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Monday 20th February 2012

ayyo ayyo indha serial ayyayyO
oru episode kaNda nEraththil ellaam ayyayyO
mudhal part paarkkumpOdhu ayyO
reNdaavadhu part varumpOdhu ayyO ayyO
oru naaL episode mudivadharkkuL
engaL nilamai haiiyayyO....

Jayanthi comes to see Amudha.  Complains to Amudha about NRL.  Amudha feels NRL's anger is justtified. So will you support her is Jayanthi's question.  No one can change the headwriting is Jayanthi's verdict (adhu ennavO romba seri - engaLudhavida mOsamaana headwriting vEra yaarukku irukkamudiyum) Inform about the murder of the damager.  Amudha did read it in the newspapers.  Good man he was certifies Jayanthi.  He wanted to meet Amudha regarding some file.  He did speak to Jayanthi around 7 pm.  The post mortem report says the death should have occured around 9 pm.  Amudha is sweating.  Amudha says that the Manager never came.  Jayanthi did not inform the police about the manager wanting to ask Amudha about the file.  Why not is Amudha's question.  Anyway the police will be there to enquire Amudha is Jayanthi's thought.   Since Amudha works in the same office it would be a formality by the police.  Amudha wants to know about the gossip / talk in the office about this death.  People will talk a million things, we should not bother about it feels Jayanthi.  

Jayanthi visited Amudha because there was no call from Amudha.  Amudha says she is unwell, food poison, Jayanthi starts questioning about the food poisoning .  (This Jayanthi is getting on my nerves) Jayanthi informs that the manager is AC SR's cousin, she has promised to find the culprit in 10 days time.  Whatever, cant bring the dead man alive is Jayanthi's parting shot.  Amudha asks her to have coffee, Jayanthi refuses.  On her way down the stairs, she stops to look at a pensive Amudha, feels something wrong with Amudha, vows to find the truth.

Omni comes in her chariot auto to RR couriers.  Asks for Amudha, a girl there asks who is Omni (aahaa... Omniya paarththu nee yaarunu kEttutta...) Omni says Amudha's aNNi.  Amudha has resigned a week ago. Aren't you aware asks the employee.  Omni wants to know if there was any problem.  The girl is not sure.   Omni says would call and talk to Amudha.   Sees AC SR in conversation with Jayanthi in the cabin.   The girl asks if CM wants to talk to Jayanthi.  No, Omni knows AC SR - she would talk to her.  In the cabin AC SR warns that Jayanthi is hiding something, she would bring it out although Jayanthi is repeating as if on a record mode.  Jayanthi has nothing to hide so is not scared.  AC SR feels that the very word scared is scaring Jayanthi.  She comes out of the room sees CM asks how here?  Jayanthi comes running behind and asks how is Amudha?  Amudha is doing well replies CM.   AC SR asks CM if she has come to courier something.  No, Amudha was working here, came to see, but she has resigned itseems.  Who is Amudha is the next question from AC SR.  avarOda thangachchi comes the reply.  The one whom I saw at the hospital confirms AC SR.  YesOyes replies CM.   Jayanthi is SBT.  AC SR says her cousin was the manager here and was murdered last week.  Hence the investigation.  Omni becomes thoughtful - calculating something?? CM takes leave.

Now AC SR asks Jayanthi if she knows CM.  Yes, but how is the next question.  Do you know her when she came to meet Amudha?  Just know that she is Amudha's aNNi .  Is that all AC SR prods.  Jayanthi says about Amudha's misunderstanding with her husband and she having lodged at Jayathi's place.  The party where CM stormed in to slap Amudha and take her away.  CM also shouted choicest words at the manager goes a descriptive Jayanthi.  AC SR being AC SR asks until sometime ago Jayanthi until sometime ago was claiming that nothing was wrong.  Once the interrogation gets done AC SR is sure she would get much more info from Jayanthi, takes her into the cabin again.

