Short story on PhAb romance and kabila meeting

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i think i got inspired from Ameres and the others so decided that i might as well post this story i imagined.  Always thought they had stopped showing phulwa's kabila friends a little abruptly so it's basically based on that and a little PhAb romance.  here goes.Embarrassed

Phulwa was so happy to be meeting her friends after so long.  Since Roshni had found them jobs and settled them down, she hadnt seen them so when Roshni called to say they wanted to meet her, she didnt hesitate even a second.  She called up Abhay to say she wud be back by evening and informed Badi Thakurain, Thakurain and Gauri.  Thakur had been there and his expression was worth seeing.    Roshni picked her up and brought her to the place where the kabila had settled.  It was a big house and it looked like it could accommodate all of them.  Phulwa turned to Roshni at the threshold of the house and thanked her for helping them so much.  Now everyone was settled down in life and no one could make them suffer.  Roshni smiled at her.
"Why are you thanking me Phulwa? They are no longer only your people, they are mine too." Roshni said.
Phulwa nodded and pushed the door.  The minute she crossed the threshold, Babu hugged her out from nowhere.  Phulwa laughed.
"Dheere babu varna meri sari haddiyan todh do ge"
Babu smiled down at her and released her.  Behind him she could see everybody standing with tears of joy in their eyes.  Gayatri Didi, Gunta Ma, Titli, Banwa Kaka, the children, every single person she had missed so much was there.  She ran to Gunta Ma and hugged her.
" Kaisi hai mere beti?" Gnta Ma asked her.
"Main thik hoon Ma. And now that I've met all of you, Im even better."
One after the other, they hugged and kissed her.

Later in the day as Phulwa sat chatting with them, she noticed Gunta Ma looking at her with a worried frown.  She went to sit beside her and placed her hand on hers.
"Kya hua Ma?" she asked
"Nothing, I was just thinking if you were happy living amongst those monsters.  Day and night this thought troubles me. That Thakur and his son Ab.."
Phulwa stopped her by placing her hand on her mouth.
" No Ma. Plz dnt say like that. Abhay is not like Thakur." 
Evrybody fell silent waiting for Phulwa to continue.  Phulwa appeared so distressed to hear Abhay's name spoken with such hatred.  They thought she couldnt care less abt Abhay.
Phuwa then told them how Abhay had been prey to Thakur's ploys and what heartbreak he went through when he learned the truth.  She could not imagine losing him ever and he was now her greatest strength.  Now that he knew abt Thakur, he was more than ever protective of her.
Gayatri smiled with tears in her eyes and put her hand on Phulwa's head.
"I always knew God couldnt be so unfair with you and now that Abhay is on ur side, Im am sure you will be succeful in ur aim."
Everybody nodded their agreement.  Even Roshni who had looked surprised by the news, was overjoyed for Phulwa.  Just as Phlwa started to speak again, they had thunder and after some minutes rain started pouring out in buckets.  Phulwa looked at her watch.  it was still quite early and hopefully by the time she had to go, the rain would stop.  They ate lunch prepared by Gunta Ma together.  Before she put the first morcel i her mouth, Phulwa thought of Abhay and whether he had eaten.  Her hand hung in mid air.
"Kya Jijia.  Har waqt uske saat rehte ho phir bhi uski yaad aa rahi hai.  Concentrate on us for now." Babu teased her.
Phulwa blushed and punch his shoulder playfully.

It was now almost night and the rai showed no signs of stopping.  the roads aroung here were bad as it is and with the rain it would be practically unusable.  Roshni went out nd came back instantly.
"Idnt think we should go back in this weather Phulwa.  The roads will be dangerous." Roshni said to Phulwa.
Phulwa looked uncertain.  She wanted to see Abhay.  he would be home by now and she had told him she would be there.  But she couldnt ask Roshni to drive back in this weather also.
"You will not go anywhere in this weather Phulwa".  Gunta Ma said firmly.
"Gunta is right.  It is better you and Roshni stay back for the night." Gayatri said.
Phulwa started to say she needed to go then thought better of it and nodded.
"I'll phone home and tell them I'll not be back tonight." she told them.

She took her phone from the bag and dialed Abhay's number.  Abhay picked up on the first ring.
"Phulwa. Kahan ho? Kab se tumhara intezaar kar raha hoon." Abhay looked agitated.
Phulwa smiled.
"It's raining too hard and it's not safe to drive back.  Evrybody is insisting I stay and I think I should." Phulwa said half heartedly.
" No.  I come to fetch you." Abhay said adamantly.
Phlwa thought of how Abhay had just gotten well.  She didnt want in any danger however small..
"Aap aisa kuch bhi nahi karenge.  It is too dangerous.  promise me you will not come Abhay". 
Babu snatched the phone from Phulwa's hand.
"Are jiju, hamare jijia ko yahin rehne dijiye na.  She is so scared to hear you will drive hear so uske baat maan li jiye".  babu grinned mischievously at Phulwa.
"Ok.  Tell her I'll not come." Abhay said.
He sounded like he wanted to do the exact contrary.
Babu handed Phulwa the phone back and grinned. "Kaam ho gaya jijia."
"hello Abhay, dnt forget to take your medicines". Phulwa said.
As Abhay started to reply, a crackling sound cam efrom the phone.  Phulwa could barely make out his voice.  She kept saying his hand but after a few seconds the phone went dead.
"Must be because of the weather that the network is down." Roshni told her.
Phulwa looked at her phone longingly and thought of Abhay sleeping in his blue kurta.  She loved watching him in it.  It always made her catch her breath.  She sighed and went to sit on the sofa.

