the recording room for session along with Mannan in tow. Harshini tells Kripa, that Angad being such a huge rock star personally came to her and wished her, she did not even have the courtesy to shake hands with him and gave him such a cold response, what would he be thinking of her. Kripa refuses to say anything, but her eyes well up with tears as she keeps thinking of Angad's night out with that girl (the scene keeps flashing infront of her eyes).

Simultaneously, Angad is shown recording for some song, and he complains rather sweetly to Anu Mallik that why is he always given these soppy, love songs to record and why not something different. Anu Mallik chides him back playfully that Love is an all time bestseller and that Angad's voice suits love songs. Angad is like, yeah whatever and then completes the record session. Anu Mallik is shown to be very happy and tells him that Angad should never forget that love is his forte and that his fortune lies in singing such songs. Angad then walks out of the studio, Harshini and Kripa are still seated there, while Kripa is thinking of the times when she was in Nainital and had bruised her leg to get home quickly so that she would not miss Angad's concert and then she thinks of his pic that she had hidden under her pillow, and then she is not able to stop her tears. Harshini asks her what is it that is bothering her so much, to which Kripa says that (lovely dialogue) ''Angad mera aadarsh tha, who insaan tha jiski mein itni izzat karti thi, jab apne aadarsh ko apni hi aankhon ke saamne jhoota bante dekho, toh dil par kya goozarti hai, who tum nahin samaj paaogi.'' Harshini who is not aware of the background is not able to understand but gets an idea that something has occurred between Angad and Kripa that has broken her spirit in such a way. Angad comes out of the recording room, and his cell phone rings, as Kripa listens to his conversation, he is shown to talk to some girl and then fixes up a date with her at 8 in the evening and then very casually plops his phone back. Just then some cheap looking girl enters (wearing a strange outfit!!!) and Angad goes like, ''Oh No'' (he looked very cute in this scene, quite reminiscent of Saif Ali Khan from Dil Chahta Hai!) while the girl goes all ga ga over him and tells him that they have to go tonight for a date. Angad very seriously tells her that he has to go out for Dinner with Mom and Dad (Sure, sure!) at 8 today and hence he wouldn't be able to make it. The girl is highly disappointed and tells Angad that he is always avoiding her, Angad has a bored expression on his face and somehow disperses her off and then heaves a sigh of relief. Kripa is now positively disgusted as Mannan comes from behind and both he and Angad make fun of the girl who just went out (Boys, I tell you….) Kripa just stand up and walks straight out with Harshini in tow, who has now understood what is so bothering Kripa.


Cute little Prithvi is shown to sit and stare at his notebook, he is apparently trying to complete his poem, but his concentration is someplace else. As he repeats the lines of the poems, he keeps remembering Kripa garlanding him and he blushes to himself (that was really cute!) Just then Mishti comes from behind, looking really smart, and hugs him and calls him, ''Bhaiyaa.''(So, our guess that Mishti and Prithvi are siblings is correct after all!) Both the brother and sister are shown to share a very affectionate relationship and they both pull each other's legs, Mishti is shown to have deep respect and love for Prithvi, whom we get to know is basically a very shy, introverted person, but highly regarded by everyone around. Mishti teases Prithvi about getting a girlfriend for himself and that he is way to straightforward and decent for these times. Prithvi is like, ok, ok, now don't start again. They both leave for the academy.


As soon as Kripa exists outside the Studio, a hoard of Media persons encounter her and barrage her with questions on how she feels to get a break with Angad, and how did she manage such an opportunity. Kripa is shell-shocked and is shown to go blank, as she tries to grapple with the onslaught of the Media on her. Just then Kartik comes from behind and protects her from the journo's and takes her to a corner, where he scolds her for coming out of the Studio. Kripa is still shocked and asks Kartik what were these people talking about, Kartik gives her a very cold look and tells her that they have decided to launch her in Angad's next album, Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai and that she should thank her lucky stars to be getting such a break, when half the world outside was struggling to reach someplace. Kartik tells her that rehearsals will began from tomorrow morning and that she better be on time. Harshini and Kripa leave for the Academy in Kartik's Car.


Kripa and Harshini are shown to be in a bitter argument, where Kripa tells Harshini very stubbornly that she will never sing along with Angad. Harshini is irritated and tells her that why is she being so pig-headed and people dream all their lives to get such a big break and that Kripa is unnecessarily making a mountain out of a mole hill. Kripa gets very emotional and replies back to Harshini that she came to Mumbai to learn Music and not make a career, she says that she is not ambition and that is the way she is. Harshini explains to her that, she should be grateful to the Khanna's who have given her such an opportunity and that it was her dream to meet Angad, now she will actually be singing along with him, what else can she want. Kripa tells Harshini that for every note she sang,  the Music within her began and ended with Angad and that he was the reason she wanted to sing and her passion of music started with him. But after all that she has seen of Angad, the way he treats people, his corrupt values and morals, his belief in the non-existence of love, she is badly let down and that she cannot dream of singing, especially along with him. Kripa says that she has got over her obessession of Angad with great pain and difficulty and that she does not want to take a chance where Angad would once again come into her life. Harshini says that it doesn't matter what Angad turned out to be, the fact is if Kripa is truly over Angad, then she should have no problems whatsoever singing along with him, he should not make any difference to her. Kripa has no answer to this and then Harshini in a mood to cheer her up takes her for a cup of coffee to the College Canteen. As Kripa and Harshini walk down the College Campus, a host of other students and professors congratulate Kripa on her good fortune to sing along with Angad and Kripa is again put off.


