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Kishore wants to slap errant BEST driver
   By: Tushar Joshi
   October 11, 2005

Kishore Shahane
On Saturday evening, at around 6.45 pm, actress Kishore Shahane, (who plays Uma Agarwal in Zee's Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka) was driving from Saki Naka to Juhu in her black Hyundai Accent with a co-star.

When she reached the Andheri flyover, the driver of BEST bus (number 328, headed from Marol to Yari road) behind her, began honking continuously and blinking into her rear view mirror.

Kishore was at the wheel and tried to make way for the bus by shifting to the left, but the driver kept inching towards her car, overtook from the right, scratched her car, and zoomed away.

When we spoke to the actress, she was fuming. "I want to go the bus depot and give him one tight slap."

Veeru se takkar?

Extract from the statement written at Juhu Police Station. It states the time, date and the car number
"Can you believe that the driver had the guts to do this and then try to escape?" she asked, incredulously. After the driver sped away, Kishore stepped on the gas, overtook the bus, and parked in front of it, to bring it to a halt. 

She asked the driver to get down and confronted him about his behaviour. "He was downright rude and shameless. He told me to lodge a complaint against him, as if he couldn't care less." 

Nearby, there is a traffic police chowki, where Kishore went to lodge a complaint,  "But the traffic cops told me they were helpless and I would have to go to a police chowki. By then, the bus driver fled from sight."

Callous cops

But her ordeal wasn't over. The cops made her run from one station to another. Her first stop was D N Nagar police station.

"The cops there kept wasting my time by asking me ridiculous questions. One of them drew a map and asked me to pinpoint the exact spot where the mishap occurred. When I did that, they told me the area fell under the jurisdiction of Juhu Police station and they could not take any action."

Frustrated, Kishore and her husband, film producer and director Deepak Balraj Vij, went to the Juhu police station. 

"I thought at least there someone would take action. But again I was told to go to the main bus depot and lodge a complaint there. Now, whenever I get the time, I will to hunt that driver down."

Wants justice

The actress  told hitList that  the emotional trauma has caused her anguish than the damage to her car. "Had the driver apologized or shown signs of remorse, I would have let him go. But he got rude and even make fun of the situation, and I could not bear that. I don't lose my temper easily, but this time I won't rest till I slap the driver's face real hard."

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Dhruv to be bumped off

Sachin Shroff's character on Sinndoor will die in Hong Kong

Reena Thapar Kapoor

Zee TV's show Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka is finally gearing up for its biggest turning point. With the murder of its protagonist Sachin Shroff alias Dhruv, his wife Vedika, played by Gurdeep Kohli, is ready to go through innumerable hurdles.

Apparently, this special episode will be shot in Hong Kong, where the duo gets attacked. According to the story, Dhruv gets murdered. Producer Kinnari Mehta says, "The story of the forthcoming episodes depends a lot on this track. We went all the way to Hong Kong because that's what the story demanded. If we'd shown the murder in India, a lot of characters from the show could be suspected. But since it will happen in Hong Kong, it will be tough for the audience to guess who the murderer is."

She also insists this murder mystery will not be dragged on for months. "I don't believe in going on and on because I feel after a point the audience gets bored and gives up watching the show." Of course she does not want to give away the identity of the murderer and says, "For a woman to lose her husband in an alien country can be very traumatic and the way Vedika goes through all that is the USP of this track. What will make her more helpless is that she cannot tell her parents-in-law about the death of their son when she returns to India, because one of them has just had a heart attack."

So, Vedika will not don the widow get-up because of her in-laws. She will be shown wearing 'sindoor' and colourful clothes.

We ask Kinnari if the character of Dhruv is permanently eliminated from the show. "I don't want to say much about this as this isn't the right time. Sachin Shroff is a decent actor and I'm very fond of him."

She reveals that if at any point the character is bought back it will not have any plastic surgery or any frivolous angle to it. Kinnari concludes by saying, "This is only the beginning. There is a lot more in store!"

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Soup tere naam ka
   By: Anita Raheja and Heena Agarwal
   October 16, 2005
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

TV star Gurdip Kohli says, "You are turning me into a big foodie. When people will read this piece, they are going to be convinced that I am very fond of food."