At the haveli
Abhay paced up and down the corridor.  he had been doing that since he talked with phulwa.  The house felt strange without her and he was restless to see her.  Everybody had gone to sleep.  gauri had looked at him with compassion as she went knowing that he would be up all night.  He couldnt sleep witout Phulwa at his side.  He had grown so used having her curled up in his arms with her scent soothing his worries away. He looked at the bed  then turned his head away in frustration.  He spent almost half an hour feeling desperate before he got purposefully and picked up his car keys.  No rain could keep him away from his Phulwa.

At Gunta Ma's

Phulwa lay on the bed listening to the hrash tap of the rain against the window panes.  babu had given her his bed and was sleeping on the floor next to her feet as he used to.
Phulwa turned on her side and tried to sleep but Abhay's face kept coming in front of her evrytime she closed her eyes.  His playful smile tortured her and made her want to touch him but he wasnt really here so she turned listlessly on the bed trying to find a good position to sleep.  She always felt so safe when she slept in Abhay's arms.  
Suddenly, she heard a sound which sounded like a car splashing thorugh water before she heard the driver braking.  She coundnt explain the feeling but she was sure Abhay was here close.  She gt to her feet quickly.  babu stirred up.
"Kya hua jijia?" he asked as he rubbed sleep from his eyes but phulwa was already striding down the stairs.  The doorbell rang.  As she got to the last step, Phulwa could see that evryone had woken up and looked confused.  
"Who can it be at this hour?" Gayatri asked as she moved to open the door.

A dripping wet Abhay stood on the threshold looking sheepish.  His eyes settled on Phulwa.  Phulwa's heart skipped a beat.  She was so happy to see him.  She rushed to his side and pulled him out of the rain.  Abhay shook his wet hair and droplets of water fell on phulwa.
"The alley is too clogged with mud.  I couldnt get the car close to the house in case it got stuck."
Suddenly Phulwa looked annoyed. He had driven all the way here even though he wasnt fully well.  Jitendra always drove him work now to avoid any unnecessary effort from Abhay.  He could walk without any problem but the doctor had told Abhay to be extra careful for the first few months.  But here he was completely soaked and looking happy about it.
"Kya zaroorat thi aapko yahan aane ki? i told you i'll be back tomorrow.  It isnt like i was running away". She said angrily as she wiped his face dry with her saree.
Roshni handed her a towel from behind.  Phulwa took it and rubbed Abha's head dry while she fumed.  Abhay was silent knowing that it wudnt be safe for him to talk now.  Everybody was watching the scene without making a single sound.  They had never seen Phulwa this worked up before..
"Kuch ho jata to? Aapko kisi baat ki parwa nahin hai. Kam se kam hamare baare mein soch liya hota" she continued.
She stopped wiping him dry and stared at him.
Abhay grinned like a little boy while Phulwa frowned.
"if i hant come, I would have missed the opportunity of seeing you in full wife mode."
Phulwa looked at him for a second then threw herself in his arms.  Her heart was beating so fast both with the fear that if this time something had happened to him, she would have died and with the realisation that she wasnt the only one who couldnt live without the other.  As Abhay encircled her in his arms, Phulwa realised how much they needed to be with each other to feel complete.
Roshni cleared her throat and Phulwa pulled away from Abhay's embrace quickly.  Abhay appear to have noticed them for the first time since she had entered the room.  Now he turned towards them.  Nobody looked like they wanted to kill him so he assumed Phulwa must have told them everything. They still looked a little guarded though.
Abhay walked to Gunta Ma first and sat on his heels in front of the sofa she was sitting on.  
"I am ur culprit Gunta Ma. I made you all suffer especially my Phulwa.  Bu believe me i had no idea i was being so wrngly mislead.  I trusted my Father so blindly that i couldnt see the the difference between the truth and lies.  But now that i know, i want to apologize.  I know i am not worthy of your forgiveness but i still want to say that Phulwa is my life now and I'll never let anyone harm her ever."
Abhay's eyes spoke volumes and everybody could see that he was being truthful. Gunta Ma put her hand on his head.
'When Phulwa told me I was happy but still unsure but now that i've seen the love you have for Phulwa in your eyes, I can no longer hold any grudge against you."
Tears of gratitude fell from Abhays' eyes.  he looked at Gayatri saw her smiling and nodding at him.
"We are all happy to c that you are free from ThaKur's lies and in fact we are thankful to you for having given phulwa the happiness she deserves." Gayatri said.
Babu punched his shoulder and grinned at hi.  He could see her jijia was happiest when she was with him and that was enough for him to like Abhay.  He grabbed abhay's hand and help him to his feet.  Abhay smiled at him.
"I shud tell Gauri you dnt appear too heartbroken from her absence" Abhay teased.
Babu laughed.
"Tell her im impatient to meet her. Im looking so happy because my jijia is here." Babu said to him."I am feeling guilty to be taking your jijia away from u so soon but I promise I'll bring her back as soon." Abhay told Babu
Phulwa looked outside.  The rain had slowed down a bit.  Abhay spent some time talking to evrybody before asking them for their leave.
"We shud go now phulwa". he said.
Phulwa nodded.  Gunta Ma waned to tell them to stay back but she could see they wanted to be home so she hugged phulwa and told her to stay happy always.  They all said their byes.  Abhay opened the door.  The whole alley was full of mud.  He had had to remove his shoes before going inside but at least the rain wasnt pounding so hard anymore.  Phulwa came from behind him.
"Why is there so much mud?" she said. 
She started putting her foot gently on the ground when abhay scooped her up in his arms.
"Your servant is ready to take you to the car, Ma'am." Abhay looked at her with love and phulwa cudnt stop looking up at him. e was so beautiful and he was all hers.  
They all looked on as Abhay carried phulwa to the car and gently deposited her on the passenger seat.  Phulwa waved as they drove away.

