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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS - MG MY LoVe Epilouge/Pg 19 (Page 19)

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Maannn chodo na'' Please'..


Maan was busy nuzzling near her neck''' Geet was on bed and Maan above her''.. Maan was busy giving sweet torchers'.  Maan's lip was busy doing magic and his hand was moving all around her bare body'''.  Geet was only moaning his name''. which was making him more to do''''.


Geet: Maan its already late'' please chodo na''..


Maan: No''..


Geet: Maan''..


The more Geet would say to leave her more Maan would do his mischief'''


Suddenly they heard a knock on the door''..


Geet Geet'''. Someone was screaming'''


Maan: Here she is'''..


Geet: Maan leave me now'''


Maan: Tell her you are busy'''..

Geet: Maan it's already 8.30 a.m. what will all think???


Maan: What??? They will think both newly married are busy''.


Geet: newly married??? Maan it is being 1 year we got married''..


Maan: but tum sharmati to abhi bhi newly married ki tarah ho'''.


Geet hits Maan on chest'''


Again there is a noise from outside'''


Geet Geet Geeettt are you opening the door or should I come break the door and come in''''


Maan: Yaar I seriously don't understand whether she is my friend or yours''..




Geet: Tina coming''.


Geet: Maan go and open the door'..


Maan: only on one condition if you will stay like this only'''..

Geet: shut up Maan'''


Geet just takes the spread and covers herself and runs in the washroom leaving Maan bare'


Maan: Geet this is not fair I will not leave you, you just wait tonight'''


Maan wears his track and vest and cleans the bed and opens the door''.


Tina just pushes Maan and walks inside the room''.


Tina: Where is your madam????


Maan: Why do you want her???? You are my friend by the way I should remind you'''..


Tina: I was, now I am Geet's friend first'''


Maan: Kya jamana ayaga hai''.


While Tina and Maan were fighting''  Geet comes out of the washroom and sees them fighting''..


Geet: How much do you both fight''..


Maan just stares his beautiful wife with wet hair''.

Tina: apne biwi ko baad me dekhna'' Geet lets go'''


Maan: Where are you both going'''..


Tina: Shopping'''


Maan: again''.. You just did your shopping'''


Tina: Oyeee I am not taking her''. She is taking me this time''.


Geet: Ha chalo Tina''. Let's go'''


Maan: Tina you go'.. she will meet you at breakfast table''I have some work with Geet''..


Tina understood the intension of Maan and tells''.. Send her fast otherwise you know what I will do'''


Geet: What happen Maan'' I have kept all your clothes and everything ready'.. Do you need anything else'''' And your''


Maan just puts his lips on hers and gives a kiss not a liplock''..


Maan: I wanted this''''


Geet just becomes red'''.. and hugs Maan'''..

Maan: Come fast''' I will be waiting for you''''.


All have their breakfast and taking everyone's permission''.. Geet and Tina leaves for shopping'''.


Geet: Tina I really don't know what should I buy for Maan on our 1st anniversary''.


Tina: ha tomorrow this love birds will complete 1 year'''


Geet (shy): Tina you also don't start'''. Give me some suggestion''.


Tina: But Geet you are giving the most beautiful gift''. Then why do you have to buy anything'''..


Geet: What beautiful gift''..But I have not bought anything''.that is the reason I told you to come for shopping'''


Tina: You have it''.. you cannot hide anything from me'''. Tell me are you not pregnant'''.


Geet just looks at her: How did you know??? I have not told anyone at home'.. not even Maan'''.


Tina: Pagali''. Your face says it''' So when are you planning to tell Maan'..


Geet: Tomorrow''..


Tina: so hua na Aniversary gift'''..


Geet just hugs Tina''..


Tina: I am really happy for you both'''..


The day just passes by'''. Next day was the Anniversary of Maan and Geet'..


Geet was very excited to tell Maan about the good news but Maan pretended that he has forgotten the anniversary'''. He kept himself busy in his work''..  Geet was very angry on Maan and she just started avoiding Maan'. She would not pick the phone when Maan use to call''


Maan (self talk): lagta hai madam bohot gusse mai hai''.


The voice very clear to be heard by others''..


Maan's dad: Maan you should have not done this'''


Maan: Don't worry I just want to give her surprise'. 


Maan turns to Yash and ask: So you are ready''.


Yash: Yes I am I will do my duty properly'''..


Maan: Ok then I will just go and check all the arrangement and turns to his dad and says'' dad I will meet you all directly there''.


Maan's dad just nods his head'''.


On the other side''.. Geet was busy playing with Daggu''.. Daggu was the name kept by Geet as a pet name'.  Daggu was Adi and Pinky's son''.. He was 2 years old now''.. Geet was in fact complaining to Daggu about Maan'' and was telling story that how they both loved each other''. How they confessed their love for each other. They got engaged and their engagement stayed for 1 year and then got married''' How much they enjoyed from engagement to marriage'.. How they use to run away in the middle of the night without informing anyone and kept on roaming at beautiful places'''' And she tells see na Daggu now he has forgotten our Marriage Anniversary also''' that too 1st'''. I won't talk to him only''.. I wanted to give him such a important news but no, he is busy in his work'''


While they were talking in fact only she was talking as if Daggu understands everything'''. Pinky enters


Pinky: Geet you don't have to go to office today'''


Geet: No Bhabhi'' I don't want to go'''


Pinky: So you are angry '''.


Geet: Why should I not be'''. He forgot''. Leave it'''.

Yash just enters with a bang'''.


Geet: Yash sambhal ke'''..  What happen???


