Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: Their first night and their honeymoon

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
This is the continuation from the first OS: The marriage

Okay so here I go with second part although I didn't plan it. Just thinking and writing it down. Hope you guys will like this one too like the previous post.


OS: Their First night and their honeymoon.

Both Payal- Akash and Arnav-Khushi are now married, their grah pravesh is done and all other rituals are also done.

Anjali: acha chalo ab bahut raat ho chuki hai. Chote aur Akash done apni apni dulhan ko uthakar apne kamre main le jao.

Arnav: Di, uthane ki kya zarrorat hai? Khud chal nahi sakti kya?

Anjali: chote, tum bhi na bahut sawal karte ho, ye bhi ek rasm hai. Chalo ab jaldi karo, phir hum sabko bhi jana hai, sab bahut thak chuke hai.

Khushi: awkwardly looks here and there.

Arnav picks her up in his arm and heads towards their room. Once reaching the room he locks the door not letting Khushi down yet!

Khushi: chodiye hume! Humne kaha hume niche utariye.

Arnav: throws her on the bed and moves towards her with a smirk.

Khushi: humne pehele hi decide kar liya tha ki humare beech koi rishta nahi hoga, aap humse door rahiye. Agar paas aane ki koshish kin a toh……..

Arnav: toh kya kar logi Khushi?

Arnav: leans more closer and pushes her out of the bed. Tumhe kya  laga main tumhare saath koi rishta banana chahta hoon? What do you think of yourself?

Khushi: feeling bad by his words but regains her strength. Hume bhi koi shock nahi hai aapke saath ek kamre main rehne ka. Hum toh yaha sirf………..

Arnav: cuts off her half way through, maine tumhe yahan bandh kar nahi rakha hai, nikal jao mere kamre se.

Khushi: goes out of the room and is walking down the stairs when Anjali calls her back!

Anjali: aare khushiji, aap bahar kya kar rahi hai?

Khushi: woh hum…….

Arnav: comes from behind. Woh di Khushi paani lene ja rahi thi par jug le jana hi bhool gayi.

Anjali: oh acha… Khushiji kahin chote aapko jyada tang toh nahi kar rahe?

Khushi: looks down and says hum paani lekar aate hai.

She comes back with the jug of water. Seeing Khushi come back Anjali moves towards her room. Khushi comes back and holds Arnav's hand which shocks him and he gives an angry stare at Khushi. Khushi then leaves his hand and goes to the room.

Arnav while moving to his room notices that Shyam is standing behind a pillar and was eyeing their every move and that is when Arnav gets khushi's action.

In the room, Arnav sleeps on the bed and Khushi on the green couch.

Next morning, everyone is in for breakfast when Anjali gifts both her brothers their honeymoon tickets.

Anjali: humare dono bhai aur bhabhi ke liye ye toofa, humne aapko shaadi main kuch nahi diya tha na isiliye ye rakh lijiye.

Khushi: iski kya zarrorat thi Anjali ji?

Anjali: aare kya zarrorat matlab? Honeymoon toh jana hi hai na, toh humne tickets le liye aap sabke liye aur aap sabko aaj sham ko hi nikal na hai toh behes band kijiye aur  jaiye packing kijiye.

Evening time both the newly-wed couples move out for their honeymoon.

In the hotel, the next morning Khushi gets ready wearing a yellow saree. Both the couples have planned to go out for sight-seeing, although Arnav and Khushi didn't wanted to join they couldn't say no to Payal and Akash. So Khushi is almost ready and Arnav is in the bathroom getting ready when he realizes that he forgot to take his shirt with him.

Arnav: (inside the bathroom) Khushi!! Khushi!!!

Khushi: kya hua? Chilla kyu rahe ho?

Arnav: mera shirt bed pe rakha hai, mujhe pass karo!

Khushi: (who was putting sindoor) aap khud le lijiye, hum tayaar ho rahe hai.

Arnav: Khushi, just pass it on to me. Now!

Khushi: irritated! Gets up from her chair and takes the shirt. She doesn't realizes that she had a bit of sindoor left on her had which now makes its mark on Arnav's shirt.

Khushi: ye lijiye!

Arnav: just before taking it from her hand notices the sindoor and thinks that she has done it purposely. He pulls Khushi in the bathroom and corners her.

Khushi: ye kya kar rahe hai aap?

Arnav: mere shirt main sindoor laga ke kya dikhana chahti ho duniya ko?

Khushi: kya keh rahe hai aap? Chodiye hume! And tries to move.

Arnav: hold her tight not letting her move. Not like this Khushi! Answer me!

Khushi: galti se lag gaya hoga, hum jankar aisa kyu karege! Hume jaane dijiye Arnav ji.

Arnav and Khushi then realize how close they are standing and both look away trying to find their comfort zone.

Khushi: poora saree bheega diya, phir se change karna padega. Jab tak hum na kahe aap bathroom se bahar mat aana.

She then goes out and starts changing to a blue saree. She is doing her plates when Arnav comes out of the bathroom.

Khushi: humne kaha tha na bahar mat aana.

Arnav: mujhe kya pata tum saree pehen rahi ho? Aur bathroom se bahar aane ke liye mujhe tumhare permission ke zarrorat nahi hai! Saying this he turns around.