Thavasi (SS's father) is on the phone with some one, is happy that the mission was completed successfully.  SS joins her dad, who finishes the phone conversation and turns to SS saying maapps job in Delhi was done successfully.  Was Beach the one talking asks SS.  No he has people at different places.  Thavasi confirms that their wedding would take place the next week.  Both of them shocked  to see someone at the door.  Enters Kamini asking if they would ditch him too after their work gets done.  SS turns her face away.  Kams asks what SS did for Kams, although Kams went to prison because and for SS.  Now that you are out what does it matter is SS's retort.

SS asks Kams to get out.  Kams says SS does not have a bone in her body that is thankful.  Thankful for what?  Kams got paid even for the job she did not do.  Kams reminds that she did not mention SS's name to the police.  Go and tell them now SS barks.  Thavasi intervenes, asks sorry to Kams.  Kams wants to settle down in her village, she wants a big amount.  Again SS wants to know if Kams thought she has money bags in her house.  Thavasi again intervenes.  Today they do not have money, but the next week SS & Beach are getting married.  Once the wedding takes place, SS will have the money that Beach has begun reaping in business now.  He would pay Rs.5 hundred thousand to Kams.  Kams is all pallu (thamizh pallunga not hindi (sari) pallu)  SS is fuming.  

Kams wants to know if she can believe Thavasi.  If Thavasi does not pay then she can do whatever she wants to do.  Kams believes in Thavasi's words, advices SS to be like her father and leaves.  Once she goes near the gate remembers that she forgot to ask where to meet and collect the money.   Returns.  Inside the house SS is firing Thavasi for accepting to donate Rs. 5 hundred thousand.  Thavasi says just because he said he is not going to give.  Next week is the wedding, don't make enemies now.  All this is heard by Kams - who mutters salah.  After the wedding Thavasi is going to get a dobberman breed dog to bite Kams if she even tries to enter the house.  SS says sorry to her father.  Please go ahead with your plans she encourages Thavasi.  Outside the house Kams wants to seek revenge - in a week's time will make these two run like dogs.


Updates by Shree


Sneha and thavasi talking...Thavasi says i'll buy a doberman dog and kadikka vittufy kamini...Sneha laughing...outside kamini overhears this and gets angry...U ppl are planning to kill me?...Wait and watch...ungala dog maadhiri oda vidren...She elaves...

Kamini's place...Kamini kaduppa sitting and recalls sneha and thavasi dog talk...Then shouts like a hysteria patient..yei sneha...u will happily with that beach...I should fight with dog aa?...mein nahi chodungi tumhe...I'll never let  u to marry beach...U will know kaamini then...

Takk takk...Someone at her oorstep...kamini opens the door and scene shifts ...

Vasu'shouse...pols officer Sivaranjani comes there and asks for amudha...Visagam asks why...SR says we are here for investigation...Calls amudha...Amudha comes out and shcoked to see police there...

Then she welcomes SR and asks enna matteru?...SR says we are here to invsetigate about courier office manager...He is u know that...Amudha says yes...newspaper la padichen...So u know this news only thru newspaper??..>Asks SR...Amduha says ...becoz iam not working there..i hav resigned...

SR asks abt manager...Amduha says sir rombha nallavaru...SR says i know him better than u...SR tells visagam to go out or come to police station...Visagam goes out...and starts polambing...

Inside...SR asks the reason for her resgining...Amduha says my mamiyar not well...adhaan ...Sr asks abtjeyanthi...Amduha says was with her at her place for sometime...vera onnum illai...She is not ur good friend aa?asks SR...Amduha says we r good friends...But not so close...

SR says jeyanthi character not good nnu sonnanga...what r u saying abt that?...Amduha says i dontanything  abt her...SR asks...Kolai nadandha ppo enga irundheenga?...Amudha says at home...SR says ok and gets up to leave...She warns her to tell only the truth...and leaves 

CM's house...CM and pearl konjufying baby...Kaamini comes there...CM asks who r u?engayo partha nyabagam...Kamini says iam kamini...KOnjam days back-baby kaanum-Baby ungakitta irukku-oru ladu baby ya vaangittu poche--that lady naandhaan...CM says how is the baby now?...