The other interests of this sensitive and pretty sardarni include watching movies and painting, but she only manages to sketch, never paint. Her serials — earlier it was the medical drama Sanjeevani, now it is the family soap Sindoor Tere Naam Ka — keep her too busy for much else.

Born, brought up and bred in Mumbai, Gurdip loves Delhi's food. And she says that her zest for living and food has been encouraged by her boyfriend, Arjun Punjj, also a TV star.

Gurdip's thought for food

I am non-vegetarian. I prefer chicken in any form — Mughlai, Chinese, Italian. I also like prawns and pomfret.

I don't believe in dieting; food is very important. If I am depressed, I eat something nice because it makes me feel happy. Yesterday, I had a pastry. Today, I'll make it a point to workout. I used to go to the gym before, but now because of my hectic schedule, it gets difficult. I have a small gym at home — a treadmill and some weights and stuff. I have an instructor who comes home and makes me do free-hand exercises and sit-ups. I can run on the treadmill for 20 minutes non-stop. I work out thrice a week.

I don't have tea or coffee. I just have a glass of warm water and follow it with my prayers. I eat thereafter.

Though I am a sardarni, I steer clear of parathas. I have milk and cornflakes or a poha or a sandwich. But I must have a glass of orange juice everyday; it's best for my skin and ensures that I'm taking in vitamin C. I like to have it fresh — within 20 minutes of its extraction. I consume lots of water. I carry water, nimbu pani and coconut water when I am shooting.

I always carry lunch from home. If I have had a heavy dinner the night before, then I have salad and curds for lunch. Otherwise I eat dal, sabzi and roti. I don't eat rice unless I am in a mood to treat myself.

I have dinner by 10.30, the normal dal, sabzi, roti and a non-vegetarian dish. I have one roti, two bowls of dal and vegetables galore. I try to avoid carbohydrates with my meals. I eat brown rice as far as possible. My ghar ka atta is half-wheat and half-soya flour.

I visit a restaurant at least once a week. I am open to the idea of eating anything, from a Chinese dish to a pizza or pasta.

My mom is a good cook. My tiffin is always a delight. She makes excellent Goan fish curry and dum pukht-style biryani. She makes nutritious but tasty food. Food is cooked in minimum salt and olive oil; it has low cholesterol. Since I have a water retention problem, I drink nimbu pani without salt and sugar. My mom educates me on the kind of food that I should eat. She makes excellent soya bean koftas. I love potatoes in all forms, but I eat them boiled.

I can cook a decent meal, although I don't excel at making exotic dishes. I can cook chicken with gravy, masala chicken, a decent sabzi and a dal. My elder sisters excel in baking cakes and making homemade ice-creams. I make a soup which my family calls 'Gurdip Special Soup'; it's like a meal by itself.

In restaurants, I recommend Mangi Ferra for Italian and Urban Tadka for Punjabi food. The Risotto at Mangi Ferra is excellent. I like all the restaurants of J W Marriott — Saffron, Mezzo Mezzo, the coffee shop. In Bandra, the food at Olive is delicious. It's worth traveling all the way to town to eat a Bade Miyan roll.

I love experimenting with food; I like chicken with pineapple too.

In vegetarian food, I love paneer in any form and rajma too. Soya beans are very healthy.

I will go to the extent of ordering dishes with vague names and quite often the dish doesn't turn out to be up to the mark. Whenever we go out for a family dinner, I am dissuaded from ordering food because I end up ordering something vague and weird.

I associate Delhi with excellent Punjabi food. Last Diwali, my entire family had dinner at Park Baluche near Hauz Khas Village, Delhi. I love the pizzas and ice-reams at Nirula's in Delhi. The chaat in Delhi is something to write home about too. I am so happy that we have a chaat place, Kailash Parbat, at Lokhandwala.

My friends are constantly seeking suggestions from me to try out new places.

I was a student at JJ School of Applied Arts. I was always in my college canteen and I loved the misal pav. We would gorge on samosas at Mafco outlets. The chicken bolgonese at Intermission, Metro, was my all-time favorite. I was a regular K Rustom and Gaylord.

