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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers #18: Snake Ka Murder!!

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #18: Snake Ka Murder!!


ASR last week took training from the buajee and now like her he is also misunderstanding things
Gupta family finished up total stock of the one year glyceriene
Snake is preparing for his own Ram Naam Satya Hai
NK and Akash has taken up the challenge to do all the nautanki
Minu and Khushi broke there dande while handling crazy forum niwasi
NL team is planning something big like as usual for there upcoming 20 Edition


Thanks to everyone who takes alot of pain to make the newsletter always the rocking one and to stand out on
 whole India Forums. You guys really deserve a round of applause for non-stop sending ur stuff and contribution
 and to readers who alws appreciate efforts

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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A Puzzled Arnav is ruminating over days events as his mind replays   his reaction on hearing about  Khushi's accident ..Arnav realizes that Khushi is the girl he loves ..while at Gupta's , Khushi is inexplicably happy  at Arnav getting her bangles ..Both  seem quite happy ..

The next day dawns with both house busy in wedding preparations ...Anjali realizes that the Bridal wear is still at their house and thinks of sending it  to Gupta's..NK pips up immediately offering his service, A jealous Arnav just barges in collects the clothes and annouces that he is heading that way and will deliver it to Gupta's personally ..

Arnav hands over the package to the Gupta's while  his roaming eyes search for Khushi..disappointed on not seeing her, Arnav prepares to depart when a nuuget of info falls into his ears indicating that Khushi is out in the backyard over seeing breakfast preparations ..Arnav walks over to the yard and sees Khushi .. A smile springs on his lips, Arnav begins to walk towards her , Khushi too senses Arnav's presence , turns and sees him..  They both are happy to see one another and exchange a shy smile ...

Khushi is horrified to realize that in her happy daze , she has been feeding  her plates  to a cow.. Arnav repairs to help her ..meanwhile Khushi gets a call from the caterers that the waiters will not be coming ...Undaunted Khushi hunkers down to serve the guests her stunned amazement Arnav joins and helps her .  The dining goes off smoothly , Arnav takes his leave teasing Khushi and reminding her  that she owes him a thanxx ..

Buaji bids Khushi to drop their relatives at RM.. a shy but eager Khushi  takes charge of her relatives and leaves for RM..where she begins to search for Arnav... her search is rewarded and she sees Arnav... both gaze at one another .. Nani chooses to prolong this moment.. Nani  tells Khushi to choose a sari for herself.. Arnav indirectly helps her to choose a sari..

Shyam meanwhile embarked on another of his  murderous mission and is confident that Anjali will meet her death  due to break failure ...

Khushi  who has returned home  has a cute sisterly moment with Payal wherein she hands over her gifts and mementos to Payal ...The  Gupta's leave for Raizada house ..

The Gupta's are greeted cordially , Arnav and Khushi are lost in one another, Shyam gets jealous of this and sends Arnav on an errand ..Arnav leaves to help Akash ..while Shyam tries to speak to Khushi who walks away  without allowing him to speak ...

Arnav traces the whereabouts of Khushi , expresses his desire to speak to her..This interaction is watched in cold anger by Shyam who swears to make Khushi his ... 

There is a family council going on downstairs ..Nani informs Arnav that she got cut off  while speaking to Anjali over the phone and that Anjali si not returning the calls after that.. A decisive Arnav calls up the driver and neither does the driver pick up.. Arnav in return gets a call from a Police official informing him about the accident to his vehicle..A panic stricken Arnav races  out and halst as he sees a injured Anjali standing outside the door ... He guides her in ...

Anjali and Arnav have a affectionate moment , anjali advises Arnav to follow his heart ... encouraged by Anjali's words Arnav decides to confess his feelings to Khushi .. Arnav goes towards the terrace  where he had seen Khushi going previously ...

Unknown to Khushi, Shyam comes to the terraces and confesses that he loves  her  very much and in a frenzy hugs Khushi ... Arnav opens the door at this precise juncture and is shocked to see Khushi in Shyam's arms .. Khushi breaks free from Shyam's grasp , yells at him and tells him that if he did not like Anjali, he shud break his relationship with her leaving Arnav shell shocked..Arnav turns away quietly !!

Who is the hottest waiter you've ever seen?

The starting of this week gave us totally 'in love' Arnav and Khushi and their cute romance spiked with right amount of fun elements. Be it the fact that Khushi fed the leaf plates to a cow while staring and smiling at her Laat Governor or be it the fact that Arnav Singh Raizada was actually considered as a waiter by Khushi's relatives or the way be brought it a truck full of 'pattals' for her. So, I'm considering the whole of it as one single scene and as the funny scene of the week.

