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DMG SR FF:Love Wager Chapter 2 *Update* *12/20/12*

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Posted: 14 February 2012 at 5:47pm | IP Logged

*Aishu,  Ali, Neetu,and Zaq walk/stumble/careen/make their way onto center stage*

Aishu *clears throat* narration voice:

"Once upon a time, the love, adoration and admiration for one man brought together 4 women from different walks of life and different parts of the world- ok fine, 3 of us are in the East coast of the USA, but come on! We are REALLLYYY far away from each other Unhappy I mean close would be if I could say get into my car, drive for like two hours, and end up at Zaq's house or Neetu Chechi's house, but see I CAN'T! And that part of the deal really sucks cuz-

Neetu *interrupting* :

If it was love for THE Karan Wahi that brought them together, it was their common streaks of MANTALness that held them together. Having excelled in their MANTALness on their own, they now come together to create the highly anticipated, the most MANTAL and the most besharam FF ever in the history of SR land. Presenting to you 4/6th of the Besharam Squad - The MANTAL Mallus - KW's Angels' SR FF Love Wager!!!!!!!!!!

*Aishu squeals in excitement, clapping like London Tipton*

"YAY! US!"

Ali  *studies audience*

Guys...Maybe I'm just talli, but I think some of them forgot who we were...

Zarqu*glaring at the other three*

Maybe it's because Mausam Besharam has died down, seeing as to SOME PEOPLE don't update their ffs!


pffftt, I updated a week ago, hmph.


Yeah, like a page in word, that's like-


ANYWAY, let's introduce ourselves, *cool announcer voice*

Well, there's malluangel, Aishwarya, Aishu, Aish. She's the youngest of the lot but the Lord of Besharami - there ain't no one who can beat her to that title. She'll shock you with her treasure trove of info (all thanks to Google and her chaddi buddies) and churn out besharam ideas by the dozen.

Indian_beauty, Zarq, Zaq, Zarqa. Presenting the debut of the Pardey ke Peeche besharam who has finally come out in the open and written her very first FF. Do not be fooled by her shareef exterior; you'll be surprised by the besharami she is capable of writing. She is our very own surprise package of besharami.(P.S - For those of you who do not know, Zarqa's neighbors are Mallu, thereby making her a Mallu by default)


Yeah, I went over and had masala dosa and vada yesterday, with...dare I say it, PAYASAM!


WHAT? No way! First hash browns now this!? I want some! The last time I-

Neet *shoves them aside*

Next is miss_cullen ,Ali, Alisha, Isha. There never has and never will be a more perfect mixture of Talli, Mantal and Besharam ever than the phenomenon that is ALI!!! Her name shall go down in wine drenched letters in the hall of fame of MANTALness and besharami. The talli Mr. & Mrs. Modi could never be more enjoyable than when Ali brings them to life.

*Aish, Ali, and Zarqa overpower poor Neet, Zarqa grabs mike*

Lastly, there's Neet06, Neet, Neetu. The seedhi saadhi bholi bhaali ladki of the gang :p Or so she pretends to be. But don't get fooled by that exterior, I think we are all aware of how her writing and scenes makes our brains go haywire. She might be sharmili besharam, but because she hangs out with the MANTALESTof the MANTALEST, she's taken to pulling more than a few tricks out from under her sleeve :P

So that's our Mantal Mallu-ness incase you haven't noticed Big smile But anywho, it's true! We four FINALLY manged to post the ff up! Just in time too, we thought Valentine's Day, the day of LOVE was the perfect opporutnity to unconver something that'll bring Mausam Besharam right back into our hearts and souls. Let's get the fire burning hot shall we our dear fellow fans?

This if at the core an SR FF, so If you absolutely, completely, cannot stand them, please feel free to leave.
If you're a bit more tolerante however, you'll notice to your viewing pleasure that this story has main leads with A LOT of friends...familiar faces we hope.
So maybe you'll just enjoy the story?