I went on a cruise that took us across the Egyptian Nile. I loved the food on the cruise. The buffet was elaborate and the desserts were awesome. I ate squids for the first time on that cruise.

In Dubai, I had an awesome pizza. The pizza bread was as huge as the size of a two-seater round table. I think the place was called Round the Clock Big Pizza.

For me, food and ambience are equally important. At the Hard Rock Caf, Dubai, they display memorabilia associated with Bollywood stars.

My favourite cuisines are Chinese and Italian.

In desserts, I LOVE brownies, chocolate pastry and Lindt chocolates. When I go abroad, I buy a lot of chocolates from duty-free shops.

My favourite beverage is fresh lime soda. Occasionally, I enjoy a red wine and cheese.

During mango season, Mezzo Mezzo serves an excellent mango Martini.
I have at least three-four fruits a day. My current favorite is litchi. I love the flavour of peaches. The saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' is very true because apple has iron; I'm anaemic.

My favorite spice is chilli, which I like to nibble on while eating food. You will always find chilli pickle in my house.

My favourite appliance is the microwave. I don't like my mother to keep waiting, so my food is kept in the microwave.

I binge on popcorn if I am awake late in the night.

I am like an orange — it's difficult to figure out whether I'm sweet or tangy. I can be very moody.

Monsoon is my favourite season. When it rains, I like to eat vada-pav at Prakash Batata Vada Wala, Dadar. I like dining at Zodiac Grill; they have a seven-course meal which is really elaborate. For the last three years, we have been dining at Zodiac Grill on my mom's birthday. It hurts your pocket, but it's worth it.

My boyfriend, Arjun Punjj, is a complete foodie. He loves Indian Punjabi food. He is the one who introduces me to new restaurants and cuisines. He loves eating out.

Gurdip's special soup

Serves four

2 chicken breasts
4 cups chicken stock
1 medium-size onions (chopped)
1 tsp pepper powder
Salt to taste
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil
1 tbsp corn flour powder (mixed with 3-4 tbsp water)
1 cup boiled noodles or wheat pasta
A few mint leaves

Grind the chicken breasts along with onions, pepper, salt, oregano and basil into a fine mixture. Make tiny balls of this mixture. Keep the stock to boil. Boil it.

Gently add the minced meatballs into the stock and again bring it to boil on a medium flame, till the meat balls are cooked. Add the corn flour mixture to the soup and mix well to thicken the soup. Add boiled noodles or pasta and mint leaves. Mix well and serve hot.

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Saath Phere's hero wants to leave

Anand Suryavanshi, the protagonist, plans to opt out of the show even before it has taken off

Reena Thapar Kapoor

It's only been a few days since the show went on air and Zee TV's much publicised Saath Phere already had its first controversy. Apparently Anand Suryavanshi, who plays Samar, the main protagonist on the show, has decided to opt out. This news came as an absolute surprise because one didn't expect drastic changes in a big show like Saath Phere at its onset.

Everything was hunky dory till the show's script started changing. Soon Suryavanshi realised that his role wasn't shaping up as it was described. "He doesn't wish to continue with the show as it doesn't offer him any scope to perform," informed a source.

As it turned out, the disheartened actor stopped showing up for the shoots. This problem led to a conflict between him and Sunjay Wadhwa (the producer of the show). "It's true that there are certain issues that Anand and I need to talk about," revealed Wadhwa. However, the producer said that Anand hadn't officially informed him about his desire to not continue with the serial anymore.

"I know that he isn't very happy with his role. I understand his point but there is nothing that cannot be solved." The producer says that he has always kept a low-profile in his career that has spanned a decade. "I wouldn't have spoken about all this but it will clear the air between my actors and me once and for all," Wadhwa says.

With television's growing demand, every day hundreds of actors come to Mumbai looking for work. "It's very difficult to put up with the demands of an actor and I'm not just referring to Anand. A script is a script. It cannot be changed as per one's whims and fancies. I'd love to have Anand on my show but if he unhappy working with us, then I'll have no choice but to replace him. Replacements have been happening in television and it's also accepted by the audience," snaps Wadhwa.