Kamini says sheis here to talk abt thebaby..CM says enna venumnalum ask...i'll try to help u...Kamini silent...CM says sollung ma...Baby is missing ma...CM shocked...Then asks u should go to police station...what r u doing here?

amini says kanama ponadhu ur baby...Cm says   my baby is with her dad...DOnt blabber...Kamini kenjufying...Madam pls beleive me...that is ur baby...CM gets angry and shouts...u r acting...unnai yaaru anupinadhu?...My ist baby is dead...kamini says ur hisband poi sollirukaru...

CM now super angry and shouts...DOnt talk wrong abt my husbandhe is agem...Kamini asks neenga andha baby aa partheengala?...CM still angry...kamini gives the details abt the hospital and baby birthday date...CM still angry...The kamini talks abt sneha and thavasi...Sneha dhaan indha plan potta...She wants to take revenge on u...So she decied to kidnap ur baby...naandhaan baby aa kidnap senjen...CM gives a super tight slap to kamini...



Updates by Selva

Wednesday 22/02/2012
The scene opens with Kamini telling the flashback of kannamma kadathal from hospital and all thillalangadi works done by Sneha. CM on hearing this gives one tight slap to Kamini. Kamini falls at her feet and ask for forgiveness. CM asks her why she is telling the things now. Kamini updates that she had did all nalla kaariyam to Sneha but she ditched her. So to wash all her sins she is telling the truth to CM. CM ore staring on Kamini. She goes inside her room. Kamini with smile (Don't know whether its evil smile for CM or Sneha)leaves from CM's home. CM takes her purse and leaves somewhere.
In Sneha's home she is asking Thavasi about Beach's return from Delhi. He tells Beach will return in few days and Sneha's marriage will happen by sure. CM comes like a Sooravali and shouts at Sneha.Both get shocked on seeing CM. She asks where she has kept her child.
Sneha and Thavasi replies they dont know about that. Sneha tells CM to search her child in Well or water tub as it might have fallen on that. CM tells she is asking for her second child. Sneha gets shocked but manages and tells that the whole world knows its dead. CM tells she knows the baby is alive and asks her patiently to tell the truth. Sneha tells she dont know about that. CM pleads but Sneha doesn't pudge. She tells she will tell where the baby is and tells that it is in graveyard and asks her to take her baby from there. CM gets furious and gives a 'Palaar'. Thavasi gets shocked. CM again gives one slap and Sneha falls down. CM holds her neck and blackmail her to tell the truth. Thavasi comes to save her. CM scolds him too. She holds her neck tight and Sneha calls Thavasi to save her. Thavasi goes aside and calls someone.
CM takes knife and meratufy Sneha. Thavasi stops her and tells if she kills them then no one will update about the child. CM asks them then they have know the place where her baby is.She pleads them to tell the truth but Sneha tells CM has slapped her and so she wont tell about the baby. Thavasi comes forward to tell the truth after drinking water. He mocks that he drinks water. Then he comes to CM to leave Sneha but CM tells she will leave after they tell the truth. Meantime Police van arrives. Inspector sees CM holding knife and he arrests her. He asks Thavasi and Sneha to come to Police Station and give a complaint.
In Police station he asks CM why she did that. CM tells they have kidnapped her baby. Thavasi interferes and tells CM doesn't like Sneha to marry Beach and thats why CM taking revenge on her. CM tells Kamini only tells that Sneha is having her baby. Sneha gets shocked on hearing Kamini's name. Thavasi madakufies CM that then why CM didn't bring Kamini here. Inspector also asks the same question and CM couldn't answer for that.
Screen Frezzes on CM with tears...


Updates by eclat

Thursday 23rd February 2012

At the police station, Thavasi  puts on act of how CM would have killed his daughter but for the police arriving on time.  CM with tears tells of her asking about her baby to SS, it was Thavasi who made her over react.  The inspector will ask the details later, for now go and practice kambi counting, CM wants to have a word with AC SR.  Inspector wants to know if AC SR knows CM (nakkalaa inspector - aduththa serial la nee kedayaadhu mavanE)  The inspector allows CM to make the call, Thavasi tries to object, Inspector is confident for most of them who come there try to drop names in vain.  Let us see what AC SR has to say.  SS & Thavasi a little uncomfortable.  AC SR picks the call, asks why CM calling from the police station number.  Because CM is in a problem now, she updates begining from asking SS and slapping and ends with landing in the police station.  Why did you do this in a hurry CM asks AC SR, usually you do consult me she chides.  It was because of that Kamini who came and said that my second child is alive and that she kidnapped.  AC SR confirms that the second child is alive.   But Madam how do you know asks CM.  Vadai with the hole did tell her.  right to left and left to right - the camera pans on CM's face.  SS & Thavasi begin kneading.  