So with a toast to ALL Jeranaholics and Siddhimaholics, and to fans of all the other characters/actors/actresses included in this ff, let's start the journey...the adventure, the story...of

Love Wager

please hit like&comment in the pretty box below \/
for pms add this account Smile

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Prologue-Kiss and Tell: Below
Character List: Below

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Kiss and Tell

The seniors lurked around the front gates like vultures waiting for prey. The new batch of fresh-faced students entered their new world with awe. They looked with delight upon the lush lawn and majestic buildings that rose about the spacious campus. Many innocently overlooked the hawklike gaze of their seniors, walking blindly into their waiting arms, unwilling bounties to the ravenous appetite of egos.

A young man lumbered onto campus, safely depositing keys to a brand new car into his messenger bag he silently observed his surrounds, heading for the main building. He was hoping to pass undetected, but alas, his fate was something else.
He sighed inwardly as he was beckoned toward a group of gloating older students who grinned connivingly at him as they supplied him his task.

Siddhant shot another hesitant glance back at the leering upperclassmen, groaning inwardly he sank to his knees, closing his eyes as he raised his arms. Stupid Farah Khan, he thought, who the hell puts this kinda stuff in movies?! He impatiently waited for the signal, somewhat relieved to hear the whistle from behind. Clearing his throat, he began singing,

"Chand mera dil,
Chandini ho tum,
Chand se hai door,
Chandini Kaha,"

Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes, staring for a minute at the red open toed sandals that stood before him. Cautiously he got up, eyes raking upwards over the knee length, loose white skirt and flowery red shirt. His eyes took in the accompanying loosely held purse and sunglasses before landing squarely on a female face.

                  A very beautiful female face.

Praising the heavens for at least giving him something good to work with, he slowly rose and started taking steps towards the catching face that stood before him. The clearing of throats and suggestive coughing of his seniors behind him reminded him of what he was supposed to do.


He was in a word, dashing, that she was willing to accept. A red polo shirt stretched across what seemed to be a well built torso, a pair of slightly distressed dark wash jeans accompanied the look, which was completed by dark aviators that swung folded at his neckline and a messenger bag which was secured around his chest.

Sexy, she thought.

Shooting a glance behind him, she noticed the gang of people that were seemingly their seniors. She sighed in distress as she guessed what was happening, ragging. The bane of an Indian college student's existence. She'd heard tales about how bad things could get, and on the way had been fervently praying that she could safely pass undetected and blend into the sea of unknown faces on campus.

Except then this happened, there was this admittedly hot guy, her new classmate, kneeling before her and...singing. She bit her lip, wondering if she should say something; just as she decided to speak up his eyes fluttered open, and she watched in silence as auburn shaded eyes wandered up her frame and he got up.

Her eyes squinted in confusion as he began to hesitantly approach her, eyes intently studying her. A blush began to creep in under his gaze, and she began to step away.Suddenly an arm snaked around her waist, tugging her into his hard chest. She gasped softly in surprise, eyes filled with questions flying to his determined face.

"Sorry," he softly whispered.  Her eyes widened, but she was silenced before she could voice any of the questions in her mind.

He decided not to psych himself out and waste any time, after what he was about to do, he doubted he would ever have a chance with this girl. So he grasped her firmly, entrapping her stunned form within his arms, where he realized she fit perfectly. He quickly whispered a soft sorry and without a second thought descended his lips onto her own.

He moved without thinking, lost in the forced affection as his body reacted to the sudden intimacy. He felt his hands pulling her closer to him as he tilted her head slightly back. Her shocked gasp had caused her mouth to fly open, allowing his tongue to slip easily inside the small orifice, exploring as she stood frozen, stupefied by the extreme occurrence.

Her senses went numb when she first felt his lips touch down on hers, her brain unsure of what to do. Before she could make a decision he had progressed onwards, deepening her first kiss ever on his own accord. Her hands flew to his chest, clutching at the scarlet material in an attempt to grasp control of the situation. With a sudden surge of will she shoved him away, glaring incessantly at him as her outrage at his actions shone fiercely through her eyes.

Ragging or not, the kiss was on him.

Without a second thought, even as her lips still tingled from their kiss, Riddhima felt her hand swinging towards the stunned man before her, his eyes still hooded by confusion.