Basking in the glory of the new found love, Arnav and Khushi goes to the next step and instead of just staring at each other starts smiling at each other as well. In midst of all staring and shying, Khushi ends up ruining the leaf plates (by feeding them to a cow). A concerned Arnav goes and brings along thousands of leafs for his Khushi making her jaws drop. It doesn't stop here. When informed by Khushi that the waiters are not going to be there, our Arnav Singh Raizada removes his jacket and starts his own serving session with his own Khushi Kumari Gupta much to the stunned shock of Khushi. He does his job impeccably while Khushi couldn't stop staring at him and kept making blunders. 

She thought all hell would break loose when one of the relatives calls Arnav waiter, she fumbles with words as she hurriedly explains that he is not any waiter and her amazement only grows when he serves the waiter without making any fuss. The best part is, though, the way he teases her when she asks for his help. She asks him to adjust a bowl that was about to fall. He effortlessly teases her, gives her a killer smile and leaves the place leaving Khushi astound. 

All in all, awesome scene with brilliant performance. Allow me to give special mention to the way Nani caught Arnav choosing Khushi's saree and the way NK made a calm Aakash nervous as hell. Watch the scenes again over the weekend and make yourself stronger for the upcoming week. 

Which is that one character in the show which all of us want to throw joote on? Yup, snake! So our joota scene of the week is definitely incomplete without him.
The scene which made my blood boil this week was definitely the Khushi-Shyam one on the terrace. Khushi was so happily waiting for her Arnavji to come to herBlushing but that snake had to ruin everythingAngry And not only did he have the audacity to touch Khushi but also manhandle her and not let her go. What's worse, he even dared to hug her!Dead Now tell me, who WOULDN'T want to break their TV screen on such a sceneDead

I think the most beautiful stage of a relationship is it's realisation stage, where life suddenly changes into something more beautiful and colourful, when everything seems divine, when even without a reason, we want to smile.
Honestly, this scene is something I don't think I can express in words because they simply won't do justice. One needs to SEE the scene to capture it's essence, hence, this week, I would request you to watch the Achari scene instead of read about it <33

Hi fellow Arhi droolers Hug

Aaah! This s wat s called a roller coaster ride...started with some sweet moments...almost confession...BAM! it was  all dream...let us get ready 2 face the nightmare in reality

Fillers...there were quite a lot...I really do not understand the need of Shyam's soliloquy for almost every other two establish his already well well established psycho factor?!

And oh mami! with her cringe worthy dialog about status difference...How much?!

Looking forward to a drama filled week...waiting with tissue boxes n heart breaks


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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every characters xcept shyam nd mami was nice last week. so if i constantly choose arnav as best character it wont be nice. waise bhi i love choosing him everytym but we should give imp to others characters too! so this week's bc is my sweet sister...
imagine wat if anjali didnt come back hw will arnav gain strength to propose khushi! i accept d fact dat arnav was thinking to propose khushi but he made a strong decision only when his di supported him. anjali being a gud sister made arnav understand dat if ur havin anything in ur u should open it up. nd u should never leave d girl u love. she's such a sweet sister. anjali alwys had been a strength to arnav! arnav loves his sister alot nd alwys followed her advice. anjali's advice made arnav's decision stronger nd bolder. she is a supporting sister. she is alwys there to help her brother nd d same goes with arnav too. she's d best sister anyone can get. 
that's all! happy valentines day to all u in advance! make ur day special nd romance filledWink see u next week.

Hey peeps!

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us every time we see him/her.  This week's most irriating personality is none other than Shyam. It's amazing how he wins this section each time!  Anyways, I was thoroughly freaked out after watching Thursday's precap. He HUGGED Khushi???Dead I wanted to break my tv screen. He has obviously become an obstacle in their love confession which was much anticipated and awaited.Cry

Other than that, he tried to kill his wife again! How low can a man get, anyways? It was sad to see Arnav like this after he heard of his sister's accident as well. Another scene which was really irritating was the Shyam going to buy those articles for his wife's forecoming death. It was disgusting to experience that. Thank God Anjali did not die. It will be good to see the shock on his face when he finds out about her being  alive.  Why is this guy so desperate for Khushi? I have never figured that out. Well, let's wait and watch what happens next. Okay then, I am off! Adios.EmbarrassedHug

Hello Hi is everyone on this very fine day...i know i know the forum is going through the "Great Depression" right now but oh well..This too shall pass...*as quoted by our very own LM*

So anyways m here with the funniest character of the week this week was basically a mash up of everything...we did see some cute Arhi Romance, some nok Jhok and LOTS of confusions and need i say misuderstanding...!!