At the haveli.

Abhay had changed into his blue kurta and walking in their room rubbing his head with a towel.  Phulwa sat on the bed looking at him.  She could never get enough of observing him.  She was so grateful to God for giving him back to her in full health.  Abhay noticed her watching him and came to sit near her.
" What happened? Kapre nahin badal ne hai kya? U r soaked also." 
Abhay wiped a droplet from her eyebrow with his finger.  Phulwa nodded and got up to go in the bathroom but Abhay grabbed her wrist.
"Wait.  I'll help you." he got up too and came to stand in front of her.  Phulwa held still, almost afraid to breathe lest the moment went away.  Abhay ran her hands up her arms and gently placed his forehead on hers.  He looked into his eyes and could see the same unbounded love and trust he had in his eyes reflected in Phulwa's.  He kissed her forehead and Phulwa sighed.  The smallest of touches from Abhay made her whole body tingle.  She closed her eyes as Abhay undid the folds of her saree.

That night abhay took his time before he getting her in dry clothes,in any clothes again for that matter.

Really hope havent made a fool of myself.  Dnt think my writing could be compared to Ameres and the others but still wanted to put down what i imagined.  Dnt hesitate to criticize!!!Smile

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afetr reading ...i am still in the dream land of phab keep on going with such superb scene ...desperately waiting for the nxt scene

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Smileit s really cute scene verygood!ClapDay Dreaming
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WOW  u r tooo goodClapClapClap Congrats yaar ...I dont have words to explain what I am was so well written ..And u didnt frgt anything...I mean Abhay teasing Babu..saying sorry to the kabila wasnt abt only PhAb but it included everyone...that was too good...PLS PLS  write more...will b waiting fr the way u ended it ...abhay taking his time to put her back in her clothes...hai hai when do we gt to see something similar on screenSmile

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*squeal* AAAHHH! Loved it loved it loved it!:DDClapClapClap

It's got everything in it, from the happiness she had at the kabiley, to Abhay's missing her and finally the fact that he came down to them to say sorry:))) Ooof I loved this scene, could just go on reading!:DD

I really loved the way you showed her with her family, and the adorable way Babu affectionately plays with her. Even if he's a fearsome dacoit, at the end he's still her chotte bhai and their love is so apparent in their cutesy scenes:))

Aww the way he snatched her phone away to talk to Abhay - too cute!LOL

He had grown so used having her curled up in his arms with her scent soothing his worries away. He looked at the bed  then turned his head away in frustration. 

His playful smile tortured her and made her want to tough him but he wasnt really here so she turned listlessly on the bed trying to find a good position to sleep.

Ooof!!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Wowee, the way they miss each other so so much when going to sleep...loved the way you've described it:)) Really really cute to see them being so restless for one another...
Aww the image of having her curled up in his arms...and his playful smile is so absolutely adorable:))

Ooof him in his blue kurta again with the rolled up sleeves...! The image is too good itself, you're getting me dreaming once more!Day Dreaming

I really enjoyed reading the way you brought him to apologise to them, truly it's a barrier for him to overcome and it's great to see them accept him for Phulwa's happiness:))

The smallest of touches from Abhay made her whole body tingle.  She closed her eyes as Abhay undid the folds of her saree.

That night abhay took his time before he getting her in dry clothes,in any clothes again for that matter.

WOAHHH I can see the patijee ki bhooke sher mode seems to be on right nowLOLLOL Ooof too hot already!!

It was really really good, you've done a fantastic job and please keep writing more of this!:DD

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nice, well writtenThumbs Up

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Thanks a lot all of u.Smile It's really nice of u guys to like what i wrote.  hpefully when the inspiration comes i'll write moreSmile

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Wowie! FAB job! ClapClap

LOVED reading it! You got all the right elements there from the reunion with the kabila people to Abhay's apologizing, to their sweet moments and oh so hot romance. Everything was just on spot. Excellent work! Thumbs Up

Do write more! :D

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