As Harshini and Kripa are sitting on some table, Mishti comes along and very cheerfully greets them both and congratulates Kripa very heartily and tells her that she is indeed very lucky to get a chance to sing with a super-star like Angad. Kripa feels very awkard and excuses herself to get Coffee for all of them.

Mishti is very surprised by Kripa's behavior and asks Harshini what is up with her, she looks so disappointed instead of looking excited, Harshini is not able to reply back. As Kripa gets the Coffee and turns around, she accidentally bumps into Prithvi and the Coffee falls onto his Shirt. Prithvi is stunned and keeps looking at Kripa, and then remembers the garland scene once again and a smile spreads over his face. Kripa is very embarrassed and aplogises to him, and in a very sweet manner asks him if she can wipe the stain off. Prithiv is shown to blush and says that its ok, he will manage. Mishti who is looking from far wonders what has gone wrong with Prithvi and that the time when she had poured Coffee over him by mistake, he had taken her to task the whole day, something is definitely fishy! Mishti and Harshini walk towards them and Mishti introuduces Kripa and Harshini to Prithvi, who smiles at Kripa and tells Mishti that he knows her very well, she had infact said, ''I love you'' to him, Mishti is wide-eyed, as Kripa very quickly says that, nothing like that, it was a bet with Anita. Prithvi laughs and says that he was just joking, nothing like that, but they have met before. As Mishti looks at Prithvi looking at Kripa with admiration, she lets out a smile. Kripa and Mishti both leave for some work, while Harshini gives a long-lost expression to Prithvi and introduces herself. Prithvi is still looking at Kripa who has long gone now, but very politely greets Harshini and asks her what is your friends name, to which Harshini says Kripa. Prithvi repeats her name and tells himself, what a beautiful name.


Naina is telling Kartik that Angad's World Tour is about to begin in two months and that she doesn't want Kripa around at that time. Kartik assures her that by that time, Tanya will be back from the US and then they can easily replace Kripa. Also the Media and the Public would have forgotten all this issue by then. (Tanya is apparently the lead singer along with Angad for all his Albums and Songs)


The next scene shows Kripa (looking ethereal in a red salwar kameez) along with Kartik in the studio, where he is giving her some instructions about the song and tells her that she has to be on time everyday and as she is the lead singers, the others will follow suit. Kripa is first shown to be a little anxious, then as she starts singing (basically a very melodious, classical version of the title track) she closes her eyes and remembers Angad, all the moments she had spent thinking of him, when she had seen him, met him and then the bad ones. Initally as Kripa sings, everyone around her is surprised, including Kartik, and some other guy who looks very impressed, Kripa keeps singing with gusto (she just sings the note, not the actual song, btw) and then she closes her eyes and her tune goes some other way (she does not go off-note, but starts singing on another tune) and the chorus group and the others present are stunned and everyone stops and starts listening to her. Kripa is completely unawares as she is shown to be totally mesmerized and singing with full passion. As she stops and opens her eyes, she is astounded to look at Angad standing real close to her (has an awesome, powerful, passionate, angry look in his eyes) and staring at her real hard. The episode ends on Kripa's shaken face.


The Promo of tomorrow's episode shows, Angad passing some dirty comment on Kripa and she losing her cool and giving him one tight slap. Angad looking like he has been hit by a 100 ton brick, then getting a really cold, outraged expression on his face and raising his hands to slap her back…..


Awesome Episode, but I think tomorrow's episode will definitely take the Cake! Iqbal was just superb, he seems to be made for this role, everything from his smoldering good looks, to the boredom in his voice, to the naughty twinkle in his eyes and of course that one in a million voice just screams…ANGAD. Kripa was excellent again, but she seems to lose sheen infront of Angad's towering presence, he looks just too much for her!!! But Neha does a really good job of Kripa, her emoting abilites are very good, its only her dialogue delivery which falters a bit! There is no doubt about the fact, that Angad and Kripa share a wonderful screen chemistry, the scene in which Angad gives his hand to her to say hello, was just awesome! A special mention about Kartik, who acts very, very well! I seem to warm up to him now, he looks like a very complex character to me! The new Harshini is pretty good, but she looks very mature. Misti looked young today, but definitely not like Prithvi's younger sis! Amit  fits the role of Prithvi to the T, he has an air of quite dignity and decency about him, something which makes him so endearing and adorable! His acting is just ok till now, nothing great, but he does look the part! Finally a episode, which left me exhilarated!

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thanx chilly i got 2 say u r sooooooooo gud wid words and updates are awesome



kool*kariya* Goldie

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Posted: 18 April 2005 at 11:07am | IP Logged

thanx for da update chilly i got 2 say u r sooooooooooo gud with ur words

great update Smile


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Thanx a million chilly...have been meaning to say this ...your updates are just awesome and i cant live without em!!! i hope i am able to leave early from work tom so that i can watch KYPH... ifnot then i guess the alarm will be switched on for 2:30 am!!! go gayee hoon na mein pagal!

Take Care & Keep it up.


Jots Goldie

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wow chillyflakes, brilliant update one of the best updates ive ever read Big smile. Dont mind me asking but are you or were you a student of english literature or lang, because that was just brilliant.

Thanks once again

Jots Big smile

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Hi chilly,

Awesome update!

Which part of India are you from? are you a journo or something?cos your queen's language is just as impeccable and the way you use it is quite absorbing!

I hope you did not mind my questions...Just got curious, that's all....Smile

Chal then...take care..

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omg this is getting really interesting yaar i cant wait for tomorrow

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