Hum ne li hai... Shapath


Hum ne li hai... Shapath
Hum ne li hai... Shapath

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asmuasmi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 5:37am | IP Logged
congooo naina!!

my question:wat do u like abt me n wat do u dislike abt meWacko

Magical_KaSh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Naiina-

Originally posted by arsh4life


Ten things I love are -
1. My clothes coz I have lots of clothes,and I like flaunting a new dress evryday in college
2. Mu mobile coz it is my life...sometimes I watch shows in youtube in mob,or surf net during boring lectures
3. My appartment  - Filhaal toh its my parents appartment,bt its my dream to have my own one house
4. My computer - coz my PC knows all my secretsWink
5. My doll - My soft toy,am emotionally attached to my doll.she is still very cute.I call her Gunnu
6. My Scooty - My only friend during heavy traffic or if I want to reach somewhere fast
7. My TV - with whom I spend most of my dayLOL
8. Maggi - coz it is my only saviour during lazy and hungry timesLOL
9. My watch - not coz it tellss me tym,bt it is very beautiful
10. My necklace - My naani's last gift.Cry...her memorialTongue

Ten things I hate -
1.DTC buses - overcrowded always
2.Karela (bittergaurd) - too bitter
3.My phone's headphone coz it always gets lost and gets damaged easily
4. My all textbooks - I hate studying
5. Electricity 100 watt bulbs - I have to give xtra-pressure to my eyes to see in that light
6. My college ID card - it doesnt have good pic of mineLOL
7. My internet connection - it always gets disconnected
8. Ink-pens - sometimes spills ink everywhere
9. Tea-cups - AAlways gets broken by my handOuch
10. Stiching works - damn too boringBig smileBig smile

well done naina 

luvd  all d answers

some of d answers were really funny

like ur dol name is gunnuLOL sorry Embarrassed

comign  up wd moreWink

Magical_KaSh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Asmi-

congooo naina!!

my question:wat do u like abt me n wat do u dislike abt meWacko

ROFL nice question asmi ROFL

.MissAmerica. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jasminedayal

Di, aapki Crodo mein 1 behna aa gyi hai apko tang karne k liye...

Arre... pehle niche mt scroll kro... pehle aage ka message pd lo... aur fr Hot Seat pr baith jana...

Di, I love You!! You are really the best sis of this world... Even though we are bound by a virtual relation, I can see the effect of you on me... Your love has already inspired me a lot!!... A girl who used to hate studying has become serious enough to score well in the exams... A girl who did not want to learn the art of editing, made a dedication to someone who is far off from her yet very close to her heart... (IPKKND styleLOL)

You are the first person on IF with whom i could relate to such an extent that i would always want to be on IF just to ensure that i dont miss talking to you...

Ab, baki k log yeh pd kr mujh pr Ande Tamatar mt phenkna... I Seriously LOVE her!

Now Di, You are welcome on the Hot Seat

All the best !!

    1. Why do they call it after dark when it's really after light? - bcoz light also comes after darkness...
    2. Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety-one? someone can listen it one - tea - oneLOL
    3.  Who did let the dogs out? - the same person who didnt let them inLOL
    4.  Why is there only 12 hours on a clock? - scientific reason - 13 cannot be divided by 360Tongue
    5.  How long is a piece of string? -
    6.  At a movie theater which arm rest is yours? - left arm
    7. Can animals commit suicide? - yup..they can by reading ur questionsLOL
    8. Did London Bridge ever fall down? - Yeah...maine dubaara khada kar diya thaLOL
    9. Is it possible to be allergic to water? - yeah...with mineral water

    10. Why are women and men's shoe sizes different? - depends on body structure
    11. How many seconds are there in a day? - 86400 sec
    12. Why do they call it a "Television Set" when there's only one? - it has variety of channels,I thinkLOL