Yash looks at Pinky and Pinky understands why he is here'''


Geet: Yash''.. Why are you looking at Bhabhi'''..


Yash: Geet'' I mean Bhabhi you have with come to me now'''


Geet: Where???


Yash: I want you to meet someone'''


Geet: whom??? Your girlfriend'''.


Yash: Yes'''. I want you to meet Meera'.. Please Please Please'''.


Geet: Ok ok ''.. I will just get ready''..


Yash: Bhabhi just wear saari'''..


Geet: Why???


Yash: Kya aap bhi''' It's your anniversary and even Meera should feel that how beautiful my Bhabhi looks in a saree'''.. Kyu Pinky Bhabhi''


Pinky: Yes Yash''.. You are right'''. Geet wait I have a very nice Saree you wear that''..


Geet: But I have it'''


Pinky: Geet you won't listen to me''


Geet: Ok no emotional drama now''..


Geet gets ready and comes down'''


Maan's mom: You are looking like a princess dear''' kisi ki nazar na lage'..


Maan's dad: She is princess'''. By the way are you going somewhere'..


Geet was about to say that she is going to meet Meera but Yash stops her and says I am taking her'''.


Geet and Yash leaves''.. Others also get ready and reach the place where Maan had kept the surprise'''..


Geet and Yash also reach'''. There was total dark'''..


Geet turns towards Yash to say where has he brought her''.. but when she turns to say Yash was not there and there is suddenly a spot light on her'''


She hears a sound'''.


Geet walk inside''''.. You are at a right place''''.


While Geet was walking there is again a voice'''. HAPPY ANIVERSARY GEET''


The lights are on and Geet is stunned to see the decorations and everything in the Hall'''


Geet: Maan


Maan: Ha Geet''.. HAPPY ANIVERSARY, I am sorry Geet tumhe subha se itna tadpane ke liye''' Geet, My LOVE'''.. can never even think of hurting you'''' I love you so much that this words also less to say my feelings to you''''.  I wanted to give you surprise''.. You look beautiful Geet''' in the saree which I gave you''.


Geet is stunned and looks at Pinky and Pinky just looks away'''..


Maan continues: You always look beautiful in whatever you wear but my gifts make you more beautiful because it has My Love in it'' 


Geet just runs towards Maan and hugs him'''' they remain in each other arms''.. They finally broke the hug when all come towards them and says''. You both can romance later''.. we are hungry'''

Geet feels shy but Maan holds her from waist'''


All of them wish them and have their dinner'''. They have a couple dance'' Maan and Geet had a passionate dance'''


While they were dancing


Geet: Thank you Maan''.. for everything'''


Maan: I love you Geet''. But where is my gift''.. I have not got any gift from you''..


Geet: I have some special gift for you''..


Maan: Where??? Night wala gift to I will take it''.. at night''.. I am not going to leave you today''..


Geet gets red and puts her head down: I am all yours Maan'''.


Maan: Kya Baat hai My Biwi and kiss on her cheeks which makes her more red''.


Geet takes away Maan's hand from her waist and puts on her stomach'' Maan was not able to understand what Geet was doing''..


Geet: Maan this is your gift''.


Maan: Where???


Geet looks at their hand''.


Maan just gives a look at Geet and says: Geet sachi'''..


Geet (shy): Ha Maan''.. we are going to be parents''. I am pregnant''..


Maan screams and takes Geet in his arms and says: I am so happy''. You have given the best gift to me today''.


All are shocked to see them like this'''


Geet: Maan put me down''.. Everyone is seeing us''..


Maan: I don't care''.


Maan: Mom, Dad, Yash, Adi, Pinky Bhabhi I am going to be papa'''..


All are very happy to hear this'' All congratulate them'''


Maan takes Geet to a room which was fully decorated as it was on their 1st night''..


Geet: Maan yeh sab'''

Maan: I told you I want leave you today''..


Geet just runs away from their feeling shy but Maan holds her by waist and brings her close'''


Maan: Geet aaj nahi'''


He makes her face him''' Geet was so shy that she refuses to open her eyes''. Maan kiss her forehead,  then comes down to her eyes, then her cheeks and he was about to lips before that he sees Geet's eyes''.


Maan: Please Geet open your eyes''.


Geet opens her eyes and Maan capturers her lips''.. It started with kiss but ends up with passionate one''. Maan comes down to her neck and start giving wet kisses'.. which was making her mourn'''  His hand was doing different magic'.. his hand removed her pallu'.. he comes down to her stomach''.


Maan stops and looks at Geet: Geet''.


Geet understands his question''' and says: Maan I am fine'.. Nothing will happen''. Love me Maan'.. Love me''


Maan takes Geet towards the bed and they made love for all night'''  


After all night they slept in each other arm cuddling with each other''..


Days started passing by'.. Maan started taking care of Geet more''' The due date of delivery was nearing''' Maan had shifted his office at home'.. He would not leave Geet for a second alone''..


The day of delivery finally came''.. Geet gave birth to a beautiful girl''..  They named her Mahi''.


Yash and Meera got engaged''. Tina became a successful in her TV Industry... But Tina  never left an opportunity to tease Maan and Geet... She had become a like a member of the family... After some time Geet also started going to office'''. Things changed but the love between Maan and Geet never reduced''.. It kept on increasing day by day'''.


The LOVE''.. which is pure at heart'''. Always remains pure''.  LOVE never dies'''.

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wow!dat was a beautiful epilogue..!
luvd d relation shared b/w tina and geet..

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ana like it loved it yaar


write more

will wait for ur next os

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awesome ending that was so beautiful loved it beautiful written and perfect in every way please pm when you start another  

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loved it...

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