Khushi: who is trying to get her plates done finds it uncomfortable as she feels Arnav is looking at her. Her plates again falls down and she again tries to fix it when..

Arnav comes from behind and slowly slides his fingers through her waist and helps her doing the plates all the while looking at her expressions with a smirk on his face.

Arnav: ab kya sab main hi kar doon?

Khushi: realizes that he has done the plates and she just tucks it in.

Both share an eye lock when there is a call.

Arnav: Payal ka phone hoga, woh log niche wait kar rahe hoge.. chalo!

Both go down to the reception where Akash and Payal were waiting for them. They then go out to a tourist spot which is very breezy.

Akash and Payal: Khushi, Arnav ji, aap dono yahin rahiye, hum zara doosre taraf ghoom kar aate hai. Basically they just wanted to spend time alone.

Arnav: sure, go ahead!

Khushi: just moves away from Arnav and is strolling alone when a man comes with bangles and asks Khushi to buy it!

Khushi: nahi, hume nahi chahiye. Aap jaiye.

Man: aare le lo na, dekhiye na kitna sundar hai. Grabs her wrist and forces in a bangle.

Khushi: pulls her hand back. Humne kaha na nahi chahiye, aap zabardasti kyu kar rahe hai?

Man: aare bahut acha quality ka hai, ek baar dekh to lijiye… and grabs her wrist again.

Arnav: comes in between, and pulls back khushi's wrist. Usne kaha na nahi chahiye.

Man: aap kyu beech main bol rahe hai? Ye hum dono ki beech ki baat hai.

Arnav: gives the man a dangerous glare and says. Jao yahan se!

Man: kaun lagti hai aapki ye aurat? Patni lagti hai kya?

Khushi: Arnav ji chaliye yahan se, chodiye ye sab, chaliye.

When they turn to move away the man says shayad rakhel hogi yeh aapki isiliye to hiss tarah bacha rahe hai use.

Arnav: his anger very visible in his face. He just turns around goes to the man and gives him a punch on his face.

Arnav: patni lagti hai ye meri, kya kar loge huh? And another punch on his face.

Khushi: Just shocked with Arnav's reaction. Arnav ji chaliye yahan se, please chaliye yahan se.

They both move out of that place and go back to the hotel.

Khushi: kya zaroorat thi uss admi ko inti buri tarah se marne ki?

Arnav: (still angry) uski himmat kaisi hui tumhe r…… TUM MERI PATNI HO ALRITE!! YOU ARE MY WIFE!!

Khushi: in tears.

Its dinner time, both the couples meet at the reception. Akash and Payal wants to go out but Khushi insits on having dinner in the hotel restaurant as she doesn't wants to go out after the previous incident. So they decide Payal and Akash will go out and Arnav Khushi will eat in the hotel restaurant.

They both sat in a table. They ordered food after which Arnav went out with a phone call. The restaurant was serving alcoholic drinks to all their customers.

Khushi: took one peg and finished it in one shot then asked for another!

Arnav: came back and saw Khushi drinking. He got his lifetime shock. Khushi, kya kar rahi ho? Chodo isse! Tum khud ko sambhal nahi payogi..

Khushi: kyu nahi sambhal payehe? And completes the second peg. Then the third.

The waiter offers Arnav too.

Arnav: no thanks, 3 peg enough hai.

Khushi: hume nachne ka maan kar raha hai, she goes to the dance floor and starts to dance like crazy.

Arnav: Khushi, kamre main chalo.

Khushi: nahi, hume naach na hai.

Arnav: picks her up as he knows there isn't a point arguing. Takes her to the room and puts her down.

Khushi: starts hitting his chest. Aap bahut bure ho, aapne hume nachne bhi nahi diya. Aap jaiye yahan se, hume aapse koi baat nahi karni. (She is actually leaning on Arnav's chest and hitting it) sab chale jao hume chod kar. Uss shyam ji ne bhi humare parivaar ko dhoka diya, sabko dhoka diya, humse sagai ki, humara vishwaas toda par humara dil hi nahi tod paye. Puchiye kyun?

Arnav: shocked but wants to hear more. Kyun Khushi?

Khushi: kyuki humne toh unhe apna dil hi nahi diya (giggles) humara dil toh…… aap jaiye yahan se.. aap bahut bure hai, humesha humara dil todte hai, nafrat karte hai hum aapse.. bahut nafrat karte hai… bahut bahut bahut bahut pyaar karte hai, itni chot pahuchate hai aap hume phir bhi nafrat nahi kar pate hai aapse, bahut bure hai aap… and completely faints.

Arnav: has a mixed expression, he is happy to know that Khushi loves him but is upset and angry to know what kind of jerk his jijaji is. He picks her up and helps her lie down in the bed. He then tries to get up but cant as Khushi is resting her head on his arms. So he just sits down and after a while lies down and after a while sleeps.

So after few hours they both sleeping. Khushi in Arnav's arms, his one hand on khushi's waist and another hand holding khushi's hand.

Okay done! Do tell me how you guys like it! Bahut lamba ho gaya. Hope you guys enjoy it! Do tell me if you would like me to continue.

Please do like and comment!







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Lovely one...
Continue soon

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loved it..Clap

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loved it!!! awesome! if only things culd be so peachy

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I hope everything will work out!!

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Nice continue

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Nice ya :) loved it

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very nice...continue...

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