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Call it a scene out of a movie, where in a seedhi saadi ladki undergoes a transformation to turn into a mod chick. One would get to see that in Moulli Ganguly soon. So far she was seen in simple girl roles, in Star Plus' Kahin Kisi Roz, Saakshi and now Sarrkkar... But one is going to have a visual treat as far as Moulli is concerned. The girl is going to be doing an item number in the serial Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka, in which she will shake a leg to Jab chhaye mera jaadu. Incidentally, Moulli was the original choice for the main protagonist, but things didn't materialise, thus paving way for Gurdip Kohli. Looks like it has come full circle for Moulli, so what if it's only a special appearance.

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Sinndoor follows Kkavyanjali to Hong Kong

Going off to locations abroad seems to have become a trend. Recently, we saw CID in Uzbekistan, Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai in Dubai, Kkavyanjali in Hong Kong and the list goes on.

Gurdip Kohli

Next in line will be the unit of Sinndoor. But it it is only the leads who are making it abroad!
The four actors who are going to shoot the track in Hong Kong are Gurdeep Kohli , Sachin Shroff, Sharad Kelkar and wife Kirti.

The shoot in Hong Kong is scheduled for 22 November and the cast will return on the 29 of this month.

The trip to the city is essential as it will introduce a major twist in the story! The couples on their honeymoon will suffer a setback that will change the flow of the show altogether.

The twist is that Sachin Shroff, who plays Dhruv in the serial, will die. The actor confirms this.

Kirti and Sharad: a pleasure cun business trip?

"Yes, we are going to Hong Kong and I will die there. I cannot tell you anything about my death and how the whole thing goes about," says Sachin.

"This is the major turning point of the show, its here when Vedika comes to know that her sindoor is dead. The reason why we chose Hong Kong is because we wanted to bring in that Gumraaha bit, when the lead is caught in the narcotics case," says co-producer Kinnari.

So is this the end of the road for Sachin's character? "Dhruv is such a lovable character, can't really think of Sinndoor... without him, but yes as of now he's just dead. We'll see later what to do with his character," points out Kinnari.

Sharad and Kirti who didn't have any trips after their marriage are quite excited about this slot to Hong Kong. "Yes I am very excited about this trip as we haven't had any trips till date after our marriage."

"Instead of being exciting its going to be quite stressful," says Sharad.


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PrincessBig smile


Dhruv of Sinndoor bags a show too

Sachin Shroff

Another one from the Sinndoor camp to get lucky is Sachin Shroff aka Dhruv. He has been finalised to play one of the leads in Aruna Irani's serial to be launched on Sony Sab. Shroff says, "I am very excited to do this project. I am looking forward to begin shooting for it. But I will be introduced much later on the show. I will be like the hidden hero. Actually we were to begin shooting from today (Nov 16) but Sinndoor… required some more dates since we are going to Hong Kong to shoot special scenes. So the shooting for this show has been pushed forward."

Creative head of the show, Nilesh Kanetkar, threw more light on the show, "This show is a family drama, a love triangle. The show will be shot in Mumbai, Goa and a part of it will also be shot in Canada. It is expected to launch on January 2, 2006."


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Sinndoor' takes off to Hong Kong

Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Wednesday, November 16, 2005  18:10 IST

In keeping with the Balaji trend of shooting abroad, the makers of 'Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka' have planned a foreign shoot in Hong Kong. The four actors who will be shooting there are Gurdeep Kohli, Sachin Shroff, Sharad Kelkar and wife Kirti. The outdoor is scheduled between November 22-29.

According to Kinnari Mehta, the co-producer of the Zee show, "The Hong Kong Tourism Department is offering incentives for shooting there. Moreover, 'Sinndoor' is the most popular show there being telecasted on Zee Asia-Pacific."
She adds, " The trip to the city will also introduce a twist in the story. Sachin Shroff, who plays Dhruv, will meet  with an untimely death. Vedika (Gurdeep Kohli) will come to know that her 'sindoor' is no more. We chose Hong Kong as we wanted to bring in the 'Gumraah' (Sanjay Dutt-Sridevi starrer) element where the heroine gets caught in a narcotics case."

Mehta continues, "After Rudra (Sharad Kelkar) and Niharika (Kirti Kelkar) Raizada rescue Vedika, she returns to dress as a married woman, donning sindoor, so that her dying father-in-law does not realize the truth." Revealing the twist, Mehta concludes, "Dhruv will come back. Since he is the most adorable character in the soap, we can't just knock him off!"

Zee has also launched a local talent hunt in Hong Kong where winners will get a chance to act in the episodes to be shot there. Actor Mouli Ganguly will be performing an item number in the soap as well.

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Punjj turned down Nach Baliye
   By: Tushar Joshi
   November 16, 2005

Arjun Punjj
One telly couple that's conspicuously missing from Nach Baliye is Arjun Punjj and girlfriend, Gurdip Kohli. The actor admits he was approached to be part of the show, but says he refused it on personal grounds.