The conversation between AC SR & CM continues - Vadai had come 10 days ago to AC SR when they had publicised after nabbing a gang who kidnapped babies.  The 2nd twin was kidnapped at the time of birth, when Vadai was asked why the complaint was not lodged earlier he left in anger.  Black was with him, and Black requested that CM be unaware of it for now.  AC SR scolded him and sent him out.  She herself wanted to disclose it to CM but the murder of her cousin etc. she forgot about this.  But in this matter since so much has happened, AC SR is unable to help, she suggests that CM comes out on bail - so contact your lawyer (haiyyaa jolly namma thaNNi lawyer varuvaarE) CM is sent to the lock up. SS & Thavasi give a victory smile.  CM gives a kaaLi look.

SS writes the complaint to give it to the inspector.  Thavasi takes it from her and says they are not filing the complaint, taking back the complaint.  The inspector asks if they are thinking that police is without any other job.  Thavasi says SS is going to get married to Beach who is CM's brother.  Tomorrow this should not become a problem for his daughter, hence on humanitarian basis they are not filing the complaint.  CM looks keenly at them - trying to find a clue to their plans?? SS tries to get in, but Thavasi keeps her out of the conversation.    CM is let out of the lockup with a request from the inspector to approach them instead of taking it up in her own hands (avanga Omni- avanga appdithaan seivaanga) CM gives the same look at Thavasi & SS before leaving.   SS angrily leaves the station asking her father to follow.  He thanks Mukundan the inspector for helping out in their act, whatever had to reach him will reach him soon, Thavasi promises and leaves.  (kizhinjudhu pO police latchaNam ivvaLavuthaanaa) Outside the police station SS chides her father for withdrawing the complaint.  He would explain it to her on reaching home.

The new siththi is breast feeding the child in the living room.  Maya aaya & mokkai  arrive.  Seththappu paying off the auto.  Aaya comes in asking her to go inside with the baby, she is feeding her baby, why should she go inside.  Aaya tells her that seththappu is paying off the auto.  The new chiththi says the baby will start crying if she stops feeding.  aayaa orE tension.  Chiththappu has an argument with the auto driver.   Chammugam is called for by aaya. Says this female is refusing to go in and feed the baby, if seththappu comes to know then we are all dead meat.  The new chiththi wants a decision to be taken ASAP, how long can she keep it under wrap, the  baby cries for her and she feels very bad.  Chammugam says no time to decide now, but will decide soon.  The new chiththi talks of something called manasakshi, claims that these people dont have that because she was stopped feeding her baby.  Seththappu arrives at the door, looks at the siththi with baby crying on her lap.  Stunned.(chithappu unakku vechchutaangaiyaa aappu)

Chiththappu asking Dhanam confirms with Dhanam that it is the neighbour's baby and not hers.  Dhanam the maanasti is hurt that maama is doubting her. Haven't even thought of anyone else all her life, now that he doubts her she will remain a maiden all her life.  She goes and locks herself in the room.  The crowd outside knock on the door.  Seththappu says sorry, did not doubt her, did not mean it that way.  Dhanam puts the baby on the bed and sits happily.  Chammugam says that Dhanam was always thinking only of Seththappu.  Seththappu too always thinking only of Dhanam (adhuthaan nee dehydrate aagi irukkardhuliyE theriyudhE) he has got her a new sari.  Easwaran is asked to go out by aaya.  She winks at him to say chummaangaatiyum.  Chammugam and Easu move out of the frame.  Aayaa knocks and says all have gone out.  Dhanam opens the door, finds the whole jingbang a little away, begins to close but aayaa lets herself in.  They close the door.  Aaayaa wants Dhanam to act as she says.  Dhanam nods.  Outside Easu seththappu is nondhufied.(idhukkE nondhaa unakku andha mokkaiyOda naamaththa pOdumpOdhu what will you do seththaps??)