 Inbetween all this we got heaps of Shyam and i can say one thing for sure...HE is a freakin psychopath and the Raizadas need to get rid of him a.s.a.p!! I had a sudden urge this week to give the funniest award to Shyam..because when he was busy planning and plotting his schemes i was literally rolling on the floor laughing! Those expressions wer HOL-Arious!!ROFL
 But no way m giving this award to him after that stupid Hug he forced on Khushi...award to dore ki baat wo tu meri jutti ka kabal bhi nahi hai...!Dead
 So without anymore delay the funniest award this week goes to NK...please don't ask me the reason cause i dun know myself..i guess the only reason i gave him the award is that our Cutie is going to be leaving in a short while so this is my way of showing love and saying thank You for making the show light hearted and fun..Embarrassed
 So this is it for now folks..see u later..! 

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very touch choice this week! started off with a few romantic scenes and ended withheartbreaking ones!! but a lot of moments were well shot and made picture perfect snaps!!

the bindi scene! love the use of mirrors!

the bro-sis moments!

and these pics which just got viral! Tongue

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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So this week ended on a very sour note! of course writing bloopers was easy but the depressing track ahead made it difficult for me..:(

Anyways the biggest impossible and illogical blooper in the story telling was shyamu's idea to get anjali's car crashed by leaking petrol and making it look like the brakes have failed! how does that sound sensible and how in the world is that possible???

And who the hell was voice dubbing for anji in 6th feb episode??it sounded so childish not even close to daljeet's voice L

 Rest i don't even want to go into Arnav-anjali and Arnav-khushi scenes, they were beyond perfect in every possible way! Loved it thoroughly..

 Getting geared up for this week's dreading episodes L

Pride and Glory
The Smoke Of Pain In Love 

Rings around the roses of desire love, where dreams made,
Theres something she don't know, and that just how he feels,
The thoughts that go through his mind, have never felt this real
Does she know that  she's his world? His life, love, happiness,
He feels so lucky charm, because only he can feel her caress
He thinks about her day and night, never wants her to leave the sight.
The first time they kissed, Oh what a wonderful bliss,
He loves her more than he can ever express,
She's his first love that he confesses
They always remember the way they held hands with love,
The way she never gave him any demands,
He feels as the constellation of stars captivated in the lap,
A sensational feeling of Love to hold her in his arms forever,
But, shining stars suddenly seems black and dark
As everything becomes colorless drowsy imagination,
The world spirals out of control his life spills out on the floor
He've been lost for too long when he finds his way, lost again
Loved ones scatter like petals from a flower
Like a forgotten memory slowly fades
Petals bleeding the blood of silent tears,
Black.That is all he could , eyes will not open
His heart races as a speedy light, a scream. that is all he can hear,
Was it him? Or her? Or an unknown,
Who tortured the blooming soul once again ?
Twisting inside the body, lost forgotten,
Lost within the growls of sea waves,
He turns around in angst, desolation, weary,
Paths that were open are closed between the nights,
Each step rings with painful sounds of broken heart,
Lost, forgotten, anguished, trapped in the web of distress.

In these lines you will get to know the most excruciating melancholy of Arnav while seeing Khushi with Snake. A shattered moment on the terrace where happiness deeps down in slumber and whilst, dusk of roaring melodies with isolation shred his entire soul. The man who have merely found a shade of shines few minds before, has now been evolved by the order of Fate. Thereby, its heart wrenching to verbalize, once again, just once again that he has lost his paths. 

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Here's your gift.


Here's your gift!

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Made by: yulZ

Here's your gift!



Made by: ..JoJo..

Here's your gift!


Made by: -Arhilicious-

Here is ur gift



Made by: yulZ

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed


 Here is ur gift :)

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Here is ur gift

Without anything else, I'll give the week 5 outa 5. I know, kill me. But hear me out first. LOLEverything was just mystifying and brilliant acting by all. Yea, Shyam included. He plays evil so perfectly that they always fail and still we all wish to kill him ROFL So not gonna delete points off just because of that. In return, we got ah-mazing Arnav-Anjali scenes! He made the decision to tell Khushi but again Shyam interfered! Stern Smile They all did great in showing their emotions and the care is just what it takes. My friend always says 'Sharing is caring' and by end, I listen to her. Not this time. I know I'm right. Shyam can't share Khushi AngryAnd like Khushi said, that man still doesn't regret anything or isn't ashamed of what he's doing. Dead 


Well CVs amazing week once again. Anjali and Arnav are the best bro-sis of this tellywood and when they are there on the screen one and all cherish there sweet plus unbreakable bond. Well about Khushi and Arnav we do know that love have to go through many tests like now ArHi will go through Trust test. We people are not against it but we people dont want it to be dragged so much.

Rest one request that we have been requesting you since forever is please please END SHAYAM track. =D

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