    13. How fast do you need to cook for it to be considered "Fast Food"?-  2 hours...atleast for me
    14. Where does the "o" come from when we abbreviate "number"? - It is written no. acc to Latin Grammer

    15. Why do they imply the 'birds and the bee's' get up to something together? - Birds and bees might be friends...who knowsLOL
    16. What can a deaf person use instead of an Alarm Clock? - Slapping alarmLOL
    17. Would you like Fry's with that? - I avoid fries
    18. Why are Softballs hard? - coz they are not softLOL
    19. Why aren't Blueberry's blue? - Coz they are blackLOLLOL
    20. Do Butterfly's make Butter? - ummm...I think so..who  knowsLOL
    21. Does the Queen Bee have a King? - yeah..u wanna meet him personally??ROFL
    22. Can you carry a Kangaroo on your back? - yes.A toy kangarooLOL
    23. Is a gold knife and fork still considered Silverware? - No..they are considered dimondware nowLOLLOL

    24. Why isn't Chocolate considered a vegetable if it comes from Cocoa Beans? - Spices are not used to make them eat
    25. From ur IF buddies, who would you like to hang out with? and why? - One...then Shreya...coz she is coolbieWink
    26. Your Favourite book    - Pride and Prejudice
    27. Favourite author - Chetan Bhagat
    28. Favourite poem - no one
    29. Favorite Gadget - Smart phone
    30. Favourite Brand(Dress) - Levis
    31. Favourite Perfume - I usually use Deo
    32. Your Dream Date - Hasan Zaidi
    33. Talking about-------sisterly love (love u Jas)--------- makes you emotional
    34. You are scared of? - Darkness
    35. Naina is - adventurous
    36. Naina Hates - over-stated facts
    37. Naina loves - Shapath forum...Bipin,Shreya,Jasmine,Nidhi,Asmi,Binny,roopal..Ruby...and everyone who makes this forum activeSmile
    38. Naina misses - My childhood
    39. How has your Jorney in IF been till now? - awesome blossomTongue
    40. Who was the first person u interacted with on IF - Bipin
    41. Favourite Dish - Gajar Ka Halwa
    42.  Karan Mehra-Barun Sobti-Karan Kundra :: Pick one! - Barun Sobti
    43.  Shahid Kapoor ya Anushka Sharma -Shahid Kapoor
    44.  Love or friendship - ummm...will be honest...LoveLOL
    45.  Marriage ya no marriage ROFL - filhaal to no marriage
    46.  Do you believe in one night stands? - Nooo
    47.  Favourite serial - Shapath
    48.  Have you ever told ur crush that u like him/her? - given lots of hintsLOLLOL
    49. Sing a song for me!  - Phoolon ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai...
    50. Ek hazaaro me meri behna hai...

    51.  One book u have read and dozed off, except text books! (Matlab the most boring book u have ever read) - Some spiritual book
    52. cold or hot? - hottWink
    53. summer, winter or rainy? - summer is btr
    54. favourite place? - Delhi
    55. best frnd? - Chotten,Khushboo,Preeti

    Sleepy Di... abhi na... mujhe bohot zabardast nini aa rhi hai...  so please dedicate a lullaby for me so that i can go off to sleep...


               lalla lalla lori,doodh ki katori,doodh me batasha,ab so jao...LOLLOL

                will be back with a few more questions...

     Arree Arre... dont worry... My questions are very simple...  Ap bs... Hot Seat  pr baith kr... answers likhte jao... LOL

(Pehle itna emo kia aur tab itne sawaal..koi ni,tere liye sab maafLOLLOLLOL)

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.MissAmerica. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Asmi-

congooo naina!!

my question:wat do u like abt me n wat do u dislike abt meWacko

Thats a hard quest...I like more than one thing abt if one...then
I like ur talkativeness on positive way a lot

And abt disliking...that is - u r a spammerAngryAngryLOLLOLROFL
Magical_KaSh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged

Nidhi kahan ho 

Naina is having fun Angry LOL

.MissAmerica. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 7:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --nIdHi--

Answer them after answering others questions...LOL

Favorite cookie? I love all cookiesLOL

Favorite Water Park? - I hate all waterparksOuch

Plans for the future? - TO open my news channelBig smile

Would you ever smoke? - Nooo

Favorite animal? - Dogs,Cows

Scariest movie? - Paranormal Activity

Favorite movie? - Kuch kuch hota hai

Funniest Movie? Coolie No. 1

Favorite TV show? Shapath

Favorite food? - Gajar ka halwa

Favorite color? - Pink,green

Birthday? 24 sept

Favorite flower? - Rose

Favorite little kid show? - Tom and Jerry

Favorite book? - Pride and Prejudice

What type of ice-cream do you like? - Vanilla

Walks on beach? - enjoyable

What kind of phone? - Anderoids

Favorite sport to watch? - no one

Favorite soap? dove

Favorite scent of candle? no one

Curly or straight hair? - curly suits me moreBig smile

School Subject? - humanities

Best romantic movie? - KKHH

Favorite game? - game of eyesLOLLOL

Favorite song? - teri diwani

Favorite alone spot? - my PCLOLLOL..believe me its an spot

Hang out spot? - Ansal Plaza

Disney channel character? - Hannah Montana

Favorite actor? - shahrukh

Favorite actress? - NidhiLOLLOL

Favorite field trip? Manali

Favorite pic? - My pic with my dollLOLLOL(two dolls together)

Worst field trip? no one

What you like most about yourself? - My nature...I love myselfBig smile

Ever been chased by bad person?  Yeah...many times

Favorite color pen?  Blue

Biggest secret? - Why would I tell u??WinkWinkLOLLOL

Biggest crush?  - Irfan Pathan...kabhi tha..4 yr was really huge crush

Most romantic place? - BedroomWinkLOL

Favorite singer? Kailash Kher(just one)

Twilight series or the outsider's book? Twilight

Best friend on IF - Bipin...most helpful on IF for me...Big smile

Do you like painting? yae...painting walls wis sketch colorsLOLLOL

Favorite fruit? - MangoTongue

Favorite drink? VodkaLOLLOLLOLLOL

Do you like Hannah Montana? yes

Favorite news channel? - Star News

Favorite childhood memory? - Fighting wid siblingsLOL

What's your full name? Naina Mamgain

Favorite fast food restaurant? - My homeTongue

What's your favorite kind of flower? -  Cauliflower

What famouse person do you most resemble? - No one...Am god"s special pieceTongue

What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten? - Some ganda sa chips...dont remember its name

What is the strangest thing you've ever seen? - Me on mirror everydayWink

If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment them for a 
day, who would you choose and how would you torment them? - Hitler...everything he did,I will repeat on himAngry

If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it 
be? Why? - Hori from Godaan

Do you believe honesty is the best policy? Nooo

If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you 
want to have seen? Why? - Making of Taj Mahal...I would have stopped Shahjahan from chopping the labours hands off

You can choose your method of dying and the place in which you will die. 
Where would you like to die and how?LOL Sleeping peacefullyLOL In my bed with razaaiLOL

If you had to be trapped in a TV show which one would you choose? - Shapath...Shikha's roleWink(u know whyLOL)
List 5 people you know in IF. Then describe each of them in 5 words?

Jasmine - Obeidient,sweet,emotional,creative,lovingBig smile
Bipin - Helpful,Optimistic,Caring,Emotional,Humourus
Shreya - Determined,Daring,Fun-loving,confident,creative
Nidhi - NaughtyWinkwell-prepared,sporty,creative,heart-warming
Asmi - ChatterboxLOLaffable,loving,enthusiastic,energetic

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Twisted. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 February 2012 at 7:40am | IP Logged
How was the feeling naina...of answering so many questionsLOL

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