For a minute, he stood there stunned beyond action or words. A hand automatically lifting to touch where his cheek was still stinging from her slap. He kept staring at her trying to come up with an angry retort; even as he knew he probably deserved the slap for kissing her like that when he could have probably gotten away with a simpler chaste kiss, maybe on the cheeks - after all the seniors hadn't specified what kind of kiss. They had just ordered him to kiss the first person who walks in through the door. But he had apologized to her before kissing her - surely that should count and he was sure she could see the seniors standing behind them enjoying the show.

That slap was totally uncalled for, he decided as anger seeped into him. It wasn't as if this was her first kiss ever. Looking as hot as she did, he acknowledged unwillingly, he was sure she'd been kissed before. And here she was, acting like Miss-Never-Been-Kissed-Before and slapping him. For a second, he even thought of kissing her again just to spite her, but then brushed the thought away as he once again felt the tingling sensation on his cheek. His eyebrows furrowed as his rage built upon itself, his eyes shooting daggers at the equally enraged female before him.

He approached her, ready to give her a piece of his mind when she asked in a sinisterly low voice through clenched teeth, narrowed eyes and a face flushed with fury, "How dare you?!! How dare you.. You... You pervert.. How dare you kiss me?"

"Did you just call me a pervert?" Sid asked fury blinding him to everything else.
"What else should I call a creep who walks up and kisses me just like that?" Riddhima asked.
"For your information, BHABHIJI!! I did not kiss you because I had the hots for you," he replied, "if you haven't lost your eyesight yet, you should be able to see the seniors gathered back there and have the common sense to realize that all of this is part of ragging!!"

Rhiddima didn't quite know what to say to that, true, it was a part of ragging, but... "You had no right to kiss me! HOW DARE YOU!" she fumed, "you could've atleast asked me or told me something!"

"I said sorry!" the boy exclaimed, "what the hell was I supposed to say, can I please lay one on you ma'am!?"

Rhiddima was getting beyond irritated, why couldn't he just accept that he could've chosen not to listen and apologize already? She stepped closer, a finger in the air pointing at him. "Apologize," she commanded. There, she'd made it easy for him.

He looked down at her stupefied, had he not apologized before kissing her?! "NO!" he replied vehemently, "are you deaf?! I already did!"

"Well, MEAN IT!"
Insufferable little minx, he thought, I'm definitely not apologizing after this. "Look you..."

The crowd gathered quickly after word spread of the two freshmen fighting like cats and dogs in the courtyard. People milled around, watching in amusement as the two battled head on, screaming out profanities that would put fully grown adult men to shame. It took a while after they began pulling at each other's hair for  a member of the faculty to notice, and boy, did he have a hard time.

"WHAT IS GOING ON!?" A meek young professor attempted to scream, "students, please calm down!" Sid barely passed a glance at the man, his male supremacy easily writing him off as a feeble interruption. He continued his attack, waging a full on war with the maddening girl fighting him with all she had.
"THAT'S ENOUGH!" The professor finally shouted, "to the Principal's office! NOW!" He managed to yank them apart, leading the furious pair towards the administrative building...on their first day ever of college.

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Character List
(that's all we're giving you, just to help you keep track)
[although there really is nothing stopping you from casting the characters yourselves]

{Panning left to right}
Anya, Kapotakshi, Jiya, Riddhima, Shilpa, Sue, Khushi

Aayush, Mohit, Neerav, Siddhant, Pran, Arjun, Ishaan

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Hey there,

if you made it this far, then you should probably go back up and make sure you hit like, then scroll down and leave a HUGEEE comment.

Honestly though, we would love your support, readers are one of biggest factors to writing. If you guys don't like it, why would we write it?

So tell us what you liked, what you didn't like, and what you would like to see, and then...we'll see Wink

-The Mantal Mallus
{Aish, Ali, Neet, Zaq}

PS: If you're wondering why there are so many characters, well we like a lot of people...well ok, Aish does mostly Ermm but she's a kid, so she's indulged *princess*

PPS: There are alot of cameos LOL so wait and watchhh

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ME ME ME ME ME  Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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Yayyy to us!!! Finally the premiere of Love Wager!! Cheers girls!!! 

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whew, finally done. Now...SR FANS?!?!
where are you!?!??!

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