The door opens and the two koottukaLavaaNis come out.  Seththapps begins his dehydration, tells Dhanam that he came running (autola runningaa??) to see his Dhanam, was shocked to see her with a baby in hand.  What would you do in my position he questions Dhanam.  He also says sorry.  Dhanam begins her drama saying she is sorry for behaving thus, she is so happy to see him love her this way (enna grehamdaa saamy - reNdupErum ennavO Sivaji-Padmini rangela acting - habbaa...) Chammugam says both of them remind him of Thillana Mohanambal lead pair (adapaavi - my line thirudittiyaa)  Seththappu has arranged for a simple wedding at Thiruvanmayur the next week.  Immediately after the wedding flight to Singapore.  (daytime flight to Singaporeaa - endha airlinesngOv) All okay with it.

CM express's auto reaches Art's house.  Calls for Art .  Vadai saami kumbitting, Art in the kitchen is all smiles to hear her aNNi's voice.  The screen freezes on the avatar of today - KaaLi CM.



Updates by Swash

Friday, Feb 24, 2012 update

Chellams comes puyal vEgam and accuses Vadai of cheating her. He is clueless but shows an angry face. She says why did you hide the fact that my other twin is alive and call her dead? All these days, you know how anguished I was thinking abt this and even looking at all my feelings, you continued to cheat me and this is no place for my daughter to be. She goes inside the bedroom and takes Bharathy and says, I don't want my daughter to be brought up by such a cheating person. She will also turn out to be like you. She calls him yEgavasanthil.

Vadai for his part doesn't feel the least big guilty and says so what? You found out now abt the other twin and I have been looking for her. Chellams says if it had been me, I would have found out long back and even now, I will find her much before you do. Vadai says, no way, I will find her and bring her up or as you are going to, leave Bharathy with me but Chellams screams at him and goes off with Bharathy while KalaivaaNi and vadai run behind her. She even asks Kalai if she knew and when Kalai confirms, spouts venom at her.

Kalai tells dear aNNa that let chellams take bharathy and she will somehow talk to her and try to bring Bharathy on an hourly basis.

Vadai, very angry, relates all to Chithaps and Wood and says he will somehow find his other twin and raise her against her mother. Wood and Kalai try to talks sense to him but he is fuelled by chithaps words too. Wood warns against Chithaps but Vadai says, never mind, I will not go behind chellams for Bharathy. I will find my other twin asap and raise her and Chithaps applauds his decision.

At home, Aavudai comes and sits down and now Chellams comes with Bharathy and informs him abt all. He is shocked. Pearl Beauty comes and asks whose kid is this in your hand, when did you have a child, etc and Aavudai sends her in to look after her Ratna. Aavudai says maybe Vadai is also unaware but chellams says he knows all from the start. Aavudai asks how chellams knew abt this and she says - via Kamini. Why didn't you retain Kamini and then take her to Sneha and ask Sneha in front of her. That would have be made your case more solid and now you don't even know how to reach her. Chellams is also stumped. She cries saying, I don't know how my other twin is and in what shape? Right then, Muthazhaghi comes out holding Ratna and side by side freeze frame of both kids and one comes and wipes Chellams tears and they reach out to each other.


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Thanks Eclat..

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thanks for updates... nothing has changed ... the best part is manager is dead... amutha sould kill her MIL too. shameless woman... always create problem and asked amutha to get out from the house as she bought the with her own money... she should pack her things if dont like amutha.

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Oru klolai snejuttu ivlo cool aa amudha  mattumdhaan pesa mudiyum...

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Does one really slap in a serial / movie? Or is it just a show?
eclat IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Shreenithi

So this week Chellamah will get to know about KaNNamma. (Eclat - chummaa sollakoodaadhu unnOda nambikkaiyai)

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Thanks Selvalakshmi

inimEl only police station scenes.  Amudha case, CM knife showing case, KaNNamma case, Vadai lying case... hssabbaa... AC SR vEra oorukku transfer vaangittu pOidunga...
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Thanks Sree & Selva for the updates.

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