Despite repeated attempts Anand Suryavanshi was unavailable for his comments. 

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Tanvi Azmi dropped from Sinndoor...

Kiran Juneja will be the new Kavita Raizada on the Zee show

Kunal M Shah

Kiran Juneja

Tanvi Azmi

Replacements in tellydom happen faster than one can bat an eyelid. The latest to be dropped like a hot potato (phew!) is actress Tanvi Azmi who will no longer be seen on Zee TV's daily Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka. Reportedly, Azmi was throwing tantrums on the sets and had creative differences with the producers as well as the director of the show.

Kinnari Mehta, the producer of the show confirmed the news, "Yes Tanvi Azmi is not with the show anymore but we have no hard feelings. Maybe she was not cut out for a daily soap. So, we decided to have someone who is used to doing television. We amicably conveyed the news to her and there are no bad feelings."

On delving further into rumours about Tanvi's doing only one scene a day, hence delaying the show, Mehta said, "There were certain issues but I do not wish to get in to all that. I would rather not comment about it."

Tanvi said, "Yeah I won't be doing the show and there were just a couple of things and date problems. We were not able to sort those things and they were asking for more dates which I did not have."

When asked if there were any problems with the producers, she said, "I don't want to get into any controversies. I don't like discussing these things at all. I don't know what they are saying but as far as I know there was nothing more than dates hassles."

However, sources on the sets informed that Tanvi was very problematic and she had issues with everyone, be it interfering in the scenes or having creative differences with the director and the writers.

Kiran Juneja has been roped in to carry the show forward from where Tanvi has left. Mehta finally said, "Kiran Juneja has replaced her and will come on air from November 8 onwards. We basically wanted someone who could live up to Tanvi Azmi's stature and perform with same aura and dignity. Who better than Kiran Juneja then?"


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Contributed by: lalit1

Hindi mass channels gear up for a quiet war in the 7.30 pm slot

November 03, 05
Noor Fathima Warsia

Competition in the television space has always been hot. But for Hindi mass entertainment channels, the battleground is only getting bigger. If primetime wasn't enough, the mass channels are now working out a little war in the early primetime or, as Deepak Segal, Executive Vice-president, Content and Communication, STAR India, puts it, "nearly core primetime slot" in the 7.30 pm band.

In this state of affairs, the slot sees Zee TV reigning with its soap 'Sinndoor' which is giving it a stable nine per cent channel share. In comparison, STAR Plus gets only a six per cent in the slot and Sony is barely at three per cent.

However, things are set to change considering that Sony is moving its long-time driver property 'Kkusum' to 7.30 pm and STAR Plus is also gearing for a new 8.00 pm show which means 'Mum, Hum aur Tum' would move to the 7.30 pm slot.

Segal explained that contrary to what the slot looks like now, 7.30 pm has been a high-yield band with shows like 'Shaka Laka Boom Boom'. Said Segal, "Given a family viewer's lifestyle and the fact that India is predominantly a single TV household, the slot has seen a substantial amount of mother and child viewing.

The 8.00 pm show we were planning was taking time in production, and it made sense to begin with 'Mum…' in the 8.00 pm slot. But the show has high potential for the 7.30 pm slot as well."

Sony has begun the promotions for the time change of 'Kkusum. Channel officials are not divulging much on this at present, but executives in the know inform that the show is set to go off-air after a while. However, considering that 'Kkusum' has some loyal following, the slot is expected to bring some numbers for Sony, and 'Mum…' should do the same for STAR.

Zee TV has a head start here and is already geared for competition's activities. Said Ashvini Yardi, Head, Programming, Zee TV, "With 'Sinndoor', it is a slot we created. Prior to this not much was seen in this time band. We are prepared for the activities that will soon begin from other channels here."

She divulged that the forthcoming storylines on the channel have been worked in such a way that 'Sinndoor' will be able to maintain its viewers. Media experts believe that for the genre on the whole, this is a good direction with more slots being converted into deliverables.