"I was offered the show, but wasn't keen on doing it," he says. "The thought that someone would sit in front of me and judge my dancing, bothered me. I believe we should be the ones judging, and not the others. In fact, I have often been called for contests, to rate dance shows."

Dandiya Nach

Is the actor bothered because he isn't a great dancer? "Who says so? I think I dance quite well," claims Punjj, and admits his reservations set up Gurdip's back.

"She was disappointed, for sure, but it wasn't feasible for her to allot dates either. Gurdip was just about to fly to the States for her dandiya shows; there was no way she could commit to Nach Baliye."

Just because the actor isn't part of the series, doesn't mean he doesn't watch it. "I think it's a fabulous concept, and it's doing so well. Sachin and Supriya are my favourites. I hope they win," says Punjj.

Career low

There isn't much happening on the work front for Punjj. "I have been getting both film and television offers, but don't want to commit to anything right now. Maybe by early December, I will have something in hand. Also, I don't want to do any negative roles — I am clear about that."

But why did he quit a successful show like Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki? "I had certain issues, differences, which is why I took the decision. They are actually asking me to come back, but I haven't taken a decision yet. However, we had an extremely amicable parting, and I am still in touch with them."

Is it true that their relationship is going through a bad patch? "I am very happy with her, and we have no issues whatsoever. Touchwood," Punjj signs off.

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Sharad Kelkar
Pic: B L Soni


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The latest victim of road rage in the city is Sharad Kelkar, who plays Rudr in Zee's Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka. The actor was driving from Lokhandwala to Saki Naka for a shoot, when an approaching taxi banged into his Ford Ikon.

How it happened

"This was some time around 8 am, on Wednesday morning when I was on my way to work," says Sharad.

"There is a petrol pump on the highway, towards Andheri (East), where the accident happened. I was at the signal and my car was the first vehicle in line. As soon as it turned green, I started moving ahead. There was a BEST bus on my left, so I was making sure I drove straight.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a taxi appeared in front, and I immediately applied the brakes. But by the time my car could halt, the taxi had already rammed into the front."

Sharad says he didn't want to get into an argument, as the taxi driver was old and the accident had stalled traffic at the junction. "The taxi also suffered some damage, but I didn't want to create a scene — I had already wasted 20 minutes, and was late for my shoot."

Repairs can wait

How did his wife and Sinndoor co-star, Kirti, react to the news? "She was definitely shocked, but glad to know I wasn't hurt. I was wearing a seatbelt, so I had just a minor injury on my knee."

Sharad won't be able to take his car to the garage for a few days. "I am doing two shows now, so need to keep travelling. Kirti has her own car; I cannot give up mine for the time being."

Aristocratic mien

The actor will enter another Zee show, Saath Phere, on November 21. "The role is of a character named Nahar Singh. He's a rich guy and into sports, his favourite being fencing. I took up this role because it's totally different from what I am doing in Sinndoor. My look is aristocratic, and I am wearing earrings as well." 

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Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actress, Gurdeep Kohli at 12 noon on Thursday, July 8, 2005 in Mumbai

Gurdeep Kohli
TV actress

"I like playing "Lali," the dancer. So much so that I finish the shot with no re-takes. And I have broken that quiet-girl image. I had to keep reminding people that I was not a simpleton in real life"

Rahul > Hey Gurdeep, why is it that we haven't seen you in a role like Sanjeevani ? A Medical Boon where your character made such an impact?
Gurdeep Kohli > You are seeing me in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka where I am playing "Devika" and it's a very different kind of role. I am sure you will like it. I am getting to play different shades (in it).

Rahul_delhi_se > Hi Gurdeep! How are you? You are also written about a lot in the media for your relationship with actor Arjun Punj that some say happened on the rebound when you broke up with (co-star) Mihir Mishra? What is the truth?
Gurdeep Kohli > It's a complete misprint, and the journalist (who wrote this) apologised for that. Please over look that. That's the price celebs pay for stardom. My relationship with Arjun is a personal affair and I am happy with it. There was NEVER anything between me and Mihir Mishra.

Jojo > Which out of the two do you find more fulfilling ? films or TV - and why?
Gurdeep Kohli > I am definitely looking at (doing) films. And I am looking for something substantial in films to come my way. I have been very lucky with TV. I got a fantastic role of "Dr Juhi" to play and now in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka , which has many shades. So TV, for me, is quite fulfilling.

Harish > Arjun has expressed his love for you so many times. How do you feel about it?
Gurdeep Kohli > I am very lucky. Arjun makes me feel on top of the world every time. I feel very special.

Deeya > When are you and Arjun going to settle down finally? So many TV stars have married each other in recent past?
Gurdeep Kohli > We are just waiting for the right time. We both are busy working at the moment. It could happen any time.

Mehar > Are you doing any films?
Gurdeep Kohli > No, I am not.