"The slot is not very active right now but 'Sinndoor' has shown that it can bring in some numbers with the right programming," said Manish Porwal, Executive Director, Starcom. "The primetime on the whole is extended and development of new time bands like this is a positive step for Hindi mass channels."

Pradeep Iyengar, National Buying Head, Carat Media, agrees: "Channels are looking at this slot because of the availability of content. This implies that there is more that can be used than just the core primetime. You have that many more options and this is very good for advertisers as well.

For the channels, they have something more to talk about and generate revenue and for the viewer, yet more choices – quite a win-win situation for all."

A thing that media experts are clear about is that 7.30 pm is not going to be a high delivery band for quite some time but what matters is that it brings choices for both the viewer and the advertiser and allows channels to present variety. Not really a time band to discuss but with channels taking some steps on the slot and Zee TV actually benefiting from it right now, it is a band that can offer Hindi mass channels some scope to show overall channel growth.

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'We worked in soaps that were aesthetic and progressive'

Sudipto Chattopadhyay

Kiran Juneja clears the air on replacing Tanvi Azmi and draws parallels between the sopas of yesterday and today's saas-bahu sagas


Kiran Juneja has maintained a low profile for the past few years and has had an on and off relationship with TV. She admits that the rigorous regimen of doing soaps unnerves her and she has decided to make a comeback of sorts only because she found the character, "Extremely interesting and intrinsic to the storyline."

All set to take over the mantle of Kavita Raizada (formerly played by Tanvi Azmi) in the popular soap, 'Sinndoor - Tere Naam Ka', Kiran vehemently asserts that she did not perceive the risk of replacing another actor  as daunting. She further goes on to state that her interpretation of Kavita will be completely different.

"I got drawn to the character when the producers narrated the role to me and it was only later on that I came to know that I would be replacing Tanvi." She did not bother to cross-check with Tanvi as the producers assured her that the episode had been resolved amicably.

Kiran wants to create a new style statement for the character. The producer for the show Kinnari Mehta adds, "The character is going through a metamorphosis. Hence the style change was intrinsic to the storyline." Kinnari further adds that "Since Kiranji is more accustomed with the way TV works it would be easier for her to fit into the scheme of things." With the producers by her side Kiran feels, "It is entirely up to the audience to accept me."

Kiran who played Veerawali in 'Buniyaad' admits that the scenario has changed completely with the emergence of daily soaps. "We used to work in soaps that had a more moralistic, aesthetic and progressive attitude." She admits she finds it hard to relate to the saas-bahu sagas. "My own life is far removed from all this. I have a very progressive mother-in-law and I have never gone through all the complications of joint family politics. But I am sure they exist."

In a lighter vein Kiran concludes, "I would also love to play a vamp on TV". So will 'Sinndoor...' have a Ramola Sikand like saas? That's anybody's guess

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Jayati undergoes image makeover

Over-the-top Titli of Sinndoor to play matriarch in Virasat

Sapana Patil

She plays the loud, playful butterfly smitten Titli in Zee's Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka. However, Jayati Bhatia is now in for an image makeover as she readies to play a mother of three Ravi Chopra's upcoming show Virasat.

Bhatia says, "I play a mother of three grown up sons in this serial. My character is called Meera Lamba and Kiran Kumar plays my husband. We are a rich family who have a huge business. Problems raise their head when the husband treads on the toes of his wife. Aman Verma and Rohit Roy will play my sons."

Talking about her looks on the show she says, "I have been given the look of Jaya Bachchan as she looked in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham. I portray similar poise, elegance and dignity in my role."

Initially, Bhatia was not convinced about playing an elderly character and says, "When I first heard of it, I was silent for sometime. I didn't know how to react for at being offered this role. But then I thought that most actors my age are playing mother to actors their age, or in some cases the on-screen sons are elder to their on-screen moms in real life. So, I thought I should go ahead with the role. Also, I realised my theatre background will come in as great help to essay this role. I played Kasturba in Mahatma vs Gandhi for 128 shows. On a lighter note, I think Aman and Rohit will have a problem calling me mother than I having a problem calling them my sons."

Bhatia is currently doing Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal's Vagina Monologues and will also be a part of Mahesh Dattani's forthcoming play.

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