Lucky > How did you get into acting?
Gurdeep Kohli > I was working as a visualiser in an ad agency and that's when I started modelling. And gradually branched out to acting

Cool_guy > How much being a girl-next-door image an advantage to make it big in the glamour driven entertainment industry today? Have you had any problem regarding that since you are like that (a girl next door)?
Gurdeep Kohli > I am actually very happy with my image because TV and films deal with day to day life and stories related to them. And these are actually a hit. I am not a simple-clad girl. When I got into (acting) it, people identified me with innocence etc. I was a perfect cast as Dr. Juhi. It's also very important to relate to audience ? that's what our audience is. Girl-next-door is actually a major hit with viewers. Whenever I was glamorised, people actually said that they wanted (to see me as ) a fresh looking girl, and not a glamour doll.

Rahul_delhi_se > How much do you think saas bahus sagas are near the reality? Do you think character of woman in these serials is justified?
Gurdeep Kohli > According to me saas-bahu's is actually Indian story of the houses. And TV deals with households. That's why these serials are a hit. It's just showing reality to a certain extent. Of course, there are cinematic liberties (creative licence).

Ajay_loves_you > What is your perspective of a successful career - fame or money?
Gurdeep Kohli > Definitely one has to be famous and then money follows. So, make money from your fame. Every body needs money to survive .

Ani > Who is your favourite co-star and your favourite Bollywood actor and actress?
Gurdeep Kohli > My favourite co actor is of course Arjun Punj because I think my chemistry is brilliant with him. And I am very comfortable working with him. Favourite Bollywod actor - Shahrukh. And favourite actress- Rani Mukherjee

Dolly > Don't you think most people in the glamour industry are here only for the money's sake and not for (the love of) art?
Gurdeep Kohli > I don't know about others, but I am definitely here to show my talent. and do a lot of different kinds of work. And that I have also done, keeping Sindoor..... and Sanjeevani... in mind.

Rahul_delhi_se > You are playing a mad girl and a dancer in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka ? Which one is your favourite one?
Gurdeep Kohli > Lali, the dancer because I have broken that simpleton and quiet girl image that I had from Sanjeevani... . I had to keep telling people that I was not that simple. I am a fun loving person. In fact I manage to do scenes of "Lali" very naturally. I finish the shot with no re-takes!

Rahul > Define yourself in just five words?
Gurdeep Kohli > Fun loving, Sensitive, Homely........ and keep guessing.

Delhi > Being a lead TV actress yourself, why did you do a cameo in Bhabhi and Son Pari. And both may not have prime time audience as well?
Gurdeep Kohli > That was completely the decision of the channel. Bhabi's ratings went up when I did the cameo because the promos were flashed all over. As for Son Pari , I had read about the stories (of fairies) since my child hood and also played a snow white in school dramatics. In Son Pari I played a snow white.

Delhi_se > Arjun played a rough and rude guy in Sanjeevani....? How is he in real life?
Gurdeep Kohli > He is NOT what he played. He is very down to earth (simple) with a brilliant sense of humour and the best partner I could have had.

Kkarishma > When is your birthday and can I please have your e-mail address? Thanks.
Gurdeep Kohli > It's on 30th of Jan. My email is

Namsac > Which TV programmes are you working in, presently?
Gurdeep Kohli > Currently, I am working in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka.

Sahil > Did you learn acting from somewhere?
Gurdeep Kohli > Not at all. They call me a "Nautanki (actress) in my house. So I had to get into acting.

Rahul_delhi_se > What is the most embarrassing moment of your life? And what is the greatest regret of your life?
Gurdeep Kohli > No embarrassing moment. My greatest regret ? again there is none. It's because I don't live with sorrows. I just carry on with life. I take my own decisions. So, Ii never want to regret.

Sign Off Message > Take care, have fun and please keep watching Sindoor..... Thanks for all the support. Love, Gurdeep.

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its about gurdip in sanjeevani

Dr Juhi Mehra (Gurpreet)
Dr Juhi (Gurdeep) says:

We started off as good friends, but the moment the show started focusing on Dr Juhi, he started behaving in a different way. I am not the only one who gets bad vibes from him, you can call up any other actor from the serial and they will tell you the same thing.

He is jealous of me and the success the show has given me. He has problems dealing with his own insecurities. In fact the only time we come face to face is during shooting. One comes across such people in the industry, but all you can do is ignore them and keep doing your work.

Gurdip Kohli as Dr Juhi in Sanjivani — A Medical Boon

Three years on, this hospital-turned-love saga-turned-terrorist-and hostage drama has had enough meanderings in its plot.

Sanjivani — A Medical Boon (Star Plus) which stars Dr Shashank (Mohnish Behl) and Dr Smriti (Irawati Harshe) had plenty of non-medical drama to contend with.

The main protagonist Dr Juhi (Gurdip Kohli) will hang up her hospital coat along with the stethoscope for the last time in January.


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